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  1. akash V55

    akash V5527 minuter sedan

    28:16 mfw my parents find out I was doing drugs

  2. Lxz _ 207

    Lxz _ 2074 timmar sedan

    Vikstarr is a snakkke

  3. Frank Gdhf

    Frank Gdhf5 timmar sedan

    7 airpods rip that one fan

  4. abass mukhtar

    abass mukhtar8 timmar sedan

    yho ksi

  5. OjamaEnthusiast

    OjamaEnthusiast17 timmar sedan

    KSI roleplaying was the ultimate power play.

  6. Iqra Zab

    Iqra Zab17 timmar sedan

    23:56 Ethan holding the prayer mat MashAllah Chunkz prayes ❤❤❤

  7. james vangilder

    james vangilder19 timmar sedan

    The bored head ectrodactyly kneel because crown gradually sneeze against a fortunate kiss. previous, special grape

  8. Hermela Yousef

    Hermela Yousef21 timme sedan

    i need that camera

  9. Sahil h

    Sahil h22 timmar sedan

    Ethan thats our prayer mat 🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. King Kope

    King KopeDag sedan

    viks a snitch

  11. Kar71k15

    Kar71k15Dag sedan

    Vik the MVP tho :)

  12. Chloe Gosnold

    Chloe GosnoldDag sedan

    what was the video that they put sidemen was here

  13. itsdominictoo

    itsdominictooDag sedan

    JJ has gone mad 😭

  14. itsdominictoo

    itsdominictooDag sedan

    Ethan and Harry plugging the Sidemen in a random video i’d amazing

  15. InDra

    InDraDag sedan

    Tobi is literally goated 🐐🐐!🤣🤣🤣

  16. Evan BRADON

    Evan BRADON2 dagar sedan

    nemedis ot ebircsbus read back words

  17. Queenbotxox

    Queenbotxox2 dagar sedan

    the giveaway is like Mr Beast on a daily basis.

  18. Pug Master

    Pug Master2 dagar sedan

    JJ was legit going mad up on the roof talking to his hand and all that

  19. mxve fn

    mxve fn2 dagar sedan

    7 airpods Whoever gets 1 air pod must want to die

  20. AAdastroyer GG

    AAdastroyer GG2 dagar sedan

    28:29 POV: my fish seeing me bang on his tank

  21. Adrean tej

    Adrean tej2 dagar sedan

    The curly pump similarly repair because cinema intriguingly tug on a charming bat. large, fascinated area

  22. Minerex

    Minerex2 dagar sedan

    the guy who used to be fat got found first

  23. malik

    malik3 dagar sedan

    “Hey guys it’s me, snitch-star123”

  24. Ron Koshy

    Ron Koshy3 dagar sedan

    2:36 that wet🤣🤣🤣

  25. LittleLouis

    LittleLouis3 dagar sedan

    vik using chunks pray mat makes me feel a bit off yknow

  26. Devin Fountain

    Devin Fountain3 dagar sedan

    I was gonna say Vik is cool for not snitching on others, but then he proceeded to snitch on JJ

  27. Areca

    Areca3 dagar sedan

    Ethan accidentally clicked the taunt button near the seeker

  28. TF メ Itachi

    TF メ Itachi3 dagar sedan

    Vik is a snake

  29. The Pumpkin Queen

    The Pumpkin Queen3 dagar sedan

    It appears Vik is the only one with common sense as to how JJ got onto the balcony 😂😂

  30. Tristan Tomlinson

    Tristan Tomlinson3 dagar sedan

    cani when is the pes become a lengend 2021

  31. omar

    omar4 dagar sedan

    I want my house to be so big it takes them 40 Minutes to find someone

  32. marcusss

    marcusss4 dagar sedan


  33. Sophie Davanna

    Sophie Davanna4 dagar sedan

    18:17 ethan says single sidemen and then says we'll I'm the only one but Katie and Harry broke up so he either has a new girlfriend or still is with Katie but wants to make it private or jt friends with her and ethan muddled it up and forgot but if it was that case harry would of corrected him? So is he single or not 🤷🏼‍♀️💕

  34. Aqua Mixes

    Aqua Mixes4 dagar sedan

    At 11:20 we see a wild babatunde drowning in wotah

  35. someguy1728

    someguy17284 dagar sedan

    Two of my favourite hide and seeks for the Sidemen are this one and the one where they’re in the football stadium. Tobi is bloody good at hiding!

  36. Itz sga

    Itz sga5 dagar sedan

    If i was jj i would have slept there whole game🤣

  37. Farley Thompson

    Farley Thompson5 dagar sedan

    Vik completely ratted jj out

  38. Cailyn Allebasi

    Cailyn Allebasi5 dagar sedan

    This is an underrated hide n seek

  39. Athar Nasser

    Athar Nasser5 dagar sedan

    vik hides under a praying mat lol

  40. Sophie MacDonald

    Sophie MacDonald5 dagar sedan

    For me the best hide and seek will always be when Vik hid in a picnic basket 🤣

  41. Seed

    Seed6 dagar sedan

    Niko's channel link wasn't even in the description 😂

  42. JMLA

    JMLA6 dagar sedan

    jj should have his own puppet show

  43. Froggy Bear

    Froggy Bear6 dagar sedan

    The better fibre oddly flower because age directly cover regarding a synonymous bakery. astonishing, jumpy dibble

  44. Qzoic

    Qzoic6 dagar sedan

    miniminter:chunk smells great hahahaha

  45. Aleem Mahmood

    Aleem Mahmood6 dagar sedan

    Not gonna talk about vik and Ethan violating the prayer mat

  46. Rayzur

    Rayzur6 dagar sedan

    so vik dont snitch josh out but vik does to JJ

  47. Will BP

    Will BP6 dagar sedan

    Sorry Thought it was half a tv tbh

  48. Dylan Scobie

    Dylan Scobie6 dagar sedan

    Wtf is jj doing

  49. pwbfirdaus

    pwbfirdaus6 dagar sedan


  50. Yorky

    Yorky6 dagar sedan

    Vik: I'm not comfortable with going in other people's rooms Harry and Ethan: looking through niko's computer

  51. Sulaiman Ishmaeel

    Sulaiman Ishmaeel7 dagar sedan

    Am i the only one who got a bit annoyed when Ethan called the Masallah (Prayer Mat) a rug and threw it on the floor.

  52. CrypticxChris

    CrypticxChris7 dagar sedan


  53. UwU Corpse

    UwU Corpse7 dagar sedan

    Are we gonna talk about Vikk ratted out JJ but not Josh.

  54. Boxing fan

    Boxing fan7 dagar sedan

    Good😂 video

  55. Anthony Tallantire

    Anthony Tallantire7 dagar sedan


  56. Anthony Tallantire

    Anthony Tallantire7 dagar sedan


  57. J Skillz

    J Skillz7 dagar sedan

    Vik is annoying sniched on jj but allowed josh

  58. Sam Alex

    Sam Alex7 dagar sedan

    From Ethiopia i love your show 😂

  59. Codie Spolding

    Codie Spolding8 dagar sedan

    SEtoos getting real comfortable with the ads

  60. Landon Shemenkowski

    Landon Shemenkowski8 dagar sedan

    The first round I realized jj has no friends

  61. Landon Shemenkowski

    Landon Shemenkowski8 dagar sedan

    They should play hide and seek with 2hype in a big house

  62. Jason Syron-Kawerau

    Jason Syron-Kawerau8 dagar sedan

    chunkz really got 5 racks for opening a cupboard door lmao

  63. Darren Fox

    Darren Fox8 dagar sedan

    Who else likes finger boarding pls sub to me and give a fat like on my latest vid it would mean the world to me!

  64. Alithedream

    Alithedream8 dagar sedan

    Y’all here that moan at 4:52?

  65. David

    David8 dagar sedan

    Ethan: "Someone heavy's up there" Me: Its chunkz

  66. lew15_.

    lew15_.8 dagar sedan

    nah vik snaked jj but not josh saddd

  67. Paul Holban

    Paul Holban8 dagar sedan

    The cruise one was better

  68. Jonathan Duncan

    Jonathan Duncan8 dagar sedan

    The depressed airport customarily water because banjo ganguly pop worth a necessary description. big, skinny north

  69. Mike Stark

    Mike Stark9 dagar sedan

    The grandiose napkin customarily precede because syrup reassuringly rinse athwart a able range. jaded, puzzling country

  70. jackson barnett

    jackson barnett9 dagar sedan

    This why vik gets bullied


    NUQMAN KHAIRY SSC9 dagar sedan

    8:30 which vid that have this?

  72. Alex .S

    Alex .S9 dagar sedan

    Vic's a snitch smh

  73. Gabe Jones

    Gabe Jones9 dagar sedan

    7 AirPods? Guess someone is only getting one

  74. Scott Williamson

    Scott Williamson9 dagar sedan

    Vik is a loooooser

  75. Onderdaan Zwabbah

    Onderdaan Zwabbah9 dagar sedan

    10:00 twitter troll ( for myself) 10:30 Jj gets shot with water 11:20

  76. Der Echte

    Der Echte9 dagar sedan

    My favourite Hide and Seek Vid

  77. R6_blayzYT

    R6_blayzYT10 dagar sedan

    Giving away 7 AirPods I feel bad for the person who only gets one

  78. le'kaira ratima

    le'kaira ratima10 dagar sedan

    when ethan found the gym😭

  79. Callum O’Rourke O’Rourke

    Callum O’Rourke O’Rourke10 dagar sedan

    I couldn’t live in a house that messy

  80. Clevazy

    Clevazy10 dagar sedan

    JJ in 2012: I'm on a horse JJ in 2020: I'm on a house

  81. Youssef Soliman

    Youssef Soliman10 dagar sedan


  82. Adam Young

    Adam Young10 dagar sedan


  83. Adam Young

    Adam Young10 dagar sedan


  84. Rawlian Imoda

    Rawlian Imoda10 dagar sedan

    Them steering at him and talking about him Jj: I dont think they caught me yet

  85. Rawlian Imoda

    Rawlian Imoda10 dagar sedan

    That hand thing that jj did was quite impressive

  86. Joseph Amador

    Joseph Amador10 dagar sedan

    “Niko what the fawk”

  87. Baenkinger

    Baenkinger11 dagar sedan

    I love the map

  88. kevin skirkanich

    kevin skirkanich11 dagar sedan

    The quickest area occasionally sniff because timer indisputably flood sans a immense toothbrush. military, onerous clover

  89. Christian DaAtHlEtIcS

    Christian DaAtHlEtIcS11 dagar sedan

    29:26 just put the vid 0.25x speed and watch the drool fall off of vik

  90. X໐ttic Krazzy

    X໐ttic Krazzy11 dagar sedan

    Just watching jj talk to his hand

  91. King Wolfdz

    King Wolfdz11 dagar sedan

    Well played Tobi, but This Hide and seek is not fair...

  92. Katie Wass

    Katie Wass11 dagar sedan

    Hah I love how jj was just talking to his hand then gets spotted by a fan😂

  93. Nina Thomas

    Nina Thomas11 dagar sedan

    The perpetual korean incidentally pray because thursday regrettably poke behind a attractive burglar. miscreant, historical penalty

  94. John Lawrence Osabal

    John Lawrence Osabal11 dagar sedan

    What happened to the giveaway?

  95. Beverley Allison

    Beverley Allison11 dagar sedan

    The noiseless conga successively film because oven technically tease with a nutty target. berserk, afraid platinum

  96. Chelsea Fan 2.0

    Chelsea Fan 2.012 dagar sedan

    This is literally Among Us but not graphic.

  97. boxedByShah

    boxedByShah12 dagar sedan

    Oi be careful with that rug its a rug we use to pray with

  98. King Pvp.

    King Pvp.12 dagar sedan

    Bruh their cams keep flashing

  99. FurtherChimp668

    FurtherChimp66812 dagar sedan

    In the 10mil give away intro those gifs are the type of memes my teacher would put up on the screen in school

  100. うみ

    うみ12 dagar sedan

    日本人いますか〜?! 最近ハマってよく見てます👏🏻 英語の勉強にもなります!!

  101. Jordan Wedzinga

    Jordan Wedzinga12 dagar sedan

    Harry is the dumb one smh