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  1. Mathias

    Mathias6 timmar sedan

    Bruh Syria has the largest emmigrant crisis ever

  2. Mathias

    Mathias6 timmar sedan

    He killed six million... ☠️☠️☠️

  3. Aiden_738 Joszkowski

    Aiden_738 Joszkowski20 timmar sedan

    Its back

  4. Ervin Theuri

    Ervin TheuriDag sedan

    u can tell the first girl was chasing for jj

  5. ninakolada

    ninakoladaDag sedan

    Loved the third girl

  6. egg sauce

    egg sauceDag sedan

    22:46 what did JJ say?

  7. justinas balciunas

    justinas balciunasDag sedan

    What is the name of the song at the end of the video?

  8. David Agnew

    David Agnew2 dagar sedan

    “I smoke upon the devils lettuce” Wheezing 😂😂

  9. Patrick bellord

    Patrick bellord3 dagar sedan

    Julie 😍😍😚

  10. John Smith

    John Smith3 dagar sedan

    Sidemen: lets wear black and not tell tobi

  11. Josie Malone

    Josie Malone2 dagar sedan

    Let’s wear sidemen merch* and not tell tobi

  12. Charlie Clifton

    Charlie Clifton4 dagar sedan

    Ahahaha I am the chosen one vik chose me

  13. Javan

    Javan4 dagar sedan

    I want girl 1's ig

  14. Ticket stubs

    Ticket stubs4 dagar sedan

    what was the song at the end?

  15. Magarro

    Magarro5 dagar sedan

    16:23.. ok, that crossed the line

  16. Jordan Kelperis Correa de Oliveira (STG)

    Jordan Kelperis Correa de Oliveira (STG)5 dagar sedan

    When harry sais a joke 🤔

  17. Emezie Ekentason

    Emezie Ekentason6 dagar sedan

    25:01 - That laugh was terrifying lmfao

  18. imahomophobe

    imahomophobe7 dagar sedan

    Sophies lying about her age

  19. Edwin Encarnacion

    Edwin Encarnacion7 dagar sedan

    Harry is a comedic genius

  20. Csaba Balku

    Csaba Balku7 dagar sedan

    27:05 ey man. Dropped this in the coffee shop 👑

  21. あいさか たいが

    あいさか たいが7 dagar sedan

    🙄:Old Town Road 😏:Horses In The Back

  22. Joshal Parikh

    Joshal Parikh8 dagar sedan

    josh is fr the ugliest out of all of them

  23. millie l

    millie l5 dagar sedan


  24. Subaroo

    Subaroo9 dagar sedan

    The closet joke has me off my bed on the ground crying😂😂

  25. Dr H.A.R.P

    Dr H.A.R.P9 dagar sedan

    Man harry is just the best i would rather be best friends with him rather then all of the sidemen lool he awesome

  26. Ize 115

    Ize 1159 dagar sedan


  27. Adem Pašić

    Adem Pašić9 dagar sedan

    I like sophie because she is from liverpoooooool

  28. Kepler

    Kepler9 dagar sedan

    Why does girl number 2 look like thing 1

  29. HarrisonStarr

    HarrisonStarr10 dagar sedan

    The last girl is jokes

  30. Whore

    Whore10 dagar sedan

    23:31 29:43

  31. brotoumacagar

    brotoumacagar10 dagar sedan

    this is just a tutorial on how to not get laid

  32. vs l

    vs l10 dagar sedan

    Simon was on fire this video. His jokes were hitting different

  33. jake ostrander

    jake ostrander10 dagar sedan

    32:55 should be a poster

  34. Aiden Gottschling

    Aiden Gottschling11 dagar sedan

    No I’m

  35. Aiden Gottschling

    Aiden Gottschling11 dagar sedan

    No I’m

  36. No one Remembers this channel

    No one Remembers this channel11 dagar sedan

    The first two are super ugly and disturbing too look at

  37. AAkil Raiyan

    AAkil Raiyan11 dagar sedan

    16:26 just look at poor Vik's face😥😥


    ANDI NAUFAL INDAL ZALFAA11 dagar sedan

    Sorry i meant neat not neet


    ANDI NAUFAL INDAL ZALFAA11 dagar sedan

    I come for the meme that post by Nett

  40. slim shady boi

    slim shady boi11 dagar sedan

    whats the outro song

  41. Gregory-east Kids

    Gregory-east Kids12 dagar sedan


  42. Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix12 dagar sedan

    So Harry see himself dead in 5 years. He is the youngest of the sidemen. Why we laughing at this?

  43. Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix12 dagar sedan

    I would love to get apart 4 of this

  44. Irfis Wasabi

    Irfis Wasabi12 dagar sedan

    Number two looks like shes 45

  45. Kaylee Randall

    Kaylee Randall12 dagar sedan

    2:21 he kind looked sad idk but I feel bad

  46. R1S3 Oxside

    R1S3 Oxside13 dagar sedan

    16:22 Vick’s face tho

  47. marco jaime

    marco jaime13 dagar sedan

    Why didn't simon have #7?

  48. Defaulty Boi

    Defaulty Boi13 dagar sedan

    I would be Johnny sins if I could be anyone in the world

  49. Yousafi Yousafi

    Yousafi Yousafi13 dagar sedan

    Yo harry he is the best joking clown ever

  50. Dragon08

    Dragon0814 dagar sedan

    I loved it when everyone was sing goodbye to JJ

  51. Jeremy Arocho

    Jeremy Arocho14 dagar sedan

    harry has me dead😂😂😂

  52. Leash

    Leash14 dagar sedan

    Why his feet so long at 24:06

  53. Noah Dip

    Noah Dip14 dagar sedan

    Just to put this out there the second girl asked what is you’r spirt animals not to say why so they f themselves

  54. Ben Frisina

    Ben Frisina14 dagar sedan

    simon always makes jokes abt his uncle like in the sidemen tinder vid and now this vid

  55. Hawaiian Ping

    Hawaiian Ping15 dagar sedan

    yeah I skipped julie after she laughed like that in the beggining.

  56. deejaykennedyful

    deejaykennedyful15 dagar sedan

    7:36 I wanted to find this for so long😂😂😂

  57. Tharun

    Tharun16 dagar sedan

    JJ: Black men don't cheat yea Vikk: I don't know about that mate.

  58. Niaz S

    Niaz S14 dagar sedan



    MNC GUBBIE16 dagar sedan

    Who is your favourite sideman 1.Tobi 2.KSI 3.Josh 4.Harry 5.Ethan 6.Simon 7.Vik 8.All of the sidemen

  60. God Type

    God Type16 dagar sedan

    What’s outro song?!?

  61. JMR77

    JMR7710 dagar sedan

    Always wrong by SX

  62. EmeraldM

    EmeraldM16 dagar sedan

    7:35 probably what ur here for

  63. Joaquin Romero

    Joaquin Romero16 dagar sedan

    POV: ur from TikTok

  64. Abbas Zafer

    Abbas Zafer16 dagar sedan

    my spirit animal is a gekko quz im invusible to people

  65. Ruben Botha

    Ruben Botha16 dagar sedan

    I knew jj was fonna win the first one cuase he said hes rich and famous

  66. ilias garçon

    ilias garçon16 dagar sedan

    *is named morphius* "I like dorphius, orphius is a good name"

  67. oofzma

    oofzma17 dagar sedan

    25:01 But that in 0.25x speed, she sounds like a dinosaur

  68. Fresh L2Spam

    Fresh L2Spam17 dagar sedan

    The first one should learn how to wear clothes

  69. Nolan2007

    Nolan200717 dagar sedan

    Can we all agree that the throughout the whole round the first girl knew she was gonna pick Ksi to win no matter what cause he said he’s rich and famous

  70. Jessairo Fonseca

    Jessairo Fonseca17 dagar sedan

    Only JJ, Tobi and Vik won.

  71. Jessairo Fonseca

    Jessairo Fonseca17 dagar sedan

    Josh was happy when he got voted out, cause he could hear by her voice that's she fat.

  72. Charlie Manners

    Charlie Manners17 dagar sedan

    why did ethan keep sayin do u regret ur decision🤣

  73. Ivan Torrez

    Ivan Torrez18 dagar sedan

    Harry is the funniest by far

  74. Kelly chalas

    Kelly chalas18 dagar sedan

    🤓 first girl

  75. FJBC Plays

    FJBC Plays18 dagar sedan

    I think he wants some peas

  76. what's the code

    what's the code19 dagar sedan

    23:29 best part

  77. xi_ wajih

    xi_ wajih20 dagar sedan

    hmmmmmmm i think girl no.1 is a gold digger

  78. Ben Barclay

    Ben Barclay20 dagar sedan

    Who the hell is Robert mugabe or whatever Harry said

  79. Walid Ahmed

    Walid Ahmed22 dagar sedan

    5:05 at this point I was like how did Ethan make it to this level 😂

  80. Popcookie2311

    Popcookie231122 dagar sedan

    I’m about to throw up because I’m laughing so hard

  81. Popcookie2311

    Popcookie231122 dagar sedan

    This is why they don’t have girlfriends

  82. Guest the Robloxian gamer

    Guest the Robloxian gamer22 dagar sedan

    18:24 love this part

  83. Aj Helms

    Aj Helms23 dagar sedan

    Morpheus Greek God of sleep and dreams

  84. J Mitchell

    J Mitchell23 dagar sedan

    Girl 2 gives of major mean teacher vibez

  85. Mr. Clean

    Mr. Clean24 dagar sedan

    14:17 how did #3 changed his face so fast😂😂😂😂

  86. Kaylin Hawkins

    Kaylin Hawkins24 dagar sedan

    Harry keeps looking at his whiteboard like it says his answer

  87. ronnie sarker

    ronnie sarker25 dagar sedan

    Did i hear they chew on other people's nails?

  88. Charlie Abouserhal

    Charlie Abouserhal25 dagar sedan

  89. Jovan Samrai

    Jovan Samrai25 dagar sedan

    Why was I half expecting Phil to come in as the last person.

  90. Tyler Barrett

    Tyler Barrett26 dagar sedan

    Whats up with Ethan's eyes 25:54

  91. Lalithakristen Van Wyk

    Lalithakristen Van Wyk26 dagar sedan

    This was the first ever sidemen video i watched and since then i love watching their videos.

  92. George 27

    George 2727 dagar sedan

    Vik is too nice but I don’t like how he laughs at his own jokes😐

  93. Jack Stevenson

    Jack Stevenson27 dagar sedan

    If I was to name a girl it would be Lanesra. Quite exotic and I'm an Arsenal fan. Read Lanesra backwards

  94. Devin Schleicher

    Devin Schleicher27 dagar sedan

    whats the name of the song at the end

  95. Callum West

    Callum West29 dagar sedan

    sidemen for 50 mil

  96. NOTAL YT

    NOTAL YT29 dagar sedan

    Lots most comments

  97. Danté Moors

    Danté MoorsMånad sedan

    Harry: "I would be Robert Mugabe." **1 and half months later** *BREAKING NEWS:* Robert Mugabe dies at age 95. 21 February 1924 - 6 September 2019 🇿🇼RIP🇿🇼

  98. BJrt Qud

    BJrt Qud4 dagar sedan

    @Max Solovyov because he was a Diktator i think

  99. Danté Moors

    Danté Moors24 dagar sedan

    @Max Solovyov no idea 😂

  100. Max Solovyov

    Max Solovyov24 dagar sedan

    Why did Harry make that joke again (what was funny abt it?)

  101. Racito Tacito

    Racito TacitoMånad sedan

    7:37 is what most people came here for

  102. Kermit

    Kermit25 dagar sedan

    omg yes thank u

  103. Sylveon977

    Sylveon977Månad sedan

    "In the closet"

  104. white person

    white personMånad sedan

    Plot twist it was with my uncle

  105. Fabrizio Rubio

    Fabrizio RubioMånad sedan

    This videos during quarintine, are freaking awesome

  106. Javier Johnson

    Javier JohnsonMånad sedan

    I bet KSI and the first girl met after the vid

  107. Howard The Alien

    Howard The AlienMånad sedan

    18:05 Respect✊🏾✊🏾💯

  108. Jason Jeremiah

    Jason JeremiahMånad sedan

    best part being Ella came in after JJ said rella