Folabi is back, but this time he’s finding out the truth!
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  1. Vixen Mochi

    Vixen Mochi7 minuter sedan

    Good video guys! Keep up the good work❤❤ #7years

  2. MonsterAlex 6573

    MonsterAlex 65732 timmar sedan


  3. Destiny washington

    Destiny washington4 timmar sedan

    Nobody: Tobi: IT’S RELATIVE

  4. ah. playz

    ah. playz5 timmar sedan

    Check out 27:39

  5. Vishnu Prasad

    Vishnu Prasad10 timmar sedan

    One of the best sidemen video Came after watching reaction on sidemen react

  6. Max James

    Max James10 timmar sedan

    8:45 faze rug g fuel if I’m not mistsken

  7. BB PRO

    BB PRO14 timmar sedan

    WOW tobi WOW 😲 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHA 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  8. samule sparks

    samule sparks20 timmar sedan

    Ethans face when jj asked about his dad killed me

  9. Rocco Wray

    Rocco WrayDag sedan

    can we just adress the fact that jj id wearing no trousers

  10. Crock gonzaga

    Crock gonzagaDag sedan


  11. Shadow Bunny

    Shadow BunnyDag sedan

    So, Simon saying he doesnt like commentary channels means he dont like will...

  12. LourZ

    LourZDag sedan

    I can't believe Ksi had a razer laptop and in the thumbnail they made it a Macbook. A razer laptop is like 2500 and a macbook is 1800

  13. Amal Joe Sojan

    Amal Joe Sojan2 dagar sedan

    This video shows that how loyal are Sidemen to each other

  14. Grebron

    Grebron2 dagar sedan

    It took me 9 months to figure this out but the reason that JJ was "late" was: He was to scared of Folabi!

  15. Adrian Hippolyte

    Adrian Hippolyte2 dagar sedan

    There parents was waiting for this video. LMAO 😂

  16. kabeer hanif

    kabeer hanif2 dagar sedan

    Anyone else waiting for Harry to come out 😬🙃

  17. Arian A

    Arian A2 dagar sedan

    Jjs accent is even funnier😂😂

  18. Arian A

    Arian A2 dagar sedan

    Omg this vid was awsome😂😂😂😂

  19. D.Sixteen

    D.Sixteen2 dagar sedan


  20. Erik Sandman

    Erik Sandman2 dagar sedan

    song at the beginning ?

  21. Nuk4lear

    Nuk4lear3 dagar sedan

    《NO SIDEMEN WERE HARMED》 before this.... 15:26

  22. Ethan_gamer

    Ethan_gamer3 dagar sedan

    Bye hAve a great weekend

  23. Ethan_gamer

    Ethan_gamer3 dagar sedan

    Telling thee truttt

  24. Diego Pedroza

    Diego Pedroza3 dagar sedan


  25. Diego Pedroza

    Diego Pedroza3 dagar sedan


  26. Lionel Ronaldo

    Lionel Ronaldo3 dagar sedan

    LETS GO FOLABI !!!!!!!

  27. job Bakker

    job Bakker3 dagar sedan

    I rote this with my part

  28. Lucas Hernandez

    Lucas Hernandez3 dagar sedan


  29. Leeza Ali

    Leeza Ali3 dagar sedan

    15:22 Vik is like ‘I ain’t involved’

  30. Conko 7

    Conko 73 dagar sedan

    Look at all these idiots not thinking there's gonna be a global pandemic right in front of them.

  31. lISUPR3M3Il 2353

    lISUPR3M3Il 23534 dagar sedan

    Will gib beat jake paul, Yes, Correct Will jake paul beat gib, No, Correct Jake Beat Him 🤣🤣🤣 I'm a huge fan of both jake and logan they are way better then the entire of sidemen, sidemen are just old cringe and just make out of date content

  32. Kyo ra

    Kyo ra4 dagar sedan

    bruh im watching this when im eating

  33. SHAME BROシ

    SHAME BROシ4 dagar sedan

    i think ksi’s fourhead is inside his hat

  34. tife Akintan

    tife Akintan4 dagar sedan

    I had to watch it 2x

  35. Rhianna Vaughan

    Rhianna Vaughan5 dagar sedan

    poor harry lmao😂

  36. Xplosive Plays

    Xplosive Plays5 dagar sedan

    22:27 Teachers at parent teacher conferences when they've looked up your grade

  37. Amear Gopie

    Amear Gopie5 dagar sedan


  38. Micah Lyons

    Micah Lyons5 dagar sedan

    20:20 JJs face

  39. Blitzbtw

    Blitzbtw5 dagar sedan

    man, the spoon make me remember about the spelling bee vid😂😂🤣


    TAYE PAYE6 dagar sedan

    I really hope they don't stop making videos😭

  41. wahab warraich

    wahab warraich6 dagar sedan

    So..... harry was lying about gib...😬

  42. Chahat Modi

    Chahat Modi6 dagar sedan

    Director lie

  43. F I S H Y

    F I S H Y7 dagar sedan

    Be dophpha


    ZX LLUMINATI7 dagar sedan

    0:52 every yt thumbnail

  45. UnderdogANIHLATOR

    UnderdogANIHLATOR7 dagar sedan

    13:55 😂😂😂

  46. Ward Omari

    Ward Omari7 dagar sedan

    Shut up

  47. Brandon Kallu

    Brandon Kallu7 dagar sedan

    how did I not notice jj's not wearing pants the first time I watched this hahahah

  48. Proyo9

    Proyo97 dagar sedan

    Dude I play so much Geometry Dash, I didn't even think 100 bpm was a lot...

  49. Nikolaj Christiansen

    Nikolaj Christiansen8 dagar sedan

    This video almost made me die of laughter.

  50. NYPF• YT

    NYPF• YT8 dagar sedan

    So I’m I the only one bothered by the thumbnail it’s an apple logo on the computer but it’s razor in video.

  51. hazzaoif

    hazzaoif8 dagar sedan

    I loveme some ksi in my life

  52. Poxky Bebe

    Poxky Bebe8 dagar sedan

    Simon looks serbian, anyone else agree?

  53. JoeGaming B

    JoeGaming B8 dagar sedan


  54. Chuluungombo User

    Chuluungombo User8 dagar sedan

    Why does JJ has boxers but a suit on?? Hahahahahahaha

  55. Yeet Forever

    Yeet Forever8 dagar sedan

    I love babutande he is hilarious

  56. Randa Mohamed

    Randa Mohamed8 dagar sedan

    Who get hit in home Arab know the feeling

  57. vantage dream

    vantage dream9 dagar sedan

    I was honestly immpressed with jjs attire and then he stood up and turns out he wasent wearing pants

  58. Transu

    Transu9 dagar sedan

    i love the tophat

  59. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW9 dagar sedan

    JJ never asks Simon dirty questions

  60. TheButterPickle

    TheButterPickle9 dagar sedan

    7:31 dam

  61. darquethius

    darquethius9 dagar sedan

    Tobi never answers with a simple "yes" or "no"

  62. Janesh Narayan

    Janesh Narayan8 dagar sedan


  63. Jason Chang

    Jason Chang9 dagar sedan

    Lie to me

  64. Will Gerber

    Will Gerber10 dagar sedan

    Is it possible that babatunay could be an African warlord

  65. Diego Pires

    Diego Pires11 dagar sedan

    3 months for that song tobi 🥈

  66. mystictoxin 77

    mystictoxin 7711 dagar sedan

    Tobi:everyone has been friend zoned Me:hehe u can't be if ur a loner like myself

  67. Edgaras Trofimovas

    Edgaras Trofimovas11 dagar sedan

    African accent is so funny not

  68. ReyBee9

    ReyBee911 dagar sedan

    "Im a bit late"...... thats where he lived

  69. Harley Jackman

    Harley Jackman11 dagar sedan


  70. Carl Estepa

    Carl Estepa11 dagar sedan

    19:05 LeBron finally whipped Bronny after winning the championship

  71. Lilkick 563

    Lilkick 56311 dagar sedan

    Vik tho rest piec

  72. Pratham Munge

    Pratham Munge11 dagar sedan

    No-one noticed the Apple logo behind the laptop in the thumbnail, in reality it's razor laptop

  73. sirHC

    sirHC12 dagar sedan

    Would have been funny if vik said deji when jj asked him to tell a joke

  74. Agany Athian

    Agany Athian12 dagar sedan

    Who were they talking about when they said some youtuber got bullied by another youtuber

  75. Xtcrr

    Xtcrr12 dagar sedan

    Folabi: ”Folabi Is back!” Everyone liked that!

  76. Chelsea1905 FC

    Chelsea1905 FC12 dagar sedan

    Jj such a talented actor

  77. BantiPlayz

    BantiPlayz12 dagar sedan

    Nobody: Tobi: *ItS rElAtivE*

  78. nik marshall

    nik marshall13 dagar sedan

    30:23 even ya boi was like wtf

  79. Powerful Gaming

    Powerful Gaming13 dagar sedan

    Is nobody gonna talk about how tobi hasnt released a song yet he was in a song with KSI but i dont think ot counts

  80. Im_Jagsher Jaggadamann

    Im_Jagsher Jaggadamann13 dagar sedan

    Toby didn’t flinch because his parents have prepared him for this moment 😂😂

  81. Lisa Oppelaar

    Lisa Oppelaar13 dagar sedan

    JJ's face changing here while asking the question is amaizing 02:47

  82. TM Official

    TM Official13 dagar sedan

    How wrong they were bout gib

  83. 16888-omar hani ahmed

    16888-omar hani ahmed13 dagar sedan

    I love the way JJ hits them and the way he talks

  84. Keter LEGEND06

    Keter LEGEND0613 dagar sedan

    every single item this man jj pulled out i have been hit with

  85. Ezorelle

    Ezorelle13 dagar sedan

    wtf was JJ wearing😂😂😂

  86. fireball 105

    fireball 10513 dagar sedan

    That wooden spoon couldn't handle jjs power level

  87. Mohamed Fauzan

    Mohamed Fauzan13 dagar sedan

    Ur looking for 13:41

  88. Acidit

    Acidit13 dagar sedan

    jj really got sad that his bf is a fan of logan paul

  89. Cj Goodman

    Cj Goodman13 dagar sedan

    Yay folabi

  90. Alfonso Pantera

    Alfonso Pantera13 dagar sedan

    This is why we love JJ

  91. Taimur Chishty

    Taimur Chishty14 dagar sedan

    3:21 lol vik got the quietest laugh

  92. Lenin Mckay

    Lenin Mckay14 dagar sedan

    Im genuinely confused by 26:02

  93. Paul Njeru

    Paul Njeru14 dagar sedan

    Vik’s eyebrows thooo

  94. TheBananaPeel

    TheBananaPeel14 dagar sedan


  95. X-GhoulAssassin

    X-GhoulAssassin14 dagar sedan

    holy moly 2160p quality. I rate that

  96. Cheer_ Bro

    Cheer_ Bro14 dagar sedan

    Yeah Harry should listen to Uncle Folabi and upload more on his main channel.

  97. DarkFireYT

    DarkFireYT14 dagar sedan

    8:56 11 year old me found out the KSI stands for knowledge strength integrity.

  98. Zuhayb Dirie

    Zuhayb Dirie14 dagar sedan

    KSI is funny

  99. Zuhayb Dirie

    Zuhayb Dirie14 dagar sedan


  100. wisereaper

    wisereaper15 dagar sedan

    Tobi we are waiting for a song

  101. Mia Rubaine

    Mia Rubaine15 dagar sedan

    I love harry 🥺💘💘