This week the Sidemen test their knowledge for Sidemen's 6 Years in this #SidemenSunday
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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  1. Rasil Anvar

    Rasil AnvarTimme sedan

    Wait JJ was in the sidemen bake off video. So that must mean Sir Theodore The Third was actually JJ. KSI exposed.

  2. Longlostlocust

    LonglostlocustDag sedan

    This reminds me of the ice pool in center parks.

  3. Maxi gaming Savill

    Maxi gaming Savill3 dagar sedan

    Is it me or does it seem weird that jj is not wearing a bandana?

  4. Sophie Lewis

    Sophie Lewis4 dagar sedan

    Year ago, 7 years now

  5. Jake MCARDLE

    Jake MCARDLE4 dagar sedan

    3:12 black lives matter 😂

  6. Alberto Almonte

    Alberto Almonte5 dagar sedan

    7 years already of the sidemen

  7. Rishan Suresh

    Rishan Suresh6 dagar sedan

    Gotta respect Ethan with the loongi pant. India for life

  8. Uzair Mahmood

    Uzair Mahmood6 dagar sedan

    This was one year ago

  9. Aady Agarwal

    Aady Agarwal6 dagar sedan

    whos here after there 7th anniversary

  10. FMZak

    FMZak7 dagar sedan

    Just realised it’s a year on today.

  11. No liking Just subscribing

    No liking Just subscribing8 dagar sedan

    The white socks on grass gave OCD

  12. stacey hugall

    stacey hugall8 dagar sedan


  13. Arooj Qaisar

    Arooj Qaisar9 dagar sedan

    Harry has such a pure heart ❤️

  14. Pleast

    Pleast11 dagar sedan

    Jj: reads question Ethan: *THATS A QUESTION*

  15. Hanat Hassan

    Hanat Hassan11 dagar sedan

    Mom can I have a travis Scott Mom: we have already a travis Scott at home. Travis Scott at home: JJ

  16. Jihad El Soufi

    Jihad El Soufi12 dagar sedan

    To be honest Ethan is so disturbing and stupid sideman ever

  17. Misor Hidar

    Misor Hidar12 dagar sedan

    Vik So sweet

  18. Kids

    Kids13 dagar sedan

    Me when I get in a fight 11:18

  19. lisa zakharova

    lisa zakharova14 dagar sedan

    ngl ksi do be packing some c cups

  20. sanji Yassine

    sanji Yassine14 dagar sedan


  21. lew778 78

    lew778 7814 dagar sedan

    This comment section is full of simps

  22. 애슐리

    애슐리15 dagar sedan

    are we just not gonna talk about the fact josh got dunked in the water with his socks on at 9:19 ?!?

  23. 애슐리

    애슐리12 dagar sedan

    @Arthur Morgan fair enough

  24. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan12 dagar sedan


  25. Kavyansh Saini

    Kavyansh Saini19 dagar sedan

    See eathan hand at 4:34 min

  26. Lucid qlixy

    Lucid qlixy21 dag sedan

    Josh and Freya’s anniversary is on my birthday

  27. YoUnGWOLD 1

    YoUnGWOLD 122 dagar sedan

    Rita ora albania and me albani a good

  28. Huzy

    Huzy25 dagar sedan


  29. vanjello

    vanjello27 dagar sedan

    0:26 we just going to ingore what JJ is doing LMAO

  30. NOTAL YT

    NOTAL YT29 dagar sedan


  31. NOTAL YT

    NOTAL YT29 dagar sedan


  32. NOTAL YT

    NOTAL YT29 dagar sedan

    Door close car not in our hodr

  33. NOTAL YT

    NOTAL YT29 dagar sedan

    Where os harry isee tjouhg

  34. B1aZe Clipz

    B1aZe ClipzMånad sedan

    For the how many times have JJ been on Simon video titles the answer was 35 but it should been 40 because Ethan said to the nearest 20

  35. crying in a cool way

    crying in a cool wayMånad sedan

    Jj wasn’t in the bake off video. Sir Theodore 3rd was there instead.

  36. Gar

    GarMånad sedan

    4:03 hee ya

  37. Gabriel Silva

    Gabriel SilvaMånad sedan

    I can’t be the only one that heard Harry say the n word at 7:23

  38. ]:

    ]:Månad sedan

    I feel so happy that I know every single answer 💀💀

  39. IzaazTheWarrior

    IzaazTheWarriorMånad sedan

    Notice how at 4:36 when they are talking about grabbing balls Ethan proceeds to grab balls

  40. Damian Romo

    Damian RomoMånad sedan

    Collab with niko

  41. fidelARJOON

    fidelARJOONMånad sedan

    Look at KSI man, so inspirational

  42. Matthew Olson

    Matthew OlsonMånad sedan

    Tobi ripped lol

  43. Judy Chen

    Judy ChenMånad sedan

    12:29 12:30 12:31 12:32 12:46 12:47 12:48

  44. Steven ¿

    Steven ¿Månad sedan

    Kinda sad that I knew most of these questions lol

  45. Iconic

    IconicMånad sedan

    When Ethan dabbed I cringed hard

  46. Faris Mohammed

    Faris MohammedMånad sedan

    Pls subscribe our sidemen channel

  47. Judy Chen

    Judy ChenMånad sedan

    16:25 16:26 16:27 16:36 16:37

  48. grafiti green

    grafiti greenMånad sedan

    Every like = JJ’s and Ethans laugh will slowly be identical

  49. Lexiaa Forever

    Lexiaa ForeverMånad sedan

    Everytime I come back to this video. I wonder why Josh had on Sock 🧦 I’d hate getting Socks Wet . 😂

  50. mercas gerdes

    mercas gerdesMånad sedan

    subscribe to me

  51. mercas gerdes

    mercas gerdesMånad sedan

    subscribe to me

  52. mercas gerdes

    mercas gerdesMånad sedan

    subscribe to me

  53. Arga P9

    Arga P9Månad sedan

    Ethans laugh sounds like elmo

  54. YourDailySomeone.?

    YourDailySomeone.?Månad sedan

    Nobody : JJ Playing with nipples for memes or content

  55. KewL BOI

    KewL BOIMånad sedan

    4:36 I know the answer Ethan look at his hand

  56. Habibur Rahman

    Habibur RahmanMånad sedan

    KSI Teets

  57. Kelly Papadakis

    Kelly PapadakisMånad sedan

    16:10 is a bit sus ethan lmao

  58. Tyrone J

    Tyrone JMånad sedan

    Why does Ethan remind me of SUPERWOGs dad

  59. Louie Pruden

    Louie PrudenMånad sedan



    MR FALCONMånad sedan

    Well I love watching sidemen for the last few days of my life #coronavirus

  61. JamesJackson1

    JamesJackson1Månad sedan


  62. Synxy

    SynxyMånad sedan

    11:20 Vik rage compalation

  63. Flavio aus der Schweiz

    Flavio aus der SchweizMånad sedan


  64. Hxrryy

    HxrryyMånad sedan

    16:44 who are they ?

  65. Curwyn Naidoo

    Curwyn NaidooMånad sedan

    This video proves why ksi should be a villain in a movie. That laugh when dropping vik is mad evil🔥

  66. Dylan Cushing

    Dylan CushingMånad sedan

    Me knowing all four words from the bake off

  67. Gogeta Gohan

    Gogeta GohanMånad sedan

    Remember this was what JJ was doing while Logan was training non stop

  68. brooklyn byrne

    brooklyn byrneMånad sedan


  69. Nature Boy

    Nature BoyMånad sedan

    I watched the bake off video literally yesterday and I can’t remember any of the words at 5:50

  70. Kali -_-

    Kali -_-Månad sedan

    Who else spotted that old man at 13:25 ( pause it ) 😂

  71. Almog Dor

    Almog Dor2 månader sedan

    they really need to stop dabing

  72. Balkrisna Korgaonkar

    Balkrisna Korgaonkar2 månader sedan

    Burrrock bundogel

  73. Zakaria

    Zakaria2 månader sedan

    I don’t know what’s more funny 11:40 Ethan slipping Or 11:19 Vikk’s rage

  74. Justin Wong

    Justin Wong2 månader sedan

    Harry should be the leader of the sidemen because he kinda knows everything and always protect Vik

  75. Devil 08

    Devil 082 månader sedan


  76. Darkwinner6

    Darkwinner62 månader sedan

    guys watch this video and pls share its about the new vs old ksi:@2B5M

  77. Alfonso Calice

    Alfonso Calice2 månader sedan

    nobody: jj: feeling his nipps

  78. itzT1icy

    itzT1icy2 månader sedan

    I've been watching u for 4 years

  79. LUFC Alfie

    LUFC Alfie2 månader sedan

    sidemen are best youtubers :)

  80. J P

    J P2 månader sedan

    I do not like the orange haired leprechaun at the beginning

  81. FireD Beast

    FireD Beast2 månader sedan

    KSU with the breast implants 😂

  82. Agastya kathad

    Agastya kathad2 månader sedan

    7:40 TOBI 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  83. Alison Davies

    Alison Davies2 månader sedan

    Omg ksi shout a bandaner hav

  84. Ayman Sharma

    Ayman Sharma2 månader sedan

    lol the voice crack in the beginning 🤣🤣

  85. Cara Mezzapelle

    Cara Mezzapelle2 månader sedan

    Did anyone else find it funny that harry had his towel on his head in the intro

  86. LifeWith Victoria

    LifeWith Victoria2 månader sedan

    19:09 when Ethan says “it was me” why did i find that adorable 🥺😂

  87. Gazi Tahirllari

    Gazi Tahirllari2 månader sedan

    Rita ora is from albania so im from albania

  88. Amelia Russell

    Amelia Russell2 månader sedan

    Vik FLEW out of that ice bath the first time 😆

  89. DJ Will W

    DJ Will W2 månader sedan

    Chattin' With DJ WILL W - Episode 9 (YOUR BIGGEST FEAR)

  90. Corey Dove

    Corey Dove2 månader sedan

    ZDB of the day is a great zachary 11113456999999 year

  91. Blastmenn

    Blastmenn2 månader sedan

    13:24, they forgot to blur the guy in the back in that part, lmao

  92. XPC_Galaxy

    XPC_Galaxy2 månader sedan

    What is JJ doing at the start

  93. Lachie ツ

    Lachie ツ2 månader sedan

    'who grabbed the most balls' 'whos a ball grabber' LOOK AT ETHAN HAHA 4:33

  94. Youssef Hassian

    Youssef Hassian2 månader sedan

    Poupee but

  95. Nihaaligo

    Nihaaligo2 månader sedan

    0:29 Everyone talking: KSI: *Playing With his nipples

  96. operated

    operated2 månader sedan

    3:20 jj looks like juice wrld

  97. Whore

    Whore2 månader sedan

    10:32 18:58

  98. Pog Champ

    Pog Champ2 månader sedan

    0:28 jj having a bit of fun

  99. Rick Mannion

    Rick Mannion2 månader sedan

    Bruh I was born on the same date as the sidemen only 5 years previous it was a matter of time before we met

  100. Fatima Allouch

    Fatima Allouch2 månader sedan

    i now one the awnser that jj said was easy i know it is easy barouch boundagal and stifit

  101. Nino Corsellini

    Nino Corsellini2 månader sedan

    17:10 gotta love JJ's laugh

  102. Potato BooBoo

    Potato BooBoo3 månader sedan