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  1. Man city Fan boy

    Man city Fan boyTimme sedan


  2. Taryn Hassell

    Taryn Hassell11 timmar sedan

    who is here after dejis video

  3. Player

    Player13 timmar sedan

    23:56 now if that would've happened in the videos reddit will be all over the place. 😆 Ksi regrets it now because that is mad.

  4. DJ Half court violation

    DJ Half court violation17 timmar sedan

    monke ohoh ahahhaha pause!

  5. jesse worrell

    jesse worrellDag sedan

    name a type of disease corona virus

  6. Sheeps sleep while you stare

    Sheeps sleep while you stareDag sedan

    Girl band... One direction 😂😂

  7. DooTheMoo

    DooTheMoo2 dagar sedan

    It’s British family feud?

  8. Ashish Upadhyay

    Ashish Upadhyay2 dagar sedan

    Cancer wouldn’t be at the top of the list of diseases anymore..

  9. The Wild Cowboy

    The Wild Cowboy2 dagar sedan

    23:58 How the drama started...

  10. WatchDox

    WatchDox3 dagar sedan

    simon: cancer is the top answer harry: *CLAP CLAP* YES THATS THE ANSWER

  11. Evie H

    Evie H3 dagar sedan

    9:46 😂

  12. Tiki Torch

    Tiki Torch4 dagar sedan

    I was screaming UTENSILS the entire time they were on the mouth question!

  13. Tm Yut

    Tm Yut4 dagar sedan


  14. magnus hedemark

    magnus hedemark4 dagar sedan

    10:10 answer de tiiiiing hahahahah

  15. Danilegend9

    Danilegend94 dagar sedan

    If Simon was fast

  16. Chiara Pozzuto

    Chiara Pozzuto4 dagar sedan

    I wonder why this got recommended to me after 2 years...😕😕

  17. Grace Davey

    Grace Davey4 dagar sedan

    A girl band..... BLACK PINK BRUV

  18. Mohamed Motaz

    Mohamed Motaz5 dagar sedan

    Folabi: When did your last album drop? JME: about 4 years ago Folabi: TERRIBLE Folabi gave us Grime MC

  19. Ian Josh

    Ian Josh5 dagar sedan

    Randolph's answer changes everything

  20. v5fm

    v5fm5 dagar sedan

    this video predicts deji and ksi's fight and the forest fire and the most importent thing ksimon

  21. Calum McKenzie

    Calum McKenzie5 dagar sedan

    Name a well known girl band vik: Ethan

  22. William Lehfeldt

    William Lehfeldt5 dagar sedan


  23. mc

    mc5 dagar sedan

    38:02 lmao my eyes open wide and almost choked on my food when he popped out nowhere and said the n word

  24. fire ball099

    fire ball0995 dagar sedan

    Is that not family feud




  26. Merari Nyasulu

    Merari Nyasulu8 dagar sedan

    watching this again... Randolph was really wrong for that one

  27. Mokk

    Mokk8 dagar sedan

    Isnt it ironic how randoplhs youtube channel is dead now

  28. Shashwat Sharma

    Shashwat Sharma8 dagar sedan

    10:15 I almost died

  29. Olivia

    Olivia8 dagar sedan

    corona watching this like :( when they were talking about diseases

  30. Toby Neyhorst

    Toby Neyhorst8 dagar sedan

    24:00 :( :( :( :(

  31. aazkals8

    aazkals88 dagar sedan

    10:49 hahahahahahahahahaa

  32. Ashutosh Agrawal

    Ashutosh Agrawal8 dagar sedan

    bro i read family tortures

  33. cullen hart

    cullen hart9 dagar sedan

    Bet I know an answer higher than cancer, corona


    EHEHE BOI9 dagar sedan

    Guess who's bacc Baccka gehn Folabi Go tella frend ah

  35. aazkals8

    aazkals89 dagar sedan

    2;48 hahahahhahahahah

  36. Da-I-Phi Kharkongor

    Da-I-Phi Kharkongor9 dagar sedan

    35:55 little did they know, something big was about to hit em

  37. Corey Mallard

    Corey Mallard9 dagar sedan

    everything was great until 23:58

  38. ramtham007

    ramtham00710 dagar sedan


  39. lexie :P

    lexie :P10 dagar sedan

    35:33 someone deadass farted

  40. ramtham007

    ramtham00710 dagar sedan

    *the youtube team don't got the same chemistry as the sidemen no cap*

  41. B. Benji

    B. Benji11 dagar sedan


  42. Raden Mas A

    Raden Mas A11 dagar sedan

    0:00 is that copyright guys

  43. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW11 dagar sedan

    The flu isn’t a disease I-

  44. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW11 dagar sedan

    JJ trying the pulling down his pants trick like the Sidemen aren’t used to it

  45. AnOrangeDoor

    AnOrangeDoor11 dagar sedan


  46. BlackExtensionRevnge

    BlackExtensionRevnge12 dagar sedan

    BABATUNDE returns

  47. Caitlyn Grace

    Caitlyn Grace12 dagar sedan

    Whenever jj does his impression it brings out a whole different atmosphere 😂

  48. Flaming Storm

    Flaming Storm12 dagar sedan

    They should do a part 2

  49. KingsAlive

    KingsAlive13 dagar sedan

    I mean u could say family feud started a “Family Fued”

  50. FreddyCøugar_99

    FreddyCøugar_9913 dagar sedan

    38:04 𝐺𝑂𝑇 𝑀𝐸 𝐷𝑌𝐼𝑁𝐺 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀💀

  51. Blaze Rooster

    Blaze Rooster13 dagar sedan

    This show looks familiar

  52. Henry Keledjian

    Henry Keledjian14 dagar sedan

    I love REEV so much he’s just chilling

  53. Eleni Azzun

    Eleni Azzun15 dagar sedan

    The fact that in the comment section everyone is repeating the jokes like a hundred times kills the joke 😂😂😂😂 Like I get that Harry said "how is your mom " to KSI o saw it I am not blind 😂

  54. Mohammad Salman

    Mohammad Salman15 dagar sedan

    34:03 If this video was filmed in 2020, Coronavirus would be up there with a 100 points😂😂

  55. Paige tierney

    Paige tierney16 dagar sedan

    sidemen: super rich people also sidemen: has a folded up piece of pare with the questions

  56. Hamza

    Hamza17 dagar sedan

    23:58 is history bois

  57. JJToasT

    JJToasT17 dagar sedan

    So what they jus copied family feud

  58. N EM7

    N EM718 dagar sedan

    Just to think none of the drama would have happened if Randolph was standing one place to the left

  59. Boat Guy :*

    Boat Guy :*19 dagar sedan

    35:00 Corona Virus, Covid-19

  60. Adam C

    Adam C19 dagar sedan

    Nobody said their ex

  61. Abdur Rehman

    Abdur Rehman19 dagar sedan

    How did they get away with that last round 🤣🤣

  62. Byron10Games XD

    Byron10Games XD21 dag sedan

    Do another one but babatunde the host

  63. Mayank

    Mayank22 dagar sedan

    JJ : "guess who's back, backaaah again" Gets me every time 😂

  64. Rory Glen

    Rory Glen22 timmar sedan


  65. Raul Tatu

    Raul Tatu3 dagar sedan

    Eminem has nothing against ksi

  66. Thawfeeq Mujeeb

    Thawfeeq Mujeeb7 dagar sedan


  67. crying in a cool way

    crying in a cool way10 dagar sedan

    @Azaria Asfaw ikr same. Sometimes I come back to the video just to watch the intro

  68. Azaria Asfaw

    Azaria Asfaw18 dagar sedan

    facts. had to replay it 10x

  69. Luke Lam

    Luke Lam22 dagar sedan

    I like the fact that they said black Derogatory words with passion

  70. Natty Cass

    Natty Cass10 dagar sedan


  71. Angelina Pototskaia

    Angelina Pototskaia22 dagar sedan

    what is Harry doing at 23:20 😂😂😂

  72. Alk

    Alk23 dagar sedan

    This room is cursed

  73. Buzz

    Buzz23 dagar sedan

    They should do a part 2 with Deji.

  74. sonu giri

    sonu giri25 dagar sedan

    Little did they know One year later the top answer is corona...

  75. Josh Bennett

    Josh Bennett25 dagar sedan

    Anyone here remember what happened in min 24:01

  76. Fly Outta

    Fly Outta26 dagar sedan

    24:01 this will never get old....

  77. Shaolin Hokage

    Shaolin Hokage26 dagar sedan

    Sidemen family feuds*

  78. Conor Schmid

    Conor Schmid26 dagar sedan

    Harry says the dumbest things in the world

  79. isilkazalbash

    isilkazalbash27 dagar sedan

    Coronavirus 500000 points

  80. Raul Singh

    Raul Singh27 dagar sedan

    why does this only have 14M views

  81. Raul Singh

    Raul Singh27 dagar sedan

    ah memories

  82. Eatmy pill

    Eatmy pill27 dagar sedan

    Jj: we both want to hit that Me: so he he got his wish at Christmas

  83. zain and diwan salawu

    zain and diwan salawu28 dagar sedan

    corona virus

  84. Pia Jernberg

    Pia Jernberg28 dagar sedan

    23:58 is where the beef started

  85. Galaxy_starz

    Galaxy_starz29 dagar sedan


  86. Jarred Henderson

    Jarred Henderson29 dagar sedan

    27:35 2019: Film a dead body 2020: Have a gender reveal

  87. Erik Wolfmayr

    Erik Wolfmayr29 dagar sedan

    animal that makes a loud noise : Lion Sperm whale: -_-

  88. Kenay ylmz

    Kenay ylmzMånad sedan


  89. Kenay ylmz

    Kenay ylmzMånad sedan


  90. baba babag

    baba babagMånad sedan

    I bet corona virus would have been a 100 point answer if It would had happen in 2020

  91. Afan Pasukan

    Afan PasukanMånad sedan

    why randolph why wtf bruv wtf

  92. ThaGangstaFTW

    ThaGangstaFTWMånad sedan

    U don’t swallow lollipops WTF. Also, *mouthwash.

  93. Justamie 17

    Justamie 17Månad sedan

    Bro he said he was a vegan vegetarian and a pescatarian wtf u can’t be a vegetarian and a pescatarian

  94. Nvar

    NvarMånad sedan

    Who’s here after the recent SidemenReacts video?

  95. Nyrisith

    NyrisithMånad sedan

    20:13 he said that with such a perfect accent it was actually scary.

  96. Nelson Oke

    Nelson OkeMånad sedan


  97. Sreecharan Baskar

    Sreecharan BaskarMånad sedan

    Who's rewatching this after the latest sidemen reacts video?

  98. James Gibson

    James GibsonMånad sedan

    Sidemen Family Feuds caused a family feud.

  99. Bored skitz

    Bored skitzMånad sedan

    11:14 it's ur boy ksi.... ethan would have died

  100. Neil P

    Neil PMånad sedan

    24:00 the one that started it all

  101. Kye Reeves

    Kye ReevesMånad sedan

    why does Ethan look like a lesbian

  102. Andrew Davis

    Andrew DavisMånad sedan

    Callum on team youtube is a muppet

  103. B. Benji

    B. BenjiMånad sedan

    10:47 Europeans first coming to Africa.

  104. Coolkid123 Jeff

    Coolkid123 JeffMånad sedan


  105. Yes Sir

    Yes SirMånad sedan

    My ad just brought me back to my country😂😂😂

  106. Shadow 068

    Shadow 068Månad sedan

    at 24:00 clearly not a joke..... he pressed the button fast asf and he mean it