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  1. Evie H

    Evie H2 timmar sedan

    11:31 😂😂😂

  2. TheMotorDan

    TheMotorDanDag sedan

    The SEtoosr song question was right. Jojo Siwa isnt a SEtoosr, shes a singer, the question clearly stated youtuber and Simon tries to argue it.

  3. AZNGT

    AZNGTDag sedan

    I guess that explains why I hate skittles

  4. James Feltner

    James Feltner2 dagar sedan

    Pewdiepie has almost 300 million views on a song

  5. Rk

    Rk2 dagar sedan

    35:05 wait my dad drinks jack daniels he is not a nonce

  6. Caoimhink

    Caoimhink2 dagar sedan

    7:30 I nearly cried it brought me that far back 😪😅

  7. WXll365

    WXll3653 dagar sedan

    KSI stealing money from vikk again

  8. Kyra Roberts

    Kyra Roberts3 dagar sedan

    I’m sat here eating skittles I only like the red ones and now I wanna throw up

  9. DGB themagicalman

    DGB themagicalman3 dagar sedan

    Love this idea cant wait to watch

  10. Novakt

    Novakt3 dagar sedan

    The most view video British SEtoos is actually Mr Bean... Don’t believe me? Check it out your self.

  11. misopaste27

    misopaste273 dagar sedan

    Everyone has big, official-looking headphones on and Harry’s got little white earphones... lol...

  12. Darcapolo

    Darcapolo3 dagar sedan

    This was back when jj and Vik we’re still Friend’s. Aaaaaahhhhh memories

  13. Big yin Ali

    Big yin Ali2 dagar sedan

    They still are

  14. youhavethegay yo

    youhavethegay yo4 dagar sedan

    Harry looks like he just got the new crack shipment

  15. The Dark Side

    The Dark Side4 dagar sedan

    It's more like who knows Harry the most

  16. Mr Bazick

    Mr Bazick5 dagar sedan

    What Does The Fox Say definitely has more views. But I guess they aren't youtubers so thats fair.

  17. Anthony Richter

    Anthony Richter5 dagar sedan

    Hold on America almost started ww3 with North Korea. How’d they get that right

  18. Quinn Haynes

    Quinn Haynes5 dagar sedan

    Harry saying ding ding ding looks so autistic with the helmet on

  19. choopoo

    choopoo5 dagar sedan

    Slowmo guys have 182m views for a vid

  20. Immortal Soul

    Immortal Soul9 timmar sedan

    Ya but* mr bean has 190m

  21. mushroom !!

    mushroom !!6 dagar sedan

    It's actually despacito the most viewed 😂

  22. Immortal Soul

    Immortal Soul9 timmar sedan

    They said not a song

  23. alexa nievaard

    alexa nievaard6 dagar sedan

    Sidemen do great British bake off

  24. Rj plays

    Rj plays7 dagar sedan

    "cuz am blind" is one of the most underrated harry moments

  25. whelked

    whelked7 dagar sedan

    LMAO I’m the only person to notice that josh thinks a platypus is an amphibian

  26. Patrik Anthony

    Patrik Anthony8 dagar sedan

    A crocodile is not an amphibian. Gotten vikk

  27. LordBingus

    LordBingus8 dagar sedan

    A platypus is a mammal fucktards

  28. Erin Burrell

    Erin Burrell8 dagar sedan

    A better answer for ‘at least once per day’ would’ve been ‘sleeps’ 😒

  29. AceIsGaming

    AceIsGaming9 dagar sedan

    So what’s amphibious? Alligators... Crocodiles... Fish...

  30. oakley

    oakley9 dagar sedan

    The actual game show is so clapped just doesn’t make sense really

  31. KsiEnemyEmu713

    KsiEnemyEmu7139 dagar sedan

    I mean there’s a song that almost puts the n word for the entire song

  32. NBA2K Swiss

    NBA2K Swiss9 dagar sedan

    Why does Harry always refer to it as Simon's House/Place?

  33. Martie Mahon

    Martie Mahon9 dagar sedan

    KSI would be the only person to lose a trivia game about himself

  34. Cheer_ Bro

    Cheer_ Bro10 dagar sedan

    Harry being Chaos Neutral always adds a good spin to the videos.

  35. Tay Hutch

    Tay Hutch10 dagar sedan

    I love how the video is twice the length of a normal episode of Jeopardy

  36. Vivek Patel

    Vivek Patel10 dagar sedan

    KSI is backbone of sidemen

  37. Kocktail Convo

    Kocktail Convo10 dagar sedan

    People from Miami knowing it was Señor Frogs lol

  38. Nicole Leach

    Nicole Leach10 dagar sedan

    Despacito is 7b views 😂

  39. Joel Dodge

    Joel Dodge10 dagar sedan

    "what are amphibians" *proceeds to name reptiles*

  40. Thomas Klos

    Thomas Klos10 dagar sedan

    fs even vik thinks crocs are amphibians wtf

  41. manny cortez

    manny cortez12 dagar sedan

    Wait what is the m word

  42. Lily Nicholson

    Lily Nicholson12 dagar sedan

    Love how they all have headsets and Harry's out here with apple WIRED earphones 😂 further proof why Harry is the "second" best of the sidemen. Sorry but ethan all the way since day 1 😂

  43. cody gishkowsky

    cody gishkowsky12 dagar sedan



    ZVLOBEY12 dagar sedan

    Damn i really wouldn’t have thought they would get the greatest comeback in history

  45. Elliot Hardwick

    Elliot Hardwick12 dagar sedan

    the slow mo guys have why more views

  46. Victim_Lights

    Victim_Lights13 dagar sedan

    Was josh in faze or what

  47. Ella

    Ella13 dagar sedan

    Honestly, My favourite ship is toby and simon

  48. Frederic Thomsen

    Frederic Thomsen14 dagar sedan

    BIG EPILEPSY WARNING for every sidemen game show video and I mean every second of them and also every sidemen video game video and all of their videos in fact everything I just mentioned are all MAJOR RISKS FOR SOMEONE WITH EPILEPSY TO WATCH

  49. Mundeep Singh

    Mundeep Singh14 dagar sedan

    Helmet boiiiii!!

  50. Marcquis Kin

    Marcquis Kin14 dagar sedan

    Can someone tell me what that music is that starts at 1:02:08 and ends at 1:02:45 ?

  51. Ha Hah

    Ha Hah14 dagar sedan

    That comeback tho

  52. MadsChronoツ

    MadsChronoツ15 dagar sedan

    21:40 I feel bad for Vikk, he looked really sad.

  53. Loki Din

    Loki Din15 dagar sedan

    43:24 best moment

  54. Jay Brown

    Jay Brown15 dagar sedan

    Jj’s no blink or breath face is killing me

  55. William Jones

    William Jones16 dagar sedan

    43.20 .... Gavin and Dan from the slow Mo guys gonna cry into thier 180million view video 😂😂

  56. Konstantin Miltenov

    Konstantin Miltenov16 dagar sedan

    I want Harry to be the host again

  57. Jeff McT.

    Jeff McT.16 dagar sedan

    Anyone noticed all the misspelled words?

  58. BoostReverse

    BoostReverse16 dagar sedan

    Bruh idk wat id do if one of the sidemen died tbh

  59. 6ix Migos

    6ix Migos16 dagar sedan

    Harry just can’t handle Jack Daniels

  60. Jack K

    Jack K16 dagar sedan

    There not gonna get 10 mil by 2021 need 700k

  61. Choose

    Choose17 dagar sedan

    Woah woah woah it took me a month but aren’t the Slow Mo Guys British youtubers? They got a vid with 186million views.

  62. Ishie Abr

    Ishie Abr18 dagar sedan

    Harry we've made 552 videos Simon: we're sick! PewDiePie with his 4.2k vids:yea sure

  63. JosefR

    JosefR20 dagar sedan

    The corona boys Ethan LOL 1:19

  64. PauloBTV

    PauloBTV20 dagar sedan

    12:23 is helllllla sus

  65. Don't Know Drew

    Don't Know Drew22 dagar sedan

    The way Tobi said "70 bags" so casually and no one reacted really hit me with how rich the lads are and how much money has been in Fifa videos over the years.

  66. Alex Woeppel

    Alex Woeppel9 dagar sedan


  67. Dariel Castillo

    Dariel Castillo12 dagar sedan

    That’s what I was looking at these people got money

  68. BlakeVRMO

    BlakeVRMO15 dagar sedan

    @Mr. Bigweld the different types of money streams they have is crazy, Vikk made 2 mil off of his minecraft server alone

  69. Don't Know Drew

    Don't Know Drew16 dagar sedan

    @Mr. Bigweld True

  70. Mr. Bigweld

    Mr. Bigweld16 dagar sedan

    I mean they make money back from the vids so it’s an investment


    FOLLOW the LEADER22 dagar sedan

    simon and ether are 100% cringe every time they speak "N dat"

  72. Immortal Soul

    Immortal Soul17 dagar sedan

    That's the way they speak

  73. Distraction

    Distraction22 dagar sedan

    1:14 that really didn't age well, did it

  74. Desley Fa'afoi

    Desley Fa'afoi24 dagar sedan

    *"the corona boys"* 😂

  75. Lewis

    Lewis25 dagar sedan

    43:25 slow mo guys has 186mil on one video and there British (second most viewed on there channel is 81m)

  76. Colt

    Colt26 dagar sedan

    I love how Ethan called JJ an idiot at one point and then proceeded to claim that fish and alligators are amphibious. That's what I call instant karma right there

  77. Divine pup

    Divine pup28 dagar sedan

    Me wake up call

  78. Adwick ed

    Adwick ed28 dagar sedan


  79. Razmalakataznia

    Razmalakataznia28 dagar sedan

    Harry:oH dEaR

  80. Joao Aurelio

    Joao Aurelio28 dagar sedan

    Rhvjarmk Flagg, Xr cfyGlkkGC Jorge Ferreira Nl

  81. Brandon Romero

    Brandon Romero28 dagar sedan

    wait am i the only one that noticed they all named reptiles

  82. I forgot my name

    I forgot my name28 dagar sedan


  83. MED 56

    MED 5629 dagar sedan


  84. Archie Road

    Archie Road29 dagar sedan


  85. Rohan Malhotra

    Rohan Malhotra29 dagar sedan


  86. S K

    S K29 dagar sedan

    Anyone else realised they changed the picture of the vid

  87. Devon Lopez

    Devon LopezMånad sedan

    So nobody's gonna talk about the fact that harry has spent 33 bags on fifa packs in barely 8 months???

  88. bradley kitts

    bradley kittsMånad sedan

    The thing is that sidemen trivia question should not have been a question because Behz also said he rode a jet ski for the first time so what about if jj and Simon said that would they of got it wrong because it’s true behz says he did while he was self isolating

  89. Ford Sierra XR4i

    Ford Sierra XR4iMånad sedan

    12:20 Oh My God :DDDDD

  90. Luca Bardocci

    Luca BardocciMånad sedan

    Crocodiles are reptiles

  91. Jack headington

    Jack headingtonMånad sedan

    If baby shark counts as a SEtoosr song then it have 6.1 billion

  92. Phenomenal Gamer

    Phenomenal GamerMånad sedan


  93. Invalid

    InvalidMånad sedan

    Just me of did ksi have a plastic bag wrapped round his head 😂😂😂

  94. Scrumptious Bisquitz

    Scrumptious BisquitzMånad sedan

    i think they misunderstood tornadoes with hurricanes or cyclones? maybe? there are subtle differences arent there?

  95. Brian Osorio

    Brian OsorioMånad sedan

    Wouldn’t count Jojo Siwa as a SEtoosr, was a dancer on Dance Moms

  96. Ur Maw

    Ur Maw26 dagar sedan

    What’s that got to do with music or SEtoos aha

  97. Miks Kupfers

    Miks KupfersMånad sedan

    very good video

  98. Sebi Morrello

    Sebi MorrelloMånad sedan

    Ksi and harry r jus walking content hahaha

  99. Loki Din

    Loki DinMånad sedan

    43:25 *visible confusion *

  100. NvM Divine

    NvM DivineMånad sedan

    vikk: is it first to get a line, I mean Harry is running it 24:25 why do i feel like i was the only one to get that

  101. Max Neale

    Max NealeMånad sedan

    hahaha harry is so aids its awesome

  102. Emma Doris

    Emma DorisMånad sedan

    Harry- It’s named after an amphibian Everyone- names fuckin reptiles

  103. Shade Blackhole1

    Shade Blackhole1Månad sedan

    I’ve got the same helmet as harry

  104. Rehan Saad

    Rehan SaadMånad sedan

    i want to reach a point in my life where i can spend as much money as harry on fifa packs or to be fair even have that much cash in general

  105. Jonathan Feldbek

    Jonathan FeldbekMånad sedan


  106. Inspector Moose

    Inspector MooseMånad sedan

    im the inspector moose

  107. ᐯѦᚱᛗѦ

    ᐯѦᚱᛗѦMånad sedan

    RIP KSI, He who breathed and blinketh, once.

  108. Luca Restuccia

    Luca RestucciaMånad sedan

    who tf is typing the questions i love these guys but whoo if it aint harry someone else needs a helmet

  109. ViniThePooh

    ViniThePoohMånad sedan

    43:20 does Pewdiepie count because he has 100 mil on one of his non music videos!?

  110. Perujan Paranee

    Perujan ParaneeMånad sedan

    No cos he’s not british

  111. Archie Lowe

    Archie LoweMånad sedan

    harry's glasses are sexc