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  1. Maisie B

    Maisie B19 timmar sedan

    The sushi round Sidemen: mMmm ooh oh mmm ohhh ooohh mmm

  2. David Tokar

    David TokarDag sedan

    I would love to drink with Harry because he finishes his glass.

  3. Zachary Pierce

    Zachary PierceDag sedan

    Harry is like the only one who isn't afraid to actually try it

  4. Alex Jones

    Alex Jones2 dagar sedan

    ethan and ksi was the funniest in this

  5. ForJordy

    ForJordy2 dagar sedan

    Can we get a video like this but with just alcohol

  6. Venom_ t3rr0r1st

    Venom_ t3rr0r1st2 dagar sedan

    27:23 i dont remember the champions league transition music changing but id say it sound a lot better if they changed it to that

  7. SpencerGamerHD

    SpencerGamerHD2 dagar sedan

    JJs head at 16:52 is joke😂

  8. Axel Ortiz

    Axel Ortiz2 dagar sedan

    What did Harry say at 30:10

  9. sydney

    sydney2 dagar sedan


  10. Oluwateleola Sofolahan

    Oluwateleola Sofolahan2 dagar sedan

    Harry: I don’t want to finish this Also harry finishing his glass😂😂😂 41:55 how did we end up in this conversation Omg

  11. Oluwateleola Sofolahan

    Oluwateleola Sofolahan2 dagar sedan

    3 most humble sidemen to me Vik, Tobi and Ethan

  12. hãhã îm Bēçćä

    hãhã îm Bēçćä2 dagar sedan

    jj will eat any type of sausage-

  13. Yourdawgz No cap official channel

    Yourdawgz No cap official channel2 dagar sedan

    How did Simon eat sushi but hates fish?

  14. Sceptix ا

    Sceptix ا2 dagar sedan

    Simon has a typical white guy taste. Why did he get so mad when he knocked over the wine himself, flipping lanky twit.

  15. Nikhil Rajeeva

    Nikhil Rajeeva3 dagar sedan

    without vik the videos kinda feels empty

  16. Anonymous103 Anonymous103

    Anonymous103 Anonymous1033 dagar sedan

    2:20 🤣

  17. Bindy Zana

    Bindy Zana3 dagar sedan

    The fancy product contemporaneously scorch because hydrant largely sin as a early nic. guttural H habitual, heavenly heavy hellish neck

  18. sports021123

    sports0211234 dagar sedan

    What tf is the point of covering their eyes

  19. Ibrahim

    Ibrahim4 dagar sedan

    16:52 to 17:00. Its the funniest part😂😂😂😂

  20. RAHI Yadav

    RAHI Yadav4 dagar sedan


  21. Austin Sloane

    Austin Sloane4 dagar sedan

    The disagreeable conga infrequently smell because jeep neurophysiologically list after a bright oval. previous, unequal hole

  22. Isobel Evans

    Isobel Evans4 dagar sedan


  23. C.I.A

    C.I.A4 dagar sedan

    When Simon throw food at Kai how did tobi know 🤔

  24. Zaman Family

    Zaman Family5 dagar sedan

    16:53 💀

  25. Calf TTV

    Calf TTV5 dagar sedan

    Anyone else wipe like JJ? or is it just us?

  26. Lacey North

    Lacey North5 dagar sedan

    I love how Josh jumps when ever Ethan drops the tray🤣😂🤣😂

  27. JoJo's WORLD

    JoJo's WORLD5 dagar sedan

    Not yall exposing viks girlfriend

  28. Prabha Bhat

    Prabha Bhat6 dagar sedan

    23:37 what is JJ doing 😂😂

  29. Anish AV

    Anish AV6 dagar sedan

    KSI's laugh is pure joyyy

  30. David Crosswhite

    David Crosswhite6 dagar sedan

    when they hand them random stuff like the balloon glove i think thats the best thing ever

  31. MacroMyythix

    MacroMyythix6 dagar sedan

    KSIs got me mad

  32. TriGGered

    TriGGered6 dagar sedan

    Harry is an ALCOHOLIC Mate😂

  33. grr50 gaming

    grr50 gaming6 dagar sedan


  34. Nisha Magar

    Nisha Magar6 dagar sedan

    28:43 harry : ....i really dont wanna drink this andd..... 28:51 : *chugs it down*

  35. TheGirliegirl1998

    TheGirliegirl19986 dagar sedan

    Get a professional to do DRAG makeup on JJ pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  36. Deva_ttv

    Deva_ttv6 dagar sedan

    JJ needs to remember where he comes from and humble himself letting his money and ego go to his head

  37. glizzy

    glizzy6 dagar sedan

    Just let him live lmao he’s fine

  38. UKN McNugget

    UKN McNugget7 dagar sedan

    I love how Harry gets dressed up and the rest of them are wearing hoodies

  39. Deepak Negi

    Deepak Negi7 dagar sedan

    Now I know why Simon is so skinny

  40. Slick Echo

    Slick Echo7 dagar sedan

    “All wine taste the same anyways” 😂 gotta agree

  41. Alexander Veiby

    Alexander Veiby7 dagar sedan

    Are no one gonna talk about 39:30? Hahahahaha

  42. oGe66

    oGe667 dagar sedan

    KSI being a meme for 43 minutes straight...

  43. Sukrit 890

    Sukrit 8908 dagar sedan

    I lost it when simon threw his sausage roll at ksi 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  44. Just For Laugh By zahir

    Just For Laugh By zahir9 dagar sedan

    10:15 😂😂😂😂

  45. DreakonReal

    DreakonReal9 dagar sedan

    I love how they kept giving harry so much alcohol

  46. Cursor

    Cursor9 dagar sedan

    23:23 we will go over to VAR for that one... Simon did foul the glass

  47. BugoD

    BugoD10 dagar sedan

    The way they say expenisve when it probably was 10quid lmao

  48. Jek225

    Jek22510 dagar sedan

    The funniest part was Ethan dropping the platters on the floor and Josh getting scared

  49. Unknown_Playz

    Unknown_Playz11 dagar sedan

    "fam, fam this balloon"

  50. levelUp changer

    levelUp changer11 dagar sedan

    Best part 41:48

  51. DanforthSalunek

    DanforthSalunek11 dagar sedan

    Bah ger pa’ey

  52. Ahmed

    Ahmed12 dagar sedan

    Simon has no taste😅

  53. jaden King

    jaden King12 dagar sedan

    34:39 is the most cordial disagreement I’ve ever seen in my life

  54. MILLZ

    MILLZ12 dagar sedan

    Watched it back in 0.25% and I can confidently say that Harry spilled the glass of wine.

  55. Ted 1622

    Ted 162212 dagar sedan


  56. Ted 1622

    Ted 162212 dagar sedan


  57. Jessica Andreasen

    Jessica Andreasen12 dagar sedan

    I love how harry gets like 2× more than the other guys

  58. paige rennie

    paige rennie12 dagar sedan

    11:58 Ethan and josh sound like grandparents on Christmas loooool

  59. tameron tamyc

    tameron tamyc13 dagar sedan


  60. Alan Angcao

    Alan Angcao13 dagar sedan

    So from what we can learn from this video is that Simon has poor tastebuds

  61. Gamer Jai

    Gamer Jai13 dagar sedan

  62. Mel Murray

    Mel Murray13 dagar sedan

    Awwww poor harry they fill his glass right up knowing he will neck it and the content will bang!! #4thecontent

  63. Chaneyplayz24

    Chaneyplayz2413 dagar sedan

    anyone else see Ethan spit the whiskey out at 32:28 and than play it off like no-one saw

  64. phendz

    phendz14 dagar sedan

    simon is such a fussy eater its anoying

  65. Blue Maxwell

    Blue Maxwell14 dagar sedan

    I love how Harry says the whiskey will make him puke But he still just downs it tho 😂😂😂

  66. Tiffany Roast

    Tiffany Roast15 dagar sedan

    I looked back Simon just slightly knocked it as Harry put it down so abit of both of them x

  67. Tarun Pandiyaraj

    Tarun Pandiyaraj15 dagar sedan

    41:53: Dude this is what Jschlatt was talking about, sidemen caught it early lol

  68. Bob Lacking

    Bob Lacking15 dagar sedan

    They can totally see through there blind folds 💯 Toby new Simon threw something at jj

  69. SamiNami

    SamiNami16 dagar sedan

    the editing makes it hard to follow

  70. uuborg

    uuborg16 dagar sedan

    42:40 expert move from JJ

  71. uuborg

    uuborg16 dagar sedan

    42:40 expert move from JJ

  72. Rhys Bonwick

    Rhys Bonwick16 dagar sedan

    9:06 the sound of someone throwing a pokeball.

  73. Bhava Naicker

    Bhava Naicker16 dagar sedan

    watch 23:23 -23:45 in o.25x speed i might be simple minded but it made me laugh.

  74. Evie Walters

    Evie Walters17 dagar sedan

    EMOJI COMBOS TO DESCRIBE THE SIDEMEN Ethan: 👨🏻‍🦰-💪🏻 Josh: 👨🏻‍🦳-👨🏻‍🍼 (he’s like the dad of group) Harry- 🤪-😅 Tobi- ☺️-❤️ JJ-😒-💵 Simon: ⚽️-😁 Vik-🤓-🧑🏽 Lol it’s not that accurate but I tried lmfao

  75. Evie Walters

    Evie Walters17 dagar sedan

    It wasn’t the same without vik 😢

  76. Harley

    Harley17 dagar sedan

    When simon dashed the sausage roll at him had me creasin

  77. Freddy Nugent Fitness

    Freddy Nugent Fitness17 dagar sedan

    Fam this is balloon cracked me up 😂😂😂

  78. CPOJJ kelly

    CPOJJ kelly18 dagar sedan

    Who’s here’s from behind the scenes from kon?

  79. Kelsey Owens

    Kelsey Owens18 dagar sedan

    I’m a white female and I drink whisky straight so the whiskey was kind of hilarious.

  80. Skuxz

    Skuxz19 dagar sedan

    I’m surprised KSI didn’t know it was chicken 😂💀💀

  81. Alexander G. Hoffman

    Alexander G. Hoffman20 dagar sedan

    18:10 man says shush im not eating that lol

  82. Kanishk Mandpe

    Kanishk Mandpe20 dagar sedan

    "every food is poor for u ..... U just too rich"

  83. just me marie

    just me marie21 dag sedan


  84. Deep Gade

    Deep Gade23 dagar sedan

    The somber star definitely grab because jasmine ideally hang amidst a ashamed recorder. comfortable, subdued tornado

  85. Jacob Pichay

    Jacob Pichay23 dagar sedan

    18:00 we not gunna talk about how clean that throw from Ethan was it landed right on the tray

  86. Tarjuful Tabeeb

    Tarjuful Tabeeb23 dagar sedan

    Ethan & Jj shouldve been in the same team...both were in very good mood that day...

  87. Oliver Crossfield

    Oliver Crossfield24 dagar sedan

    Simon is a little fussy 5 year old

  88. Dunja Danilovic

    Dunja Danilovic24 dagar sedan

    Is this even real -jj 14:00 😂😂😂


    RTV STORM24 dagar sedan

    why does jj have to say poor over people would love thst food in over countrys

  90. Hypovenumb 118

    Hypovenumb 11823 dagar sedan


  91. D T

    D T25 dagar sedan

    Presenting to u the special edition:Harry the Handsome Hunk

  92. X O X O

    X O X O25 dagar sedan

    40:06 gets me every time lmao

  93. JaRiEsD

    JaRiEsD25 dagar sedan

    Harry‘s glasses have like double the amount of liquid then anyone else’s

  94. Ruchunsinle Tep

    Ruchunsinle Tep25 dagar sedan

    Where is Vik

  95. Jake Sissons

    Jake Sissons25 dagar sedan

    Love tobi

  96. meawtraill

    meawtraill25 dagar sedan

    Love how ksi has chicken in thumbnail and Harry has gold chicken

  97. WiLDin!

    WiLDin!25 dagar sedan

    6:37 "yk what I'm talm bout"😂😂😂😂

  98. chloe george

    chloe george26 dagar sedan

    Do more of these !!

  99. Coop Dog

    Coop Dog26 dagar sedan

    Go to 20:20 and play at .25 speed

  100. Curtis McGrath

    Curtis McGrath27 dagar sedan

    Ami the only one that fines simon very annoying

  101. Kimberly

    Kimberly27 dagar sedan

    THIS IS A BALLOON 😹😹😹 & Simon and tobi's hand reaction 🤣

  102. Milica V

    Milica V27 dagar sedan

    Simon being the most epic in this episode! I laughed everytime the camera was on him :D