This weeks #SidemenSunday we've tried something new. 2 Sidemen teams, 2 very different holidays. Let us know if you enjoyed!
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  1. Oliver Smith

    Oliver Smith45 minuter sedan

    Blue team be so ungrateful

  2. sozzlebut 24

    sozzlebut 242 timmar sedan

    The taxi driver tho like can u shut up

  3. Csaba Balku

    Csaba Balku2 timmar sedan

    16:44 WTF is jj saying? 😂😂😂


    BIOSHOOT3 timmar sedan

    u know jj's excited when he starts to talk in some bahabumba language

  5. Tabitha Cornehlsen

    Tabitha Cornehlsen4 timmar sedan

    JJ got so excited he started speaking Nigerian

  6. Harishni ⟭⟬ btsxarmy⟬⟭ :]

    Harishni ⟭⟬ btsxarmy⟬⟭ :]9 timmar sedan

    some one pls tell me why the red team hates ethan soo much?

  7. wat

    wat7 timmar sedan

    It’s all jokes

  8. Elite Street68

    Elite Street6810 timmar sedan

    I think we can all agree that this is one of the best sidemen sundays ever made 😅

  9. シHi

    シHi11 timmar sedan

    Vik has trust issues now

  10. Y 4 You

    Y 4 You13 timmar sedan

    Watching From Pakistan!!!!

  11. Y 4 You

    Y 4 You14 timmar sedan

    That's Cool.

  12. Dart Aader

    Dart Aader16 timmar sedan

    9:45 realisation

  13. miguel pascual

    miguel pascual17 timmar sedan

    Master jj😲😂

  14. kidus yemane

    kidus yemaneDag sedan

    when toby say what omg

  15. Alexa Burns

    Alexa BurnsDag sedan

    JJ : £3 to the driver Me: I now can tell he skipped school

  16. Direct Gaming

    Direct GamingDag sedan

    When there wardrobe is the size of your room 👁👄👁

  17. SoulsMaster

    SoulsMasterDag sedan

    Sidemen videos> Mr Beast videos At least 10× better.

  18. Wilmer EKE

    Wilmer EKEDag sedan

    32 min in and the ones in front of u guys are swedish lol

  19. Baileyboo988

    Baileyboo988Dag sedan

    That orchestra doesn’t get paid enough

  20. Wiki K

    Wiki KDag sedan

    I died when jj started screaming in the taxi car lmaoooo 8:55

  21. Amal Joe Sojan

    Amal Joe SojanDag sedan

    "Today is a good day, so let's have a cup of diabetes" Underrated dialogue by Tobi🤣🤣

  22. Poppy Ellen Rose

    Poppy Ellen RoseDag sedan

    48:01 rejection...

  23. Jak Hunter

    Jak HunterDag sedan

    Red team red team red team red team red team red team!

  24. Zero Blasts

    Zero BlastsDag sedan

    The transitions are the best part haha

  25. Keziah Nicholas

    Keziah NicholasDag sedan

    toby saying we keep composed simon and jj screaming like theyve been stabbed in the background

  26. Viren Mirje

    Viren MirjeDag sedan

    I feel like the sidemen house was better

  27. Its Bob 4 Life

    Its Bob 4 LifeDag sedan

    That was as amazing do it again plsss

  28. George mcferran

    George mcferranDag sedan

    This is my favourite sidemen vid it is amazing 👏

  29. Ryder Kuypers

    Ryder KuypersDag sedan


  30. Isaiah Healey

    Isaiah HealeyDag sedan

    Chicken tikka sandwhich hahaha

  31. Frosty ICYy

    Frosty ICYyDag sedan

    The really out here saying 57:33

  32. Frosty ICYy

    Frosty ICYyDag sedan


  33. Joshboiaredi I

    Joshboiaredi IDag sedan

    Why are they on the wrong side of the road

  34. Ruby Lion

    Ruby LionDag sedan

    I watch this every day

  35. Ruby Lion

    Ruby Lion9 timmar sedan

    @Aayush nah

  36. Aayush

    Aayush13 timmar sedan

    Thats a bit much i reckon

  37. Duncan R

    Duncan RDag sedan

    That was funny

  38. beinglittleisamazing

    beinglittleisamazingDag sedan

    I feel bad for the blue team

  39. Heavy Bots

    Heavy Bots2 dagar sedan

    KSI face when he sees the hotel he looks happy

  40. NamoGhost

    NamoGhost2 dagar sedan

    the hotel team is so depressed i will be too lmao

  41. Fyfie Jr

    Fyfie Jr2 dagar sedan

    JJ sees a table “yo this is a table table”

  42. AKS Phantom

    AKS Phantom2 dagar sedan

    Let’s be honest, Josh is a genius for being the host. He automatically got to have the rewards of the red team.

  43. ThatOne Guy

    ThatOne Guy2 dagar sedan

    Drugs? Strippers? Both? Strippers on drugs.

  44. SaltyTree

    SaltyTree2 dagar sedan

    *Simon drinks apple juice* Acts drunk lol

  45. Phoebe Rose

    Phoebe Rose2 dagar sedan

    Simon and jj in the mansion screaming Toby: ..........

  46. Phoebe Rose

    Phoebe Rose2 dagar sedan

    Tobys the only civilised one when they go into the mansion screaming

  47. Phoebe Rose

    Phoebe Rose2 dagar sedan

    Vic: it’s like josh planned for it to rain Me: there is stuff/something like a Weather forecast

  48. Alex C

    Alex C2 dagar sedan

    11:31 what kind of sound is that??😂😂

  49. Gerry Gamez

    Gerry Gamez2 dagar sedan

    How they are just like STRIPPERS.

  50. fjøsnissen !

    fjøsnissen !2 dagar sedan

    Tbh, i would rather go with ethan, Harry and vik on the bad one rather than the good one

  51. Noah Fick

    Noah Fick2 dagar sedan

    When JJ see's a black dude Hello broda

  52. luka svanidze

    luka svanidze2 dagar sedan

    i love Sideman so much

  53. seedless gaming

    seedless gaming2 dagar sedan

    Let's be honest we all knew who wld get the 10000

  54. widaad ahjum

    widaad ahjum2 dagar sedan

    JJ going Jamaican

  55. Tharun Kumar

    Tharun Kumar2 dagar sedan

    JJ getting excited is the best thing 😂😂😂🤣

  56. Tharun Kumar

    Tharun Kumar2 dagar sedan

    11:51 yo why did JJ do a naruto run 😂🤣🤣🤣

  57. Por Port

    Por Port2 dagar sedan

    I’m always coming back to this video, I watch it at least 3 times a year

  58. lil clan

    lil clan2 dagar sedan

    40:57 🤣🤣

  59. Brian Tigre

    Brian Tigre2 dagar sedan

    anyone watch this every week cause I’m waiting for the new 100vs10000

  60. Zeenix

    Zeenix2 dagar sedan

    48:00 is it just me or is that bar tender like 7 feet tall

  61. Yağızcan Küçükaslan

    Yağızcan Küçükaslan3 dagar sedan

    Best vid ever lmao funny af

  62. Zeenix

    Zeenix3 dagar sedan

    24:04 This is why this video isnt faked, atleast this one 43:16 and This is why i think it is faked

  63. Zeenix

    Zeenix3 dagar sedan

    That butlers facial hair is up there

  64. Emile Antoine

    Emile Antoine3 dagar sedan

    Idk why but simon only got gassed when josh showed up while Tobi and JJ are gassed to see a black dude

  65. Bih Jit

    Bih Jit3 dagar sedan

    These were my favourite sidemen videos especially this one let’s just take a moment to thank josh...

  66. Its Rihal

    Its Rihal3 dagar sedan

    Can we apreciate the butlers and that amaizin mustache absolutely beautiful

  67. Tyler Gigliotti

    Tyler Gigliotti3 dagar sedan

    18:23 made me laugh so hard

  68. Jungle Log

    Jungle Log3 dagar sedan

    57:27 damn.. its true.. jj’s forhead is huge!

  69. TeeZ

    TeeZ3 dagar sedan

    56:02-56:11 is the most British sentence iv heard followed by a whole sentence with Ethan yawning

  70. User

    User3 dagar sedan

    56:39 vids eyebrows about to fly off

  71. Leshen Killer18

    Leshen Killer183 dagar sedan

    This is a birthday gift. To come back here

  72. TeeZ

    TeeZ3 dagar sedan

    this is my 5th time watching

  73. Fat Man Plays

    Fat Man Plays3 dagar sedan

    It is a tradition to watch this theory every week

  74. Georgie Holman

    Georgie Holman3 dagar sedan


  75. PixelHive MC

    PixelHive MC3 dagar sedan

    imagine if they got trolled and they both get 100$ Holidays and they accidentally said the wrong postcode to a Manner House with a Reservation

  76. bychasebroughton

    bychasebroughton3 dagar sedan

    This should have been the next sidemen house 🤩

  77. Steven Redhead

    Steven Redhead3 dagar sedan

    I’m new to this channel but does every one just hate eathen

  78. Tyler Hill

    Tyler Hill3 dagar sedan

    Big stretch but does anybody know where the red team stayed at

  79. Zlatan Junior

    Zlatan Junior3 dagar sedan

    Team blue were faking the happiness

  80. Taylor Jones

    Taylor Jones4 dagar sedan


  81. Harish Y

    Harish Y4 dagar sedan

    I would hate the 10000 House because of all the servants and people just being there

  82. Dylan Borge

    Dylan Borge4 dagar sedan

    does Simon actually hate Ethan?

  83. LunaticGirl666

    LunaticGirl6664 dagar sedan

    Is it me or the blue team seem a little ungrateful? like thats how some people genuinely live and theyre acting like that

  84. Caelinn Angus

    Caelinn Angus4 dagar sedan

    37:23 is that juice wrld,, i cant be the only one that heard that

  85. Run From Feds

    Run From Feds3 dagar sedan

    Rip yh it was

  86. LB LB

    LB LB4 dagar sedan

    Ksi in massage chair

  87. Boyet Quilon

    Boyet Quilon4 dagar sedan


  88. Unbeatable Gaming

    Unbeatable Gaming4 dagar sedan

    They were playing that classical music from tiktok.

  89. Just Mo

    Just Mo4 dagar sedan

    Red team red team red team!

  90. Pepper Escher

    Pepper Escher4 dagar sedan

    JJ: its a good day Toby:yea it’s a good day let’s have a cup of diabetes lmaoooooo

  91. Megan Edwards

    Megan Edwards4 dagar sedan


  92. Soy Saucer

    Soy Saucer4 dagar sedan

    Can someone tell me where this is at? Would like to go after covid is done.

  93. Hi There

    Hi There4 dagar sedan

    9:57 are they going forwards or backwards?

  94. Run From Feds

    Run From Feds2 dagar sedan


  95. BrendiZZle GoTTi

    BrendiZZle GoTTi4 dagar sedan

    56:13 Why is nobody talking about how crazy Ethan sounds when we yawns?

  96. Jack Mitchell

    Jack Mitchell4 dagar sedan

    Me: *Yeah I go to the gym* Actually me: 28:50

  97. Adrianne Macaranas

    Adrianne Macaranas4 dagar sedan

    Ksi Talking About The Pool Table: Thats Like Two Tobi's

  98. Ajay Phull

    Ajay Phull3 dagar sedan

    It's a snooker table

  99. Abdur Rehman

    Abdur Rehman5 dagar sedan

    And they say money cant buy u happiness

  100. YouShallBreathe

    YouShallBreathe5 dagar sedan

    never celebrate to early ethan

  101. b3ast Gam1ng

    b3ast Gam1ng5 dagar sedan

    It gave away when I saw the vid I already knew Ethan were getting $100 holiday

  102. Robert Howell

    Robert Howell5 dagar sedan

    Am i the only one that herd the song robbery by juice wrld wile they where on a bus

  103. Yasmin Collis

    Yasmin Collis5 dagar sedan

    no one: me at 3 am: 44:32


    RCE TEAPOT5 dagar sedan

    And they use pounds


    RCE TEAPOT5 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or have u just released hes says dollars at the start

  106. syd.

    syd.2 dagar sedan

    yt algorithm my g

  107. P E

    P E5 dagar sedan

    how many people came from the tinder video? like to tell