This weeks Sidemen Sunday sees the sidemen host an evening in teams to enterain and make a lovely bit of food! Who do you think will win?
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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  1. harlow delatorre

    harlow delatorre7 timmar sedan

    11m people wasting there time on this really because I'm one of them

  2. Kj_2004

    Kj_20048 timmar sedan

    Romans 3:25 “Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God;” faith not repentance of sin because repenting from sin doesn't save u that's a work and by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified and God repented in the bible multiple times and no where not even once does it say in kjv bible u need to repent of sins to be saved. Acts 16:31 beleive on the Jesus Christ and though Lord shalt be saved


    AVIRAT11 timmar sedan

    can i confirm if vikk is the indian spiderman or the indian royal bengal tiger

  4. Tm Yut

    Tm Yut14 timmar sedan

    15:08 Josh one SLOOOOAGHWE one can't stop replaying I'm DEAD!!!

  5. sushisama

    sushisama18 timmar sedan

    Is anyone gonna talk about vik playing the triangle😭

  6. shoaib ahmed

    shoaib ahmedDag sedan

    Tobi saying the sidemen are hella ungrateful actually hurt cuz it showed during this video. Literally Tobi was the only one who didn't complain about things. Like come on they could see how hard Harry was trying to make things good but just kept failing, the poor guy even had a breakdown.

  7. paddy campbell

    paddy campbellDag sedan

    simon is unbearably annoying this vid

  8. uhhh, chile anyways

    uhhh, chile anywaysDag sedan

    josh took it to heart when ethan thought he was an elf LMAOOOOOOOO

  9. Theosaurus 6000

    Theosaurus 6000Dag sedan

    I feel so much for Harry he tried so hard and everyone complaned

  10. Theosaurus 6000

    Theosaurus 6000Dag sedan

    I would eat that burger i mean some people in the world don't even have food

  11. Toby le47

    Toby le47Dag sedan

    rip to all the comments about simon

  12. Isobella Clark

    Isobella Clark2 dagar sedan

    One slow one or I will spit in your ear 😂😂😂

  13. Andrew Clingman

    Andrew Clingman2 dagar sedan

    Harry’s food did not even look bad i would have ate it with no complaints

  14. HAMST3R

    HAMST3R2 dagar sedan

    ownage pranks buklao 58:15

  15. Zelix

    Zelix2 dagar sedan


  16. Kaamilah Osman

    Kaamilah Osman2 dagar sedan

    lmao Harry’s scream 😭🔫

  17. MB Clan

    MB Clan2 dagar sedan

    Who actually likes josh anyway he’s so annoying he acts all cool when he can acc F off

  18. Dhrishit Shahi

    Dhrishit Shahi2 dagar sedan

    46:04 Vik patting JJ.

  19. Dhrishit Shahi

    Dhrishit Shahi2 dagar sedan

    44:40 Simon picking up JJ in front of Babatunde.

  20. crying in a cool way

    crying in a cool way2 dagar sedan

    Tobi was very wholesome in thia video.

  21. crying in a cool way

    crying in a cool way2 dagar sedan

    Why were Ethan amd Josh complaining about the fact that JJ's team didn't cook when they didn't either. They just served cold canned beans, five guys, and chocolate cake they squashed in their hands.

  22. Lisa Riddle

    Lisa Riddle2 dagar sedan

    Lmao at 43:57 -44:05

  23. thepuddfantasy

    thepuddfantasy3 dagar sedan

    JJ: This food is dry Tobi: So are your elbows brother LMFAOOOOOOOO

  24. Chad Davids

    Chad Davids3 dagar sedan

    When is the next one coming out.

  25. Amelia May

    Amelia May3 dagar sedan

    This video low key makes me sad


    FREESELR3 dagar sedan

    Y’all talking about Simon look at Jide

  27. Sam Bawden

    Sam Bawden3 dagar sedan

    I accidentally was holding the side of the screen down and I skipped like a quarter of the video and the table was just on fire

  28. SIDYfe4r

    SIDYfe4r3 dagar sedan

    Funny reading 1 month old comments complaining about stuff that happened 6 months ago... 😂


    NBA MIXES PROD3 dagar sedan

    Why haven’t I haven’t I watch this legit this is been out for six months and I’m only watched it now like what

  30. Rayyanhhjbeast

    Rayyanhhjbeast3 dagar sedan

    Who else comes back to this video when their hungry

  31. Psycho

    Psycho3 dagar sedan

    The whole points system made them forget that they were here to enjoy a dinner party instead of finding things to complain on nd deduct points.

  32. Chanel Chen

    Chanel Chen3 dagar sedan

    25:11 Simon says something about corona LMAO

  33. Israel Mendez

    Israel Mendez3 dagar sedan

    Yo please make another Dine With Me video

  34. Jake Leigh

    Jake Leigh4 dagar sedan

    I was dying this whole damn video

  35. jesse langille

    jesse langille4 dagar sedan

    Do these people not know international rates? How am I supposed to afford 44 £ That’s about 80$ cad

  36. jesse langille

    jesse langille4 dagar sedan

    For a fckn t shirt man

  37. Matthew Lubbe

    Matthew Lubbe4 dagar sedan

    Yo I love ur vids but Simon was an absolute duck in this one

  38. x_TheWinn3r

    x_TheWinn3r4 dagar sedan

    Next come down with me Come dine with me 2 (Among Us Edition)

  39. Zahrah Noor

    Zahrah Noor4 dagar sedan

    1:35:31 When they were all saying astaghfirullah near the end I WAS DEADDD😂😂

  40. Kitten Football

    Kitten Football4 dagar sedan

    They were like “ astaghfirullaaaah “

  41. JT

    JT4 dagar sedan

    Simon turns up an hour late and bitches out of the video 2 mins in looool

  42. Orb1t

    Orb1t4 dagar sedan

    Idk what I expected 😂😂

  43. Karan Sharma

    Karan Sharma4 dagar sedan

    Simon pissed me

  44. PantheR

    PantheR4 dagar sedan


  45. Ruvimbo Gaming

    Ruvimbo Gaming4 dagar sedan

    Stan Harry for actually trying

  46. Ruvimbo Gaming

    Ruvimbo Gaming4 dagar sedan

    After this I have something for Harry

  47. Chaotic Crxcked

    Chaotic Crxcked4 dagar sedan

    43:23 Look who's talking 🤔

  48. Noah Georges

    Noah Georges4 dagar sedan

    Yall sensitive they are all mates

  49. Bryan MK

    Bryan MK4 dagar sedan


  50. Mat_tyboi358 !!!

    Mat_tyboi358 !!!4 dagar sedan

    SEtoos is getting real comfortable with long and unskipple adds

  51. Pratham Kotarya

    Pratham Kotarya4 dagar sedan

    I feel for Harry 😔

  52. Sood men

    Sood men5 dagar sedan

    Damn Simon be so mean

  53. Spiderman 2099

    Spiderman 20995 dagar sedan

    i feel so bad for harry just look at his face - 1:38:10

  54. Gonçalo Santos

    Gonçalo Santos5 dagar sedan

    The dinner party that one was actually the least entertaining one 😂

  55. Fake Cake

    Fake Cake5 dagar sedan

    Kon was chasing Simon like jj "is not the father" lol.

  56. Cheer_ Bro

    Cheer_ Bro5 dagar sedan

    Harry can be a walking hazard sometimes, tho without him, the Sidemen would be boring AF

  57. Braden Regan Dunn

    Braden Regan Dunn5 dagar sedan

    Only JJ and Simon were late Coincident, I think not

  58. Emily Sharp

    Emily Sharp5 dagar sedan

    I would LOVE to hear what all of their neighbours thought.

  59. elyas is santa

    elyas is santa5 dagar sedan

    1:08:49 was the best moment for me honestly lmao

  60. Louis Quiney

    Louis Quiney5 dagar sedan

    joshs cringeiness just hurts sm urgh

  61. OG Gamers

    OG Gamers5 dagar sedan

    Ethan and Josh are mad as if they didn't pay for their ready made food as well 😂

  62. Boss Baby

    Boss Baby5 dagar sedan

    Vik should have went first poor man can’t see what is happening 😂

  63. Ismail Hussein

    Ismail Hussein5 dagar sedan

    JJ and simon’s complaints about everything shows how JJ’s money went to their heads

  64. Laitzz G

    Laitzz G5 dagar sedan

    We need a Come Dine With Me PT.2 where they're properly prepared

  65. Shxdow Mercy

    Shxdow Mercy6 dagar sedan

    When Harry volleyed the bun 🤣

  66. yahir cortez

    yahir cortez6 dagar sedan

    This is one of my favorite sidemen video

  67. katie corlett

    katie corlett6 dagar sedan

    josh and ethan were going mad about how jj, vik and simo didnt cook but neither did they lmao

  68. Emma Cruickshank

    Emma Cruickshank6 dagar sedan

    Harry he says he doing his best

  69. _Mad_Kidd_Raps_

    _Mad_Kidd_Raps_6 dagar sedan

    Just realised this was uploaded on my Birthday!!!

  70. Haris Ahmad

    Haris Ahmad6 dagar sedan

    They say JJ’s team didn’t cook the food What about Ethan and josh The only people who actually cooked the food was Harry and Tobi

  71. Shadow Storm

    Shadow Storm6 dagar sedan

    Y am I Harry in everything mainly the fire part 🤣🤣🤣

  72. Daniel Viñets-Kiehl

    Daniel Viñets-Kiehl6 dagar sedan

    when the commander is going around in slippers xD

  73. Cheese ballS Are da BomB

    Cheese ballS Are da BomB6 dagar sedan

    "care package has been delivered" "care package has been opened" "well, do u like it" "its fockin empty mate"

  74. Jay Patterson

    Jay Patterson6 dagar sedan

    Jjs name for josh and Ethans mean should be agent forehead

  75. priyanshu dhawan

    priyanshu dhawan6 dagar sedan

    1:09:31 josh u are a mad man

  76. Quinnagan Z

    Quinnagan Z6 dagar sedan

    Harry baught a smoker not a grill lmao

  77. Andrey Ivanov

    Andrey Ivanov6 dagar sedan


  78. Jared RG

    Jared RG7 dagar sedan

    Most entertaining was the one hosted by Harry and Toby

  79. Every Thing Wrong With

    Every Thing Wrong With7 dagar sedan

    15:30 tho

  80. Shaun MacDonald

    Shaun MacDonald7 dagar sedan

    Iiiiiii am from the future RIP Chadwick Boseman ahahahaa

  81. Vardyy

    Vardyy7 dagar sedan

    rate vikk

  82. Daanish Baig

    Daanish Baig7 dagar sedan

    We imported a waterfall WTF

  83. Williamg209

    Williamg2097 dagar sedan

    i feel like if they took harry to a buffet hed clean the thing out

  84. Mahammad 8.2

    Mahammad 8.27 dagar sedan

    This comments section is filled with snowflakes trying to hate on Simon. In 2016 everyone understood that it was just all banter.

  85. person man

    person man7 dagar sedan

    Is what people from the UK see us

  86. Kynan

    Kynan7 dagar sedan

    simon was such a sook in this

  87. Isaac Vargas

    Isaac Vargas8 dagar sedan

    Sideman so ungrateful, I’d kill for a Harry burger

  88. Isaac Vargas

    Isaac Vargas8 dagar sedan

    Uk people know no struggle

  89. Isaac Vargas

    Isaac Vargas8 dagar sedan

    Simons wack

  90. Sohaib

    Sohaib8 dagar sedan

    Vikk playing the triangle on beat and waving around slowly was the funniest part for me in this video. I literally paused the video and laughed for 5 minutes and kept watching it again and again.

  91. Maddie Z

    Maddie Z8 dagar sedan

    Everyone :enjoying it Simon and ksi being snobby : the private skl to blame :

  92. Maheishang

    Maheishang8 dagar sedan

    Man I feel bad for Harry and tobi they must hav atleast come second

  93. Tommie J Wilson

    Tommie J Wilson8 dagar sedan

    Miniminters such a tool.

  94. Claudia Divito

    Claudia Divito8 dagar sedan

    Simon = Karen

  95. RazorShell

    RazorShell8 dagar sedan

    Honestly everyone but Tobi just complained when they all tried. They weren't funny, just annoying. Boys, not your best effort

  96. Cactuskills1149

    Cactuskills11498 dagar sedan

    Well done everyone but screw America Jake Paul and Logan Paul live there

  97. Ansh Dasari

    Ansh Dasari8 dagar sedan

    55:43 Ethan be looking like if female hulk got lost in the jungle.

  98. Aoife Sullivan

    Aoife Sullivan8 dagar sedan

    o m g why have i only just found this, deserves a TV choice award and a special award to Harry for comedy gold

  99. caleb stennett

    caleb stennett9 dagar sedan

    tobi did"nt complain at all for each meal

  100. Abel-J_29

    Abel-J_299 dagar sedan

    Vik was going crazy on that Triangle during JJs performance

  101. Millie Williams

    Millie Williams9 dagar sedan

    1:06:31 😂😂 the way they all jumped on the sofa 😂😂

  102. edg810

    edg8109 dagar sedan

    Literally pay to win haha

  103. MiddleDesert 501

    MiddleDesert 5019 dagar sedan

    I love watching people who have no idea what there talking about when it comes to military attempt to talk military things like at the beginning the little toy soldiers were all riflemen but don’t worry I liked the video it just made me have the longest laugh