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  1. Coby's Gameplay and Vibin' Channel

    Coby's Gameplay and Vibin' Channel10 timmar sedan

    When that guy came on it gave me flashbacks to my first boyfriend, for some reason

  2. Steve Cardona-Thomas

    Steve Cardona-Thomas12 timmar sedan

    how could they say no to tobi!?!?!??!

  3. INTPish

    INTPish15 timmar sedan

    18:34 wtffff⚰⚰⚰⚰

  4. LightBoy

    LightBoy21 timme sedan

    I’m very sad for vik

  5. Kuthpudin Yusuf

    Kuthpudin Yusuf22 timmar sedan

    Is it me or does almost everytime Harry speaks he itches his shoulder or under his shoulder

  6. Dannyxthedes13 Thedes

    Dannyxthedes13 ThedesDag sedan


  7. prickly plant

    prickly plantDag sedan

    5:23 he says it like and lil boy

  8. lolbogdy1

    lolbogdy1Dag sedan


  9. *****

    *****Dag sedan

    Name of the Song ???

  10. tm3_ trappa

    tm3_ trappaDag sedan

    Boys take notes 😂

  11. Hollywood Relaxing Music

    Hollywood Relaxing MusicDag sedan

    19:48 This is the crazy funny moment.😂😂😂

  12. Junior Fonoia

    Junior Fonoia2 dagar sedan

    VIK said he was 23 on the first girl and the sec one he said he was 25

  13. Liam Scott

    Liam Scott2 dagar sedan

    Nothing more cringe then ethan showing off his muscles thinking he the rock or somthing ahahaha , they arnt even that impressive , i liked him better when he was fat

  14. mm19832mm

    mm19832mm2 dagar sedan

    Wait... they actually have STD’s ?

  15. 100k Subscribers With No Videos

    100k Subscribers With No Videos2 dagar sedan

    How rich is JJ?

  16. AW YouTube

    AW YouTube2 dagar sedan


  17. Bruh McBruh

    Bruh McBruh2 dagar sedan

    Why is Harry so funny

  18. Christopher Cospelich

    Christopher Cospelich3 dagar sedan

    27:54 what did she say?

  19. Abuzar Khalil

    Abuzar Khalil3 dagar sedan

    Which one is it where one of them pause jj with a tv remote

  20. wjwjs 4jfi

    wjwjs 4jfi3 dagar sedan

    What there insta

  21. Fortnite RyZe Toots

    Fortnite RyZe Toots3 dagar sedan

    The 2nd one is a gold digger


    HERO SPEEDY3 dagar sedan

    i'm super happy evry time harry gets a yes

  23. Junak Dino

    Junak Dino3 dagar sedan

    What's the KSI song at the end of the video ?

  24. Karman Singh

    Karman Singh4 dagar sedan

    Ay yo I was crying for vikk


    ISLAM CHANNEL4 dagar sedan

    can my channel hit 1k subs

  26. Charlie Martin

    Charlie Martin4 dagar sedan


  27. Jc gaming

    Jc gaming5 dagar sedan

    Natalya a gold digger

  28. Gaming with Jamison

    Gaming with Jamison5 dagar sedan

    Does anybody actually believe that when that girl said my house takes up a whole street??

  29. playz gamez ._.

    playz gamez ._.5 dagar sedan

    At the end of the bit of the missing tooth lady jj said u looked good on tinder until u opened ur mouth🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. Sophie Lewis

    Sophie Lewis5 dagar sedan

    22:23 she is delusional

  31. Rapper ??

    Rapper ??5 dagar sedan

    2:48 a gold digger lol

  32. Curtis Blair

    Curtis Blair5 dagar sedan

    Was ksi getting punked

  33. Kaazam HD

    Kaazam HD5 dagar sedan

    5:18 no one heard JJ hard diss her 😂

  34. MH SD

    MH SD4 dagar sedan

    Is he making fun of her teeth or what

  35. Marcus Hunt

    Marcus Hunt5 dagar sedan


  36. Aaditya Golash

    Aaditya Golash6 dagar sedan

    Why do these "28" year olds look so old?

  37. Joe Bamba

    Joe Bamba6 dagar sedan

    no cap ksi would make a great new black panther

  38. Drone AlexBaratas

    Drone AlexBaratas6 dagar sedan


  39. The Notorious Nightmare /Switchblade

    The Notorious Nightmare /Switchblade6 dagar sedan

    I like to imagine she watched GMB and saw KSI there after he won

  40. Albert Sevilla

    Albert Sevilla6 dagar sedan

    18:34 is so damn sad

  41. Stephen Mcclenaghan

    Stephen Mcclenaghan6 dagar sedan

    Tobi sounded so white when he said wakanda forever


    ERICK DAZA6 dagar sedan

    The last one though damn

  43. Franki Ramos

    Franki Ramos6 dagar sedan

    Ben azlert is watching this

  44. MynameisJ

    MynameisJ7 dagar sedan

    Everyone was pulling out money but when Vick pulled out money she said no😭😭18:21

  45. Hamodi King07

    Hamodi King077 dagar sedan


  46. Random Person

    Random Person7 dagar sedan

    *Alternative Title: All Sidemen Trying Tinder in Real Life,but JJ Taking a Survey of Who will Fall For Money...*

  47. Random Person

    Random Person7 dagar sedan

    Crush: Looks at Me *Me and the Gang:* 1:50

  48. Rhy-ce &Soysauce

    Rhy-ce &Soysauce7 dagar sedan

    19:35 had me tearing 😂😂

  49. DRM Cylo

    DRM Cylo7 dagar sedan

    Vic I know how it feels to be short

  50. Fierce Flame

    Fierce Flame7 dagar sedan

    She gone regret that nobu comment on Ksi

  51. mariomariobrosluigi

    mariomariobrosluigi8 dagar sedan

    What is shola 21 ig???

  52. Jaden Stam

    Jaden Stam8 dagar sedan

    How do people sign up for these

  53. Tyler T

    Tyler T8 dagar sedan

    Can someone explain why Harry wasn't in the first 2

  54. Louw

    Louw8 dagar sedan

    No offence but there is a huger gap between Jacquelines front teeth than there is between the stars☻

  55. Reed Elliott

    Reed Elliott8 dagar sedan

    I don’t really think the 3rd girl was 28

  56. Zac Shah

    Zac Shah9 dagar sedan

    Poor Vikk, too short to be loved. XD

  57. Skywalker

    Skywalker9 dagar sedan

    NOBU . Hmm..... JJ: Lemme sell ¼ of my Beerus chain

  58. Elian Rodríguez

    Elian Rodríguez9 dagar sedan

    The last girl is bad af

  59. Sjors

    Sjors9 dagar sedan

    5:17 KSI: wel u look good until u open ur mouthh

  60. Troy Wrld

    Troy Wrld9 dagar sedan

    Look At my wrist

  61. FaZe Kay

    FaZe Kay9 dagar sedan

    She really said jj couldn’t afford nobu he could buy the hole state of London

  62. NoWayBran

    NoWayBran10 dagar sedan

    they're branded, I have to wear them 😂😂

  63. Nat Baillie

    Nat Baillie10 dagar sedan

    why does toby always touch everyone

  64. xx _shagger _xx

    xx _shagger _xx10 dagar sedan

    We’re da baddies at??

  65. Joren Weldon

    Joren Weldon10 dagar sedan

    "U cant afford the expensive whatever" *me searches ksi networth* *google says* - $20 million -_-

  66. the running man

    the running man10 dagar sedan

    Man Harry is on a roll here and I like it lol

  67. Jason Chang

    Jason Chang10 dagar sedan

    I like how KSI's drip always backfires on him

  68. Hunter Smithy

    Hunter Smithy11 dagar sedan

    Ethan and VIK keep changing their age 😂

  69. Kai Young

    Kai Young11 dagar sedan

    The fact that harry just didn’t even make a pick up line everytime and said something depressing has me rolling on the floor

  70. Fifa 20

    Fifa 2011 dagar sedan

    U should do it the other way round

  71. Selish

    Selish11 dagar sedan


  72. paulo_94

    paulo_9411 dagar sedan

    Harry is the best 😂👌

  73. BLURR Snxpzz

    BLURR Snxpzz11 dagar sedan

    “Caecilius est in horto” is caecilius is in the Garden hehe

  74. Maheishang

    Maheishang11 dagar sedan

    I really feel pity for Vikk l and his style is similar to Ross

  75. Jack Mura

    Jack Mura12 dagar sedan

    Why did they get the most beat chicks

  76. AJVB1111

    AJVB111112 dagar sedan

    Plot twist: Harry is secretly revealing all of his secrets through this

  77. Xyrify

    Xyrify12 dagar sedan

    Ethan” He has a sick pack innit” The guy lift it up : also JJ” we’ll have to wait for that” 😂

  78. itz_PiZzA_tiMe

    itz_PiZzA_tiMe12 dagar sedan

    5:17 😳

  79. Meelap Patel

    Meelap Patel12 dagar sedan

    She said gaining weight is not as hard as losing weight. Smh vik is getting underestimated.

  80. Noah Michael

    Noah Michael12 dagar sedan

    Bruh the chick called ksi poor lmao 😂

  81. Derek eagles

    Derek eagles12 dagar sedan

    That jaqlin is so full of herself its not funny

  82. ************

    ************12 dagar sedan

    3:32 🦷 🦷

  83. RIVC

    RIVC12 dagar sedan

    These bitches too picky

  84. JustOkContent

    JustOkContent13 dagar sedan

    the fact she thinks she’s even worth everything on nobu is astounding

  85. Moar_9

    Moar_913 dagar sedan

    KSI has too much ego its acrually funny

  86. Nassim - Wicked

    Nassim - Wicked13 dagar sedan

    Where did they find the crack head?

  87. Jussayin

    Jussayin13 dagar sedan

    I just wanna know how simon had the confidence to just stand there and say nothing with that one girl. My fear of rejection could neverrr

  88. a female person

    a female person13 dagar sedan

    oh my god caecilius est en horto brings back year 7 memories

  89. Kazz7XD

    Kazz7XD13 dagar sedan

    Look how young Ethan looks

  90. Bazzite

    Bazzite13 dagar sedan

    I searched up, "KSI net worth" and I saw 20 million... average cost of Nobu be $135

  91. Kk

    Kk13 dagar sedan

    Ethan states that he’s 25 here 3:57 Then later says he’s 23 here 5:23 🧐🧐🧐🤨

  92. Ryan W

    Ryan W14 dagar sedan

    Amy benton with the size 12 shoes

  93. BlackExtensionRevnge

    BlackExtensionRevnge14 dagar sedan

    JJ is rich does she not know who KSI is

  94. a female person

    a female person13 dagar sedan

    ikr, I'd swipe right just for heskey time

  95. Madara Uchia

    Madara Uchia14 dagar sedan

    I hate this girl jacquillin or whatever she acts so perfect with her big ahh teeth gap

  96. Chaz O'Callaghan

    Chaz O'Callaghan14 dagar sedan

    I’m just wondering why every girl thinks jj is poor and they don’t believe his chain is 500.000😂😂😂😂 shame on them hahahahahahaha

  97. Fred

    Fred14 dagar sedan

    That Jacqueline is awful

  98. Hyfty

    Hyfty14 dagar sedan

    hemel be like get the london look

  99. Nitro Distortion

    Nitro Distortion15 dagar sedan

    Every time I watch this I skip to the bit Harry speaks so funny

  100. Honestly I’m a Potato

    Honestly I’m a Potato15 dagar sedan

    Bro most of these lady’s are older like wtf one even almost forgot her age

  101. Anonymous Unknown

    Anonymous Unknown16 dagar sedan

    At this point Harry's just trying *not* to get swiped right

  102. Anonymous Unknown

    Anonymous Unknown16 dagar sedan

    I could see the pain in vikk's eyes when he got told he's too short.

  103. Leo O’dare

    Leo O’dare16 dagar sedan

    21:52 na man I’m dying 😂