The Sidemen race to eat a food for every letter of the Alphabet. Enjoy!
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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  1. vowov

    vowov18 minuter sedan

    Isnt the simplest form of a baguette, bread?


    DISP3RSE19 minuter sedan

    It should’ve been chess vs checkers

  3. MKB Studios

    MKB Studios28 minuter sedan

    Wait can we acknowledge that Harry just hijacked a bike

  4. Sina Rezai

    Sina Rezai47 minuter sedan

    Ethan litters at 20:25

  5. thesimpsons17

    thesimpsons17Timme sedan

    This is the most animated I've ever seen Josh 😂

  6. DaGumzBoi22

    DaGumzBoi22Timme sedan

    Watching them eat ice was the highlight of my day

  7. Sophie Standring

    Sophie StandringTimme sedan

    @Ald Whidbey a disid Hsu did Hsu

  8. Manuel José

    Manuel JoséTimme sedan

    If there is one thing to respect on this video is JJ/Tobi/Ethan using their masks most of the time, overwhelming respect.

  9. Bugshot Mobile

    Bugshot Mobile2 timmar sedan

    Can someone tell my why its 20.000 race

  10. El Pruptac

    El Pruptac2 timmar sedan

    20.28 lost a lot of respect for litterbug Behz

  11. DaGumzBoi22

    DaGumzBoi222 timmar sedan

    Me: "Yes! another vid!" Also me: "57 minutes!?!?!?!?"

  12. PalSimmo

    PalSimmo2 timmar sedan

    What. Salmon is fish so why doesnt if count lmao

  13. Swrve™

    Swrve™3 timmar sedan

    tbf, Rabbit really bangs. Top 5 meat out there

  14. Mykolas Brazaitis

    Mykolas Brazaitis4 timmar sedan

    I love how they just HAVE to include 20,000 in the title everytime💀

  15. Rhys Daniels

    Rhys Daniels4 timmar sedan

    Alphabet spaghetti

  16. James Muir

    James Muir5 timmar sedan

    Haha. 6.9 million views

  17. Bubbly Beautyxx

    Bubbly Beautyxx5 timmar sedan

    No one simon: di dinosours grrrr

  18. Bubbly Beautyxx

    Bubbly Beautyxx5 timmar sedan

    No one JJ: I suck toes😏

  19. lone wolf 1028369

    lone wolf 10283695 timmar sedan

    this was amazing

  20. Blazefirefister

    Blazefirefister5 timmar sedan

    Harry: *has “decent” bank account* Also Harry:” ay ay ay ay save the pennies”

  21. dinobi nweze

    dinobi nweze5 timmar sedan

    And I live there

  22. dinobi nweze

    dinobi nweze5 timmar sedan

    They are at Westminster

  23. nico.

    nico.6 timmar sedan

    simon do be dripping doe

  24. johnnie welford

    johnnie welford6 timmar sedan

    Someone please identify this sound 29:18

  25. Sahoka

    Sahoka6 timmar sedan


  26. Jayden Davey

    Jayden Davey7 timmar sedan

    Hold up, jj hates bananas yet that is his gfuel flavour 😂😂😂

  27. Rhianna Rajput

    Rhianna Rajput7 timmar sedan

    Ethan has acc come so far tho, it’s so amazing to see and he kept his talent of eating 😂


    GUILLDARD SHOW8 timmar sedan

    Sideman's dosent wear mask out but needs to wear outside lol

  29. Bruce_swanson

    Bruce_swanson8 timmar sedan

    Edamame is pronounced ed a me (not ed a ma me)

  30. Polo Tulu

    Polo Tulu8 timmar sedan

    "For R we had rabbit" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. ReaperOfRevenge

    ReaperOfRevenge9 timmar sedan


  32. SillyMidTom

    SillyMidTom9 timmar sedan

    They got ice cream but still ate the ice?!

  33. Redhott Main

    Redhott Main9 timmar sedan

    Josh has been sus the whole vid 😳🤦🏽‍♂️

  34. soe maya

    soe maya9 timmar sedan

    don't eat for 24-hour challenge

  35. Long-neck Thom

    Long-neck Thom9 timmar sedan

    Can’t believe that Vikk is outside

  36. 4 // AM

    4 // AM10 timmar sedan

    Can see why simons skinny he likes no food

  37. Millie Muir

    Millie Muir10 timmar sedan

    Ksi: I can knock a Horse out Also Ksi: he runs away form a bird

  38. spanking yt

    spanking yt10 timmar sedan

    ksi:beats logan paul also ksi: shouting and screaming at a pigeon

  39. TheDemonGamer24

    TheDemonGamer2410 timmar sedan

    Sideman:salmon ain't fish Salmon:but before I'm Cooked I'm a fish

  40. MG

    MG11 timmar sedan

    are we ignoring the fact that vik said every letter in the alphabet?

  41. Lennon Honorat

    Lennon Honorat11 timmar sedan

    When ksi said let get bread I kept thinking of baguette xd

  42. Pedo Man

    Pedo Man11 timmar sedan

    Imagine for d they just started sucking each other off😂😂

  43. Mystry - Art

    Mystry - Art12 timmar sedan

    Subscribe for 50 years of good luck! Don’t subscribe for 70 years of bad luck

  44. Mohannad

    Mohannad12 timmar sedan

    24:56 that was perfect editing

  45. Hector Garcia

    Hector Garcia14 timmar sedan

    I’ve lost it when I saw how Harry holds a glass 😭

  46. Lana Xx

    Lana Xx14 timmar sedan

    27:55 Sensitive twitter stans incoming...

  47. Soy Saucer

    Soy Saucer15 timmar sedan

    55:27 Harry: we had rabbit. Me: facepalm.

  48. Coolguy0611zee

    Coolguy0611zee16 timmar sedan

    That’s the best looking ice cream I have ever seen

  49. Idk Idc

    Idk Idc16 timmar sedan

    Next see who can go the longest without eating

  50. Ayy Jackk

    Ayy Jackk16 timmar sedan

    I’m trying to be like vik when I grow up

  51. Kana Aikawa

    Kana Aikawa17 timmar sedan

    Thats alot

  52. Anfal Ahmad

    Anfal Ahmad18 timmar sedan

    I wont lie this video was a stinkerrrrrr

  53. ZapzFN

    ZapzFN18 timmar sedan

    How JJ's just falling asleep after that pint

  54. hatake roxrac

    hatake roxrac19 timmar sedan

    Why is tobi the only one wearing a mask at the beginning

  55. Glumy

    Glumy19 timmar sedan

    Josh was so outgoing and funny in this

  56. Vaktik

    Vaktik19 timmar sedan

    Bet JJ got a lil jealous there 3:23

  57. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy20 timmar sedan

    Literally every single revelation about Harry convinces me more and more he's a legit psychopath.......holding the glass like that.


    BAMBAMSAUCESAUCE20 timmar sedan


  59. o3ru

    o3ru21 timme sedan

    26:02 rude af ew

  60. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy20 timmar sedan

    harry always knows the way to the bar

  61. Alxius

    Alxius22 timmar sedan

    We gonna act like we didn't see what ethan did on 20:25?

  62. o3ru

    o3ru22 timmar sedan


  63. Aryanna Jay

    Aryanna Jay22 timmar sedan

    I just realised the Edemame or however u spell it Josh’s team we’re suppose to get separate right but they shared it

  64. The kid and the other kid

    The kid and the other kid22 timmar sedan


  65. DazzaMations !

    DazzaMations !23 timmar sedan

    I hav ligma

  66. Debbie George

    Debbie GeorgeDag sedan


  67. Mykolas Brazaitis

    Mykolas BrazaitisDag sedan

    16:31 why does jj put his hand on simons back and slowly drags it down💀💀

  68. Drone Clips

    Drone ClipsDag sedan

    Ethan littered at 20:24

  69. dropemoff_17 On IG

    dropemoff_17 On IGDag sedan

    This is the 2 best YT group sorry AMP is 1 🤷🏿‍♂️

  70. Mister4life Me

    Mister4life MeDag sedan

    Thought their were gonna revert ethan

  71. Billy Goat

    Billy GoatDag sedan

    JJ's gonna say he doesn't like bananas cause of their shape.

  72. Queen Lotte

    Queen LotteDag sedan

    cant stand Ethan

  73. Sweaty Balls

    Sweaty BallsDag sedan

    2160p damnnn

  74. Calum McKenzie

    Calum McKenzieDag sedan

    I have a boot’s in my Asda and there is no chocolate

  75. Keisha jade

    Keisha jadeDag sedan

    love how the countdown is out of 24 but there's 26 letters in the alphabet

  76. Subhaan Ali

    Subhaan AliDag sedan

    harry always knows the way to the bar

  77. Twitchz

    TwitchzDag sedan

    Ice is not a food just saying!

  78. HiSuite

    HiSuiteDag sedan

    Wear maskes pls


    SAMEER SEHDEVDag sedan

    Bruh viks a grown man but holds a spoon like a 4 year old

  80. Chubby !

    Chubby !Dag sedan

    Am I the only one who cringes when vikk says “boss man”

  81. RnZ Vlogs

    RnZ VlogsDag sedan

    @ 21:07 anybody else thought there was 2 simons then I realized it was a mirror 😭😂😂

  82. Tallulah Darling

    Tallulah DarlingDag sedan

    7 mins in and they’re still on A 🧐

  83. Alex Martinez-Gonzalez

    Alex Martinez-GonzalezDag sedan

    What hoodie were jj and vik wearing??

  84. Ryan Tolfrey

    Ryan TolfreyDag sedan

    When Ethan had McDonald’s he threw the paper bag on the floor

  85. XXXObli 7

    XXXObli 7Dag sedan

    Harry shown his true snobby colours on F at KFC

  86. Aivin Manoj

    Aivin ManojDag sedan

    The best bit in the video for me was 43:05-43:15! Josh carried this video

  87. GloomilyCute

    GloomilyCuteDag sedan

    56:52 That pigeon has found JJ. He's gonna be following JJ home. Lock your doors

  88. Yolomcswaggins !

    Yolomcswaggins !Dag sedan

    15:18 Harry: Dia-

  89. Super Plushie Sean

    Super Plushie SeanDag sedan

    Surprised jj' s Reddit didn't bully him on this

  90. Peti csatorna

    Peti csatornaDag sedan

    Well, actually KSI team won 'cuz the other team cheated. They didn't eat the whole keel (or what it's called, I'm not a native English speaker sorry)

  91. Love Island The Gossip

    Love Island The GossipDag sedan

    why is ethan biting his ice cream

  92. ElTurcobd27

    ElTurcobd27Dag sedan

    2:40 Simit Sarayi💪🏽🇹🇷

  93. Luigi Challis

    Luigi ChallisDag sedan

    pick'n'mix m8............ sorted

  94. Aishah135 Kawri

    Aishah135 KawriDag sedan

    Di di di .... dinosaurs 🤣🤣

  95. Hiding Saint

    Hiding SaintDag sedan

    I did not know they sold chocolate in boots

  96. Storm Gjul-Strand

    Storm Gjul-StrandDag sedan

    That lady thought she was going to die 9:32

  97. R6 Clips

    R6 ClipsDag sedan

    No one: Harry: “ye that’s a shout”

  98. Compulsive Gaming

    Compulsive GamingDag sedan

    pls subscribe cause these guys deserve 10 mil

  99. Bob Ruperts

    Bob RupertsDag sedan

    could've just eaten a can of alphabet soup

  100. Aisha Amodmia

    Aisha AmodmiaDag sedan

    The pigeon was moving mad

  101. zain ali

    zain aliDag sedan

    a for one almond u punks