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  1. um i don't post

    um i don't post3 timmar sedan

    This was published on my birthday

  2. Polar ShocK

    Polar ShocK15 timmar sedan

    7:02 a legendary moment where jj exposed his forehead and isnt wearing a headband

  3. Miguel Hernandez

    Miguel Hernandez2 dagar sedan

    17:23 - 🤣

  4. David van den Bos

    David van den Bos3 dagar sedan

    N O B A N D A N A

  5. Olivia Gunn

    Olivia Gunn3 dagar sedan


  6. CJ Wallace

    CJ Wallace4 dagar sedan

    30:23 best part of the video

  7. Cesar Monteagudo Flores

    Cesar Monteagudo Flores4 dagar sedan

    Josh looks like petaphile when he is wearing make up

  8. eggy

    eggy4 dagar sedan


  9. Shadow of Laughter

    Shadow of Laughter5 dagar sedan

    Vik: *scores* Everyone: *rushes to celebrate* Josh: who spanked him? Simon: me Vik: finally!!

  10. Muhammad Nishath

    Muhammad Nishath5 dagar sedan

    Ethan carry ksi

  11. jan cicek

    jan cicek7 dagar sedan


  12. Mr Nut

    Mr Nut7 dagar sedan

    Why is there just one camera man with out a shirt 🧐

  13. Liam Boyce

    Liam Boyce8 dagar sedan

    idk why jj thinks he needs the bandana on all the time like he doesn’t look bad at all without it? at least his hair has a use for itself to cover his forehead slightly like it doesn’t matter either way

  14. Ricky Does stuff

    Ricky Does stuff8 dagar sedan

    Omg why didn’t they use Ksi’s forehead as the ball

  15. No liking Just subscribing

    No liking Just subscribing8 dagar sedan

    Harry: 21:54 it’s stuck in my teeth Me: that’s what she said


    KARAN DA BOSS9 dagar sedan

    a a , a a

  17. stacey hugall

    stacey hugall9 dagar sedan


  18. stacey hugall

    stacey hugall9 dagar sedan



    EMRYS OF CAMELOT9 dagar sedan

    While everyone was watching the sidemen... I was distracted by the cute shirtless camera guy way too much.. 👻👻😍😍

  20. Wit 2k

    Wit 2k10 dagar sedan

    ethan speaking nigerian is so funny lmaoooo

  21. Beryl Spencer

    Beryl Spencer11 dagar sedan

    ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ᴏʀ ᴅᴏᴡɴʟᴏᴀᴅ ɴᴏᴡ I lo stati di salute rispettivi prevenirlii I lo stati di salute rispettivi prevenirlii

  22. EggRoLL Sauce21

    EggRoLL Sauce2112 dagar sedan

    Up. m

  23. RobloxianPlayzz

    RobloxianPlayzz12 dagar sedan

    a a: killed me

  24. Devastators Army

    Devastators Army13 dagar sedan

    We got gangster JJ over here I see

  25. Cadynce Williams

    Cadynce Williams13 dagar sedan


  26. Yeet420 Weed

    Yeet420 Weed15 dagar sedan

    12:42 me when I got a C from a test I thought I'd fail completely

  27. SkimZeeDudes

    SkimZeeDudes16 dagar sedan

    26:45 lol ethans broken English

  28. Alejandro Martinez

    Alejandro Martinez16 dagar sedan

    Vik shoots like ricegum

  29. Dylan William

    Dylan William17 dagar sedan

    JJ at 2:10

  30. Anonymous

    Anonymous17 dagar sedan

    Bro Vick said we need to stop him we need to break his shins

  31. Kk

    Kk18 dagar sedan

    Is Ethan actually Nigerian?

  32. Karnage Gaming

    Karnage Gaming18 dagar sedan

    can we just stop to appriecate how at around 7:10 the celbration that took place when jj jumped into eithans chest either just casual grabbed him and was strong enough to easily hold him there lol

  33. Blut Htoo

    Blut Htoo20 dagar sedan

    Transition smooth at 1:06

  34. lord proraymond

    lord proraymond20 dagar sedan

    srry jj

  35. Real Things

    Real Things22 dagar sedan

    0:36 *I felt it*

  36. Mary Jane

    Mary Jane22 dagar sedan


  37. Hugo Legzdins

    Hugo Legzdins23 dagar sedan

    Ethan looked like a knock-off of Post Malone😂

  38. victoria helburn

    victoria helburn28 dagar sedan


  39. l huvnh

    l huvnh29 dagar sedan

    bruh almost every single one of these comments starts with a time stamp 😆

  40. Ethan Wray

    Ethan Wray29 dagar sedan

    U could tell vik was really happy wen josh got the eyebrows because he thought he was not the only one

  41. GHXSTY

    GHXSTYMånad sedan

    “Can we break his shins or something” 🤣

  42. Juicetin

    JuicetinMånad sedan

    8:42 no one talking about the shirtless camera man Just me, ok

  43. Armando Sales

    Armando SalesMånad sedan

    to be honest ethan, is more like a south african accent haha

  44. Hossam Barhom

    Hossam BarhomMånad sedan

    السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته انا بقدم محتوي كويس بالنسبة لمبتدئ ومحتاج دعم يا ريت لو حضراتكم تشتركوا في قناتي انا عايزكم تشوفوا محتوايا واحكموا انتم بأنفسكم

  45. Karim dc

    Karim dcMånad sedan

    What’s the name of the song that starts playing at 8:30?

  46. THE BGR

    THE BGRMånad sedan

    17:38 ksimon moments 🙂

  47. Amritpreet Singh

    Amritpreet SinghMånad sedan

    Jj walking around with his hands tied behind was jokes😂😂😂

  48. Cheyanne Seavey

    Cheyanne SeaveyMånad sedan

    Omg this make up ahhh I need to step in

  49. Zaynab Najafi

    Zaynab NajafiMånad sedan

    Just me who thinks Vik’s eyebrows aren’t that bad

  50. Lexiaa Forever

    Lexiaa ForeverMånad sedan

    Simon barley got wet & was running when the ice bath came 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  51. Kimpkmaster

    KimpkmasterMånad sedan

    am i the only one thats proud of vikk

  52. The Navigation

    The NavigationMånad sedan

    1:10 that transition though always love it

  53. R!SHAT ._

    R!SHAT ._Månad sedan


  54. King of Rage

    King of RageMånad sedan

    Vik should keep playing football with a dress on

  55. Siem

    SiemMånad sedan

    Who else is here again a year later

  56. Severonreviews

    SeveronreviewsMånad sedan

    17:22 when jj hits him from the back 😏

  57. JJ ANIMO

    JJ ANIMOMånad sedan

    Vikk: gets revenge after years JJ: gets revenge in the same vid a few minutes later

  58. Yo Soy Guille

    Yo Soy GuilleMånad sedan

    I saw the tweet and never knew it was from this vid

  59. Tonny kim

    Tonny kimMånad sedan

    who was laughing at vikk the entiren video

  60. Yung Slimzy

    Yung SlimzyMånad sedan

    this was almost a year ago :)

  61. MJ

    MJMånad sedan


  62. meeko

    meekoMånad sedan

    tobi JJ and ethan are the trio

  63. Shihab shams

    Shihab shamsMånad sedan

    Ethan trying to speak in that accent is kinda cringe

  64. Lil Baller

    Lil BallerMånad sedan

    JJ is rip haha 2 times in the row

  65. Juicy Lemon - Brawl Stars

    Juicy Lemon - Brawl Stars22 dagar sedan

    Stfu lil pump fan

  66. Keith Ooi

    Keith OoiMånad sedan

    It is so funny when JJ started talking like a Nigerian (or maybe African idk) 🤣👍🏻

  67. Zach SH !

    Zach SH !Månad sedan

    15:53 - spit on de fake queen

  68. ZameGaming

    ZameGamingMånad sedan


  69. Jamie Ryan

    Jamie RyanMånad sedan

    #wroetoracist was probably caused by jj

  70. Mal 2cool

    Mal 2coolMånad sedan

    It tastes nice though 😂

  71. Wasup Bro

    Wasup BroMånad sedan

    Team Nigeria getting ready for olympics 6:18

  72. Harvey Webster

    Harvey Webster2 månader sedan

    3:00 thank me later...

  73. Andrew Oriss

    Andrew Oriss2 månader sedan

    these boys need to learn to chip a ball...

  74. Agney Biju

    Agney Biju2 månader sedan


  75. Abdullah Altalhi

    Abdullah Altalhi2 månader sedan


  76. wyatt_fay3 Roblox

    wyatt_fay3 Roblox2 månader sedan

    28:15 😂🤣

  77. Whore

    Whore2 månader sedan

    10:28 14:28 17:39 21:32 25:00 25:55 29:20

  78. Batz

    Batz2 månader sedan

    It’s no longer jj and Deji as brothers it’s now Jj and tobi as brothers

  79. Aidan Lamb

    Aidan Lamb2 månader sedan

    “Why is he the only one who can do this, can we break his shins?” -Vik

  80. Gabriel Marcelino

    Gabriel Marcelino2 månader sedan

    14:15 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  81. Reed Wilke

    Reed Wilke2 månader sedan

    16:56 this is my favorite part idk why 😂

  82. Mohamed alsamet

    Mohamed alsamet2 månader sedan

    i legitimately feel bad for simon beacuse hes not in the other team.

  83. Valbon Zemullar

    Valbon Zemullar2 månader sedan

    12:52 XD who spanked him LOL

  84. Jenski

    Jenski2 månader sedan

    Tell the camera man to put a shirt on 😉

  85. Altair Ron

    Altair Ron2 månader sedan

    Ethan called the rearrange in both fear pongs

  86. Ali Al Khalili

    Ali Al Khalili2 månader sedan

    1:10 that was fuckin cleannn

  87. Cameron Scott

    Cameron Scott2 månader sedan

    Vik fans: "everyone bullies vik" *ethan is good at football fearpong* Vik: "can we break his shins or something?"

  88. James Reid

    James Reid2 månader sedan

    When josh puts makeup on he just looks even uglier

  89. Sukhman Bhogal

    Sukhman Bhogal2 månader sedan

    Harry is the best❤️

  90. Zeba Khan

    Zeba Khan2 månader sedan

    28:15 I can’t get over it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  91. Your_guy_OWEN

    Your_guy_OWEN2 månader sedan

    27:13 Harry can teleport ???

  92. Shaikul !

    Shaikul !2 månader sedan

    All the noises Vikk made 23:29 26:31 26:41 24:28 21:59 19:39

  93. kahn2960 kahn2960

    kahn2960 kahn29602 månader sedan

    thye need to add another person to sidemen for even numbers

  94. harky2000 chloe

    harky2000 chloe2 månader sedan

    I love how jj gets hit three times in a row rip ksi😇

  95. Monkey Run

    Monkey Run2 månader sedan

    6:27 That's what she said

  96. MATZO

    MATZO2 månader sedan

    I feel bad for jj 😔

  97. Dimche Andovski

    Dimche Andovski2 månader sedan

    16:10 who is the camera man?

  98. Taim Shaban

    Taim Shaban2 månader sedan

    JJ to vik's attempt "dead ting" a min later he can't even get it to the other side

  99. Isaac McMaster

    Isaac McMaster2 månader sedan

    i love it how everyone but tobi and ethan have their original boots back from the early days of just football videos ahah

  100. Smartest John

    Smartest John2 månader sedan

    Tobi has more Nigerian accent than jj he speaks perfectly with the accent...whereas jj's really bad at it.

  101. Dsupreme LouisVuitton

    Dsupreme LouisVuitton2 månader sedan

    This video is awesome the only part that pisses me off is how jj pronounce my show naruto

  102. Awesome AV

    Awesome AV2 månader sedan

    1:10 Simon getting down with it