SIDEMEN $10,000 vs $10 TAKEAWAY

Sidemen $10,000 vs $10 Takeaway, not the original video we had planned for this week but we had to change last minute due to the quarantine boys. Enjoy! #SidemenSunday
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  1. Rob C

    Rob C2 timmar sedan


  2. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark16 timmar sedan

    18:56 The way Josh was scared of a wasp, precious little man 🥺

  3. woah

    woahDag sedan

    Starving the birthday boi ✅ Feeding the ex fat man ✅ Drugging harry ✅ What a trio fam

  4. Parks

    Parks2 dagar sedan

    I can't wait to be old enough to get these things and say I made it.

  5. a7uiop

    a7uiop2 dagar sedan

    The resentment on Harry and Vik's faces at 21:05 is incredible

  6. Fat Man Plays

    Fat Man Plays3 dagar sedan

    It is tradition to watch this video every week

  7. Cassius Goncalves

    Cassius Goncalves3 dagar sedan

    Lov show they get in the cars that aren’t the same colour as there shirts 😂😂

  8. XxsubzerominimavxX

    XxsubzerominimavxX4 dagar sedan

    They finnaly kinda niced behz.

  9. Brogan Wake

    Brogan Wake4 dagar sedan

    Hate it when Simon thinks he’s black

  10. Mark Korniychuk

    Mark Korniychuk5 dagar sedan

    Anyone spot the fact Harry has his laptop on a pot

  11. its-HEZ-3

    its-HEZ-36 dagar sedan

    Where is da intro?

  12. Dulla

    Dulla8 dagar sedan

    vikk should film with the window open more

  13. Dulla

    Dulla8 dagar sedan

    Justice 4 Ethan, no one gon talk about how ethan always gets put on the poor team

  14. PowerActive

    PowerActive9 dagar sedan

    lol that girl who brought the chicken out was so fine that jj had another look when she went away haha

  15. Beny

    Beny9 dagar sedan

    Schweppes built different in UK

  16. iBronxly Official

    iBronxly Official9 dagar sedan

    put a 0.25 playback speed on this 35:54 bruh like he didnt even touch him.

  17. Nugget Productions

    Nugget Productions9 dagar sedan

    Harry didn’t seem that mad because he is used to having that for dinner.

  18. Jennah Hirthe

    Jennah Hirthe10 dagar sedan

    Im in the backround of this video!

  19. lclmnts

    lclmnts10 dagar sedan

    Vik: i need a break from playing my favourite game 24/7 other people: boring job no break wishing they could play the favourite game

  20. Chris Rowe

    Chris Rowe11 dagar sedan

    36:40 utter utter bellend

  21. Bryant Yong

    Bryant Yong11 dagar sedan


  22. Innocent2sexy

    Innocent2sexy11 dagar sedan

    29:35 the camera shook

  23. Justfor Apps

    Justfor Apps12 dagar sedan

    In the beginning where they in Regent's Park?

  24. Gavin Moore

    Gavin Moore13 dagar sedan

    17:43 for later

  25. Official Kdawg

    Official Kdawg13 dagar sedan

    i prefer drunk jj ... quieter and easier on the ears

  26. Jorge King

    Jorge King13 dagar sedan

    Credits to ChrisMD

  27. Darcy Titcombe

    Darcy Titcombe14 dagar sedan

    I love how tobi gave jj his wallet to stop talking

  28. Ps Now

    Ps Now14 dagar sedan

    Jesus is coming soon have faith belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins

  29. HypliX'

    HypliX'15 dagar sedan

    Video idea: sidemen work at a mcdonalds the one who lasts longest wins

  30. Lee Taylor

    Lee Taylor15 dagar sedan

    Vic needed a vacation in Ibiza in the sun cause he played video games every day. Let that sink in lol

  31. A. Gomha

    A. Gomha16 dagar sedan

    4:32 "misdirection Me who watches anime: "kuroko..."

  32. Dominic George

    Dominic George17 dagar sedan

    17:45 jeeeeeez we all saw that

  33. Future Beyond

    Future Beyond4 dagar sedan

    Hey guys it's ya boy Dominic Simp George😂

  34. Regneer Ross Caampued

    Regneer Ross Caampued17 dagar sedan

    18:55 Literally a 48yo. Man crying over a wasp

  35. S P

    S P18 dagar sedan

    Its time to change it up. Seeing jj Toby Simon and Josh on the posh side is boring

  36. 1nch Wonder

    1nch Wonder19 dagar sedan


  37. Also N4SH

    Also N4SH20 dagar sedan

    is 2 a even number??? i dont think so...

  38. Randy

    Randy20 dagar sedan

    Did Vik just say that he has been playing war zone everyday and needed a break? Like bruh

  39. Atlantik Hajredini

    Atlantik Hajredini21 dag sedan

    4:34 choke u can see the ring in his right hand from camera angle

  40. Immortal Soul

    Immortal Soul17 dagar sedan

    That's why he said misdirection

  41. pp man 69

    pp man 6922 dagar sedan

    this video just called me poor

  42. Habibur Rahman

    Habibur Rahman22 dagar sedan

    The 10 Doller Group had more fun

  43. Jonathan Stambanis

    Jonathan Stambanis22 dagar sedan

    I would fkn clap JJ in the face if he got me paracetamol

  44. Succulent_Dollah

    Succulent_Dollah23 dagar sedan

    no one: SImon: see how i have the physiological behind his

  45. Chris Harnarine

    Chris Harnarine25 dagar sedan


  46. Andreas Fuglstad

    Andreas Fuglstad25 dagar sedan

    Why is jj always on the good team

  47. Shawn Kensmil

    Shawn Kensmil26 dagar sedan

    This video got my back broken😢😢😢

  48. Wild Dylan Bester 1224

    Wild Dylan Bester 122426 dagar sedan

    It would not suprise me if Harry dies from a overdose while filming a sidemen video 😂

  49. Leonardo Torua

    Leonardo Torua27 dagar sedan

    “Red team red team red team”

  50. Ryusei

    Ryusei28 dagar sedan

    Ayoo my thoughts though

  51. NCOR 10

    NCOR 1028 dagar sedan

    It was mad funny when Ethan was listing off his meal, and Harry is just there eating hummus with a spoon! 😂

  52. ThePanda

    ThePanda29 dagar sedan

    24:34 I was hoping she would start rolling like Autobots Roll Out

  53. Lxst

    LxstMånad sedan

    Simon taps his right nut and jj has a hoony like his family had just been mascaraed

  54. 19radcliffe

    19radcliffeMånad sedan

    What about Harry’s laptop on a pan at 33:08

  55. Vishwa Venkat Sana

    Vishwa Venkat SanaMånad sedan

    Lmao simon lost his fertility...

  56. Kai Ip

    Kai IpMånad sedan

    Aww, I sorta wanted to see JJ fall in the canal

  57. WTD_dodz The goat

    WTD_dodz The goatMånad sedan


  58. Bradyn O’brien

    Bradyn O’brienMånad sedan

    They should do a $10000 vs $10 football game where one team goes to a sunday league game in there area and the other team go on a private jet to a premier league game and watch the game from the most expensive spot. Like so they can see

  59. crying in a cool way

    crying in a cool wayMånad sedan

    Spilt into teams and do a sidemen food truck video. So it’s kinda like a cook show.

  60. Steezy Kyung

    Steezy KyungMånad sedan

    Red team

  61. Bosco Lanchas

    Bosco LanchasMånad sedan

    6:40 he moves black cards from the front pocket to his back pocket

  62. Sqooky

    SqookyMånad sedan

    when were there ever green starbursts wtf uk

  63. Emilio Silva

    Emilio SilvaMånad sedan

    The magician wasn’t a magician. He was lagging irl

  64. Ben Ward

    Ben WardMånad sedan

    What happened to magicians never telling there secret

  65. Giuseppe Castiglione

    Giuseppe CastiglioneMånad sedan

    30:27 two birds one stone

  66. Odoroku

    OdorokuMånad sedan

    Ethan needs more love

  67. Unknown Artist

    Unknown ArtistMånad sedan

    Harry vik and Ethan are a good trio

  68. Help Me Reach 1K Subs With No Video’s

    Help Me Reach 1K Subs With No Video’sMånad sedan

    Imagine being the cameraman. I feel sooooooooooooo bad 😭

  69. Lil Kile

    Lil KileMånad sedan

    Why. Does my boy Ethan has Ksi boxing gloves in the background

  70. Christian McAfee

    Christian McAfeeMånad sedan

    4:33 nice camera guy exposes magician lmao

  71. Ethan Ree

    Ethan ReeMånad sedan

    jj is H A M M E R E D

  72. Thot Slayer111

    Thot Slayer111Månad sedan

    Yeah black people’s reaction to magic lmao yea

  73. Brendon Seng

    Brendon SengMånad sedan

    vikk doing push ups with his head phones on, true gamer, 13:18

  74. TheSnicker2

    TheSnicker2Månad sedan

    That was some weird editing

  75. James Gillan

    James GillanMånad sedan

    Jj gets drunk and becomes Deji

  76. Fizzy Drink

    Fizzy DrinkMånad sedan

    16:13 17:59

  77. Lachlan Willmot

    Lachlan WillmotMånad sedan

    vik went strong with the push ups

  78. Ashley Martinez

    Ashley MartinezMånad sedan

    did anyone think about the teams Josh did for $10,000 vs $100?

  79. JJ

    JJMånad sedan


  80. eímai o Janus

    eímai o JanusMånad sedan

    what was this video all about ?

  81. KING

    KINGMånad sedan

    Both going out to eat

  82. Anthony Solis

    Anthony SolisMånad sedan


  83. Brodie Barber

    Brodie BarberMånad sedan

    Who else thinks Harry is an alcoholic

  84. Dbe Gang

    Dbe GangMånad sedan

    Josh is so awkward lol

  85. Conner Brigham

    Conner BrighamMånad sedan

    Whys jj trying to act drunk for and then everything is just an act with him

  86. Rickstar123

    Rickstar123Månad sedan

    Was hardy carrying a laptop with a frying pan

  87. Juicetin

    JuicetinMånad sedan

    22:31 Harry be drowning himself in wine

  88. Luis Cheung

    Luis CheungMånad sedan

    I watched the magician do the acts at 25x...still couldn’t see anything

  89. Mark Adamson

    Mark AdamsonMånad sedan

    React to Ozzy Man Reviews!

  90. Ivy the elemental heart

    Ivy the elemental heartMånad sedan

    17:45 I though Simon said it was a duck

  91. Dylan Patel

    Dylan PatelMånad sedan

    I went there today lol

  92. Hikaru Yoroi

    Hikaru YoroiMånad sedan


  93. remix to ignition

    remix to ignitionMånad sedan


  94. _ Irrational

    _ IrrationalMånad sedan

    I'd pick the McLaren 720s

  95. da042nn

    da042nnMånad sedan

    Red team red team red team

  96. Patrycjusz Ścieszka

    Patrycjusz ŚcieszkaMånad sedan

    nobody caught that skepta tho

  97. Ow M

    Ow MMånad sedan

    Tobi seemed bit down in this video?

  98. Dark Unicorn

    Dark UnicornMånad sedan

    How does one spend $10,000 dollars on food?

  99. KING

    KINGMånad sedan

    With lamborghinis n all that stuff

  100. WOLFYyy

    WOLFYyyMånad sedan

    When the guy was doing that... my brain went, WHAT THE ACTUAL F****CK IS THAT!!!

  101. Dani Cas

    Dani CasMånad sedan

    the 10 dollar meal boys seem to be having a better time if ya ask me


    IXIN-YOUR-FACEXIMånad sedan

    We all need a friend like Josh 29:34

  103. Braydon Butson

    Braydon ButsonMånad sedan

    Harry got his sisters smile 🙂

  104. Listenerz

    ListenerzMånad sedan