For this #SidemenSunday we play Hide & Seek in the Charlton Athletic Football Stadium!
Thanks to Charlton for allowing us access:
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  1. Sameer Swain

    Sameer SwainDag sedan

    28:25 lmao

  2. J Wayne TV

    J Wayne TVDag sedan

    Bro 27:52 had me 💀💀

  3. Jacob the Champ

    Jacob the ChampDag sedan

    18:55 i love how it says watch your language and jj is swearing

  4. spectrum scripts

    spectrum scripts2 dagar sedan

    18:48 that sign behind JJ is just ironic as hell

  5. cristina saginario

    cristina saginario3 dagar sedan

    Song @32:44 ?

  6. Zane Potter

    Zane Potter3 dagar sedan

    21:08 why does tobi look like Snoop Dogg hahahahah

  7. Boss Baby

    Boss Baby4 dagar sedan

    JJ: sh8t Poster next to him: WACTH UR LANGUAGE

  8. DeadSushi 13

    DeadSushi 135 dagar sedan

    At 14:37 I thought I was watching morgz and immediately got out of SEtoos

  9. likl_SwIfTzZ

    likl_SwIfTzZ5 dagar sedan

    They could of just layed down behind the chairs and they would have won easy

  10. PerksGoneCrazy

    PerksGoneCrazy5 dagar sedan

    I’m American and Sidemen are 10x better than Faze. Change my mind.

  11. StatmanTV

    StatmanTV5 dagar sedan

    10:15 AYYYYYY

  12. Rishit Udikeri

    Rishit Udikeri6 dagar sedan

    Ethan looks like those 50 year olds at football matches, fat, shirtless, and a can of beer

  13. Zxxdco !

    Zxxdco !7 dagar sedan

    At the beginning of the video I got a Gillette gamer ad with Toby on it

  14. Tofu.2.0 no u

    Tofu.2.0 no u7 dagar sedan


  15. Stalin K

    Stalin K7 dagar sedan

    i cant believe simon acc crawled under that in a football stadium 😂😂thats fuckin disgusting

  16. cool retha Makhale

    cool retha Makhale8 dagar sedan

    Josh and ethan fall by the door or walls and ethan cam fall it is so funny

  17. Box Zing

    Box Zing8 dagar sedan

    Harry in order goes 37,38,39,40 and 42,50,51...

  18. Grant Anthony Campeciño

    Grant Anthony Campeciño8 dagar sedan

    25:26 probably the best and most funny thing in this vid LMAO

  19. DIO

    DIO9 dagar sedan

    Sign: Watch your language JJ: 18:56

  20. josh engemoen

    josh engemoen10 dagar sedan

    My mans went from 42 to 50 🤦‍♂️

  21. Matty Butler

    Matty Butler13 dagar sedan

    24:38 Eyyyy False Swipe Gaming music

  22. 07_Supr3m3 YT

    07_Supr3m3 YT14 dagar sedan

    Tobi's laugh got me lmao

  23. Ziyan Hisham

    Ziyan Hisham16 dagar sedan

    I love Tobi he deserves way more subs and so does everyone else

  24. Stormybeam

    Stormybeam17 dagar sedan

    When KSI got found he was searing and beyind him was watch your language

  25. John Benedict

    John Benedict18 dagar sedan

    11:12 still making me laugh

  26. Umair Uddin

    Umair Uddin19 dagar sedan

    Tobi's laugh😂

  27. Abu bakar Hussain

    Abu bakar Hussain21 dag sedan


  28. Elias Dahan

    Elias Dahan21 dag sedan

    next video: HIDE AND SEEK IN CAMP NOU

  29. Luca Boeber

    Luca Boeber25 dagar sedan

    Who else randomly got this on their recommended??

  30. Luca Boeber

    Luca Boeber25 dagar sedan


  31. Louis Yun

    Louis Yun26 dagar sedan


  32. kakashi hatake - aries

    kakashi hatake - aries26 dagar sedan


  33. Daniel Vinas

    Daniel Vinas27 dagar sedan

    Just now realized at 18:55 read the sign behind JJ and listen to what he says🤣

  34. Kiddo Sam

    Kiddo Sam28 dagar sedan

    “I think I blend in pretty well!” “Alright I can see him!”

  35. Sweet Potato

    Sweet Potato28 dagar sedan

    11:14 there's no way 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Alpha X

    Alpha X29 dagar sedan

    The way Ethan changes the subject straight away when he walked out the woman’s bathroom

  37. Chris Stocks

    Chris Stocks29 dagar sedan

    Vikk.. swears 18:29 ... Watch your language

  38. Rafael Vianna

    Rafael Vianna29 dagar sedan

    Simon is so tense but then gets so happy lol

  39. Ethan Gough

    Ethan GoughMånad sedan

    Tobi looks like such a dumbass

  40. MIDNIT3 Soganila

    MIDNIT3 SoganilaMånad sedan

    I don't understand r the sidemen English or American?

  41. Jayesh Pant

    Jayesh PantMånad sedan

    I'll watch them even when they're 50 years old

  42. Antonio Berisha

    Antonio BerishaMånad sedan

    1:05 it gets me in stiches every time

  43. yungtrip

    yungtripMånad sedan

    24:18 bruh joshs face 😂😂😂😂

  44. Memesare Awesome

    Memesare AwesomeMånad sedan

    13:34 yo I is so loyal and kind

  45. Gregory Kim Ishii

    Gregory Kim IshiiMånad sedan

    JJ swears around the watch your language sign XDDDDD

  46. Gilles E

    Gilles EMånad sedan

    Do a hide and seek in the Anne Frank house in amsterdam

  47. Hanedan M2M

    Hanedan M2MMånad sedan

    I hated vikk (idiot)

  48. CaptainYuri JJ

    CaptainYuri JJMånad sedan

    What music is that 32:11

  49. adeoluwanimi solanke

    adeoluwanimi solankeMånad sedan

    First time tbjzzle used the f word

  50. Mamoon Othman

    Mamoon OthmanMånad sedan

    Who’s watching this in quarantine like pls

  51. qvezo

    qvezoMånad sedan

    I hate how they help after being caught

  52. the_firminator99

    the_firminator99Månad sedan

    13:43 promoted from where lmao

  53. Madx Rocketsss

    Madx RocketsssMånad sedan


  54. Parsa Rathernotsay

    Parsa RathernotsayMånad sedan

    Josh's most interesting personality trait is definitely being a Millwall fan

  55. Vivek Ramanan

    Vivek RamananMånad sedan

    Lmao jj got BAMBOOZLED

  56. TheK2B

    TheK2BMånad sedan

    10:12 Just seems funny to me

  57. TheK2B

    TheK2BMånad sedan


  58. Dizzy Dee

    Dizzy DeeMånad sedan

    23:25 😂

  59. useless

    uselessMånad sedan

    look at the sign behind jj 18:56

  60. Maria Mamaliss

    Maria MamalissMånad sedan

    Make another hide and seek video 😎😎

  61. King of Rage

    King of RageMånad sedan

    Dragon ball legends

  62. John Mark

    John MarkMånad sedan

    why did jj sold tobi like that 26:18

  63. Pranjal Acharya

    Pranjal AcharyaMånad sedan

    Tobi: I can't breathe. Me in 2020: OMG this man can predict the future.

  64. Sergej Jelic

    Sergej JelicMånad sedan

    this aint it bro

  65. ogfik

    ogfikMånad sedan

    I didn't know tobi are friends with filthy frank 😂😂

  66. シGeorge シ

    シGeorge シMånad sedan

    11:15 Ethan just had to do that in camera...

  67. Ollie Johnstone

    Ollie JohnstoneMånad sedan

    Look at the sign next to JJ at 18:57

  68. millie

    millieMånad sedan

    THE VALLEY!!!!

  69. millie

    millieMånad sedan


  70. bang n boom

    bang n boomMånad sedan

    Jj playing dbl is gold XD

  71. Dylan Butts

    Dylan ButtsMånad sedan

    7:57 Tobi’s nose is as wide as his mouth 😂

  72. Dan The Game Changer

    Dan The Game ChangerMånad sedan

    Does anyone know what the music is at 19:50

  73. mercedes cassanello

    mercedes cassanelloMånad sedan

    country music playlist 2019

  74. That_Lad_Hayden

    That_Lad_HaydenMånad sedan

    Everybody had decent hiding spots, but I think JJ's 4G hid the best

  75. The all mighty Shaggy

    The all mighty ShaggyMånad sedan

    when I saw tobi running I cracked up- XD

  76. Eyoal HAGOS

    Eyoal HAGOSMånad sedan

    what is tobys laugh

  77. Mohamed Alnaqbi

    Mohamed AlnaqbiMånad sedan

    look at tobis face i cant stop laughing 7:59

  78. Suresh Purushan

    Suresh PurushanMånad sedan

    Plz someone tell me the outro song

  79. This channel Is dead

    This channel Is deadMånad sedan

    S-X - Always wrong

  80. mrsclarke3

    mrsclarke3Månad sedan


  81. mappingmasterliam

    mappingmasterliamMånad sedan

    24:30 UHHHHM

  82. Henry Harrison

    Henry HarrisonMånad sedan

    Who's watching this in 2020 #coronavirus SEPTEMBER

  83. Jiyuun Huli-jing

    Jiyuun Huli-jingMånad sedan

    Simon had the most boring hiding spot but the trade off is him winning! thats awesome lololol

  84. Favour Nache

    Favour NacheMånad sedan

    first JJ = dumb, second if Ethan doesn't use the bathroom it's not a sidemen hide and seek

  85. Lydia Fernandez

    Lydia FernandezMånad sedan

    Vikkk is literally amazing!

  86. Xx UsefulWingsxX

    Xx UsefulWingsxXMånad sedan

    Did Josh have 1 to many

  87. James Addyman

    James AddymanMånad sedan

    Who is watching in 2020

  88. Coby Therrien

    Coby TherrienMånad sedan

    “Let’s all wear dark clothes and not tell harry”

  89. Koffel

    KoffelMånad sedan

    23:33 lmao

  90. Nqbz

    NqbzMånad sedan


  91. Mr Feeney

    Mr FeeneyMånad sedan

    “Congratulations on your promotion” 1 year later ....gets relegated


    ALBERT MALONEMånad sedan

    Vic is like the Chandler of the Sidemen

  93. Sidemen_Tekkerz 10

    Sidemen_Tekkerz 10Månad sedan

    who is just re-watching old videos in quarantine?

  94. Abdullah Qazi

    Abdullah QaziMånad sedan

    i love it how when vik found jj he said mudda fucka and everything and there was a sign saying watch your language ;)

  95. Austin Govey

    Austin GoveyMånad sedan

    8:30 I'm dying

  96. Tom Holcroft racer

    Tom Holcroft racerMånad sedan

    JJ swairs the sign behind him :watch your language

  97. TJ Hallz

    TJ HallzMånad sedan

    30:54 u can tell Vik’s just in it for the money honestly kick this yute out the sidemen asap

  98. Jude Lowndes

    Jude LowndesMånad sedan

    Seen dis ten times still can’t get over the fact that jj was just vibin on his fone

  99. Josh Hamzah

    Josh HamzahMånad sedan

    I like how at 18:30 vik finds JJ and swears next to a sign that said “watch your language”

  100. Francesco Demartini

    Francesco DemartiniMånad sedan

    Simon was just full sweating

  101. Adam Pavon

    Adam PavonMånad sedan


  102. Rolo 11

    Rolo 112 månader sedan

    Behind JJ the watch your language sign with them cursing 🤣🤣🤣

  103. Okami-Rose

    Okami-Rose2 månader sedan

    JJ getting out of breath watching Tobi running