It's SECRET SANTA time for this week's #SIDEMENSUNDAY!
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● Zerkaa:
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● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:


  1. Charlie Mclellan

    Charlie Mclellan20 timmar sedan

    I wonder if Simon still has the mask to this day he just doesn’t tell anyone

  2. Ryan Morar

    Ryan MorarDag sedan

    When Ethan was talking abt the goggles price he sounded like a dad 💀😂

  3. Amare Goodman

    Amare GoodmanDag sedan

    When harry gets bullied

  4. Ooo Mmmm

    Ooo Mmmm2 dagar sedan


  5. Mr Slop

    Mr Slop3 dagar sedan

    19:22 best part

  6. SIlverWolf San

    SIlverWolf San3 dagar sedan

    Vik is really awkward and has bad jokes but we still love him.


    VISHAL GUPTA3 dagar sedan

    like the BGMs douring video

  8. The Meg

    The Meg4 dagar sedan

    It's clear that Ethan hasn't yet read the book JJ got him.

  9. Mmm

    Mmm4 dagar sedan

    I think he’s confused with a colouring book lol

  10. Em ConXO

    Em ConXO5 dagar sedan

    6:12 no❤️

  11. Ps Now

    Ps Now5 dagar sedan

    Jesus is coming soon have faith belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins.

  12. Ben Morton

    Ben Morton5 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one disappointed that this HUGE house has a tiny white Christmas tree?

  13. Aman Nitnaware

    Aman Nitnaware6 dagar sedan

    JJ should have given everyone n word passes

  14. Milkman

    Milkman7 dagar sedan


  15. lick my nipple and call me Karen

    lick my nipple and call me Karen7 dagar sedan

    That moment u relise they tobi and Simon are wearing the same t-shirt Or am I just slow in the head 🤦‍♀️

  16. Cod-master

    Cod-master7 dagar sedan

    I still don't get the August 25th drawing thing someone explain

  17. Bigboyexpress

    Bigboyexpress7 dagar sedan

    The only thing bigger than JJ’s forehead is mine 😔


    OMALKA AAKASH7 dagar sedan


  19. lloydonix

    lloydonix7 dagar sedan

    This was my first sidemen video, here i am a year later, rewatching it


    OMALKA AAKASH8 dagar sedan


  21. 10k subscribers without any content

    10k subscribers without any content9 dagar sedan

    Josh dosent need the Santa uniform he's already santa

  22. Up the Tree

    Up the Tree10 dagar sedan

    If it wasn’t for JJ eathan and josh the sidemen would be good

  23. Karter

    Karter10 dagar sedan

    Whoa sick where did they get that black Panther mask

  24. CripticV2501

    CripticV250110 dagar sedan

    Want to know what I just realised jj doesn’t have his bandana on

  25. Potato Luna

    Potato Luna11 dagar sedan

    Harry just keeps getting the short end of the stick 😭


    ALVIN21_ RANDOM12 dagar sedan

    Anyone else came to the comments to see if anyone said anything of vik being so nice to jj but jj bully’s him 😂

  27. Samuel Brown

    Samuel Brown13 dagar sedan

    ksi to josh f u for a drawing book, harry getting lettuce and a scale

  28. Nod7gaming

    Nod7gaming13 dagar sedan

    Nearly been 2 years mad

  29. Destiny Gold

    Destiny Gold13 dagar sedan

    Vids face at 8:10

  30. Manuel Alvarez

    Manuel Alvarez14 dagar sedan

    Vikk was so disappointed LMAO i feel so bad idk why

  31. The_BIG_giant

    The_BIG_giant14 dagar sedan

    Ksi: mans on a whole other level Me: mans forehead on a whole other level😂

  32. Jordan x

    Jordan x15 dagar sedan

    Watch Ethan when Harry is getting his stuff 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. osama alsayed

    osama alsayed18 dagar sedan

    Vik, we stopped filming the bad jokes video

  34. Darcy Titcombe

    Darcy Titcombe18 dagar sedan

    Harry and Vikk the most underrated duo

  35. Perczn TTV

    Perczn TTV19 dagar sedan

    Anyone in 2020??

  36. Olivia Gwen

    Olivia Gwen19 dagar sedan

    Anyone else re-watching all their videos?🤣

  37. JellyBOB

    JellyBOB19 dagar sedan

    I genuinely feel bad for Harry

  38. capxsam

    capxsam20 dagar sedan

    this video is goated man

  39. Autumn Hastings

    Autumn Hastings20 dagar sedan


  40. A-35 Krrutik Kini

    A-35 Krrutik Kini20 dagar sedan

    Simons gifts to josh were just disrespectful

  41. Hungry Legendz

    Hungry Legendz21 dag sedan

    Am I the only One wondering how far through the cheese calendar simon is

  42. Martine May

    Martine May22 dagar sedan

    29:10 the best

  43. Cosmic

    Cosmic23 dagar sedan

    Who's watching in 2021

  44. StroudyHD

    StroudyHD8 dagar sedan

    Aine Doyle abit peak ngl

  45. Aine Doyle

    Aine Doyle15 dagar sedan

    Ur not funny

  46. Aine Doyle

    Aine Doyle15 dagar sedan

    No one coz its 2020 dumbass

  47. Mason birch

    Mason birch24 dagar sedan

    Josh: gets a FOLDING coloured walking stick Josh: “oh it folds, it’s portable”

  48. Psy ch

    Psy ch25 dagar sedan

    In this vid we can see a rare sighting of KSI without a bandana

  49. GeØrGy

    GeØrGy26 dagar sedan

    I can't wait for 2020's secret Santa where the devil him self comes out of the ground knowing "2020"

  50. Qunaalius Jensen

    Qunaalius Jensen26 dagar sedan

    What is bigger? JJ’s forehead or Tobi’s Nose or Ethan!?

  51. Ricky Itu

    Ricky Itu26 dagar sedan


  52. Travis Tharp

    Travis Tharp28 dagar sedan

    I hope there’s a secret Santa this year lol

  53. Axel von Elern

    Axel von Elern29 dagar sedan

    23:47 The most disappointing Christmas never.

  54. Snipeyouras 12

    Snipeyouras 12Månad sedan

    after a year and a half still dont understand the august 25th meme with jj and drawing

  55. owen jeffery

    owen jeffery29 dagar sedan

    Bc he drew (tied) in the boxing match on August 25

  56. Andreas Wernerqeqwe

    Andreas WernerqeqweMånad sedan

    «I got loads» top ten moments before diseaster

  57. KonMan Stepp

    KonMan SteppMånad sedan

    If I was wrapping paper I would be jj

  58. Max Cole

    Max ColeMånad sedan

    KSI is wearing no bandana. Put that in the books

  59. The dominant Waffle

    The dominant WaffleMånad sedan

    I miss the sidmen house annyone else🤣

  60. Olivia

    OliviaMånad sedan

    im watching this in 2020 and its making me feel better and hoping for Christmas

  61. Aimz

    AimzMånad sedan

    28:09 I feel bad for JJ 😂 josh just fully ignored him and he just gave up 😭

  62. Linus Andersson

    Linus AnderssonMånad sedan

    Pls do something like this every year, this was the most fun/wholesome video ever


    BT BLAZERMånad sedan



    BT BLAZERMånad sedan


  65. ArpanEx

    ArpanExMånad sedan

    No one buys presents for con :(

  66. Aj

    AjMånad sedan

    17:18 when JJ made that sound that was so wholesome its like a baby lmao

  67. Spencer Mcconnell

    Spencer McconnellMånad sedan

    I was laughing so hard it made me gag

  68. Ff Hhu

    Ff HhuMånad sedan

    Sidemen might actually 10 mill subs

  69. Katelijn Hovestad

    Katelijn HovestadMånad sedan

    So whats up with the august 25th references??

  70. Ibraheem Hussain

    Ibraheem HussainMånad sedan

    Logan and jj fought it was a draw

  71. Insane V

    Insane VMånad sedan

    I keep forgetting Randolph is a sidemen then camera guy

  72. Mario López

    Mario LópezMånad sedan

    In the intro ksi sounded like the chicken

  73. Marie Renea Gonzalez

    Marie Renea GonzalezMånad sedan

    Tobi had the cutest presents like him

  74. D4RK Spirit1010

    D4RK Spirit1010Månad sedan

    Dont trust glow in the dark condoms. That’s what my dad says

  75. Daisy Smith

    Daisy SmithMånad sedan

    Who else is watching this on august 25

  76. X1 Falcon Gaming

    X1 Falcon GamingMånad sedan


  77. N Silva

    N SilvaMånad sedan

    the constant ice cream truck music playing in the background kept making me thinking there was ice cream outside

  78. Kevin Pereira

    Kevin PereiraMånad sedan

    Out off all the sidemen I hate Ethan

  79. A.S.M Studios

    A.S.M Studios2 månader sedan

    How many times Josh said “gas” 👇 👇 👇

  80. Curtis Corby Gabriel

    Curtis Corby Gabriel2 månader sedan

    This just makes me want Christmas and it’s August

  81. Paula Talbot

    Paula Talbot2 månader sedan

    70% of the comments: Simon letting Harry open the box 20% of the comments: Josh appreciating the presents 10% of the comments: Harry malfunctioning at 10:50

  82. DannyOCE

    DannyOCE2 månader sedan

    the two sidemen secret santa vids (2018 & 2019) are the same video length

  83. Not Tom Watson

    Not Tom Watson2 månader sedan


  84. Rusydinul

    Rusydinul2 månader sedan


  85. kpop.h0

    kpop.h02 månader sedan


  86. Volleygirl 99

    Volleygirl 992 månader sedan

    39:07 Seven grown men hesitate and watch a little singing dog 😂


    TROLLxx GAMING2 månader sedan

    Who’s here in 2020 then


    LASER PRODUCTiONS2 månader sedan

    That KFC book sounds interesting I may have to get one


    LASER PRODUCTiONS2 månader sedan

    Wow jj admitted to not being good at rap....its about time!!!😂 jk ur actually good lol not good, I mean great🤣🤣🤣

  90. Ryan Neal

    Ryan Neal2 månader sedan

    19:17 Did anyone notice that josh hitting jj with the cheese thing was synchronized with the background music?

  91. ferrari 458

    ferrari 4582 månader sedan

    Was the no snakes just ladders merch inspired by this video. Or did josh allready have it?

  92. Ricey

    Ricey2 månader sedan

    jj with no brim

  93. Conch

    Conch2 månader sedan

    who idea was it to put tobi and ethan next to simon

  94. Kelly James

    Kelly James2 månader sedan

    That Teddy freaks me out

  95. GEJ15 Gaming

    GEJ15 Gaming2 månader sedan

    36:18 *sad noises*

  96. Domonkos Hegyi

    Domonkos Hegyi2 månader sedan

    who else watching in summer 2020

  97. Kon Pateras

    Kon Pateras2 månader sedan

    Harry is so proud of his fillet steak

  98. Lucky Ducky

    Lucky Ducky2 månader sedan


  99. freedy 202207

    freedy 2022072 månader sedan

    What happened August 25th

  100. Grand Maken

    Grand Maken2 månader sedan

    Before the blur

  101. Dylan 8 Corbett

    Dylan 8 Corbett2 månader sedan

    Josh : gives Simon a gag mask Simon : I got him a walking stick

  102. You Are Is L

    You Are Is L2 månader sedan

    13,339,999 views Me: *interesting*

  103. Bearus

    Bearus2 månader sedan

    Guys it’s a bit strange how tobi got a voodoo doll that says loneliness and sadness. It can’t possibly be true 😦

  104. TheReaper_Unspoken

    TheReaper_Unspoken2 månader sedan

    Lol all I hear is simon telling everyone to stop being ungrateful. ahem sidemen come down with me anyone...

  105. Kingfry

    Kingfry2 månader sedan

    35:31 that sound that jj makes is so adorable