The Sidemen get roasted in this #SidemenSunday. Enjoy!
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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    THATVIRUSGUY4 timmar sedan

    love how ethan says "theres six more on this stage" but holds up 4 fingers

  2. listen Up Is ayxxn

    listen Up Is ayxxn7 timmar sedan

    Love the green screen

  3. Luc Lafond

    Luc Lafond7 timmar sedan

    Alls I learned from this is Talia’s clapped.

  4. Syd Dah Kyd

    Syd Dah Kyd14 timmar sedan


  5. Desire XZZ

    Desire XZZ14 timmar sedan

    4:27 ayo what’s that ? 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

  6. Rise

    Rise18 timmar sedan

    These were lame.

  7. Кристьон Първи

    Кристьон Първи21 timme sedan

    How weren't there any jokes about Harry's sister?

  8. Crüzy 1892

    Crüzy 1892Dag sedan

    Anyone else just love Ethan’s and JJ’s laugh’s?? 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Crimson Warrior

    Crimson WarriorDag sedan

    Best to worst 1st StephenTries 2nd LozCast 3rd JaackMaate 4th Callux 5th Calfreezy 6th TrueGeordie

  10. Crimson Warrior

    Crimson WarriorDag sedan

    The first 5 were good but TrueGeordie was just wasnt good

  11. Dhaniel

    DhanielDag sedan

    where's phil

  12. Zé

    Dag sedan

    Geordie is not funny at all

  13. Eric Byrne

    Eric ByrneDag sedan

    10:32 😂😂😂😂😭💀💀

  14. ManzRzl

    ManzRzl2 dagar sedan


  15. Adam Cameron

    Adam Cameron2 dagar sedan

    I still come here to watch Stephen smash every single joke

  16. vv3n0m

    vv3n0m2 dagar sedan

    jack made this video😂😂

  17. Ehren Kylo

    Ehren Kylo3 dagar sedan

    Why has the Video now 1440p. Can someone explain😂

  18. UltraShader

    UltraShader3 dagar sedan

    0:07 no one talks about Kobe Bryant watching their show

  19. aidan.g.clark

    aidan.g.clark4 dagar sedan

    Simon looks like white Nick Cannon

  20. chandrakant sonawane

    chandrakant sonawane4 dagar sedan

    who is that girl in second row with white hair? she thicc

  21. Sea Pinecone

    Sea Pinecone4 dagar sedan

    Vik looks bewildered and unsure how to react every time a sensitive roast is made, and to be honest I would too

  22. Sea Pinecone

    Sea Pinecone4 dagar sedan

    2:06 Makes a joke about Ethan’s dad leaving him: Ethan and Josh: wheezing from laughter The rest of the sidemen: Wincing, screaming, crying

  23. Rohit The Robloxian

    Rohit The Robloxian12 timmar sedan

    Jesus 😂😂😭😭😭💀💀

  24. triston wills

    triston wills4 dagar sedan

    not funny didnt laugh

  25. Joseph Joestar

    Joseph Joestar4 dagar sedan

    Simon goes"why were still here ,just to suffer"

  26. phil dunphy

    phil dunphy5 dagar sedan

    It should have just been Steven

  27. Temporicide

    Temporicide5 dagar sedan

    The............... Sadmen

  28. Sam Watson

    Sam Watson5 dagar sedan

    Hold on I'm looking through my history book and it dose not say when josh was born guess that means he is prehistoric

  29. Carlos Albidrez

    Carlos Albidrez5 dagar sedan

    The next time they play hide and seek have them try to find Ethan’s dad, josh’s peronlaulity and the end of jj’s forehead

  30. Nungsang Longchar

    Nungsang Longchar5 dagar sedan

    the video won't end...

  31. Crimson Warrior

    Crimson Warrior5 dagar sedan

    0:53 is that Randolph in the crowd?

  32. Leila Hassan

    Leila Hassan6 dagar sedan

    It’s soo disgusting talking about moms

  33. Ps Now

    Ps Now6 dagar sedan

    Jesus is coming soon have faith belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins.

  34. Evan Thomas

    Evan Thomas6 dagar sedan

    18:16 the woman next to Randy didn’t laugh a single time. Bit boring.

  35. julian johnson

    julian johnson3 dagar sedan

    She was laughing at calfreezy's poem about vik

  36. Jane Wright

    Jane Wright6 dagar sedan

    thats his wife

  37. red man

    red man6 dagar sedan

    18:13 strongest line in the video

  38. 420Yusha69

    420Yusha696 dagar sedan

    Callux just hate Simon because he stole his best friend

  39. Arjunpraks

    Arjunpraks6 dagar sedan

    Sidemen roast 2020 with niko omilana

  40. QwertyWizard

    QwertyWizard6 dagar sedan

    What do people mean Jordie was bad, I found it amazing

  41. Gazda

    Gazda7 dagar sedan

    “Ethan took his mothers surname. Which is ironic, because all what his dad left him was pain (payne)” that one was mental

  42. TheRagingLlamas

    TheRagingLlamas3 dagar sedan

    The one I ran into wasn’t rapping...

  43. J Las

    J Las5 dagar sedan

    Gucci Toaster :] doesn’t have to be in a rap to be a bar

  44. Gucci Toaster :]

    Gucci Toaster :]5 dagar sedan

    @J Las he wasn’t fuckin rapping mate.

  45. J Las

    J Las5 dagar sedan


  46. xMoodz._.

    xMoodz._.7 dagar sedan

    They should do this again but when they laugh they have to do a "forfiet"

  47. Murtaza Shafik

    Murtaza Shafik7 dagar sedan

    Anniversary just on time

  48. Hello there! General kenobi!

    Hello there! General kenobi!7 dagar sedan

    Good old stephen

  49. Emily Stanley

    Emily Stanley7 dagar sedan

    when i first watched this like a year ago it was funny but now ive been watching them for a while its 10 times funnier

  50. Levi James

    Levi James7 dagar sedan

    Who's evichi

  51. skidofo

    skidofo7 dagar sedan

    Why was callux going so hard at talia?

  52. Skypig26

    Skypig268 dagar sedan

    1 year today woooooooo

  53. Skypig26

    Skypig268 dagar sedan

    Just hi in 2020

  54. Sebastian Hilskov

    Sebastian Hilskov8 dagar sedan

    No one Josh when he gets roasted: JeYAAahHH

  55. Leo Mmmm69

    Leo Mmmm698 dagar sedan

    Happy anniversary to this video

  56. Shade

    Shade8 dagar sedan

    people not laughing are losers

  57. alexander

    alexander8 dagar sedan

    very good video

  58. Sakaria Aweis

    Sakaria Aweis8 dagar sedan

    Part 2 plz🥰🥰

  59. wolfie_viperx

    wolfie_viperx8 dagar sedan

    i rewatched this the same date and month but one year later

  60. Shreyas M H

    Shreyas M H8 dagar sedan

    Josh going Yeeaaaahhh is such boomer cringe.

  61. ypmnz

    ypmnz8 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who thinks that Callux has a huge crush on talia

  62. sunflower

    sunflowerDag sedan

    @Manoli Brannelly no they're not wtf they only know each other through sidemen/simon

  63. Manoli Brannelly

    Manoli Brannelly8 dagar sedan

    They’re like childhood friends or sumn I’m pretty sure he’s known her for bare time

  64. Short Hop Inc.

    Short Hop Inc.8 dagar sedan

    I wish WillNE was there to roast them

  65. BlaZe Clan

    BlaZe Clan9 dagar sedan


  66. Harry Kelly

    Harry Kelly9 dagar sedan

    There needs to be a second

  67. Saia Akau

    Saia Akau9 dagar sedan

    Stephen tries to never disappoint us

  68. captain david co swingler

    captain david co swingler10 dagar sedan

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life!

  69. Brian Rivers

    Brian Rivers10 dagar sedan

    I think that they are definitely drunk

  70. Cheer_ Bro

    Cheer_ Bro10 dagar sedan

    Shoutout to Stephen Tries for going hard at JJ, all the others jokes on JJ were kinda meh.

  71. George

    George10 dagar sedan

    Part 2 please

  72. izzy c

    izzy c10 dagar sedan

    how many times have I watched this video and I’ve just now noticed Simon is wearing crocs 🙃😂

  73. Mason Misenheimer

    Mason Misenheimer10 dagar sedan

    God is real

  74. Joël Friebe

    Joël Friebe10 dagar sedan

    The dad one almost had Ethan crying ahahaha

  75. Charlie Sery

    Charlie Sery10 dagar sedan

    I’m confused where’s Phil

  76. Lucas Welch

    Lucas Welch11 dagar sedan

    13:04 I’m dying

  77. Owen 99

    Owen 9911 dagar sedan

    I love Tobi's 'Levels' joke😂

  78. Owais Khan

    Owais Khan11 dagar sedan

    There really embarrassed 😭😭

  79. CraigTheLej

    CraigTheLej11 dagar sedan

    We need to see james Daniels be on here.

  80. Anfecs Ian

    Anfecs Ian11 dagar sedan

    This ain't even a roast, just straight up being disrespectful..?

  81. Caua Brasil

    Caua Brasil10 dagar sedan

    Anfecs Ian that’s a roast dipshit

  82. Christian Reeve

    Christian Reeve11 dagar sedan

    They should definitely do more of these, this one has really excellent replayability. They could mix it up and have different roasters on every video. But Stephen Tries should always be there!

  83. Saia Akau

    Saia Akau11 dagar sedan


  84. Gifted Skills - Soccer

    Gifted Skills - Soccer11 dagar sedan

    Steven went the most ham, but I think Geordie was the funniest.

  85. Nurmuhamet Munkin

    Nurmuhamet Munkin11 dagar sedan

    I love how Harry just blends into the wall

  86. Doyler -_-

    Doyler -_-11 dagar sedan

    Ayo if sidemen don’t hit 10 mil I’m gonna push ur Nan down the stairs

  87. Munir Ahmed

    Munir Ahmed11 dagar sedan

    @7:41 naaaahh calfreezy, thats not cool man, im a muslim but u shouldnt respect other peoples religions like that smh

  88. Fay Humphreys

    Fay Humphreys12 dagar sedan

    Why did randolphs wife not laugh at a thing? Her and the girl next to her looked so moody the first half

  89. Lin_ Kingderox

    Lin_ Kingderox12 dagar sedan

    Think how angry would they be after this

  90. Devin Hogan

    Devin Hogan12 dagar sedan

    Man i was waitin for paul to come out

  91. RIP Mamba

    RIP Mamba12 dagar sedan

    Best to Worst: 1. Stephen Tries 2. Calfreezy 3. Callux 4. JaackMaate 5. LozCast 6. TrueGeordie

  92. Walter Dombojena

    Walter Dombojena10 dagar sedan

    LozCast and JackMaate were easily 2nd and 3rd mate. But all were great except TrueGeordie, delivery was terrible

  93. unceasingmean

    unceasingmean12 dagar sedan


  94. SharpT 12

    SharpT 1212 dagar sedan

    Lowkey. Talia was fugly this time last year. Her glow up is more impressive that ethans!

  95. harry james

    harry james12 dagar sedan

    Who’s the girl next to Ben? (Rvbberduck)

  96. SidLIFE

    SidLIFE12 dagar sedan

    Stephen Tries was a slaughter literally.

  97. Sergio Bonilla

    Sergio Bonilla12 dagar sedan

    Stephen just didn’t miss😭😭

  98. Muhammad Playz

    Muhammad Playz12 dagar sedan

    JJ managed to be louder than the person with the microphone 99% of the time.

  99. James Bown

    James Bown12 dagar sedan

    Thats cuz he had a mic too

  100. Hayden Osborn

    Hayden Osborn12 dagar sedan

    That’s disrespectful

  101. Mohamed Musa

    Mohamed Musa12 dagar sedan

    It should have been called the roast of talia lol 😂

  102. peter griffin !

    peter griffin !13 dagar sedan

    Vik is now in the curry carpet clean

  103. Jacob Dennis

    Jacob Dennis13 dagar sedan

    Nearly a year since this was made it needs to happen again

  104. The Morgan Riley Show

    The Morgan Riley Show13 dagar sedan

    Been nearly a year and I continue to come back to this video, it is so funny!

  105. Andrew Bow

    Andrew Bow13 dagar sedan

    The IT joke cracked me up

  106. Tharoun Sharma

    Tharoun Sharma13 dagar sedan

    6:43 why did harry cover his head?

  107. CurryAid

    CurryAid13 dagar sedan

    I'd sell both of my kidneys to see Stephen Tries roast em again

  108. Pransh Paul

    Pransh Paul13 dagar sedan

    Who was sitting with talia?. Shes ......

  109. Pranava Karanth

    Pranava Karanth13 dagar sedan

    5:45 this was an unnecessary line....

  110. EskilL 123

    EskilL 12312 dagar sedan


  111. Luke Thomas

    Luke Thomas13 dagar sedan

    JaackMaate delivers and speaks so much like ricky gervais now haha

  112. Nate Bennett

    Nate Bennett13 dagar sedan


  113. JT 953

    JT 95313 dagar sedan

    How U gonna do Avicii like that man 😂

  114. dynamite

    dynamite14 dagar sedan

    wtf too cringe 💀

  115. HyPtic Invaderz

    HyPtic Invaderz14 dagar sedan

    true geordie is so unfunny it makes me cringe