The Labyrinth
Chelmsford City Racecourse
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  1. Noahbro 980

    Noahbro 9803 timmar sedan

    That was my favorite sideman video

  2. Aarav Shah

    Aarav Shah7 timmar sedan

    I can’t stop laughing, this was 100% worth it to watch it. They can only do the best in this

  3. Reezyy 600

    Reezyy 6008 timmar sedan

    If the sidemen actually quit because no one subs to them im gonna be pressssseddd

  4. Lightning n4r4njit4

    Lightning n4r4njit411 timmar sedan

    This is just like the Wipeout video from 1 year ago

  5. Alexʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄

    Alexʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄12 timmar sedan

    JJ and Toby costume was the best

  6. Wizzy

    Wizzy13 timmar sedan

    9:28 had me deed

  7. Oli Hemming

    Oli Hemming14 timmar sedan

    Nobody wants the sidemen to be over so please Sub to them, get em 10MIL

  8. Roxstar 13

    Roxstar 1317 timmar sedan

    they are so creative and so much effort goes into these videos, like look at that setup omg🤚🏼🥺

  9. Isak T.S

    Isak T.S17 timmar sedan

    Good video

  10. DJ Pauls

    DJ Pauls19 timmar sedan


  11. Nadia Davenport

    Nadia Davenport20 timmar sedan

    Can we please just acknowledge how Tobi slid down 😂😂😂10:04

  12. Harvey Beddall

    Harvey Beddall21 timme sedan

    Plz don’t stop

  13. Alonmower 02

    Alonmower 0221 timme sedan

    They all should’ve had costumes like Vik so it would’ve been fair

  14. Nafiul Navarra

    Nafiul Navarra23 timmar sedan

    We want part 2

  15. Angela P.

    Angela P.Dag sedan

    this was way too funny lmfaooo

  16. Saihtoi Gamer

    Saihtoi GamerDag sedan

    Some of it was a drone

  17. Padraig Mc

    Padraig McDag sedan

    Should do a Takeshi's Castle 😂😂

  18. Oro Yeet

    Oro YeetDag sedan

    Poor vik he’s always being destroyed by jj

  19. DC P

    DC PDag sedan

    ethan looks dead inside in that parrot suit

  20. Callan Conroy

    Callan ConroyDag sedan

    Oi I say we call their bluff and all unsubscribe. There's other content creators out there but there's not enough fans to let them keep living their lavish talentless lifestyle without SEtoos careers

  21. God X

    God XDag sedan

    Tobeys a legend

  22. God X

    God XDag sedan

    Tibet’s a bloody legend

  23. siggi9400

    siggi9400Dag sedan

    One beany vikk

  24. Kaleb Jenkins

    Kaleb JenkinsDag sedan

    jj cheer up

  25. Siblings Adventures

    Siblings AdventuresDag sedan

    Simon only won cuz he’s tall and lanky 😂 Feels bad for Vikk and Tobi tho

  26. Khaalid Sharif

    Khaalid SharifDag sedan

    How did jj olatunji get 10 million before this

  27. Vaibhav T

    Vaibhav T20 timmar sedan

    He's ksi mate

  28. Oliver Odendahl

    Oliver OdendahlDag sedan

    I like how Simon just pushed JJ down and walked over him and he just got trampled 😂😂 classic move

  29. Sjwjejej

    SjwjejejDag sedan


  30. Avery Washburn

    Avery WashburnDag sedan

    tobi's screams thooo

  31. Diffup

    DiffupDag sedan

    3:56 are we not gonna talk about how clean that was?

  32. Mystic Light

    Mystic LightDag sedan

    Peak male performance.

  33. Random Alpha III

    Random Alpha IIIDag sedan

    0:32 That aggression

  34. Audenir Veiga

    Audenir VeigaDag sedan

    The Fall Guys

  35. Audenir Veiga

    Audenir VeigaDag sedan

    Is god

  36. Audenir Veiga

    Audenir VeigaDag sedan

    My papai "dad" is bad

  37. CoolDrama Alpha

    CoolDrama AlphaDag sedan

    I think their costume, except for JJ's, look so cool and awesome for the game, not sure about Vikk's but it's like whatever.

  38. NL YTKM

    NL YTKMDag sedan

    See what he did when he said he couldnt breathe He actually got off of him Officers take notes

  39. Hi How are ya

    Hi How are ya2 dagar sedan


  40. Evil Exists

    Evil Exists2 dagar sedan

    Ok why is there a black pineapple though..

  41. Evil Exists

    Evil Exists2 dagar sedan

    Among us real life was better!

  42. Mikaele Rosecrans

    Mikaele Rosecrans2 dagar sedan

    Jj’s weight joke

  43. Mikaele Rosecrans

    Mikaele Rosecrans2 dagar sedan

    10:45 just watch it 🤣🤣

  44. Mikaele Rosecrans

    Mikaele Rosecrans2 dagar sedan

    And the parrot makes this running and jumping so much accurate

  45. Mikaele Rosecrans

    Mikaele Rosecrans2 dagar sedan

    The running form in the hazard level🤣🤣🤣🤣

  46. Mikaele Rosecrans

    Mikaele Rosecrans2 dagar sedan

    I really feel bad for jj

  47. Mikaele Rosecrans

    Mikaele Rosecrans2 dagar sedan

    Bro Simon is just chillin and he is cheating

  48. Mikaele Rosecrans

    Mikaele Rosecrans2 dagar sedan

    Simon should be a football player a running back or something 🤣🤣🤣

  49. Mikaele Rosecrans

    Mikaele Rosecrans2 dagar sedan

    0:53 the conversation tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. Mikaele Rosecrans

    Mikaele Rosecrans2 dagar sedan

    They got so much money 🤣🤣🤣

  51. freweini tekletsion

    freweini tekletsion2 dagar sedan

    This was such a great video I loved it

  52. Aoibhín Kelly

    Aoibhín Kelly2 dagar sedan

    Tobi : I hate my life Me same man same

  53. Adv._RE4PERッ

    Adv._RE4PERッ2 dagar sedan

    1:00 i knew jj was a furry at heart

  54. crackheadlol _

    crackheadlol _2 dagar sedan

    Fall Guys died out so badly


    ITZ_ WALTER2 dagar sedan

    Any one else seen jj violate Josh and harry at 15:20

  56. Michael Warner

    Michael Warner2 dagar sedan

    Tobi for president. 🤣😂🤣

  57. Martin Stefanoski

    Martin Stefanoski2 dagar sedan

    0:50 best part

  58. Sebastián Dudek

    Sebastián Dudek3 dagar sedan

    Pls sub i want to watch sideman sunday videos😢😢

  59. Rogue Xolo

    Rogue Xolo3 dagar sedan

    Why did fall guys die as soon as this vid was made😂

  60. valentino

    valentino3 dagar sedan

    Shoutout to the way Ethan runs

  61. Bow-Dee

    Bow-Dee3 dagar sedan

    just seeing jj deck a fake door is so funny to me idk y 😂

  62. maraea amari echipare

    maraea amari echipare3 dagar sedan

    what even is Vik ? 😂

  63. Tulip Yeet

    Tulip Yeet3 dagar sedan

    Now play Among Us irl

  64. everardo bernal

    everardo bernal3 dagar sedan

    Yup 50 year old fans okay

  65. Mercymain333 Angela

    Mercymain333 Angela3 dagar sedan

    16:38 long live the king.

  66. Kishen Parekh

    Kishen Parekh3 dagar sedan

    Vik looks so adorable

  67. TEI Suh

    TEI Suh3 dagar sedan

    Almost 10 mil subs

  68. Ashaun Seecharan

    Ashaun Seecharan3 dagar sedan

    subscribed on 50 accounts

  69. Borislav Gonkov

    Borislav Gonkov3 dagar sedan

    Can we just mention how horrendously terrible their stamina is, like I get that they’re running and getting hit but they get tired waayyyy too easily

  70. Evan Laliberte

    Evan Laliberte2 dagar sedan

    When the floor has give like that it takes more energy to run and those courses are pretty long

  71. 123 123

    123 1234 dagar sedan

    harry glizy

  72. Nguyễn H.Linh

    Nguyễn H.Linh4 dagar sedan

    JJ lost his mind 🤣🤣

  73. Christian Niccolo Felipe Valencia

    Christian Niccolo Felipe Valencia4 dagar sedan

    Welp even tho it may be a joke. I seriously don’t want the Sidemen to quit. We’ve already lost so much this year. We can’t lose this group as well

  74. Nassxs

    Nassxs4 dagar sedan

    9:11 Rip George Floyd

  75. Caden Ong

    Caden Ong4 dagar sedan

    Man this is unfair for vik But still it was nice seeing everyone exhausted

  76. Syaafie Ahmad

    Syaafie Ahmad4 dagar sedan

    Can u do among us in real life~

  77. Huong-Jennifer Vo

    Huong-Jennifer Vo4 dagar sedan

    KT when my clones tried to escape: 16:40

  78. AP1014HD

    AP1014HD4 dagar sedan

    theres something oddly satisfying about watching tobi run through those obstacles in a pineapple costume

  79. ritz multazam

    ritz multazam4 dagar sedan

    The true winners are the cameramen

  80. Diego Avalos

    Diego Avalos4 dagar sedan

    Give these mans a sub

  81. MaTriX

    MaTriX4 dagar sedan


  82. Jamie Brown

    Jamie Brown4 dagar sedan

    9:10 ...

  83. Donald Henderson

    Donald Henderson4 dagar sedan

    Harry has already quit SEtoos 😂

  84. 得合秘king_sensei

    得合秘king_sensei5 dagar sedan

    JJ knew he couldn't do the climb thing then pull all the people

  85. Sebastian Momdjian

    Sebastian Momdjian5 dagar sedan

    the ending finish with josh vik and jj was brutal😂😂

  86. Huong-Jennifer Vo

    Huong-Jennifer Vo5 dagar sedan

    Me when the last Fall Guy tried to reach me: 14:59 Many racing to the finish line later...... Riisuu when I finally getting away from him when I see him helping the last Fall Guy captures me: 2:56

  87. Huong-Jennifer Vo

    Huong-Jennifer Vo5 dagar sedan

    Six when all math symbols including Four, X, Seven who hates Six, Eight, and Nine have been eliminated by Principal of the Thing Clone who taking them down for bullying Angle for up to no good: 9:14

  88. Huong-Jennifer Vo

    Huong-Jennifer Vo5 dagar sedan

    What does announcer say when the stages were been introduced to the continents: 1:07 5:42 8:07 11:41 14:31

  89. Off The Grid With Pig

    Off The Grid With Pig5 dagar sedan

    Tobi literally let everyone go first through the doors 😂😂😂. His costume had me dying 💀

  90. Robert

    Robert5 dagar sedan

    Who else wants to be in this gigantic " *playground* " 👇

  91. Yasmin Marie

    Yasmin Marie5 dagar sedan

    this is so chaotic

  92. Steven

    Steven5 dagar sedan


  93. Jinro

    Jinro5 dagar sedan

    Give Simon the pineapple next time lol

  94. Skvj Abs

    Skvj Abs5 dagar sedan

    I am waiting for part 2 of this one. This was awesome and funny😂😂😂

  95. Eleanor Doyle

    Eleanor Doyle5 dagar sedan

    camerapeople doing the most

  96. Atliesto SA

    Atliesto SA6 dagar sedan


  97. PauLini

    PauLini6 dagar sedan


  98. Rawaa Hanna

    Rawaa Hanna6 dagar sedan

    GO SIDEMEN!!!!!!!!!

  99. TechSpectrum

    TechSpectrum6 dagar sedan

    8:41 Simon “Hello” 8:43 Toby “I’m a pineapple”

  100. Kahzuno

    Kahzuno6 dagar sedan

    Among us in real life next time

  101. Conzi Major

    Conzi Major6 dagar sedan

    Among us real life?????

  102. Gamers DZ

    Gamers DZ6 dagar sedan

    FALL FUYS IN REAL LIFE i wanna try

  103. xxxbanger xxx

    xxxbanger xxx6 dagar sedan

    Is that 1 more than six people