The Sidemen Face Off in a Cooking/Baking Challenge! #SidemenSunday
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● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
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● KSI:


  1. Joshy04

    Joshy045 timmar sedan

    So from what we gathered. Harry is the best of them all The chicken from Team A was harrys (josh took it) and the cake

  2. ArmadilloLover27

    ArmadilloLover276 timmar sedan

    That poor ladies kitchen

  3. Robert Myers

    Robert Myers8 timmar sedan

    Their laughing in the beginning reminds me of silent library😂

  4. Leo Davis

    Leo Davis9 timmar sedan

    The supervisor be like 👁_👁

  5. Matthew Parkes

    Matthew Parkes9 timmar sedan

    Jj ducking out of view when harrys getting the cake at 25:19😂

  6. shot_ success5

    shot_ success511 timmar sedan

    JJ is acting like a black fursion of gorden ramesy

  7. Kazakh Dude

    Kazakh Dude12 timmar sedan


  8. Elias Bendtson

    Elias Bendtson13 timmar sedan

    3.41 harry made me cry

  9. Mattias_Lundqvist

    Mattias_Lundqvist15 timmar sedan

    One of their best videos ever!

  10. Mattias_Lundqvist

    Mattias_Lundqvist15 timmar sedan

    i´ve only seen it like 400 times

  11. oscar love

    oscar love17 timmar sedan


  12. Daniel B

    Daniel B18 timmar sedan


  13. Ktm 300 2 banga

    Ktm 300 2 banga22 timmar sedan

    i was going for harry’s team and seeing simon take their watermelon sauce really pissed me off

  14. Styrmir Hrafn Steinunnarson

    Styrmir Hrafn SteinunnarsonDag sedan


  15. Styrmir Hrafn Steinunnarson

    Styrmir Hrafn SteinunnarsonDag sedan


  16. Styrmir Hrafn Steinunnarson

    Styrmir Hrafn SteinunnarsonDag sedan


  17. Styrmir Hrafn Steinunnarson

    Styrmir Hrafn SteinunnarsonDag sedan


  18. Rowan Paterson

    Rowan PatersonDag sedan

    24:52 just watch Harry 😭😭💀 Why is he walking like that

  19. Fatima Alg

    Fatima AlgDag sedan

    I had to click off the video literally 4 minutes in because I had a face tightening mask on and I'm not meant to laugh or smile and I am so goodbye guys 😂

  20. Vaibhav T

    Vaibhav T18 timmar sedan


  21. Marky Doyle

    Marky DoyleDag sedan

    We’re jj I don’t see him

  22. MoodFull

    MoodFullDag sedan

    Why did Gordon Ramsay cosplay as a black man

  23. jayz Playz

    jayz PlayzDag sedan

    That doest part gave us so many memes 😂😂

  24. Abdirahin Osman

    Abdirahin OsmanDag sedan


  25. Stuart Andrade

    Stuart AndradeDag sedan

    24:41 💀

  26. Noah Cullen

    Noah CullenDag sedan

    9:30 how corona started

  27. Rhys Wakelin

    Rhys WakelinDag sedan

    please more sidemen bake off

  28. Louai

    LouaiDag sedan

    5:27 best scene

  29. megan maloney

    megan maloneyDag sedan

    so no ones gonna talk about ethan trying to skin a watermelon...

  30. Abdullah Ali Amin

    Abdullah Ali Amin2 dagar sedan

    25:16 Did anyone notice JJ just sitting there and tryna hide while Harry was taking the cake in..... 😂😂

  31. G Raph

    G Raph2 dagar sedan

    36:11 😂😂😂😂

  32. Max Tijsmans

    Max Tijsmans2 dagar sedan

    10:44 i just cant it always gets me

  33. Talldado 449

    Talldado 4492 dagar sedan

    This is Food Wars Sidemen edition

  34. iMammoth

    iMammoth2 dagar sedan


  35. Zander Kaplan

    Zander Kaplan2 dagar sedan

    25:17 KSI in the background lol

  36. F3 Lynx

    F3 Lynx2 dagar sedan


  37. Abhilekh Vashisht

    Abhilekh Vashisht2 dagar sedan

    the only reason why there was spice in viks chicken was because he spat in it

  38. James Raine

    James Raine2 dagar sedan

    Bake off 2

  39. Savan Rajput

    Savan Rajput2 dagar sedan

    24:40 every time Harry shouts in one of the videos, kon is in the background making the same face

  40. A Flora

    A Flora3 dagar sedan

    too fire they need more of these

  41. kiri's baby

    kiri's baby3 dagar sedan

    when it was stil a good time then 2020 happend xD

  42. YT Kaiser

    YT Kaiser3 dagar sedan

    Harry went from don’t waste the mixture 🥺 to DONT WASTE THE MIXTURE. 😡

  43. ghaith khalifa

    ghaith khalifa3 dagar sedan

    14:51 old ethan is in the background

  44. YooobY

    YooobY3 dagar sedan

    we want v2 please

  45. RandomGamer69

    RandomGamer693 dagar sedan

    14:02 Simon and vikk are so clueless

  46. Cai Martin

    Cai Martin3 dagar sedan

    I hate how it’s not their kitchen and they’re treating it like it is

  47. Izzy’s Cosmic Corner

    Izzy’s Cosmic Corner3 dagar sedan

    24:34 omg harry calm down😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Lucy Taylor

    Lucy Taylor3 dagar sedan

    Toby is so underrated he’s hilarious at 5:20


    YT_SENSEI3 dagar sedan

    0:16 we all don’t know what those words mean

  50. Leo Richmond

    Leo Richmond3 dagar sedan


  51. Abi Anne

    Abi Anne3 dagar sedan

    At 25:18 u see jj eating food under the table 😭

  52. Abi Anne

    Abi Anne3 dagar sedan

    This is my favourite video I’m literally crying

  53. Murshid Mohamed

    Murshid Mohamed3 dagar sedan

    13:48 The best strawberry ever😂😂😂

  54. Csaba Balku

    Csaba Balku3 dagar sedan

    4:22 woooow harry...just wow. 🤣

  55. Red Bird

    Red Bird3 dagar sedan

    Funniest moments 3:30 16:20 27:46

  56. Im_Banned

    Im_Banned4 dagar sedan

    Harry Ethan Tobi : making food! Simon vik Josh: making content!

  57. David Pienaar

    David Pienaar4 dagar sedan

    36:48 lol the kitchen rules sign behind jj

  58. airsofter2247

    airsofter22474 dagar sedan

    25:17 So sneaky there JJ mate, no one saw, don't worry

  59. Logan Selmer

    Logan Selmer4 dagar sedan

    I am white

  60. Logan Selmer

    Logan Selmer4 dagar sedan

    My name is not jake

  61. Bøøsted's WRLD

    Bøøsted's WRLD4 dagar sedan

    24:41 look at kons face HAHAHAHAHH

  62. Victoria Horlock

    Victoria Horlock4 dagar sedan

    I need to do some more cooking vids

  63. Voivode

    Voivode4 dagar sedan

    I liked the part were Simon helped. It starts at 40:34 .

  64. Mushromus

    Mushromus4 dagar sedan

    Idk why but hearing sir theodore III and then hearing the outro was weird

  65. dietrich jahnke

    dietrich jahnke4 dagar sedan


  66. John Smith

    John Smith4 dagar sedan

    best sidemen video ever

  67. Mwqr Marc

    Mwqr Marc4 dagar sedan

    JJ in 25:17 was eaten a donat 😂😂😂😂

  68. Arifinity

    Arifinity4 dagar sedan

    We’ll never get a video of the sidemen being serious and it’s kinda frustrating lol I just wanna see some nice cooking

  69. Bojo 29

    Bojo 295 dagar sedan

    At 7:51 I can’t when Harry put his 3 fingers in the watermelon lmao

  70. Tyler Cully

    Tyler Cully5 dagar sedan


  71. Draeden Dominique

    Draeden Dominique5 dagar sedan

    Don’t waste the mixture

  72. MattCatt

    MattCatt5 dagar sedan

    Can we acknowledge Ethan skinned a watermelon

  73. LVision

    LVision5 dagar sedan

    I cake was the best

  74. Nathan Zalesny

    Nathan Zalesny5 dagar sedan

    Im glad brexit is happening 😂😂

  75. Max Hayward

    Max Hayward5 dagar sedan

    I saw an edit where Harry was straight up actually saying the N word

  76. Josh Fisher

    Josh Fisher5 dagar sedan

    I still watch this today

  77. Christian Apostolovski

    Christian Apostolovski6 dagar sedan

    For some reason I feel like Harry at the end he ate the food that he made?

  78. IChitown v2

    IChitown v26 dagar sedan

    Did anyone notice Harry putting his fingers inside the watermelon when JJ said Ethan was ‘special’ 😂 7:49

  79. Cats 3

    Cats 36 dagar sedan

    7:51 what is Harry doing to that watermelon

  80. Cats 3

    Cats 36 dagar sedan

    Harry is just me in food tech year 7

  81. Skywalker

    Skywalker6 dagar sedan


  82. Laurence Essien

    Laurence Essien6 dagar sedan

    What about him?

  83. Larakinerd

    Larakinerd6 dagar sedan


  84. Khairul Ridzwan

    Khairul Ridzwan6 dagar sedan

    why scrap the damn watermelon ethan... u blend it anyway HAHAHAHA

  85. Joshua Famaloan

    Joshua Famaloan6 dagar sedan


  86. ratio 'd

    ratio 'd6 dagar sedan

    @Joshua Famaloan shut up nonce

  87. Joshua Famaloan

    Joshua Famaloan6 dagar sedan


  88. Alex Rivera

    Alex Rivera7 dagar sedan

    12:39 I still have no idea what happened

  89. It is What it is

    It is What it is7 dagar sedan

    Could have taken it more seriously and actually baked something good.

  90. 1999

    19997 dagar sedan

    Can u pls make subtitles?

  91. Tanjir Galib Ayman

    Tanjir Galib Ayman7 dagar sedan

    JJ pp looks like deji

  92. Memez 4 you

    Memez 4 you7 dagar sedan

    27:46 Simon waving

  93. Benjiಠಗಠ

    Benjiಠಗಠ7 dagar sedan

    I would've mad the losing team wash dishes

  94. SniperSd Sid

    SniperSd Sid7 dagar sedan

    that poor lady

  95. Abdul tourre

    Abdul tourre7 dagar sedan

    How can u grow so much hair not a beard

  96. Crazy Crown

    Crazy Crown7 dagar sedan

    Fall guys in real life behind the scenes 31:39

  97. Crazy Crown

    Crazy Crown7 dagar sedan

    Even the Staff member knows how much of a crack head Harry is 29:23

  98. Sir Theodore The 3rd

    Sir Theodore The 3rd7 dagar sedan

    Hey that’s me

  99. Crazy Crown

    Crazy Crown7 dagar sedan

    Staff having a great time 19:17 20:27

  100. Crazy Crown

    Crazy Crown7 dagar sedan

    14:18 Josh is underated

  101. Crazy Crown

    Crazy Crown7 dagar sedan

    "In the word of Sir Theodore" 12:55 His beard is DrEaDFuLL

  102. theshas 123

    theshas 1237 dagar sedan

    Harry is definitely the most passionate about cooking

  103. FireStrik_R

    FireStrik_R7 dagar sedan

    Why is there so much fof

  104. Mackenzie Teh Dog

    Mackenzie Teh Dog7 dagar sedan

    why did Josh use his hand to hollow the watermellon when he couldve just had an ice cream scoop

  105. Mackenzie Teh Dog

    Mackenzie Teh Dog7 dagar sedan

    why does Sir Theodore III look and sound similar to KSI,it's like they're related or something

  106. Dio

    Dio8 dagar sedan