For this weeks #SidemenSunday we put together our own Sidemen Sports Day!
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● Vikkstar123:
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● KSI:


  1. Trent Kearns

    Trent Kearns19 timmar sedan

    11:32 😂 top 10 Vik moments

  2. Pop Lol

    Pop Lol21 timme sedan

    19:27 them holding hands just seems so wholesome

  3. Jamie Baxter

    Jamie Baxter2 dagar sedan

    Ksi seems in a mood in this video with vik jeez calm down bruv 🤣🤣

  4. Yoeash Tamang

    Yoeash Tamang3 dagar sedan

    Josh is too boring type of guy just irritates me looking at him


    RUFI EZEKIEL3 dagar sedan

    JJ just bullying Vik is just funny lol

  6. Regan Louise

    Regan Louise4 dagar sedan

    Ethan, Simon and JJ spinning the hula hoops round their neck during the intro absolutely killed me i was laughing for a solid 10 minutes after 😂

  7. Almenzy

    Almenzy4 dagar sedan

    5:40 it's crazy how they didn't get the sarcasm

  8. jjtard 29

    jjtard 296 dagar sedan

    Evreytime vik was chased the cam cut out next second vik has a black eye

  9. I Zpademilio I

    I Zpademilio I6 dagar sedan


  10. VoltexQ YT

    VoltexQ YT6 dagar sedan

    Who's after "JJ Being viks assistent for 24 hours"?

  11. Jimin Slaps

    Jimin Slaps6 dagar sedan

    Why is vik not on the thumbnail

  12. Zaahid Ramakdawala

    Zaahid Ramakdawala6 dagar sedan

    I’ve watched a lot of sidemen recently and I love the videos but after this video I have finally had enough of KSI and truly I couldn’t care less about him anymore he is just a bully and trash.


    WARRIOR SL7 dagar sedan

    Jj is literally dumb

  14. Cheer_ Bro

    Cheer_ Bro8 dagar sedan

    7:15 did Ethan just take a swing at Harry!? Bloody hell bruh

  15. JohnX

    JohnX9 dagar sedan


  16. JohnX

    JohnX9 dagar sedan


  17. Lightskinned black

    Lightskinned black9 dagar sedan

    Harry is such an unreal shithouse😂😂😂

  18. Andre Hanna

    Andre Hanna9 dagar sedan

    jj is a bully to vik


    BLEEDIN ORANGE239 dagar sedan

    It’s annoying how Jj tries to act to cool to never try at anything

  20. neo animations

    neo animations10 dagar sedan

    Jj is so toxic to vik

  21. Damon Prasad

    Damon Prasad10 dagar sedan


  22. Lachy

    Lachy11 dagar sedan

    Vik is to nice

  23. Cats 3

    Cats 311 dagar sedan

    BTW josh's head wasn't made bigger in the thumbnail

  24. Plush Brothers 88

    Plush Brothers 8813 dagar sedan

    My mans Vik isnt even in the thumbnail! The disrespect...

  25. H4lmakai

    H4lmakai15 dagar sedan

    Now I understand why Vic likes to talk back and make JJ feel dumb

  26. critical A1

    critical A116 dagar sedan

    Looking at the comment now everyone's is crying about vikk it's ntd friend groups always have a guy u make fun of it's just a joke

  27. Rishabh Malhotra

    Rishabh Malhotra16 dagar sedan

    i feel bad for vik if i was him i wouldve left the sidemen as soon as i could

  28. Yusuf Nassrulloh

    Yusuf Nassrulloh16 dagar sedan

    Bang gif alok

  29. Ruth Fountain

    Ruth Fountain18 dagar sedan

    Josh : I just u can call it a ball sack

  30. Rishabh Jain

    Rishabh Jain19 dagar sedan

    At 7:41 Vik was going for a handshake/hug :(

  31. Anthony Rizzo

    Anthony Rizzo22 dagar sedan

    i feel so bad for vik at 6:16

  32. mohammed zaed

    mohammed zaed24 dagar sedan

    What’s the name of the song in the end of the video It’s ksi

  33. 食ベるケツを

    食ベるケツを24 dagar sedan


  34. Elizah Byrnes

    Elizah Byrnes24 dagar sedan

    Jj is like the stereotypical older brother of the sidemen he bullies them and kinda pisses them of but if someone else does it he will protect them.

  35. SayfRG2874

    SayfRG287426 dagar sedan

    ALRIGHT, Welcome to the WEE BOWEL..! ALRIGHT, Welcome to the WILL BOWEL race! ALRIGHT, Welcome to the WHEEL, BARROW, race!! 👏👏👏👏👏

  36. Aiyana Nickens

    Aiyana Nickens27 dagar sedan

    rytr5crejh5beh8ggjhmgmcigfrn8i,7mtr e

  37. Aiyana Nickens

    Aiyana Nickens27 dagar sedan

    yngbnvv ubf8nbn

  38. Clochan Twomey

    Clochan Twomey27 dagar sedan

    7:15 Ethan throws punch at harry 🤣

  39. Lost Gems

    Lost GemsMånad sedan

    Poor Vik

  40. Alliea Spencer

    Alliea SpencerMånad sedan

    Ksi was billing vik and how hugging. vik

  41. Big Shaq

    Big ShaqMånad sedan

    Goddamn this comment sections are softcocks

  42. crying in a cool way

    crying in a cool wayMånad sedan

    Relax . Jj and Vikk are friends. It’s a joke and Vikk knows it. Stop complaining, Vikk isn’t

  43. Aaron Inwood

    Aaron InwoodMånad sedan

    Wait...why are they at the old house?

  44. TEE

    TEEMånad sedan

    Dam looking back no wonder they said jj bullied vikk

  45. Nigel Ofori

    Nigel OforiMånad sedan

    KSI on sicko mode

  46. Zakary Laroche Bouthillette

    Zakary Laroche BouthilletteMånad sedan


  47. Batwoman

    BatwomanMånad sedan

    Josh low key is a worse bully than JJ towards vikk 😂

  48. styer smith

    styer smithMånad sedan

    Is it j me or is it j not rly funny when jj bullies vikk

  49. b B.

    b B.Månad sedan

    7:14 Idk if u can hear it but ethan swung hard at harry there that the mic picked it up Ethan mentioned it afterwards

  50. La .٩٠

    La .٩٠Månad sedan


  51. Mahdi Syeeed

    Mahdi SyeeedMånad sedan


  52. Fluxy 1725

    Fluxy 1725Månad sedan

    JJ is so mean to vik

  53. Yasmin El-Tayeb

    Yasmin El-TayebMånad sedan


  54. ArpanEx

    ArpanExMånad sedan

    Always feel bad for Vik,I don't know why he takes it.

  55. Yohan Obin

    Yohan ObinMånad sedan

    Yo these lot always make me laugh

  56. Angel Ramirez

    Angel RamirezMånad sedan

    The people commenting about Vik being bullied are Snowflakes, that’s how JJ is and always has been,even in the older Sidemen videos that’s how everyone treats each other, it’s just jokes, the new sidemen fans are a bunch of Snowflakes

  57. Jack Turner

    Jack TurnerMånad sedan

    Exactly, that’s what friends do lol it’s just jokes

  58. destro 007

    destro 007Månad sedan

    not funny

  59. WingZzie

    WingZzieMånad sedan

    Oh my god these new sidemen fans who aren't used to vikk getting abused. Its a meme for so long, get used to it

  60. Sxorpy

    SxorpyMånad sedan

    I think vik is gonna get depressed he’s gonna start doing drugs he’s gonna hate everybody if vikabuse goes on

  61. JA

    JAMånad sedan

    Why did jj do this

  62. The McChicken

    The McChickenMånad sedan

    17:21 why does Josh look like an autistic Luis Suarez lmao

  63. Shazia Sohail

    Shazia SohailMånad sedan

    Vik abuse Vik abuse It's a joke get over it

  64. Thanos

    ThanosMånad sedan

    Last time if Ethan actually did this, We would call him die.

  65. Liv luv0014

    Liv luv0014Månad sedan

    kinda upsets me how much vik gets bullied by the boys harry’s the only one that appreciates him

  66. Kian Salvador

    Kian SalvadorMånad sedan

    did anyone saw ethan punching harry 7:10

  67. Charley Harcombe

    Charley HarcombeMånad sedan

    16:30 with vik and Jj shows how it doesn’t mean anything. They’re great friends and this video while pretty bad, was quite the exception between the two

  68. David Cristian

    David CristianMånad sedan

    JJ is not Bullying Vik, my 2 best friends do the same situation, it's ok, my JJ friend would take a shot for him

  69. HVR 7

    HVR 72 månader sedan


  70. Jacob Torchia

    Jacob Torchia2 månader sedan

    Jj’s face at 6:14 has me dead. Didn’t wanna be with Vik. Lol

  71. kahn2960 kahn2960

    kahn2960 kahn29602 månader sedan

    at 19:19 ethans blue cone is closer by a foot they cheated

  72. kahn2960 kahn2960

    kahn2960 kahn29602 månader sedan

    jj gave up a point when he could only win a poitn made no sense


    SINETHEMBA TSABEDZE2 månader sedan

    oh i now see what they meant that Jj bullies vik

  74. ビッチ

    ビッチ3 dagar sedan

    it's not bullying if they are already friends thats what friends do

  75. India Mack

    India Mack2 månader sedan

    #stopvikabuse he deserves better Harry and tobi appreciate him the most 💞

  76. ビッチ

    ビッチ3 dagar sedan

    @India Mack stop lying bro

  77. India Mack

    India Mack3 dagar sedan

    @ビッチ ISSA joke luv

  78. ビッチ

    ビッチ3 dagar sedan

    i find it so funny how people are like #stopvikabuse even when they are friends

  79. Moelasi Tavita

    Moelasi Tavita2 månader sedan

    its called banter

  80. Vidhyam Doshi

    Vidhyam Doshi2 månader sedan

    Harry is such a cheating nonce 😂

  81. Fabulous

    Fabulous2 månader sedan

    vikk is the best, HE IS UNDERRATED.

  82. kian

    kian2 månader sedan

    Yes I forgot when having 6 million subscribers is underrated

  83. Tdy

    Tdy2 månader sedan

    Challenge 1: The old trio from the old SIDEMEN OLYMPICS on Harry’s channel reunited. :D

  84. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki2 månader sedan


  85. Mikkel Andresen

    Mikkel Andresen2 månader sedan


  86. Dan brooks

    Dan brooks2 månader sedan

    8:40 Logan Paul would be proud

  87. Ryan Innes

    Ryan Innes2 månader sedan

    JJ can beat logan paul but can't do a intro

  88. Kapish Joshi

    Kapish Joshi2 månader sedan

    I swear to god everytime JJ and Vikk are on a team JJ always makes things mad cringe and awkward.

  89. Totoro

    Totoro2 månader sedan

    12:29 lol

  90. Dylan Guild

    Dylan Guild2 månader sedan

    I will say it again a hate tobi with a passion he complains at everything he’s never happy when the other are laughing

  91. JackaBoi YT

    JackaBoi YT2 månader sedan

    3:49 what the hell is Harry doing 🤣

  92. Vijan Dahal

    Vijan Dahal2 månader sedan

    15:25 Ethan is the strongest in the group and it shows(some probably already knew dat)

  93. ARKAZZ

    ARKAZZ2 månader sedan

    These new sidemen fans are just stupid🤦🏻‍♂️ they don’t know how real their friendship is and just pick out little random points and diss the person. How do these people even socialise

  94. wolfie royal

    wolfie royal2 månader sedan

    I swear to god


    JANGAN NORAK2 månader sedan

    Balap karung

  96. Whore

    Whore2 månader sedan

    11:17 11:32 16:11

  97. Sriracha Donut

    Sriracha Donut2 månader sedan

    Joshs head looks unedited in the thumbnail

  98. Àbdi Charlotte

    Àbdi Charlotte2 månader sedan

    Jj= gives the host to tobi with a point Vik= imagine losing a point and not getting one again

  99. Curling

    Curling2 månader sedan

    if jj didnt give the points to tobi he would win

  100. Jack Dudley

    Jack Dudley2 månader sedan

    Words that KSI can’t pronounce •Wheel Barrel •Mural

  101. Gursh S

    Gursh S2 månader sedan

    #STOPVIKKABUSE it makes me sad watching dim just getting bullied ;(

  102. Cookie_Girl64

    Cookie_Girl642 månader sedan

    -Me starts smiling a lot- Also me: *i know damn well there’s some sort of KSImon... I can sense it...* *Yup there was **11:31** :)*

  103. Grave Mini

    Grave Mini2 månader sedan

    Josh has grey hair bruh

  104. OneLittleTaco

    OneLittleTaco2 månader sedan

    What if ksi and Logan Paul did a tug of war challenge

  105. Chelle Eve

    Chelle Eve2 månader sedan

    I started the video and almost spat my drink out immediately at JJ spinning the hoop around his neck

  106. Arpit Jangra

    Arpit Jangra2 månader sedan

    Well 3 legged race is too dangerous.. One of my friends had to get his leg amputated as it got twisted and there was medical negligence after that

  107. Harold C-S

    Harold C-S2 månader sedan

    What was Viks joke at 0:42?

  108. GUWOP

    GUWOP2 månader sedan

    There’s always that point in every year to rewatch all the sidemen videos