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  1. J2Clapz

    J2Clapz37 minuter sedan

    1:23them ones there when your on your friends team

  2. Sxiful_1

    Sxiful_153 minuter sedan

    Vik speaks way too much man so annoying

  3. Reload

    Reload59 minuter sedan

    I mean they got a yellow car

  4. Gwbeusu owndurn

    Gwbeusu owndurn2 timmar sedan

    Tobi is 2.5/ 3

  5. Syon Sunil

    Syon Sunil2 timmar sedan

    Bruh syon is my name

  6. Trica Dawson

    Trica Dawson5 timmar sedan

    Can we appreciate Ethan for driving all the way

  7. Adam N

    Adam N6 timmar sedan

    Vik should be faze Vikkstar

  8. Aeisha Rodriguez

    Aeisha Rodriguez6 timmar sedan

    58:09 The Caribbean in me💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻😄😄😄 come through steelpan!!!!!

  9. Spicy pickle

    Spicy pickle7 timmar sedan

    Imagine a welsh girl called stacey watching this...........

  10. L7 Spades

    L7 Spades9 timmar sedan

    Why does josh give dad vibes

  11. Adam Jasper

    Adam Jasper10 timmar sedan

    That's not a Renault Simon, That's a Citroen. I would know, I've had both

  12. Walker Trumpower

    Walker Trumpower12 timmar sedan

    When harry dented the car I was dying

  13. xino951

    xino95113 timmar sedan

    45:21 look at his face

  14. Deepa

    Deepa15 timmar sedan

    When Tobi said 8:43 “good thing i’m not asking” it made me kinda sad 🥺😂

  15. smoky_burrito

    smoky_burrito15 timmar sedan

    jj riding the segway was gold😂

  16. Jack Rogers

    Jack Rogers16 timmar sedan

    Was this all filmed in one day

  17. Doggo7950

    Doggo795017 timmar sedan

    at 3:46 when vik sneezed i sneezed like 1 second before him

  18. astroboi

    astroboi17 timmar sedan

    yooo i deadass cant stop laughing 45:34 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Jaxlo

    Jaxlo17 timmar sedan

    If I had a penny for every time Harry drank In this vid I would be able to afford the Berus chain

  20. Torchic YT

    Torchic YT17 timmar sedan

    Not only has Harry been drinking Grey Goose, he's been snorting some stuff as well.

  21. AestheticMarion :3

    AestheticMarion :318 timmar sedan

    3:05 Ethan is my dad driving, KSI is my mum playing with me and Simon is me forcing my mum to play with me

  22. mickeynag

    mickeynag18 timmar sedan

    JJ casualy stalking the others xD

  23. Ali

    Ali20 timmar sedan

    Note JJ got happy when simon was on ethans team

  24. Ann-Jonai Originals

    Ann-Jonai Originals23 timmar sedan

    Am I the only one who would rather be in the spaceship 😂😭

  25. arteta 5

    arteta 523 timmar sedan

    I only came back for this 45:15🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Conor Bowe

    Conor BoweDag sedan

    29:40 that is actually a Citroen and it’s almost identical to my car

  27. Ichigo Ichie

    Ichigo IchieDag sedan

    Ngl the ending to the 100$ one was sick n cool

  28. Paul Holban

    Paul HolbanDag sedan

    Watch this about 3 times in Quarantine

  29. Isabelle Berger

    Isabelle BergerDag sedan

    My family made there fortune through Reno

  30. Ted Brown

    Ted BrownDag sedan

    Vikk- “Awh we got our green cards” 😂😂😂

  31. Yehia Mohamed

    Yehia MohamedDag sedan

    At 1:21:48 is this jjs girlfriend

  32. jonathan p joseph

    jonathan p josephDag sedan

    I think harry disrespected the yellow team a little to much

  33. Olivia Gunn

    Olivia GunnDag sedan


  34. Jamzor - Bristolian Arsenolian

    Jamzor - Bristolian ArsenolianDag sedan

    lol sidemen @ clevedon pier u kno the ting

  35. Kaleb Jenkins

    Kaleb JenkinsDag sedan

    I think JJ has clinical depressoin

  36. Darkwebgaming OW

    Darkwebgaming OWDag sedan

    Waitress kinda hot

  37. deelanist

    deelanistDag sedan

    Why is JJ always on the good team?

  38. E5

    E5Dag sedan

    I would have wanted to be on the bad team

  39. Stump King

    Stump KingDag sedan


  40. SHAQIL32

    SHAQIL32Dag sedan

    They ask for 50k likes and they get 1 million likes

  41. Got to game With Rhys

    Got to game With RhysDag sedan

    How did they get a Citroen mixed with a Tesla and a rheno lol 😂

  42. this hom

    this homDag sedan

    The editor 😓

  43. R25 Newmi

    R25 NewmiDag sedan

    People road raging at Jj Ethan and Simon not releasing Jj would knock the crap out of them

  44. Wingel

    WingelDag sedan

    I'd honestly rather have the $100 trip with the right ppl

  45. Sync

    SyncDag sedan

    1:14:20 she sounded so done with him

  46. icecream ice

    icecream ice26 minuter sedan

    not really lol

  47. Mr Kong Gamer

    Mr Kong Gamer2 dagar sedan

    Please stop swearing I don't watch that much anymore because of your swearing guys

  48. A_71

    A_712 dagar sedan

    Yellow kinda sus

  49. TR0P1C_clan

    TR0P1C_clan2 dagar sedan

    7:25 Harry sounds posh

  50. Shhh

    Shhh2 dagar sedan

    The “bad” trip had a better place to stay tbh

  51. Isabelle Berger

    Isabelle Berger2 dagar sedan

    How many are there 37 Tobi

  52. Hilly

    Hilly2 dagar sedan

    If vik didn’t good luck sneeze green team would’ve been screwed

  53. Ammo

    AmmoDag sedan

    lol funny

  54. Apollo Syncc

    Apollo Syncc2 dagar sedan

    At the start I said to my self either Ethan finally wins or JJ finally loses And somehow it was neither

  55. Apollo Syncc

    Apollo Syncc2 dagar sedan

    Ethan: what language do they speak? Simon: hdhuegwvsndkspam

  56. TheBuyzIntehclub 1

    TheBuyzIntehclub 12 dagar sedan

    no one gonna talk about the fact that Harry can't do standard maths

  57. Alice Owen

    Alice Owen2 dagar sedan

    Stacey: 👁👄👁

  58. Walshy 96 Gaming

    Walshy 96 Gaming2 dagar sedan

    I wanted to cry with Harry when they broke his toy car 😭

  59. Walshy 96 Gaming

    Walshy 96 Gaming2 dagar sedan

    Is Harry ok , it must have hurt

  60. Walshy 96 Gaming

    Walshy 96 Gaming2 dagar sedan

    Who is your favourite sidemen member Comment below

  61. Walshy 96 Gaming

    Walshy 96 Gaming2 dagar sedan

    Why is Simon so good at mixing cards

  62. metehan nigde ellibir

    metehan nigde ellibir2 dagar sedan

    45:33 stupid

  63. jana matar

    jana matar2 dagar sedan

    Bruh if that's what $100 gets me. I'm moving overseas to them

  64. zFj

    zFj2 dagar sedan


  65. S S

    S S2 dagar sedan

    ethan getting mad a jj is a whole dang mood

  66. Babadoe

    Babadoe3 dagar sedan

    Just a question what are those cameras

  67. Babadoe

    Babadoe2 dagar sedan

    @Ivan B thanks man legend

  68. Ivan B

    Ivan B2 dagar sedan

    Canon G7x

  69. Calme

    Calme3 dagar sedan

    The ending to this video was so nice...

  70. Sumaya Omer

    Sumaya Omer3 dagar sedan

    Me: R.I.P our boy Simon. He Lives A Good Life 😔😔😔

  71. Will Thorogood

    Will Thorogood3 dagar sedan


  72. Will Thorogood

    Will Thorogood3 dagar sedan


  73. Godwin

    Godwin3 dagar sedan

    vik being on the good team physically pisses me off

  74. F1 Josh

    F1 Josh3 dagar sedan

    JJ was still faster than a Williams

  75. boringFN

    boringFN3 dagar sedan

    8:39 to 8:44 was so funny 😂

  76. JWSGaming

    JWSGaming3 dagar sedan

    Dude........when Harry fell off the car, I laughed for 30 minutes 🤣🤣🤣

  77. Jack Buckley

    Jack Buckley3 dagar sedan

    My mum got pist because her name is Stacey

  78. haha haha

    haha haha3 dagar sedan

    my mams name is stacey :/

  79. MAK

    MAK3 dagar sedan

    did anyone every get the football?

  80. Someone 473

    Someone 4733 dagar sedan

    Green team: happy for getting lambos Yellow team: happy for the boot/trunk opening

  81. Drew Neff

    Drew Neff3 dagar sedan

    in rewatching this, and ya know what?? i respect JJ for sticking to his training and not drinking during dinner at the house, good for him, dedication

  82. Sadie Metzger

    Sadie Metzger3 dagar sedan


  83. Aaron CGames

    Aaron CGames4 dagar sedan

    this is a bit clickbate bc a cae with brandind on it isnt a 100 pounds

  84. DyLaNp883

    DyLaNp8834 dagar sedan

    It's definitely a Renault

  85. TellyTubby 007

    TellyTubby 0074 dagar sedan

    kick tobi out of sidemen

  86. A U

    A U3 dagar sedan

    No one gives a fk about ur opinion

  87. Ehab Alwi

    Ehab Alwi4 dagar sedan

    the ending was so wholesome with the guitar strings and the moody music just tide it up pretty nicely ,lovely

  88. Nathan Gunasekera

    Nathan Gunasekera4 dagar sedan


  89. Slick Sumin

    Slick Sumin4 dagar sedan

    39:10 Dying 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  90. Grady Dunsmore

    Grady Dunsmore4 dagar sedan

    I never forget how bad Logan Paul is at boxing compared to jj

  91. x1Saf

    x1Saf4 dagar sedan

    bro thas mad i was at that outlet the day before lol didnt think anyone came to the shithole that is swindon lol

  92. aged stain

    aged stain4 dagar sedan

    45:22 the genuine sadness I can see he feels

  93. Matthew Bodell

    Matthew Bodell4 dagar sedan

    What's the second song in the hummer???

  94. Arvin 123

    Arvin 1234 dagar sedan

    Yo Swindon gang where are u

  95. Løve 09

    Løve 094 dagar sedan

    Seen this vlog 5 times

  96. Rose Studio

    Rose Studio4 dagar sedan

    I love it how ksi is attacking Ethan because he thinks he can't drive😂😂

  97. C.c C

    C.c C4 dagar sedan

    It’s a tradition to watch this once in a while

  98. LMAO 321

    LMAO 3214 dagar sedan

    33:43 omg tobi vibing

  99. Zaila T

    Zaila T4 dagar sedan

    Yo I’d take the ufo, jet Pac-Man and everything over the mansion cause that was definitely lit😭

  100. adamm kal

    adamm kal4 dagar sedan


  101. Beau Moloney

    Beau Moloney4 dagar sedan

    oh look Simon its the inbetweeners XD

  102. Ian Hothi

    Ian Hothi5 dagar sedan

    Simon: “swish” (misses the shot and there isn’t even a net to “swish”) LMAO

  103. Noirr

    Noirr5 dagar sedan

    1:23:33 mans thought hes gonna get shot

  104. Franklin Hein

    Franklin Hein5 dagar sedan

    I think I d rather be on the bad team cuz the good one looks boring af

  105. Jack Atkinson

    Jack Atkinson5 dagar sedan

    1:25:16 one of my fav sidemen shots