The Sidemen are being interviewed today but can only answer with one word...#SidemenSunday
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  1. It do go Down

    It do go Down4 timmar sedan


  2. Team NLF

    Team NLF8 timmar sedan

    Harry’s scream was so funny

  3. Ellie Hutchings

    Ellie Hutchings12 timmar sedan

    Vim is so innerent and when JJ says something dirty Mindy he like why am I here.....

  4. Oobleck Slam

    Oobleck Slam13 timmar sedan

    15:09 was JJ talking bout Andrea russett?

  5. Summer Soldier

    Summer SoldierDag sedan


  6. Tnç Dmn

    Tnç DmnDag sedan


  7. sam 07

    sam 072 dagar sedan

    9:15 iconic

  8. Jonny Choc

    Jonny Choc2 dagar sedan


  9. Tony Shwe

    Tony Shwe2 dagar sedan

    6:36 look at vik face

  10. ItsFoxii

    ItsFoxii3 dagar sedan


  11. Floyd Emmett

    Floyd Emmett3 dagar sedan

    Harry is the funniest sidemen no doubt

  12. GanGo 000

    GanGo 0004 dagar sedan


  13. chloe mosedale

    chloe mosedale4 dagar sedan

    harry is so funny in this

  14. chloe mosedale

    chloe mosedale4 dagar sedan

    single funniest video ever

  15. /Amryl Anderson

    /Amryl Anderson4 dagar sedan


  16. Marin Kiprovski

    Marin Kiprovski4 dagar sedan

    16:23 JJ's face went from ''😀'' to ''😨''

  17. GNB75 The Hedgehog

    GNB75 The Hedgehog6 dagar sedan

    Click doesn't exist anymore lol

  18. Chris Ward

    Chris Ward6 dagar sedan

    Can confirm; "Dinosaur" is best advice

  19. Bryan Sifontes

    Bryan Sifontes6 dagar sedan


  20. Alice González

    Alice González6 dagar sedan

    what is happening with simon's hair.................

  21. Mateo Roldan-Raymond

    Mateo Roldan-Raymond7 dagar sedan

    Vikk is hilariousssss

  22. Faze Garlic

    Faze Garlic8 dagar sedan

    Pls gossip

  23. crying in a cool way

    crying in a cool way8 dagar sedan

    3:10 well that didn't age well

  24. crying in a cool way

    crying in a cool way8 dagar sedan

    3:09 Simon predicting the future 😂

  25. Simping for leafyishere

    Simping for leafyishere9 dagar sedan

    Yo akbar vick JJ: vick droppin bombs 11:22

  26. worm

    worm9 dagar sedan

    the melancholy bit is the funniest thing ever


    REALITY- TUBE9 dagar sedan

    9:14- Harry is the funniest sidemen in the group. Shout out to W2S

  28. simon o'mahony

    simon o'mahony10 dagar sedan

    Love how the vik saying knowledge and strength and simon saying thats all there is to him pays off so well with the newest sidemen Sunday split or steal

  29. Whore

    Whore10 dagar sedan


  30. News Flash I’m tired

    News Flash I’m tired10 dagar sedan

    5:56 Best reply so far I nearly peed myself 👁👁

  31. Lukas

    Lukas11 dagar sedan

    IM 300.000 LIKE OMG


    BLOXYBRAWLER1711 dagar sedan

    Vikk-“knowledge “ Simon-An extra word Vikk-“strength” Me-Thinks Simon is gonna say “another word” and Vikk says “integrity” Simon actually-that’s about all there is to him I was dying of laughter

  33. Lochlan Pearce

    Lochlan Pearce12 dagar sedan

    Replay button free of charge 0:20

  34. EA Rh

    EA Rh13 dagar sedan

    Vik is always so nervous around jj

  35. Ps Now

    Ps Now13 dagar sedan

    Jesus is coming soon have faith, belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins

  36. A C

    A C12 dagar sedan

    @Ps Now but if people can be punished for sinning, where is the forgiveness?

  37. Ps Now

    Ps Now12 dagar sedan

    @A C he died for the forgiveness of sins

  38. A C

    A C12 dagar sedan

    @Ps Now if jesus died for our sins then how are people still able to sin??

  39. Ps Now

    Ps Now12 dagar sedan

    @A C and all sins are forgiveable (except blasphemy aganist the holy spirit) because of Jesus sacarfice on the cross

  40. A C

    A C12 dagar sedan

    Piss off.

  41. Ps Now

    Ps Now13 dagar sedan

    Jesus is coming soon have faith, belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins

  42. Emma Lawley

    Emma Lawley13 dagar sedan

    every talking about ethan and tobi. but no one talking about harry and josh

  43. Joshua Balmes

    Joshua Balmes13 dagar sedan

    Vikk said he hates kassy now he play among us with him

  44. Breeze Jezza

    Breeze Jezza16 dagar sedan

    Simons hair b looking like the Sydney opera house

  45. jesse macneil

    jesse macneil17 dagar sedan

    One of the best sidemen videos . Ethan talking about jk nutting and when Harry had his zinger after lol .. bro so funny

  46. jesse macneil

    jesse macneil17 dagar sedan

    Bahaha this was low-key so funny

  47. SNOOP S

    SNOOP S17 dagar sedan

    Just me that finished Simon's sentence when he said "rah" and i said sett.

  48. Vegeta Rules All

    Vegeta Rules All17 dagar sedan

    Notice how Simon said that knowledge and strength were all JJ had. He was right.

  49. H4lmakai

    H4lmakai19 dagar sedan

    JJ mad annoying he looks like he likes hurting vics feelings😡👎

  50. HamiV Plays

    HamiV Plays21 dag sedan


  51. UnknXwn_Prospect

    UnknXwn_Prospect21 dag sedan


  52. osea Kunalaqa

    osea Kunalaqa22 dagar sedan

    On Google jj is worth 20 million dollars

  53. Bradley Kater

    Bradley Kater23 dagar sedan

    I think I've watched this video atleast 15 times and it still is so damn funny

  54. Kye Vincent

    Kye Vincent23 dagar sedan

    9:12 so u can replay Harry’s scream as much as u want

  55. Kye Vincent

    Kye Vincent22 dagar sedan

    Fisics. Exe -_- wait a few seconds

  56. Fisics. Exe -_-

    Fisics. Exe -_-22 dagar sedan

    Kye Vincent thats josh...

  57. Andrew Stevens

    Andrew Stevens24 dagar sedan

    Harry: buys slave Sad JJ noises

  58. Nexus

    Nexus24 dagar sedan

    Ethan and tobi are just the best duo

  59. Charlie Abouserhal

    Charlie Abouserhal25 dagar sedan

  60. Fisics. Exe -_-

    Fisics. Exe -_-22 dagar sedan

    Charlie Abouserhal stfu self promoter

  61. siyaram siyaram

    siyaram siyaram25 dagar sedan

    9:16 meme material 🤖

  62. Armaan Dosanjh

    Armaan Dosanjh28 dagar sedan

    At 8:40 they talking bout jesserthelazer? 😂

  63. Its Rihal

    Its Rihal28 dagar sedan

    Harry is pretty sus in this video ngl

  64. ThaGangstaFTW

    ThaGangstaFTW28 dagar sedan

    If anyone were to be kicked from the Sidemen, it would be a Vik. I wouldn’t even be that mad.

  65. Angelina Pototskaia

    Angelina Pototskaia29 dagar sedan

    Harry trying to understand what melancholy means killed me 😂😂😂

  66. PedroHardy1

    PedroHardy1Månad sedan

    2:25 KSIMON is real

  67. Illuminati

    IlluminatiMånad sedan


  68. Vedran Tometic

    Vedran TometicMånad sedan

    tobi knows whats good

  69. Carlisle Jones

    Carlisle JonesMånad sedan

    9:14 replay

  70. MrThiccNik YT

    MrThiccNik YTMånad sedan

    To everyone that's reading this: My dream is to hit 1k subscribers and I'm struggling to get there, so please Subscribe to my SEtoos CHANNEL to help me reach my dream ❤️🙏🏽

  71. Cecilia Willis

    Cecilia WillisMånad sedan

    We need another one of these PLEASE 🙏🏼

  72. Mel Bad da funny

    Mel Bad da funnyMånad sedan

    The way ethan laughs at 2:33

  73. Robert Wade

    Robert WadeMånad sedan

    12:35 what's up with vics face lol

  74. Luca Bowe

    Luca BoweMånad sedan

    Best sidemen video ever.

  75. Emma Murdoch

    Emma MurdochMånad sedan

    i will love this video till the day i die

  76. Mishen Govender

    Mishen GovenderMånad sedan

    Props to tobbi for choosing sssniperwolf

  77. Zilla 46

    Zilla 46Månad sedan

    Unfortunately it was a bad choice

  78. Evality

    EvalityMånad sedan

    Vik looked so scared of jj

  79. Johs Finne-Midttun

    Johs Finne-MidttunMånad sedan

    1:58 Harry looks like a 70 year old man looking at that phone

  80. Dairy Ass

    Dairy AssMånad sedan

    2:25 another ksimom moment



    tobEthan lol

  82. GrrMondays1006

    GrrMondays1006Månad sedan

    9:56 is ELITE

  83. blzmo leo

    blzmo leoMånad sedan

    Pls bring part 2

  84. Mark Nutt

    Mark NuttMånad sedan

    This is disgraceful, how dare they not follow social distancing laws

  85. Mark Nutt

    Mark NuttMånad sedan

    Fisics. Exe -_- just look up R/Whoosh on SEtoos

  86. Fisics. Exe -_-

    Fisics. Exe -_-Månad sedan

    Mark Nutt ?

  87. Mark Nutt

    Mark NuttMånad sedan

    Fisics. Exe -_- Whoooooosh

  88. Fisics. Exe -_-

    Fisics. Exe -_-Månad sedan

    Mark Nutt fam it’s 2 years ago

  89. Mikeg73

    Mikeg73Månad sedan

    8:45 if only the rest of us could be that naive

  90. Clair Mariner

    Clair MarinerMånad sedan

    9:15 voice crack

  91. Nihaaligo

    NihaaligoMånad sedan

    1:41 ew look at Ethan

  92. Gheyath Alshamaa

    Gheyath AlshamaaMånad sedan

    4:40 how do u know it’s granny? Simon: because it’s Ethan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  93. Certified 0g99

    Certified 0g99Månad sedan


  94. Joakim Krokstad

    Joakim KrokstadMånad sedan

    15:13 who does ksi say?

  95. Ben Hartless

    Ben HartlessMånad sedan

    Every like is a vote to have click and sidemen start beef

  96. TheBananaPeel

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  97. Subscribe if you can breath

    Subscribe if you can breathMånad sedan

    Harry and Josh are a sick duo

  98. David sweeney13v

    David sweeney13vMånad sedan

    JJ:Viks dropping bombs ME:😲😲

  99. Hedda Dybvadskog

    Hedda DybvadskogMånad sedan

    We need a sequel

  100. Tide Pods

    Tide PodsMånad sedan

    14:01 ryanstoyreview 😍😍

  101. mixedorange

    mixedorangeMånad sedan

    Bring this back!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  102. liam ramlochan 3.2

    liam ramlochan 3.2Månad sedan

    i still cant believe josh and harry supported deij"S channel more than jj did 😂😂

  103. Anton Mihaylov

    Anton MihaylovMånad sedan

    teacher: oh i forgot about the extra homew... me: 9:16

  104. Daniell

    DaniellMånad sedan

    I think simon was ss god back then..

  105. Isaac Hopkins

    Isaac HopkinsMånad sedan

    Sidemen are so bad Not got ya

  106. JesseMT

    JesseMTMånad sedan

    Harry and Ethan is a great thing

  107. Sa Pilimai

    Sa PilimaiMånad sedan

    2:25for ksi reddit 😂😂😂

  108. Turnt up Mango

    Turnt up MangoMånad sedan

    1:12 oml y jj gotta do vik like that XD

  109. John Ken

    John KenMånad sedan

    Pause the vid at 2:38 i got scared

  110. R Au

    R AuMånad sedan

    Harry and JJ are the best duo

  111. RockyDavis 112

    RockyDavis 112Månad sedan

    5:53 perfect synchronize

  112. Keiron Furlong

    Keiron FurlongMånad sedan

    9:14 shall cure your depression...

  113. Logan Vd Walt

    Logan Vd WaltMånad sedan

    *who is watching this in 2020*

  114. Lucky Lever Studios

    Lucky Lever StudiosMånad sedan

    *please don't*