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  1. IshchildTM Entertainment

    IshchildTM Entertainment12 minuter sedan

    Ngl imma need the @ for that snake lady, she lookin kinda peng. Ps, I'm down bad, really bad

  2. Mr Pleasant

    Mr PleasantTimme sedan


  3. Charlie Fosse Lund

    Charlie Fosse LundTimme sedan

    ksi is the simon of the show


    ETHIO BEATBOX2 timmar sedan

    KOTCHA YEAH!!!!!

  5. Superior

    Superior2 timmar sedan


  6. Alexx Sh

    Alexx Sh7 timmar sedan

    I need a whole one hour video with D -Low and Frosty

  7. Hus Hus Time

    Hus Hus Time8 timmar sedan

    The outro is so underrated

  8. Ahill

    Ahill9 timmar sedan

    Ngl D-Low and Frosty's act was so funny

  9. Razorbackblood The Clan

    Razorbackblood The Clan12 timmar sedan


  10. Mwangz

    Mwangz14 timmar sedan

    32:51 I love it how everyone just ducked asap

  11. IT’s Robbie

    IT’s Robbie14 timmar sedan

    Lol no offence 😎

  12. IT’s Robbie

    IT’s Robbie14 timmar sedan


  13. Mwangz

    Mwangz14 timmar sedan

    I dont like ksi as a judge the next sidemen got talent put on the sides please. He pressed the buzzer for no reason

  14. Kgrey Grey

    Kgrey Grey14 timmar sedan

    Was JJ supposed to be Simon or something

  15. GoldLaney2k10

    GoldLaney2k1016 timmar sedan

    All i see is jj’s jealousy at dlow’s lyric and musical genius

  16. Jamie Grove

    Jamie Grove17 timmar sedan

    To be fare though...

  17. Gonzalo Villagomez

    Gonzalo Villagomez18 timmar sedan

    yo d-low is a good as beat boxer

  18. Nkosi Mkutyukelva

    Nkosi Mkutyukelva18 timmar sedan


  19. sashaシ

    sashaシ20 timmar sedan

    Why does JJ act like Simon

  20. Sleepax

    Sleepax21 timme sedan

    ksi when hes song was on hahahahaha

  21. shivam mathuria

    shivam mathuria22 timmar sedan

    Sidemen are best entertainers on youtube.

  22. Dylan Naran

    Dylan Naran22 timmar sedan

    Props to Simon for facing his fear!!

  23. Xerror

    Xerror22 timmar sedan

    'hello my name is alex from cornwall' *happy alex rider fan noises*

  24. J YAN

    J YAN22 timmar sedan

    who is the fat guy plsss let me know

  25. aRdNeTiH

    aRdNeTiH23 timmar sedan

    54:15 the accent change🤣


    MAC MONEYSACDag sedan

    I hate jj and i will hate him forever.

  27. Easher

    EasherDag sedan

    34:57 beatboxers

  28. Olalekan Oyefara

    Olalekan OyefaraDag sedan

    JJ's a freaking saddist...


    SWEETCHILLI555Dag sedan

    Is it just me who wants to learn the balloon thing???

  30. Tobias Balhar

    Tobias BalharDag sedan

    anyone noticed how KSI doesn't appreciate any act

  31. Park

    ParkDag sedan

    well, toby wasn't just flying in the magic show apparently 49:25

  32. Joanna

    JoannaDag sedan

    i’ll be honest, i didn’t like jj’s character

  33. alex02dj

    alex02djDag sedan

    best talent show ive ever seen

  34. rasifiy

    rasifiyDag sedan

    Simon Cowell took over jj's body

  35. Jess Barber

    Jess BarberDag sedan

    What was ksi’s song called

  36. Sswifty

    SswiftyDag sedan

    At 1:03:55 listen for the discord notification 😂

  37. Aaradhya Verma

    Aaradhya VermaDag sedan

    JJ after Dlow And Frosty’s performance clearly suggests that he should be bullied more

  38. iorange HD

    iorange HDDag sedan

    Who is the weird talking old man at 26:00

  39. Masungu Lenati

    Masungu LenatiDag sedan

    KSI the black Simon

  40. Miock

    MiockDag sedan

    52:03 I'm dead 💀💀

  41. Daryl Khoo

    Daryl KhooDag sedan

    35:34 Highkey the best act! Absolute 🔥

  42. Ethan Porter

    Ethan PorterDag sedan

    "yah nah obviously it was a bangin song" i love that

  43. Usman Ansari

    Usman AnsariDag sedan

    Ksi tryna be Simon Cowell

  44. Frantic AJ - Gaming

    Frantic AJ - GamingDag sedan

    I'd simp for snake lady I can't lie, the guy swallowing the sword was the best act though for sure, it was definitely the most dangerous and talented

  45. Beaner 101

    Beaner 10134 minuter sedan

    I think so

  46. Frantic AJ - Gaming

    Frantic AJ - GamingTimme sedan

    @Beaner 101 fr?

  47. Beaner 101

    Beaner 10114 timmar sedan

    Pretty sure the sword folds like paper

  48. GamerboyAli

    GamerboyAliDag sedan

    When I saw D-Low I was shocked af

  49. Dank Shit

    Dank ShitDag sedan

    so many great jokes made in this video :D

  50. JamesPlayz8

    JamesPlayz8Dag sedan

    cant lie the ring of fire was intense and love ur vids i watched the whole of every vid

  51. Mason Saunders

    Mason SaundersDag sedan

    jj is just sad that on that stage have actually have a talent

  52. carlitoskafre

    carlitoskafreDag sedan

    YOOOO the beatbox guys WTF

  53. K 10

    K 10Dag sedan

    The sloths had me rolling 😭

  54. Ian Bourguignat

    Ian BourguignatDag sedan

    I knew that dude. That dude pulled an airplane with his ears

  55. soak

    soakDag sedan


  56. bearloll

    bearlollDag sedan

    jj really out here being simon cowell

  57. TypBeats

    TypBeatsDag sedan

    jj is the black simon cowell

  58. TypBeats

    TypBeatsDag sedan

    they got more talent here then the actual britains got talent

  59. Ellis North

    Ellis NorthDag sedan

    49:23 is the reason Tobi will never be able to get a girlfriend 🤣🤣

  60. pearlsbubbletea

    pearlsbubbleteaDag sedan

    41:44 fortnite slurp barrel behind him

  61. pearlsbubbletea

    pearlsbubbleteaDag sedan

    D-LOW?! :O edit: i was scrolling through the video and i saw a guy holding a mic, for some reason i instantly thought it was beatbox

  62. DrexFNBR

    DrexFNBRDag sedan

    i lovet D-lows beatbox rap

  63. Haxard

    HaxardDag sedan

    Jj is a simp

  64. its chuy

    its chuy2 dagar sedan

    Beatbox guy go hard af 🔥wtf

  65. Johann Diaz

    Johann Diaz2 dagar sedan

    jj is basicly the walmart version of simon cowell

  66. Meghan Roche

    Meghan Roche2 dagar sedan

    XOTECH1 on lnstagram resolved my wallet issues, I used his PrivateKey to transfer my Ñöñ spendablé

  67. Meghan Roche

    Meghan Roche2 dagar sedan

    XOTECH1 on lnstagram resolved my wallet issues, I used his PrivateKey to transfer my Ñöñ spendabléXOTECH1 on lnstagram resolved my wallet issues, I used his PrivateKey to transfer my Ñöñ spendablé

  68. hen ko

    hen ko2 dagar sedan

    Watched the video for the first time two weeks after it came out because I didn’t have time and I think it’s my new favourite Sidemen Sunday

  69. Lilimai Palmer

    Lilimai Palmer2 dagar sedan

    Thought the first guy was Calfreezy

  70. hen ko

    hen ko2 dagar sedan

    Imagine they got ollie ball and jacob paski

  71. Litstar

    Litstar2 dagar sedan

    I didn't realise helmet boy vikk at 39:07

  72. Peerawat Thanomsak

    Peerawat Thanomsak2 dagar sedan


  73. James Sali

    James Sali2 dagar sedan

    I HIGHLY recommend watching the beatboxing bit with headphones

  74. James Jimenez

    James Jimenez2 dagar sedan

    The first guy looked like callfezzy

  75. CometsAutomatic _

    CometsAutomatic _2 dagar sedan


  76. CometsAutomatic _

    CometsAutomatic _2 dagar sedan


  77. BLOOD

    BLOOD2 dagar sedan

    37:51 is the best beat for zerkaa

  78. بشار بشار

    بشار بشار2 dagar sedan


  79. Dada FN

    Dada FN2 dagar sedan

    the sword guy made me wanna🔪someone

  80. Ethan Lester

    Ethan Lester2 dagar sedan


  81. Isaiah Mohamed

    Isaiah Mohamed2 dagar sedan

    37:52 thank me later 🤌🤌

  82. Zamin Ahmed

    Zamin Ahmed2 dagar sedan

    Tobi and vick>ant and dec

  83. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy2 dagar sedan

    no one talking about how the strong men were absolutely PACKING

  84. Littleskiddy6

    Littleskiddy62 dagar sedan

    Imagine they got ollie ball and jacob paski

  85. Silverman Plays

    Silverman Plays2 dagar sedan

    Watched the video for the first time two weeks after it came out because I didn’t have time and I think it’s my new favourite Sidemen Sunday

  86. Olivia Hall

    Olivia Hall2 dagar sedan

    what does D-Low say after portugal?

  87. NRG Hammad

    NRG Hammad2 dagar sedan

    Ksi reminded me of Simon Cowell

  88. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy2 dagar sedan

    how is this better than Britain's got talent

  89. Kevin Mejia

    Kevin Mejia2 dagar sedan

    The beat they use on Josh’s bar was sick from DLOW I’ve heard it from a song but I don’t know what the song is, if anyone knows reply to this 😂

  90. Angelo Cruz

    Angelo Cruz2 dagar sedan

    D-LOW seemed to have a little fan moment with Vik and Tobi lol

  91. Natsu 24

    Natsu 242 dagar sedan

    Btw ppl here for the esh d-low and frosty are at 34:55

  92. BONES

    BONES2 dagar sedan

    look at them simps except jj

  93. Nqbz

    Nqbz2 dagar sedan


  94. Nqbz

    Nqbz2 dagar sedan


  95. Nqbz

    Nqbz2 dagar sedan


  96. Nqbz

    Nqbz2 dagar sedan


  97. Nqbz

    Nqbz2 dagar sedan


  98. Nqbz

    Nqbz2 dagar sedan


  99. Reubezz

    Reubezz2 dagar sedan

    na i love dlow so much cant believe he came on this

  100. Piper charms

    Piper charms2 dagar sedan

    Lol the people in sloth costumes (how can we mess with the Sidemen)

  101. Odactive

    Odactive2 dagar sedan

    If JJ was replaced by anyone else, more than half of the contestants that didn't make it would've made it.

  102. loco standi

    loco standi2 dagar sedan

    how is this better than Britain's got talent

  103. Eva 5213

    Eva 52132 dagar sedan

    Everyone:🙂😂😍😆😃😊✨ JJ: 😐 🤝

  104. TheWhitePanther 11

    TheWhitePanther 112 dagar sedan

    36:09 my favourite part

  105. McFoodie

    McFoodie2 dagar sedan


  106. ᴇ ᴛ ʜ ᴀ ɴ

    ᴇ ᴛ ʜ ᴀ ɴ2 dagar sedan

    Is it me or did Vik get his eyebrows done?