The Sidemen play Truth or Lies with complete strangers! #SidemenSunday
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  1. Vikkstar123

    Vikkstar123År sedan

    Phil is BACK! 😂 Check out his previous appearance here:

  2. Chad Walker

    Chad Walker7 dagar sedan

    @Brando no

  3. Hobdayz

    Hobdayz2 månader sedan


  4. CB

    CB2 månader sedan

    The only things JJ has knocked out boxing are cereal "boxes" in the morning

  5. Panther-BLM

    Panther-BLM3 månader sedan

    @Brando Vikkstar: No, I don't think I will

  6. noobplayz

    noobplayz3 månader sedan


  7. Cmull 6126

    Cmull 612621 minut sedan

    This entire bid is just calling jj fat

  8. Thom D

    Thom DDag sedan


  9. PinkPanda 123

    PinkPanda 1232 dagar sedan

    Deji pissing on ksi, what a man

  10. Double Bands

    Double Bands2 dagar sedan

    Deji got some explaining to do

  11. Connor Webb

    Connor Webb3 dagar sedan


  12. Theredstonezone

    Theredstonezone3 dagar sedan

    I got a 30 minute ad...

  13. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ3 dagar sedan

    Wassup bro 😂😂😂

  14. S H N

    S H N3 dagar sedan

    Who googled Harry's leaked photo after this

  15. lytt

    lytt3 dagar sedan

    *Petition for Phil to join the sidemen*

  16. Lockey

    Lockey3 dagar sedan

    JJ don't even look fat in this, idk why they sayin that lol

  17. RIP Mamba

    RIP Mamba3 dagar sedan

    we need more phil

  18. mrbunnylamakins

    mrbunnylamakins4 dagar sedan

    This says more about the contestants than sidemen.

  19. Eder Hazred

    Eder Hazred4 dagar sedan

    Why do people like Phil? Genuinely curious.

  20. Ant D

    Ant D4 dagar sedan


  21. Dina Heimour

    Dina Heimour5 dagar sedan

    tv9 live telugu

  22. Sam Warren

    Sam Warren5 dagar sedan

    Harry must be protected

  23. Gabrielle Wetherbee

    Gabrielle Wetherbee5 dagar sedan

    Phil is the best

  24. Owen Chua

    Owen Chua5 dagar sedan


  25. Bred

    Bred5 dagar sedan

    Kiera is so bloody posh

  26. Taking Names

    Taking Names6 dagar sedan

    so we are just gonna ignore how toby was ready to square up to phil

  27. Kay Clement

    Kay Clement6 dagar sedan

    Phil is such a legend

  28. AlmightyKibaX

    AlmightyKibaX6 dagar sedan


  29. AlmightyKibaX

    AlmightyKibaX6 dagar sedan


  30. Lucio Gonzalez

    Lucio Gonzalez7 dagar sedan

    The girl hitting on Ethan is so beautiful.....

  31. emily rose

    emily rose7 dagar sedan

    for reference purposes if that makes sense 20:00

  32. King Yuvaz

    King Yuvaz8 dagar sedan

    The most underrated line in the video 15:38

  33. MiddleDesert 501

    MiddleDesert 5018 dagar sedan

    Some times I think Phil is a US Marine Corps Drill Instructor

  34. Abigail Clapperton

    Abigail Clapperton8 dagar sedan

    Stoky knockout vs eathin in the boxing ring🤕🤕🤕

  35. eza serrano

    eza serrano8 dagar sedan

    “Again please mommy”

  36. Stela Limbu

    Stela Limbu8 dagar sedan

    It should be gordon ramsay xD

  37. jósi mann

    jósi mann8 dagar sedan

    Phil's pretty much a cringe

  38. Kyira

    Kyira8 dagar sedan

    Nah I would've stolen off on the one who spits water bc that trifling

  39. Declan Paterson97

    Declan Paterson978 dagar sedan

    Scotland folk are just the funniest

  40. Joshie N.K Kahoalii

    Joshie N.K Kahoalii8 dagar sedan

    Looked like JJ wanted to beat tf out of Phil

  41. News Flash I’m tired

    News Flash I’m tired9 dagar sedan

    Cmon guys let’s not fat-shame now. Like I even see it in the videos now, cmon mates.

  42. News Flash I’m tired

    News Flash I’m tired9 dagar sedan

    Phil and the dude in the floral shirt should be sidemen

  43. VividlyYouPhoto Booth

    VividlyYouPhoto Booth9 dagar sedan

    Better title: strangers try to find the imposter

  44. 匚Ǥ 20

    匚Ǥ 2010 dagar sedan

    i had an ad with toby in it! lol i know no one will see this

  45. L K

    L K10 dagar sedan

    jj's hair looks like whole wheat cheetos

  46. Will Lewis

    Will Lewis10 dagar sedan

    Joe .... joe mama

  47. skipper navarro

    skipper navarro10 dagar sedan

    What is a Tory

  48. Ravenray

    Ravenray10 dagar sedan

    I love Phil 🤣

  49. Ps Now

    Ps Now10 dagar sedan

    Jesus is coming soon have faith, belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins.

  50. KlosW3rld

    KlosW3rld10 dagar sedan

    Toby: Take One More step Me: Hot

  51. the running man

    the running man10 dagar sedan

    I felt so bad for JJ throughout this video

  52. Me

    Me11 dagar sedan

    Wtf is a Tory

  53. Ephraim Jay

    Ephraim Jay11 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one that went to check for the photo

  54. Mohamed M

    Mohamed M11 dagar sedan

    That guy phill is not funny at all man

  55. Rappyrocks

    Rappyrocks11 dagar sedan

    Toby don’t like Phil?

  56. Wat Dafuk

    Wat Dafuk12 dagar sedan

    just here to check if ethan looked like a girl

  57. Ava Muller

    Ava Muller13 dagar sedan


  58. The space Rocket

    The space Rocket13 dagar sedan

    Sweet Home Alabama

  59. Kermit Le Frog

    Kermit Le Frog13 dagar sedan


  60. Potato Luna

    Potato Luna14 dagar sedan

    Harry is so cute omfg 😭

  61. Xstorm Mute

    Xstorm Mute15 dagar sedan

    Ethan whith out his tattoos 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  62. Justin Rohr

    Justin Rohr15 dagar sedan

    1:22 Ethen: **** off phil PHIL!!!!

  63. Keira Cole

    Keira Cole16 dagar sedan


  64. Mori

    Mori18 dagar sedan

    Josh is my favorite because he’s always the most picked on for his old age and his looks :,(

  65. Mori

    Mori18 dagar sedan

    And I feel bad

  66. Sean Zwick

    Sean Zwick19 dagar sedan

    JJ when he sees a girl:😳😏

  67. Steven Jordan

    Steven Jordan19 dagar sedan

    "whats up bro"

  68. Arnav Khanna

    Arnav Khanna20 dagar sedan

    Are we all gonna move past ksi's whats up bro 😂

  69. Brayden Beast

    Brayden Beast20 dagar sedan

    I hope that I’m not the only one that noticed there all covering there boners

  70. CloudSportsFIFA

    CloudSportsFIFA22 dagar sedan


  71. HB W

    HB W22 dagar sedan

    I kinda feel bad for JJ man

  72. Aayan Nabeel

    Aayan Nabeel23 dagar sedan

    Phil is Ethan's uncle so he is also a jonce

  73. JellyBOB

    JellyBOB24 dagar sedan

    It says strangers but is it just me or does every stranger seem to have it out for a certain sidemen😂

  74. saad alhajeri

    saad alhajeri24 dagar sedan

    Am i the only one that finds Phil cringe

  75. Bruno Maruca

    Bruno Maruca24 dagar sedan

    What did the girl say at 6:23?

  76. SniperSd Sid

    SniperSd Sid24 dagar sedan

    lol i get the feel of SHADOWFRAX from Phil just more funny ?

  77. Juan Torres

    Juan Torres24 dagar sedan

    what’s a tory

  78. TA28

    TA2825 dagar sedan

  79. bob daniel

    bob daniel26 dagar sedan

    Finally, Someone that was born in my city (Hull)

  80. Jake 23

    Jake 2326 dagar sedan

    What is a tory

  81. Luke Guequierre

    Luke Guequierre14 dagar sedan

    Basically the British version of Republican, supported Brexit and whatnot.

  82. Gavindinhio -

    Gavindinhio -27 dagar sedan

    10:20 are we just going ignore that deji pissed on babatunde

  83. Blue Sky

    Blue Sky27 dagar sedan

    Cant get enough of 1:22 to 1:50 Phil is just hilarious

  84. Siddharth Pawar

    Siddharth Pawar27 dagar sedan

    I think the guy in the blue shirt was a bit extra man. Kind off ruining the fun.

  85. pete vretto

    pete vretto27 dagar sedan

    Loud house

  86. Justinrodriguez

    Justinrodriguez27 dagar sedan

    Phil is the guy who thinks he is funny but he is really an asswhole and every one hates him

  87. Bob Marley

    Bob Marley21 dag sedan

    Hes playing a character his yt is rafe young , hes a comedian

  88. Karim El Malt

    Karim El Malt28 dagar sedan

    Deji: My brother made me piss in his mouth.

  89. RSG_Hitman

    RSG_Hitman28 dagar sedan

    Damn Phil really let himself go

  90. Neel4312

    Neel431228 dagar sedan

    Phil is my unofficial sideman

  91. Oh Yea

    Oh Yea28 dagar sedan

    Who else wants too see how ethans date went | |

  92. Skyler Siu

    Skyler Siu29 dagar sedan

    well it's not really "strangers" since they knew Phil from before..

  93. Elijah Breon

    Elijah Breon29 dagar sedan

    Tobi always tryna fight Phil every time LMAO

  94. Anthony Hamilton-Smiles

    Anthony Hamilton-SmilesMånad sedan

    24:08 Behz looks like Stephen Tries

  95. 48

    48Månad sedan

    ok am i blind or is jj NOT fat? i think he's body is perfect. i dont get it

  96. The Real Creed Bratton

    The Real Creed BrattonMånad sedan

    Gotta love Scott from Scotland

  97. Andrew Stevens

    Andrew StevensMånad sedan

    Phil acts like the sidemens disappointed step dad

  98. Pavle Miletic

    Pavle MileticMånad sedan

    We're about to give COMPLETE STRANGERS some true or false statements about us. Phil...

  99. Peppex.

    Peppex.Månad sedan

    arrest the whole sidemen team

  100. David Geier

    David GeierMånad sedan

    This has more midrole ads than a jake Paul mental health awareness videosl

  101. Mathhew Williams

    Mathhew WilliamsMånad sedan

    Only the real ones know were the questions originally came from

  102. Elle clarke

    Elle clarkeMånad sedan

    True OGs know it was deji that pissed on JJ

  103. Mightier T

    Mightier TMånad sedan

    15:11 that was the best unintentional roast I have ever heard, omg I can’t stop laughing

  104. VIIK Broady

    VIIK BroadyMånad sedan

    My recommended page 😃

  105. Abdal _07

    Abdal _07Månad sedan

    Jo these strangers r lit ngl 🔥

  106. Gareth Austin

    Gareth AustinMånad sedan

    The girl from the Midlands is a worldie 😅🔥🌶🔥

  107. Staticky

    StatickyMånad sedan

    g a n g

  108. Case

    CaseMånad sedan

    Phil needs to be a member of the sidemen! Also... my friend looked over my shoulder, saw Phil, and straight-up said "Louis Thomlinson hasn't aged well, has he?"