The Sidemen play Reverse Hide & Seek or Sardines. Enjoy! #SidemenSunday
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  1. Vay

    Vay15 timmar sedan

    Two thing that always happens in sidemen hide and seek 1 Simon scares harry 2 JJ sleeps or is seeker

  2. Joel Sebastian

    Joel SebastianDag sedan

    Is Ethan Nigerian really ?

  3. LilMeowMeow's Sope

    LilMeowMeow's SopeDag sedan

    Vik honestly looks so done XD

  4. Cash jones

    Cash jonesDag sedan

    Is it bad that I have the same thoughts as jj

  5. Joshua Abraham

    Joshua Abraham2 dagar sedan

    9:22 ‘They call me dark chocolate

  6. Brianna Lee Romero

    Brianna Lee Romero2 dagar sedan

    We need more hide and seeks we enjoy them so much

  7. Nathan Rosner

    Nathan Rosner2 dagar sedan

    I wish they moved into a house like this

  8. IzaazTheWarrior

    IzaazTheWarrior3 dagar sedan

    Ethan's Favourite word: Realistically

  9. Mr Slop

    Mr Slop4 dagar sedan

    That game is already made it’s called sardines

  10. Digiac OSRS

    Digiac OSRS4 dagar sedan

    Josh is so awkward when he has nothing to say, "Hello! This is fun"

  11. Justin Finch

    Justin Finch5 dagar sedan

    Just got a toilet roll add called. Who gives a crap.

  12. Arunothai J

    Arunothai J5 dagar sedan

    19:57 👁👁

  13. darnika joseph

    darnika joseph5 dagar sedan

    the house is soo lit tho damn

  14. Zero Blasts

    Zero Blasts6 dagar sedan

    Bro vikk annoys the crap out of me he always tries to big brain everything

  15. HughieTom #1

    HughieTom #16 dagar sedan

    This is definitely the best the sidemen has ever looked

  16. Reckless_viper

    Reckless_viper7 dagar sedan

    Yo are fat neek doin work holding that door😂😂

  17. Mount Everest

    Mount Everest9 dagar sedan

    Josh singing halo to Vik was marvelous


    SALEH ALSUWAIL10 dagar sedan

    I love sidmen

  19. Ethan Ree

    Ethan Ree10 dagar sedan

    SO they basically played sardines

  20. Jaylani Jaimes

    Jaylani Jaimes11 dagar sedan

    Bro jj reminds me of muscle man so much

  21. levi purdue

    levi purdue12 dagar sedan

    15:56 when i see James Charles

  22. 「ShuAnimee」

    「ShuAnimee」13 dagar sedan

    Josh: hellooo Josh: welp, this is f u n

  23. J. Owens

    J. Owens13 dagar sedan

    Elon Musk: "$15 Million? Pfft. Come on up to the space station for a special game of Hide and zero gravity."

  24. Alex Schuss

    Alex Schuss14 dagar sedan

    Yo yall should play the game gargoyles that would be very entertaining😂

  25. Insigna Greek

    Insigna Greek14 dagar sedan

    Ethan doing his upclose shots

  26. claudia corr

    claudia corr15 dagar sedan

    Nobody: Harry: this is the life I deserve

  27. Dominic Lauron

    Dominic Lauron16 dagar sedan

    I didn't really understand the rules, the music is a bit loud.

  28. Shay Gee

    Shay Gee21 dag sedan

    I wanna see them try hide and seek in the dark but they need night vision for it

  29. Shay Gee

    Shay Gee21 dag sedan

    Night vision goggles and cameras that would be lit

  30. nuno silva

    nuno silva25 dagar sedan

    When your crush say it´s home alone --- 15:56

  31. Molly xx

    Molly xxMånad sedan

    I'm just gonna pretend I was here in this comment section a year ago

  32. joshua alexander

    joshua alexanderMånad sedan

    "Why do I always find the darkest spots" -Tobi 2019

  33. Nick Cowing

    Nick CowingMånad sedan

    Sidemen should play manhunt

  34. Purple- Tomato2

    Purple- Tomato2Månad sedan

    Any1 notice Simon is doing the faze up sogn

  35. D S

    D SMånad sedan

    Whats the song they used in their intro

  36. Pat the mat

    Pat the matMånad sedan

    Viks piano skills like DAMN

  37. Dirt_DGames

    Dirt_DGamesMånad sedan

    The strat has to be just stop and think of what KSI thinks of confortable

  38. Levi Ackerman

    Levi AckermanMånad sedan

    Ngl this face 9:22 reminded me of the old KSI


    ZEUS' LIGHTNINGMånad sedan

    Anyone in the comments know the outro song to this video?

  40. JJDD_123

    JJDD_123Månad sedan

    |. Who’s watching this 2020 like

  41. P M

    P MMånad sedan

    Anybody else think it sounded like Josh was doing a tune when he says if I just go like far away if I just go far away

  42. CRcHeRiEmCb

    CRcHeRiEmCbMånad sedan

    Is reverse hide and seek not sardines??

  43. zenterno1579

    zenterno1579Månad sedan

    15:00 can somebody please tell me the name of this music

  44. Nikhita N

    Nikhita NMånad sedan

    Nobody: Simon: 8:18

  45. Dora Morosanu

    Dora MorosanuMånad sedan

    10:42 Angry birds pigs transformed in sidemen

  46. Aryan Shrestha

    Aryan ShresthaMånad sedan

    Lol at start of the vid JJ looks so confused lol 🤣🤣🤣

  47. Abdullahi Gayre

    Abdullahi GayreMånad sedan


  48. Mark Knill

    Mark KnillMånad sedan

    Simon kinda sus

  49. Hakeem A

    Hakeem AMånad sedan

    I have subscribed to your channel

  50. Poo Keg

    Poo KegMånad sedan

    Was I the only one that called this sardine

  51. Emily unknown

    Emily unknownMånad sedan

    Love its called sardines

  52. Damon Prasad

    Damon PrasadMånad sedan

    Outro song?

  53. Boyan Iliev

    Boyan IlievMånad sedan

    My favourite is Harry

  54. xx_rosie_xx

    xx_rosie_xxMånad sedan

    10k comments but only 9.03 subs

  55. llIusion

    llIusionMånad sedan

    7:30 " *ETHAN* is still on the *HUNT* ?? " I was expecting a mission impossible reference there 😆😆

  56. Isobel

    IsobelMånad sedan

    24:38 JJ just checkin himself lol

  57. erikas kerevicius

    erikas kereviciusMånad sedan

    Me when a girl touches my arm for 0.00003 seconds 15:56

  58. Talysa Duckmanton

    Talysa DuckmantonMånad sedan

    So this is basically sardines, just with a bottle-

  59. rakhilraj 101

    rakhilraj 101Månad sedan

    Any1 watching during lockdown ??!

  60. dount

    dountMånad sedan

    jj sleeping harry smelling josh boomier simon being tall tobi panicing vik getting abused ethan working out

  61. Aditya agarwal

    Aditya agarwalMånad sedan

    He is a professional boxer Ethan he obviously wants to hurt people

  62. Qah104 Hughes

    Qah104 Hughes2 månader sedan

    It’s called sardines

  63. Twyly Guillen

    Twyly Guillen2 månader sedan

    Hey Josh sidemen hide & seek

  64. Twyly Guillen

    Twyly Guillen2 månader sedan

    Hey Josh sidemen

  65. tommy park

    tommy park2 månader sedan

    Wish they would do one for money like mr beast style

  66. Stratus

    Stratus2 månader sedan

    11:09 there all doing the pog face and no one noticed

  67. Kieran Thomas

    Kieran Thomas2 månader sedan

    Exactly a year ago and still a banger😂

  68. David Seru

    David Seru2 månader sedan

    The sidemen are the only people I know who get more views then there subscribers

  69. MufflerSponge

    MufflerSponge2 månader sedan

    This video is 364 days old

  70. zaid Subaheen

    zaid Subaheen2 månader sedan

    no one talking about vik playing in my place by coldplay

  71. Divin-rth

    Divin-rth2 månader sedan

    I remember when I used to play this friends and family, ah the sweet memories

  72. kaila McGarry

    kaila McGarry2 månader sedan

    "This is dark and scary and probably has asbestos"

  73. Johannes van der Stuyvebode

    Johannes van der Stuyvebode2 månader sedan

    That Ethan fella is such a pretentious knobhead.. In his head he's still an insecure fatty

  74. X1 Falcon Gaming

    X1 Falcon Gaming2 månader sedan


  75. Katelijn Hovestad

    Katelijn Hovestad2 månader sedan

    4:50 “this is dark and spooky and probably has asbestos” I can’t with Tobi💀

  76. James Malcolm

    James Malcolm2 månader sedan

    19:10 So wholesome hahaha

  77. Roly Boss

    Roly Boss2 månader sedan

    Vik over thinks everything

  78. Allan Philip

    Allan Philip2 månader sedan

    28:10 , damn I wish SEtoosrs said that more often , not to offend , but just so that we don't have to give up our freedom of speech , they are taking away all the best insults 🤣😂

  79. Ayman Sharma

    Ayman Sharma2 månader sedan

    15:56 *Your girl back in the 1800's*

  80. YoUrMuM

    YoUrMuM2 månader sedan

    ✝️@✝️ 🆘🆎🅾️ 📴📴📴📴📴🈺🈺🈺📴📴📴📴

  81. YoUrMuM

    YoUrMuM2 månader sedan

    〽️❔❔〽️❔❔〽️❔❔〽️❔❔ ♈️🆔EO

  82. iSharky JR

    iSharky JR2 månader sedan

    15:56 ME IN THE FIRST 10 SECS THAT I'M IN BED WITH MY GF Feels Bad Man...

  83. Y S123

    Y S1232 månader sedan

    How has dragonball not sponsored sidemen yet

  84. Dady

    Dady2 månader sedan

    sponsor them to do what

  85. Enes Kenan

    Enes Kenan2 månader sedan

    00:00 That beat kinda slaps

  86. anthony zeravica

    anthony zeravica2 månader sedan


  87. Genc Bislimi

    Genc Bislimi2 månader sedan

    Why we haven't hit 10M yet?

  88. Sergio Garcia

    Sergio Garcia2 månader sedan

    Who's here in 2020 ,Like or JJ will check your monthly listeners

  89. DaT BoI Chance

    DaT BoI Chance2 månader sedan


  90. Daniel oon

    Daniel oon2 månader sedan

    14:07 sounds like josh is rapping

  91. Daniel oon

    Daniel oon2 månader sedan

    14:07 was sick

  92. Hema Sathya

    Hema Sathya2 månader sedan

    14:35 Thats some next level thinking

  93. Jacob Veit

    Jacob Veit2 månader sedan

    Who’s is here in mid to late 2020

  94. Soren Vishalpura

    Soren Vishalpura2 månader sedan

    13:53 when I’m already subscribed and he tells me to press it again

  95. Hamish The Cockapoo

    Hamish The Cockapoo2 månader sedan

    when their toilet is bigger than your room ;-;

  96. amrita flora

    amrita flora2 månader sedan

    What’s the song called that Vik’s playing on the piano?

  97. EE broadband

    EE broadband2 månader sedan

    Idec, Harry is hawwwttttt and cute 🥺

  98. Hank Slane

    Hank Slane2 månader sedan

    The game is called Sardines

  99. Sawyer Targosz

    Sawyer Targosz2 månader sedan

    **Finds Minotaur**

  100. minecraft kingdom

    minecraft kingdom2 månader sedan

    6,658,166 views za devil is a liar

  101. Ginger Dom

    Ginger Dom2 månader sedan

    15 MILLION?! Unless it's in Central London, wtf?

  102. DJ Half court violation

    DJ Half court violation2 månader sedan

    The straight brockhampton

  103. LAKRESA 88

    LAKRESA 882 månader sedan

    Ah yes, I was waiting for this video to hit 10 million views