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  1. _alex_ _boast_

    _alex_ _boast_24 minuter sedan

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Jj: kaviiiiaaaaaaaarrrrrrr

  2. Upside Down with Kris

    Upside Down with Kris42 minuter sedan

    Ethan got shafted

  3. Nathan

    NathanTimme sedan

    JJ and Harry: “omg Simon and Ethan will be so pissed” Tobi: “I wanna come back here with all the mandem” Gotta love Tobi

  4. Sosig

    SosigTimme sedan

    Tonight, on top gear Jj does press ups in an airport in malaga, Ethan almost breaks a small train in Southport and Harry brushes his teeth in a Spanish airport toilet.

  5. William69

    William69Timme sedan

    this video is 1 year old today

  6. Enrgy Ryft

    Enrgy RyftTimme sedan

    I’ll tell ya it’s a tradition to watch this once in a while

  7. Trent

    Trent2 timmar sedan

    Can't believe this is a year old today

  8. Mr Shree games

    Mr Shree games2 timmar sedan

    1 year anniversary of this video so i am here to rewatch

  9. ethan forde

    ethan forde3 timmar sedan

    1:04:26 dont wanna say your tasks? Ethan sus, vote him out

  10. Abdimalik Gaal

    Abdimalik Gaal3 timmar sedan

    They predicted really love 1:20:15

  11. Akshay Hegde

    Akshay Hegde4 timmar sedan

    This was so sad😂😂😂😂😂 Feel bad for Ethan 😂😂😂😂

  12. siggi9400

    siggi94004 timmar sedan

    Ey bois its the 1 year anniversary of this video

  13. ツMaximo

    ツMaximo4 timmar sedan

    10:06 Angriest Vik face I've ever seen


    GMNGDBL5 timmar sedan

    Someone: Puts a funny quote from the video that everyone has seen and already laughed at and then ends up getting thousands of likes. Me: Says something randomly funny that nobody noticed and gets 6 likes.

  15. JP

    JP6 timmar sedan

    no way this was a year ago........

  16. Ghostbusta

    Ghostbusta8 timmar sedan

    Can we please get the sidemen to 10 million subscribers

  17. Random Person

    Random Person8 timmar sedan

    This is how many people watching on a day of the week

  18. Im_Vendetta

    Im_Vendetta8 timmar sedan

    I don't care what anyone says, but Purple teams night looks like it would be the best night of anyone's live.

  19. Moayad Douaidari

    Moayad Douaidari9 timmar sedan

    Maybe the 5th time watching this

  20. Hugh Casey

    Hugh Casey9 timmar sedan

    when covid wasn’t a thing

  21. bw 1506

    bw 150610 timmar sedan

    That's the first time I've seen them actually mention Harry and ket, was he actually caught doing it or something

  22. Ryan Young

    Ryan Young10 timmar sedan

    Year today 🤷🏻‍♂️

  23. Junior Vital

    Junior Vital10 timmar sedan

    10 mil

  24. Wasweswusewers Lol

    Wasweswusewers Lol10 timmar sedan

    If I lived there I'd be like hey wanna hang out in my closet, I mean that thing is massive

  25. aliyah

    aliyah11 timmar sedan

    josh is honestly underrated in all these videos like he must have put in so much work

  26. abigail hewitt

    abigail hewitt12 timmar sedan

    1:47:10 i love tom holland too

  27. Foster Benton

    Foster Benton12 timmar sedan

    is it just me or is Simon my favorite in the sdmn

  28. Ross Hebditch

    Ross Hebditch13 timmar sedan

    1:37:45 song?

  29. FÍNIKS

    FÍNIKS13 timmar sedan

    That black guy was so shy the whole time 😅

  30. Insane Game Clips

    Insane Game Clips13 timmar sedan

    Who is here on the 1 Year Anniversary Of this Video

  31. Insane Game Clips

    Insane Game Clips13 timmar sedan

    1 Year Anniversary

  32. Mrphasertazer

    Mrphasertazer14 timmar sedan

    "3:09" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $832 a week with them! είναι ένα εργαείο ερσίας για όλ

  33. Jasper Haworth

    Jasper Haworth14 timmar sedan

    my villa is behind the hill at 45:46

  34. jayz Playz

    jayz Playz14 timmar sedan

    It's a putamadre In spanish (for those who do not no) It's a..... *motherbitch* 😂😂. Do it on Google translate if u don't believe me Spanish to english

  35. Fiona Wilson

    Fiona Wilson15 timmar sedan


  36. Scythix 64

    Scythix 6415 timmar sedan


  37. Kpop fan Army stay blink Midzy Moa

    Kpop fan Army stay blink Midzy Moa15 timmar sedan

    Literlly saying to a strange man Josh what

  38. Veronica Wilson

    Veronica Wilson15 timmar sedan

    The reunion with the sports team was so wholesome

  39. Pretorious Hard

    Pretorious Hard15 timmar sedan

    No one gonna point out how vik looks when he gets mad and his mouth expands 3 folds

  40. Veronica Wilson

    Veronica Wilson15 timmar sedan

    Thank god that body guard was there

  41. Conor Bowe

    Conor Bowe16 timmar sedan

    I wonder how they got Harry’s trunks back

  42. Charlie Neen

    Charlie Neen16 timmar sedan

    This is the sidemen at there best

  43. Veronica Wilson

    Veronica Wilson16 timmar sedan

    Jj hugging the grass is honestly so relatable

  44. Matthias

    Matthias16 timmar sedan

    For real. I would rather do the 200$ holiday looks insanely funny.

  45. Edgar Vazquez

    Edgar Vazquez16 timmar sedan

    I looked up sticky Vicky i wish i didnt

  46. Lily Stockburn

    Lily Stockburn17 timmar sedan


  47. Hayyaan Anwar

    Hayyaan Anwar17 timmar sedan

    Did nobody notice the thumbnail???

  48. Dylan Small

    Dylan Small16 timmar sedan

    What about it ?

  49. Deepa

    Deepa17 timmar sedan


  50. Sara Feulner

    Sara Feulner17 timmar sedan

    Why was it more interesting to watch purple team

  51. Kyuzia Est

    Kyuzia Est17 timmar sedan

    I just think that Josh is played as Drake and give all the happiness to Sidemen channel member

  52. António Sousa

    António Sousa18 timmar sedan

    Kinda unfare the fact that the Purple team didnt't have any twists, they were just doomed since the beiggining😂

  53. entitled karen

    entitled karen18 timmar sedan

    23:19 jesus train van does exist after all

  54. Neil Issoree

    Neil Issoree18 timmar sedan

    I like how Harry is wearing a zerkaa shirt just to hope that he gets niced by Josh

  55. lil s

    lil s18 timmar sedan

    No body: Ethan's luck has left the chat

  56. Jarah Steiner

    Jarah Steiner18 timmar sedan

    Its so funny when vik gets mad

  57. STV Slick

    STV Slick19 timmar sedan

    Am i the only one rewatching this video over and over again???

  58. koxu123

    koxu12319 timmar sedan

    Imagine Josh sending them to Venezuela

  59. YU

    YU20 timmar sedan

    Two team gets a good holiday. That’ll be a banger video ngl

  60. Kate Kiely

    Kate Kiely20 timmar sedan

    Did anyone see freya

  61. Lil Ron

    Lil Ron20 timmar sedan

    53:38 dw just reminding myself

  62. jess

    jess21 timme sedan

    Inbetweeners looks a little different here

  63. QwanG

    QwanG21 timme sedan

    14:34 oreo

  64. Bong Ritz

    Bong Ritz21 timme sedan

    Can't count how many times I've watched this but I just realized how salty Simon is😂

  65. UgandanTurtle

    UgandanTurtle21 timme sedan

    there should be a sidemen holiday vid where both teams get a sick holiday and they end up meeting each other at the end of it

  66. Haj Wilko11

    Haj Wilko1123 timmar sedan

    Fock tobi

  67. Edwin Quinde

    Edwin Quinde23 timmar sedan

    This man really said “most of them follow us online” 💀

  68. AssassinSTW

    AssassinSTW23 timmar sedan

    One Day till this will be 1 year old ;l}

  69. Lош Rider؟

    Lош Rider؟Dag sedan

    46:43 it looks like he is glitching thru the unicorn

  70. Mark Reeves

    Mark ReevesDag sedan

    Everyone talks about jj being on the good team every time but Tobi has too

  71. Cheap Ship

    Cheap ShipDag sedan

    They should come back to that house for a hide n seek video

  72. udayye

    udayyeDag sedan

    FUN PART : i actually watched the full video and so did u

  73. Ashutosh Tripathy

    Ashutosh TripathyDag sedan

    Ethan should never get the good team I like to see him ksi and vik suffer

  74. qnv0

    qnv0Dag sedan

    when they buying this house then

  75. Jacob Davis

    Jacob DavisDag sedan

    This was made 1 year ago today How times have changed😢

  76. Tom Watson

    Tom WatsonDag sedan

    oi once covid is out of the way we neeeeed another banging vid like this

  77. Zabrina S

    Zabrina SDag sedan


  78. Par Kor

    Par KorDag sedan

    Why does Harry look eternally confused? Team purple had way more fun!

  79. Coolguy0611zee

    Coolguy0611zeeDag sedan

    Honestly the cheap one seemed funner

  80. Rob Games

    Rob GamesDag sedan


  81. OJD Creative

    OJD CreativeDag sedan

    Great video

  82. Its Deajh

    Its DeajhDag sedan

    NGL I’d prefer to have the 200 dollar holiday, it looks like a lot of fun. I feel like having everything luxurious is really nice for a couple days or so but eventually It would be boring. Besides the food.

  83. Odly Osian_

    Odly Osian_Dag sedan

    This should become a series like 100 vs 10k africa and like 100 vs 10k france would be sick

  84. Mega Guy

    Mega GuyDag sedan

    *room has couches and a t.v Harry: what do u think this is Ksi: living room Harry: probably 😂😂

  85. Fine _

    Fine _Dag sedan

    Me thinking y are they not wearing a mask

  86. Jamzor - Bristolian Arsenolian

    Jamzor - Bristolian ArsenolianDag sedan

    shout out to the one year later gang

  87. Daniel Vongsarasinh

    Daniel VongsarasinhDag sedan

    Is this crazy this happened 11 months ago

  88. Ya Boi

    Ya BoiDag sedan

    When Harry threw his trunks out of the yacht it was over 😂

  89. Alfitgram

    AlfitgramDag sedan

    Can’t wait for the world to open again so that these guys can make more of these🙏🏽

  90. Kippy Takhar

    Kippy TakharDag sedan

    Now I’m waiting for a 30,000 dollar hotel USA edition

  91. 0rbit fusi0n

    0rbit fusi0nDag sedan

    how did josh get there first

  92. this hom

    this homDag sedan

    I always feel for Josh

  93. giorno giovanna

    giorno giovannaDag sedan

    who is watching in 2020 and really wants to go on holiday but can't ....

  94. Squedward

    SquedwardDag sedan

    feel bad for the driver having to put up with JJ screaming for 55 mins

  95. xAir

    xAirDag sedan

    I want more

  96. Katie Brennan

    Katie BrennanDag sedan

    That was so lousy of Simon at the start but we move

  97. Angry_Barr0

    Angry_Barr0Dag sedan

    Mad how this video almost was a year ago

  98. Omar Tenorio

    Omar TenorioDag sedan

    Cant believe this is a year ago

  99. Gamerkitchen

    GamerkitchenDag sedan

    Plot twist jj actually pays for all of it and that’s why he is always on the good team

  100. Carlos Francisco

    Carlos FranciscoDag sedan

    Is no one gonna talk about how Tobi, Harry, and JJ look like an Oreo in the thumbnail?

  101. Parmesan Man

    Parmesan ManDag sedan

    They should do an actual Europe version and not just a Spain version

  102. Ate_Een

    Ate_EenDag sedan

    Just me or did anyone else sing along to the kareoke