The Sidemen take it in turns to face off against 100 fans in 1 vs 100!
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    XDNOPES YT16 minuter sedan

    Not even 5 mins in and josh knocked out 73 ppl

  2. Brendan Lynch110

    Brendan Lynch11057 minuter sedan

    Sidemen Sunday are my best nights and pay day from my work Monday love life ❤️

  3. latest lives

    latest lives2 timmar sedan

    sidemen content is so good

  4. Elisandro Barrera

    Elisandro Barrera2 timmar sedan

    Well some of the mob obviously cheated and had second monitors or something but that’s what happens when u can’t see what other people are doing

  5. Ashley Edwards

    Ashley Edwards2 timmar sedan

    i watched to the end the code is gold

  6. Ashley Edwards

    Ashley Edwards2 timmar sedan

    JJs so funny

  7. Elisse Hayton

    Elisse Hayton3 timmar sedan


  8. Kanishk Madhav

    Kanishk Madhav7 timmar sedan

    where do they get this money from to pay each of them?

  9. Liam Fellows

    Liam Fellows9 timmar sedan


  10. Libyanviper

    Libyanviper9 timmar sedan


  11. Hassaan Ashraf

    Hassaan Ashraf13 timmar sedan

    Pause at 32:52 Look at the guy holding his phone It says "My Chicken Is Smarter Than JJ"

  12. Cameron Stuart

    Cameron Stuart17 timmar sedan

    dam these boys aint smart

  13. Cameron Stuart

    Cameron Stuart17 timmar sedan

    dam no one one in this vid is smart

  14. Melon Master

    Melon Master18 timmar sedan

    JJ doesn't know who Han Solo is or what the millennium falcon is but knows who chewbacca is

  15. Ehan Rahman

    Ehan RahmanDag sedan

    40:48 so wholesome when harry compliments vikk it sould so genuine like he really is proud of him

  16. Skye xx

    Skye xxDag sedan

    how did people not know the harry styles one🧍🏻‍♀️

  17. the DeCider475

    the DeCider475Dag sedan

    Where is that reference from at 58:57 from josh😂

  18. the DeCider475

    the DeCider475Dag sedan

    What did JJ say at 39:09? After “wait a minute...”. Sounded like “charper”. Can anyone clarify?

  19. JJ53talman

    JJ53talmanDag sedan

    Bro I woulda won josh’s round for some reason I knew all of these

  20. David Daniel

    David DanielDag sedan


  21. Eliyel Abera

    Eliyel Abera2 dagar sedan

    All your moms

  22. Elec Tro

    Elec Tro2 dagar sedan

    31:05 look at the guy still in it next to the q

  23. Benji Prendergast

    Benji Prendergast3 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know how they played this? Like how do I play this with my mates??

  24. Yousif Saeid

    Yousif Saeid3 dagar sedan

    Ngl josh is actually so stupid it's pissing me off

  25. Omar Rashid

    Omar Rashid3 dagar sedan

    Ethan really went from saying cows drink milk to getting 86k. Fair play.

  26. Jeffrey Crossland

    Jeffrey Crossland3 dagar sedan

    @ the four people who didn’t know about the millennium falcon.... ALL YOUR MUMS

  27. yoan jk

    yoan jk3 dagar sedan

    I felt so bad for Harry

  28. Srf TsiffMan

    Srf TsiffMan4 dagar sedan

    I’m from Greece and I got triggered because Harry didn’t choose greek

  29. R obbo

    R obbo4 dagar sedan

    Simon was bare annoying on jj's run ngl

  30. Anastasia Sardeli

    Anastasia Sardeli4 dagar sedan

    U need to do a part two on that

  31. Preston Copestake

    Preston Copestake4 dagar sedan

    Can I can I be a member of the sidemen

  32. E3.14C

    E3.14C4 dagar sedan

    31:12 oof that person's taunting y'all lmao

  33. Idk Idc

    Idk Idc4 dagar sedan

    Everyone laughing JJ: all your moms!! Every stops 😂😂

  34. Leyla A

    Leyla A5 dagar sedan


  35. Will Draper

    Will Draper5 dagar sedan

    U can play with my mum jj she won’t mind ;)

  36. Tich

    Tich5 dagar sedan

    I haven’t got a single question wrong and I’m 55 minutes in :)

  37. Tich

    Tich5 dagar sedan

    this video showed me I’m actually so smart😂

  38. Alex Gray

    Alex Gray6 dagar sedan

    JJ is absolute comedy gold

  39. liam connors

    liam connors6 dagar sedan

    "JJ i fiddled your mum" 43:43

  40. Sharon Gilmour

    Sharon Gilmour6 dagar sedan

    nerd vikk

  41. Jacob Alexander

    Jacob Alexander6 dagar sedan

    I can’t believe what is considered common knowledge in the UK, and how close the nursery rhymes are to ours but different

  42. Jacob Alexander

    Jacob Alexander6 dagar sedan

    What is ur version of “ring around the roses”

  43. Charlie Robins

    Charlie Robins7 dagar sedan

    I have never watched Star Wars but I was absolutely pissed off at JJ

  44. Itamarplayz

    Itamarplayz7 dagar sedan

    31:04 that viewer has on his camera - JJ is fat like that guy's chicken lol then another one replied at 32:51 that his chicken is smarter than JJ that is so funny

  45. cameron

    cameron7 dagar sedan

    1:01:30 lol

  46. októ

    októ7 dagar sedan

    7 continents btw

  47. Zach Harris

    Zach Harris8 dagar sedan

    N1 b

  48. lord proraymond

    lord proraymond8 dagar sedan

    simon is not simon unless he is simon

  49. Ahmed Hasan

    Ahmed Hasan8 dagar sedan


  50. Sejjad Jalal

    Sejjad Jalal8 dagar sedan

    no there are 7 continents vikk stfu

  51. Thick Shady

    Thick Shady9 dagar sedan

    save project

  52. Nick Covert

    Nick Covert9 dagar sedan

    I’m pretty sure there are seven continents

  53. SwedishHouseFifa

    SwedishHouseFifa9 dagar sedan

    Ironically Ethan quit at 86,000 calling it an 86. 86ing something in the restaurant industry is taking something off the menu. He literally exited himself.

  54. Kaye Ferguson

    Kaye Ferguson9 dagar sedan

    Ethan fully wasted the opportunity to say "I am what I eat" 👏🏾👏🏾

  55. yo dxrk

    yo dxrk9 dagar sedan

    Jj likes moms I think

  56. xavier tafu

    xavier tafu9 dagar sedan

    viks laugh is dead

  57. Jack Mason

    Jack Mason9 dagar sedan

    Ksi- Who is han solo Me:😑😡😡😡😡😡 Vik:star wars fans are fuming

  58. Hankers Mannners

    Hankers Mannners10 dagar sedan

    Simons front right tooth 🦷 looking sus

  59. Willy A

    Willy A10 dagar sedan

    I keep going back to this video just for JJ's segment he's hilarious lol

  60. Cole Evers

    Cole Evers10 dagar sedan

    Simon tortured poor JJ's mind on his turn hahaha

  61. Gabriel Douglas SparrowTiger609

    Gabriel Douglas SparrowTiger60910 dagar sedan


  62. Ben gaming

    Ben gaming10 dagar sedan


  63. Super Guy

    Super Guy10 dagar sedan


  64. Gabriela Bryant Green

    Gabriela Bryant Green10 dagar sedan

    jj: show me the money BABY show me the money *pause* Simon, with a big smile: there u go there's the money

  65. Eva Spencer

    Eva Spencer10 dagar sedan

    Ethan has not got the best trim sorry pal but it’s dead

  66. Joshua BAKER

    Joshua BAKER10 dagar sedan

    Now I think I see where they get the 100 people from for Pointless...

  67. Omair Alshe7i

    Omair Alshe7i10 dagar sedan

    Ksi is soo gased he won to 13 year old bro your clapped stfu 😂😂

  68. Brent Lahti

    Brent Lahti10 dagar sedan

    Is this for actual money?

  69. Zach Meyn

    Zach Meyn11 dagar sedan

    JJ would've known the answer to the Star Wars question if he had watched the Star Wars film with Simon, Ethan, and Vik in Benidorm

  70. Im a Dino Main

    Im a Dino Main11 dagar sedan

    43:52 pause then to the left of the 1 vs 39 the higher one

  71. Lalala Lalala

    Lalala Lalala11 dagar sedan

    52:34 gets me every time

  72. Sawyer Targosz

    Sawyer Targosz12 dagar sedan

    There isn’t a method to JJs madness

  73. shay stout

    shay stout12 dagar sedan

    Vik may be smart, but he also thought there were only 5 continents.

  74. Siem

    Siem12 dagar sedan

    Yo 52:35 has me rolling😂

  75. Aryan Barad

    Aryan Barad13 dagar sedan


  76. nechita robert

    nechita robert13 dagar sedan

    F*** jj #starwarsfam

  77. rinaldo Kuuselaas

    rinaldo Kuuselaas13 dagar sedan


  78. MoreShahin

    MoreShahin13 dagar sedan

    42:52 harry's laugh is iconic😂😂😂

  79. GuyInARoom

    GuyInARoom13 dagar sedan

    38:15 omg djsjdhddvv lnaocxehj

  80. GuyInARoom

    GuyInARoom13 dagar sedan

    35:30 lmdsafhdnmjdghhjfjhj

  81. GuyInARoom

    GuyInARoom13 dagar sedan

    Omfg I wanted to answer A and double and it turned out to be a great play cmon Josh wtf

  82. Sam van de Graaf

    Sam van de Graaf14 dagar sedan

    32:52 shout out to the dude in the mob saying, "My chicken is smarter than JJ"

  83. Ville Agerberg

    Ville Agerberg14 dagar sedan

    Me, a Swedeish star wars fan who cares very much for his mom... feelsbadman

  84. Conor Fitzsimmons

    Conor Fitzsimmons14 dagar sedan

    Two time zones in America?

  85. Maclicks

    Maclicks14 dagar sedan


  86. محمد الكعبي

    محمد الكعبي15 dagar sedan

    Is this real money?

  87. Marley KuShMaStEr

    Marley KuShMaStEr15 dagar sedan

    Harry would be fun af to kick it with lmao

  88. COOLIO

    COOLIO16 dagar sedan

    Underrated vid

  89. Baribeeba Nwitua

    Baribeeba Nwitua16 dagar sedan

    Tell me why vik clapped 80 people on his first turn

  90. Dana Lants

    Dana Lants17 dagar sedan

    Harry when its not his turn: 🤳🏼📲

  91. Zara Ali

    Zara Ali17 dagar sedan

    Vik is an actual legend

  92. Toast

    Toast17 dagar sedan

    Vik thinking Tom Daley is from Sheffield is the biggest travesty in this video

  93. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader18 dagar sedan


  94. Batuhan Sahan

    Batuhan Sahan18 dagar sedan

    31:04 The 4th in the 5th line from left XD XD

  95. dumb entertainment bitc

    dumb entertainment bitc18 dagar sedan

    Who gives the winner the pize

  96. Aiden Dittmer

    Aiden Dittmer19 dagar sedan

    I'm surprised so many people didn't know russia was the first country to send a man into space

  97. PinkPanda 123

    PinkPanda 12319 dagar sedan

    Rewatching this now as I have ran out of sidemen Sunday’s to watch. I have literally watched all of them. Lockdown did this to me but I’m happy it did

  98. evie crisp

    evie crisp20 dagar sedan

    me looking for the guy i met on yubo who said he was in the video like 👁👄👁

  99. Dom D'souza

    Dom D'souza20 dagar sedan

    lol 'Save Project' screen left in at the end...

  100. Churchie 2003

    Churchie 200320 dagar sedan

    hah I knew that last answer for vik because I had a character in state of decay 2 with ikebana as a skill

  101. judah bajela

    judah bajela25 dagar sedan

    how sad it is that vik will choose geography over sports