The Jabbawockeez teach the Sidemen how to dance!
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  1. Ace360x .MLG

    Ace360x .MLG20 minuter sedan

    I think the outfit actually makes the dancing look better

  2. nubaid ahmed

    nubaid ahmed22 minuter sedan

    are we just not gonna talk about old man josh absolutely banging the moves

  3. Trippy X

    Trippy X5 timmar sedan

    Tobi is good at this bro he’s so underrated he’s good at everything he’s done ✅❤️

  4. Ian Josh

    Ian Josh16 timmar sedan

    Harry's drop changes my life

  5. Sinan Abusalah

    Sinan Abusalah17 timmar sedan


  6. Aliah Glondu

    Aliah Glondu2 dagar sedan

    Yes tobiiiii 😌

  7. Netanel Adaki

    Netanel Adaki2 dagar sedan

    17:44 I crying 🤣🤣

  8. Honeyyybearrr

    Honeyyybearrr2 dagar sedan

    This is such an underrated video...

  9. Tylor Stephens

    Tylor Stephens2 dagar sedan

    Harry/w2s is so so so so so so funny love him so much ❤️

  10. Elias DERNEVILLE

    Elias DERNEVILLE3 dagar sedan


  11. Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix3 dagar sedan


  12. Tony Lin

    Tony Lin3 dagar sedan

    17:44 how it feels to chew 5 gums

  13. Rb6 player

    Rb6 player3 dagar sedan

    So that's why harry wears a bucket hat

  14. Sophie Lewis

    Sophie Lewis3 dagar sedan

    2:15 I’ve been dying at this 😂😂😭😭😭😭🐐

  15. Caitlin Downey

    Caitlin Downey3 dagar sedan

    Came from viks reddit 2020 boiiiis

  16. Ben bro games !

    Ben bro games !4 dagar sedan

    when harry done the step step at the start and added the whip I started pissing myself

  17. Paige Taylor

    Paige Taylor5 dagar sedan

    viks freestyling is so funny

  18. KaZing

    KaZing5 dagar sedan

    9:00 bruh am i the only one who noticed that was derrick from nigahiga?

  19. haexx

    haexx5 dagar sedan

    What's the ksi song in this vid

  20. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW6 dagar sedan

    Not the rest of the sidemen acting surprised when the black guys can dance

  21. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW6 dagar sedan

    Aye they ate that I’m proud of them

  22. Carlos Valle

    Carlos Valle6 dagar sedan

    JJ must’ve been gassed seeing the boys dance to his song, I was even gassed for him 😂

  23. Ivan Martinez

    Ivan Martinez6 dagar sedan

    Watching them dance in sync was sick

  24. Benn

    Benn6 dagar sedan

    Let’s all wear matching hoodies and not tell JJ

  25. Sidhu Rag

    Sidhu Rag8 dagar sedan

    Vik is my favorite sidemen member but he made me hella cringe

  26. Juicy Lemon - Brawl Stars

    Juicy Lemon - Brawl Stars8 dagar sedan

    He was tryin tho

  27. Spon

    Spon8 dagar sedan


  28. Ashton Lee

    Ashton Lee10 dagar sedan

    he the dude of nigahiga

  29. Maddie Boyd

    Maddie Boyd10 dagar sedan

    I can’t tell if it is good or not because of the filters and stuff but it does look good on the eyes

  30. neo animations

    neo animations11 dagar sedan

    Ksi:ayy reload dit Reload it

  31. Mihir Sangale

    Mihir Sangale11 dagar sedan

    That guy is from Ryan higa squad!

  32. vortex destroys sometimes

    vortex destroys sometimes11 dagar sedan

    Intense cringe warning at 1:00 I'm dying and not in a good way

  33. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight12 dagar sedan

    Wtf is Ethan doin 13:00

  34. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight12 dagar sedan

    10 mil

  35. capxsam

    capxsam14 dagar sedan

    Jabbawockeez: ..................... Harry: ooh

  36. Kynan B

    Kynan B14 dagar sedan

    niga higa x sidemen

  37. Hamish The Cockapoo

    Hamish The Cockapoo16 dagar sedan

    WELL this was SICK and i wanna do this so bad omfg

  38. Anja Jacobson

    Anja Jacobson17 dagar sedan

    im so proud of myself, at the end of the video i had the whole dance memorized just from watching it so many times 😭

  39. schocki coockie

    schocki coockie6 dagar sedan

    SAME 😂

  40. Alishba Butt

    Alishba Butt17 dagar sedan

    people hate on tobi but he's cool

  41. Yogesh Subedie

    Yogesh Subedie17 dagar sedan


  42. PDG-1099

    PDG-109918 dagar sedan

    8:05 Among us

  43. diety intx

    diety intx20 dagar sedan

    15:13 FaCiAl

  44. Colby Collins

    Colby Collins20 dagar sedan


  45. CS Madara

    CS Madara23 dagar sedan

    12:12When my grandpa friends told me they can dance


    PASCALALLFREEK!¿!24 dagar sedan

    0:24 Tobi rappin on the beat lmao

  47. Happy _Animations :D

    Happy _Animations :D25 dagar sedan

    5:07 my notification did a beat drop 😂

  48. Gamer Boioi

    Gamer Boioi27 dagar sedan

    Tall white Boys init

  49. Ultimate Manga Artist

    Ultimate Manga Artist28 dagar sedan

    Am i the only one who feels weirdly proud of them? Cuz That was sick!

  50. Indi the manic

    Indi the manic29 dagar sedan

    18:48 tobi: added on a few effects, just to make it easier on your eyes *me nearly having an epileptic fit*

  51. Chou Fighter

    Chou Fighter29 dagar sedan

    12:12 me and the boys be like drama class

  52. Savage Shiloh

    Savage Shiloh29 dagar sedan

    16:45 the end of school year dance battle

  53. RevertX

    RevertXMånad sedan

    That end result was sick

  54. Saffron Ellis

    Saffron EllisMånad sedan

    At about 11 minutes it’s like it jus cut into a young ma tune, a whole bunch of oouuu

  55. Ibrahim Rashad

    Ibrahim RashadMånad sedan

    Vik equals goofy. Josh equals legend

  56. su wop

    su wopMånad sedan

    The Jabawockeez are always walking in like that 😂😂

  57. adriel gaxiola

    adriel gaxiolaMånad sedan

    "WERE GONNA WATCH THEM HOW TO DANCE" 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  58. Dec Plays

    Dec PlaysMånad sedan

    18:48 "thrown on a *couple* of special effects" Me: *has seizure"

  59. philip ron

    philip ronMånad sedan

    5:47 the fact that Josh's trousers on his right foot arnt all the way down

  60. TrashReaper OFFICIAL

    TrashReaper OFFICIALMånad sedan

    Idk why but the whole time I thought at the end they were gonna say can I see under the mask and they were gonna either talk or open the mask but the camera when away or they had something underneath

  61. Amber

    AmberMånad sedan

    They should do this with les twins

  62. Nyaleengi

    NyaleengiMånad sedan

    There’s no reason this video should have been that funny

  63. Nyaleengi

    NyaleengiMånad sedan

    Me freaking out bc Derek walked outta no where and started dancing

  64. Nasser Absi

    Nasser AbsiMånad sedan

    2020 and tbh this video bangs

  65. Tommy Dankert

    Tommy DankertMånad sedan

    Can we just admire how the sidemen have the best video ideas on SEtoos

  66. Dovid Amobi

    Dovid AmobiMånad sedan


  67. JJ H

    JJ HMånad sedan

    Last clip of the boys actually dancing was actually fire, special effects on point (thats a sidemen first) and part from vik having an epileptic seizure that was lit AF 🔥

  68. jung uwu

    jung uwuMånad sedan


  69. Alex yy

    Alex yyMånad sedan


  70. BangTan sus

    BangTan susMånad sedan

    Ok, but JJ isn't even bad.

  71. Aurthur Kirksburgh

    Aurthur KirksburghMånad sedan

    Is Vikk ok?

  72. Harry Fisher

    Harry FisherMånad sedan

    No one: Not a single soul: Vik moving his arms rapidly thinking he's dancing

  73. Zo Hype

    Zo HypeMånad sedan

    Why did nonone notice RHPC Darrick

  74. Some one

    Some oneMånad sedan

    its it weird that the 2 oldest member are the better including tobi

  75. Yung Slimzy

    Yung SlimzyMånad sedan

    why is everyone saying this is a bad video? 🤔

  76. Aditya Suresh

    Aditya SureshMånad sedan

    Vikk's freestyle was just someone having a seizure and shivering at the same time

  77. Hákon Ari

    Hákon AriMånad sedan

    10 pares of the same shoes

  78. Saahil Pahilajani

    Saahil PahilajaniMånad sedan

    VIKS ARMS AT 10:55 killed me

  79. Alicia Cutler

    Alicia CutlerMånad sedan

    tobi is so underated it’s mad

  80. Alicia Cutler

    Alicia CutlerMånad sedan

    vik annoyed me in this he ruined it

  81. Morgan E

    Morgan EMånad sedan

    So happy I found this gem of a video

  82. Oscar Jakens

    Oscar JakensMånad sedan

    Tobi's commentary makes the video that extra bit better. He is so underrated

  83. iamking urnot

    iamking urnotMånad sedan

    this is my favourite episode

  84. GamerBray14

    GamerBray14Månad sedan

    Vik just wreks the routine

  85. a1 skengness Carrey

    a1 skengness CarreyMånad sedan

    Only ogs remember simons old la vlog were they saw them first time

  86. Apogee Gaming

    Apogee GamingMånad sedan

    Kinda surprised that they haven’t put the end clip of the dance on the sidemen tiktok yet, It would fr bang

  87. Apogee Gaming

    Apogee GamingMånad sedan

    Damn even back then Simon talked too much it’s weird I don’t remember him doing it

  88. jmaul dagoat

    jmaul dagoatMånad sedan

    14:31 Tobi's walk up was cold af

  89. Frost AussieStingR

    Frost AussieStingRMånad sedan

    When ever I need a laugh I watch this video just because of Harry at 17:42

  90. Lewin O'Malley

    Lewin O'MalleyMånad sedan


  91. XD Vortex

    XD VortexMånad sedan


  92. Gabriel Taylor

    Gabriel TaylorMånad sedan



    EHEHE BOIMånad sedan

    2:53 I don't know why but Simon's dance shree up with the music pretty well

  94. Nor Music

    Nor MusicMånad sedan

    17:44 I hope harry is still Alive

  95. Mini Wolf

    Mini WolfMånad sedan

    Whats the song beat on 0:27 but it’s a badass video and it just think like full signal vs one bar

  96. ThK Gxrds

    ThK GxrdsMånad sedan

    JABBAWOCKEEZ: Owns JJ. JJ: Alright, let's check their monthly listeners

  97. Captain JLCE

    Captain JLCEMånad sedan

    2020 squashing our hopes be like: 17:44

  98. Whore

    WhoreMånad sedan

    2:42 16:44

  99. Charnis Perkins

    Charnis PerkinsMånad sedan


  100. Ethan Ree

    Ethan ReeMånad sedan

    19:27 that was clean af

  101. Ethan Ree

    Ethan ReeMånad sedan

    Why is jbwkz short performance better than how they were 10 years ago

  102. Petrovic Productions

    Petrovic ProductionsMånad sedan

    No one needs ur rubbish commentary tobshit