The Sidemen react to a bunch of their old videos... For the second time! #SidemenSunday
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  1. Ace

    AceDag sedan

    Why is this not on sidemen reacts

  2. tc lmba

    tc lmba2 dagar sedan

    I came back to this they have changed so much😔💔

  3. Sonia Inverso

    Sonia Inverso4 dagar sedan


  4. Dskay

    Dskay4 dagar sedan

    8:28 Literally Jojo's pose

  5. CrSoham

    CrSoham5 dagar sedan

    3:31 Inner me: *Oh boy your time has come* I literally hit my forehead on the corner of my desk laughing, like seriously wtf😂

  6. Michael Christian

    Michael Christian7 dagar sedan

    The facts that jj was asleep so funny🤣🤣

  7. Jack Mura

    Jack Mura8 dagar sedan

    jj called flying babies, baby Yoda in thre crib...

  8. stop cappin

    stop cappin10 dagar sedan

    Awww I miss Harry’s fun facts

  9. Thomas Maasrani

    Thomas Maasrani11 dagar sedan

    Bro I was drinking water and when I saw vik with the spatula and the Indian musing I spit my water out and starting laughing so hard 😂😂😂

  10. Nitesh Rathod

    Nitesh Rathod12 dagar sedan

    Yap! we got flaying baby in 2020 now they are known as bats

  11. maisie x

    maisie x13 dagar sedan

    a year after this video: even a year ago harry looked 15, so did simon and vik. ethan tobi and josh look atleast 17 and JJ just looks the same😂😂

  12. F3rguson so

    F3rguson so13 dagar sedan


  13. Ps Now

    Ps Now14 dagar sedan

    Jesus is coming soon have faith, belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins.

  14. Shayan Bsh

    Shayan Bsh16 dagar sedan

    Petition for an individual video for complation for Harry’s fun fact

  15. Suck_a_ Lolly_pop

    Suck_a_ Lolly_pop20 dagar sedan

    I remember when this came out lol now we have corona

  16. JohnX

    JohnX20 dagar sedan

    We need these editing skillz back

  17. David Panken

    David Panken21 dag sedan

    Simon’s like: why am I here with these two babies?

  18. GingerLion 123

    GingerLion 12321 dag sedan

    Vikks face at 3:31😂😂

  19. Harvey Smith

    Harvey Smith22 dagar sedan


  20. Shycon Valley

    Shycon Valley22 dagar sedan

    3:31 Vik looks like an old Russian grandma

  21. AKA NibbleZ

    AKA NibbleZ25 dagar sedan

    Why is this on my recommended 1yr later

  22. Itzbodie

    Itzbodie26 dagar sedan

    everyone has to pause it on 3:24

  23. Lucas Chu

    Lucas ChuMånad sedan

    1:49 Tobi's laugh was my reaction hahhaha

  24. Logan Thompson

    Logan ThompsonMånad sedan

    Only two more years until flying babies and only five more years until Ksimon is a thing

  25. Red demon

    Red demonMånad sedan

    The babies have been yeeted

  26. OlympusPro

    OlympusProMånad sedan

    Harry saying Ethan had world record 🤣🤣🤣

  27. Keshav Ganesh

    Keshav GaneshMånad sedan

    Fun fact: this would be on the sidemen reacts channel in 2020

  28. Whore

    WhoreMånad sedan


  29. Whore

    WhoreMånad sedan


  30. Jussi Hakonen

    Jussi HakonenMånad sedan

    Ethan is bullied worse than vik

  31. lewis

    lewisMånad sedan

    After this year, I wont be surprised if there are flying babies tbh.

  32. Thandolwethu Mngomezulu

    Thandolwethu Mngomezulu27 dagar sedan

    This year has been a madness

  33. Thandolwethu Mngomezulu

    Thandolwethu Mngomezulu27 dagar sedan


  34. Judy Chen

    Judy ChenMånad sedan

    2:33 2:39

  35. William Cherkaoui

    William CherkaouiMånad sedan

    Whats Happening in 2020 D:

  36. Cassius Felix

    Cassius FelixMånad sedan

    harry is the best

  37. Khabib Fans Channel.

    Khabib Fans Channel.Månad sedan

    Harry is definitely on drugs in this video.

  38. Scott Young

    Scott YoungMånad sedan

    This has gone from main Channel content to a Third channel Sidemen are raising the game

  39. Ih ui Ih ybub

    Ih ui Ih ybubMånad sedan

    2020 like

  40. Chiara Pozzuto

    Chiara PozzutoMånad sedan

    Tobi: it's not funny. Also tobi: laughs 2 seconds after

  41. Flourrish

    FlourrishMånad sedan

    What Harry doesn’t know is that he did the same exact edit in his patience test

  42. Ali Hooda

    Ali HoodaMånad sedan

    Apparently not

  43. Amethyst _TMY

    Amethyst _TMYMånad sedan

    remember tobi: whats happening in 2022 jj: we will be flying babies jj: babies will be flying

  44. Rahil Malhotra

    Rahil MalhotraMånad sedan

    2:45 KSIMON lmao

  45. Gunzsman

    GunzsmanMånad sedan

    2 Years early on their prediction. Baby Morpheus went flying in 2020

  46. Sdog Boiii

    Sdog BoiiiMånad sedan

    Nobody : JJ : a talking bout light bulb affect 😂😂😂😂😂🤣😭😭😂😂😂

  47. ohnowire

    ohnowire2 månader sedan

    JJ: ricegum has a weird laugh Also JJ: 4:20

  48. asdfg asdf

    asdfg asdf2 månader sedan

    Toby: Stop Laughing its not funny *2 Seconds Later* Proceeds to laugh

  49. S C R U N C H

    S C R U N C H2 månader sedan

    No one: Jojo characters: 8:28

  50. Reaper zod

    Reaper zod2 månader sedan

    whose watching this in quarantine

  51. Bloodyheaders

    Bloodyheaders2 månader sedan

    7:33 this is why jide is the funniest youtuber of all time

  52. Nathaniel Landicho

    Nathaniel Landicho2 månader sedan

    Its so weird to see how much has changed from the 1 year between their first reaction vid to this one. Ethan and josh being the most changed after both of them had huge glow ups

  53. Kewlkidjeff

    Kewlkidjeff2 månader sedan

    ksi roasting vikk but vikk lost his virginity before ksi

  54. Baltazar Miguel

    Baltazar Miguel2 månader sedan

    Harry is out of it 😂

  55. Sary Aridi

    Sary Aridi2 månader sedan

    Who else is on a sidemen binge in quarintine

  56. Arvin 123

    Arvin 1232 månader sedan

    Tobi: stop laughing it’s not funny JJ: He actually looks hideous Tobi:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  57. Insigna Greek

    Insigna Greek2 månader sedan

    12:13 JJ sleeping

  58. BNR scopeZ

    BNR scopeZ2 månader sedan

    Little did they now in the next year there would be a pandemic 6:03

  59. moksh mehta

    moksh mehta2 månader sedan

    Harry is drunk here😂😂

  60. ELITE hydroZz

    ELITE hydroZz2 månader sedan

    Tobis just a Leir his reactions are hella fake !

  61. XxKingRayRayMasterXx

    XxKingRayRayMasterXx2 månader sedan

    I love when jj doesn't know how to save😂😂😂😂😂

  62. Kitten Football

    Kitten Football2 månader sedan

    Me watching this in 2020 : 👁👄👁

  63. Allen Byrne

    Allen Byrne2 månader sedan

    Is it me or is it that Ethans hair looks like 2015 Simons hair line

  64. Millie Williams

    Millie Williams2 månader sedan

    7:14 had me 😂😂

  65. Jane Sehlin

    Jane Sehlin2 månader sedan

    Hahahaha i love josh

  66. 169 subs without a vid challenge

    169 subs without a vid challenge2 månader sedan

    Read my name

  67. Mohsin Khawaja

    Mohsin Khawaja2 månader sedan

    what did josh say in 4:45

  68. flynn lane

    flynn lane2 månader sedan

    ksi hair look like shreded mince

  69. Lillie Sparks

    Lillie Sparks2 månader sedan


  70. Your Dad

    Your Dad2 månader sedan

    Ksi x Simon

  71. Miles Glidden

    Miles Glidden2 månader sedan

    please do not dab in your video its 2019 for me watching it its 2020

  72. King Star

    King Star3 månader sedan

    josh shut up bro We love ethan

  73. tommycambo47

    tommycambo473 månader sedan


  74. Endmysuffering Please

    Endmysuffering Please3 månader sedan

    Is it just me or is that the most adorable face I've ever seen 13:53

  75. Iron guy

    Iron guy3 månader sedan

    They said they would have flying babies but we got corona virus

  76. Donugg

    Donugg3 månader sedan

    this video is more try not to lauf

  77. Hey Oi

    Hey Oi3 månader sedan

    Anybody hear josh scream 4:42

  78. khalid alshaikh

    khalid alshaikh3 månader sedan

    Vik=The will never be clubs. 2020=sidmen playing clubs

  79. Agera R

    Agera R3 månader sedan

    Josh talking like he isn't the most unfunny sideman

  80. Molly Anderson

    Molly Anderson3 månader sedan

    4:20 JJs laugh 😂 😂

  81. Pika Sapien

    Pika Sapien3 månader sedan

    Wtf is Simon’s hair here 😂

  82. Ryan Neal

    Ryan Neal3 månader sedan

    Song at 14:09

  83. xo Lucide

    xo Lucide3 månader sedan

    Yo bois im gonna go back in time and make Ethan fit brb

  84. xo Lucide

    xo Lucide3 månader sedan

    aight it's done bois

  85. 17 marsy 17

    17 marsy 173 månader sedan


  86. Deago Visesa

    Deago Visesa3 månader sedan

    "the biggest human on the planet" 😭😭😭😭😭

  87. stinker

    stinker3 månader sedan

    harry’s fun facts >>>>>

  88. Adam W

    Adam W3 månader sedan

    React to old videos are low key elite

  89. Arjun Venkateshwaran

    Arjun Venkateshwaran3 månader sedan

    tobi dont laugh after a few seconds himselfs laugh

  90. JamieJB 08

    JamieJB 083 månader sedan

    3:28 Hahahahhahahahaha omg 😂🤣🤣🤣😭

  91. Millie Williams

    Millie Williams3 månader sedan

    7:10 😂😂😂 crying

  92. Millie Williams

    Millie Williams3 månader sedan

    3:31 😂😂

  93. itsmo_17

    itsmo_173 månader sedan

    1:46 that laugh🤣🤣🤣🤣

  94. Beast EXE 21

    Beast EXE 213 månader sedan

    14:09 anybody know the song

  95. The Kid AIDAN

    The Kid AIDAN3 månader sedan

    10:25 Well that didn't age well

  96. Samad Ahmed

    Samad Ahmed3 månader sedan

    3??? During quarantine

  97. Matthew Thuo

    Matthew Thuo4 månader sedan


  98. Grantsfamily quail

    Grantsfamily quail4 månader sedan

    Comment if your watching in 2022 lol

  99. ello stranger

    ello stranger4 månader sedan

    10:36 😂 simons face in the video

  100. Patrick Hinchey

    Patrick Hinchey4 månader sedan

    0:55 josh is just speaking mad facts tbh

  101. Abdullah Saudi

    Abdullah Saudi4 månader sedan

    Do part 3 Do a part three

  102. Sulaiman 237

    Sulaiman 2374 månader sedan

    1:45 😂😂😭

  103. Sarah Ayaz

    Sarah Ayaz4 månader sedan


  104. Tim.otaii

    Tim.otaii4 månader sedan

    I believe Harry was drunk while shooting this video