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  1. Surjeet Sidhu

    Surjeet Sidhu4 timmar sedan

    00:00 JJ 04:04 Harry 08:07 Simon 13:13 Ethan 17:06 Vikram 19:27 Tobi 23:08 Josh

  2. HB Gibby

    HB Gibby17 timmar sedan

    RIP headphone users, i needed to turn up the volume because everyone was so quiet and then JJ got shocked. so i died

  3. CocoSandwich YT

    CocoSandwich YTDag sedan

    2:50: there is one impasta among us

  4. Rowan Camfield

    Rowan Camfield2 dagar sedan


  5. Jared Gabriel

    Jared Gabriel2 dagar sedan

    21:57 one of the best jokes

  6. jonathan sääker

    jonathan sääker3 dagar sedan

    So boring

  7. The Tiger

    The Tiger3 dagar sedan

    Vikk should've just said ''is it just me''

  8. Atit Gurung

    Atit Gurung3 dagar sedan

    Sick 🤒


    THE CREATIVE pEnCiL3 dagar sedan

    Miachel reee3ee

  10. derrick khoo Jing yu

    derrick khoo Jing yu3 dagar sedan

    The thing that can beat ksi a taser

  11. Sarel Cohen

    Sarel Cohen4 dagar sedan

    Just broke up with my girlfriend, feeling so much happier after this video thanks sidemen your the best

  12. Jamie Robertson

    Jamie Robertson4 dagar sedan

    Viks a weird specimen

  13. Alden Dsilva

    Alden Dsilva4 dagar sedan

    9:16 lmao makes a joke about cancer while wearing a hoodie with callux on it

  14. vitsku 1

    vitsku 14 dagar sedan

    I always have to turn up and down the volume when ksi laughs and when the jokes are told

  15. ski

    ski4 dagar sedan

    @2hype pls

  16. Eric Asderei

    Eric Asderei4 dagar sedan

    Bro Simon was soo strong when vik showed up. It’s soo hard not to laugh when all your friends are laughing. It’s just contagious

  17. coomoo combo

    coomoo combo4 dagar sedan

    16:31 it sounded and looked like a goat and a ghost had baby the goat part the cream and the arms the ghost lmao

  18. The Webbed Menace

    The Webbed Menace4 dagar sedan

    Why does Vikk always laugh before the joke or half through the punch line?

  19. mohammad moubarak

    mohammad moubarak5 dagar sedan

    VIK is so useless in the sidemen and yet he has over 6 million subs

  20. Fili Vuataki

    Fili Vuataki5 dagar sedan

    Why tf is that face ksi🤣😭👌😁🤣🤣

  21. Faisal Al-hamdani

    Faisal Al-hamdani5 dagar sedan

    WTF jj 😂💔

  22. N M

    N M6 dagar sedan


  23. HAVOC

    HAVOC6 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or is vik not funny at all

  24. Aliahmed0 Aliahmed0

    Aliahmed0 Aliahmed06 dagar sedan

    Ksi is gey

  25. JoLin

    JoLin6 dagar sedan

    Petition for the photos to be shown in a Sidemen Sunday

  26. rtothemutha

    rtothemutha6 dagar sedan

    Now THIS is funny af... Penalties for laughing! Lol

  27. Harryboi 64

    Harryboi 647 dagar sedan

    They should def. do a Part 2 of this

  28. Ismail SEAL6

    Ismail SEAL67 dagar sedan

    If only when it was Simons turn someone came and said hi again its me

  29. Jonathan Bakal

    Jonathan Bakal7 dagar sedan


  30. Arhaan Menon

    Arhaan Menon7 dagar sedan

    vik is so dumb

  31. Phoenix Rize0921

    Phoenix Rize09217 dagar sedan

    The reaction that ksi was giving when he was shocked are fake

  32. Valbona Deda

    Valbona Deda6 dagar sedan

    Were u there?

  33. hamza shehzad

    hamza shehzad8 dagar sedan

    25:38 Simon's joke made me laugh so much 😅😅😅 the hand signal got me 😅

  34. Ahmed KamAl El Dien Ahmed Karar

    Ahmed KamAl El Dien Ahmed Karar8 dagar sedan

    lets just appreciate JJ's acting when getting electricouted

  35. Bloodride gaming

    Bloodride gaming8 dagar sedan


  36. Hanre Le Roux

    Hanre Le Roux8 dagar sedan


  37. Mr. Clean

    Mr. Clean8 dagar sedan

    0:40 😂😂😂😂

  38. Mr. Clean

    Mr. Clean8 dagar sedan

    Geeze KSI is making me laugh, I'm gonna do a try not to laugh at JJ getting shocked

  39. Micah Gordon

    Micah Gordon9 dagar sedan

    1:05 ksi literally having a seizure

  40. Remus Vang

    Remus Vang4 dagar sedan

    Eh no

  41. sd77

    sd779 dagar sedan

    The reason why harry was terrified is bc it reminds him of his days at the insane asylum 😂💔

  42. Brodie2k

    Brodie2k9 dagar sedan

    is it sad that i remember all of the answers to the jokes

  43. Connor Ferris

    Connor Ferris9 dagar sedan

    Stop focusing on Vic guys😂 we have to call jj out for whatever this was, worst performance ever

  44. Captain Retired

    Captain Retired9 dagar sedan

    Ksi in the back sounding like he crying

  45. Ethan Ree

    Ethan Ree9 dagar sedan

    11:32 damn JJ has balls

  46. Naser Alkalde

    Naser Alkalde9 dagar sedan

    cringe, it very clear that he is acting to be shocked

  47. Billy Lamara

    Billy Lamara9 dagar sedan

    JJ shouldn't have used his african skills to make them laugh

  48. MrJeeeZum

    MrJeeeZum9 dagar sedan

    We need more of this!!! This was proper belly ache laughter!

  49. madison boswell

    madison boswell10 dagar sedan

    so wholesome

  50. Dude Random

    Dude Random10 dagar sedan

    Does the button even electrocute? It sounds like its just making noises


    ROSHAN TAKHELLAMBAM10 dagar sedan

    Vik is really bad at jokes😂

  52. Fardin Modz

    Fardin Modz10 dagar sedan

    This is fake

  53. UnKnown Ex

    UnKnown Ex10 dagar sedan

    who was watching this because ksi is a snake

  54. GlitchJedi

    GlitchJedi10 dagar sedan

    I didn’t like this because JJ faked his react

  55. Brian Arebalo

    Brian Arebalo10 dagar sedan

    11:45 I feel bad the person that edits the video

  56. YADZ

    YADZ11 dagar sedan

    25:59 Randy Did A Kanye HAHAHA

  57. Peter Turner

    Peter Turner11 dagar sedan

    This video should be called "Vik Laughing At His Own Jokes For 27 minutes".

  58. jesse macneil

    jesse macneil11 dagar sedan

    Man this was soo funny

  59. jesse macneil

    jesse macneil11 dagar sedan

    When Vik was like k soo .. I died

  60. Emanuel alonso Marcella

    Emanuel alonso Marcella11 dagar sedan

    1:40 he's being possed by the demon but nobody helped him

  61. benjamin kim

    benjamin kim11 dagar sedan

    I could see the pain in the man's eyes. 15:10

  62. AJ ODOM

    AJ ODOM11 dagar sedan

    It’s weird how JJ has a girlfriend and showing the sidemen his area🤔

  63. AJ ODOM

    AJ ODOM9 dagar sedan

    But still lots of love to JJ

  64. AJ ODOM

    AJ ODOM9 dagar sedan

    But still it’s weird

  65. your momma

    your momma11 dagar sedan

    its with the boys so its fine 🤦‍♂️

  66. Ps Now

    Ps Now12 dagar sedan

    Jesus is coming soon have faith belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins.

  67. xd lonely hobbit

    xd lonely hobbit12 dagar sedan

    And its here we realise that vikk is the unfunniest sideman member

  68. your momma

    your momma11 dagar sedan


  69. The Webbed Menace

    The Webbed Menace12 dagar sedan

    Vikk's jokes are so bad.

  70. Daniel Upcott

    Daniel Upcott12 dagar sedan

    But what was on Ethan’s phone...

  71. JellyBOB

    JellyBOB13 dagar sedan

    Viks jokes aren’t as bad as they could be it’s just the delivery is hard to follow

  72. Jacob Villalobos

    Jacob Villalobos13 dagar sedan

    Is it fake ??

  73. Solar_opS

    Solar_opS13 dagar sedan

    If jj did his old face like back in the old days he would’ve made them laugh

  74. Tyler R6

    Tyler R613 dagar sedan

    october 2020 anyone ??

  75. Snoopze_ Bingz

    Snoopze_ Bingz13 dagar sedan

    Tradition to watch this now and again 😂

  76. Pip Collector

    Pip Collector13 dagar sedan

    I didn't even smirk


    ROARING WOLF13 dagar sedan

    Play 18:24 at 0.25 speed vik sounds like a chicken lololol

  78. BliTz

    BliTz14 dagar sedan

    12:27 who else felt rlly bad for vik

  79. RMB Gaming

    RMB Gaming14 dagar sedan

    Ovr acting

  80. BloodKills

    BloodKills14 dagar sedan

    Bruh, Vik just sits down and they all start laughing xD

  81. I'm Nobody

    I'm Nobody14 dagar sedan

    Jj had the worst coz he came first

  82. layla Elkhatib

    layla Elkhatib14 dagar sedan

    PAUSE AT 0:51

  83. Isaiah Calvin

    Isaiah Calvin15 dagar sedan

    18:25 listen with your eyes closed 😂

  84. Dr Cool Pepper

    Dr Cool Pepper16 dagar sedan

    25:59 Why did Randolph stop laughing when Josh looked at him😂

  85. NANI?! !

    NANI?! !16 dagar sedan

    15:10 Thank me later

  86. ahmed warya

    ahmed warya18 dagar sedan

    Ethan saw a black hole

  87. Matthew Watts

    Matthew Watts18 dagar sedan

    2:05 😭😭 he said “Ahhh..oh no”

  88. Ephram E

    Ephram E19 dagar sedan

    jj's reactions were faker than wwe

  89. May Choy

    May Choy20 dagar sedan

    Plot twist: Vik was doing what he did on purpose

  90. Finners Good

    Finners Good21 dag sedan

    it was funny when vik laughed at his own joke

  91. Life of a Baseball player

    Life of a Baseball player21 dag sedan

    josh: AUHH MY FINGA

  92. Farqwod

    Farqwod21 dag sedan

    What’s the difference between a catholic priest and acne?- Acne waits until your 12 before it comes on your face

  93. Shannon Webb

    Shannon Webb22 dagar sedan

    6.46 everything about this moment is perfect from JJs laugh to Harry’s reaction... everything😂 this is hands down one of the best vids they ever done 💚😂

  94. Jamie Stoakley

    Jamie Stoakley22 dagar sedan

    Who else feels sorry for Ethan

  95. Christopher Bellante

    Christopher Bellante22 dagar sedan

    Why does Ethan like going to church? Because he can call someone father

  96. K O

    K O22 dagar sedan

    I feel so bad for vikk in the videos

  97. Angelina Kaur Sagoo

    Angelina Kaur Sagoo23 dagar sedan

    Play jjs laugh in

  98. Seb Rock

    Seb Rock23 dagar sedan

    good ol times

  99. Dj SOULJAH

    Dj SOULJAH25 dagar sedan

    Vick is cringe asf lol

  100. Cautious Spark

    Cautious Spark25 dagar sedan

    KSI is actually clever with his jokes....he’s a bit slow but then again.....aren’t we all

  101. Josh Plays Xbox

    Josh Plays Xbox25 dagar sedan

    16:32 Ethan wilhelm scream??

  102. j all

    j all26 dagar sedan

    Bro, u guys actually make my day. I’ve beeen binge watching old videos 24/7 for the past month lmao

  103. Bailey Smith

    Bailey Smith26 dagar sedan

    i wish they showed the rest of the clips

  104. S4c 0 m4tic

    S4c 0 m4tic27 dagar sedan

    lol at the end it says download the merch

  105. S4c 0 m4tic

    S4c 0 m4tic27 dagar sedan


  106. A _BC

    A _BC29 dagar sedan

    Is no one gonna talk about wtf Harry has in his hoodie

  107. Shiyam Hossain

    Shiyam Hossain29 dagar sedan

    vik increases my anxiety wtf