The Sidemen take on the Calorie Challenge again...but this time it's in the USA whilst KSI trains for his fight against Logan Paul (and for some reason, Harry is in Hawaii)
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  1. kareem zein

    kareem zein10 timmar sedan

    Why am I watching this at 3:00 am

  2. Tyler Thompson Ty

    Tyler Thompson Ty11 timmar sedan


  3. TSB Blitzs Ѱ

    TSB Blitzs Ѱ19 timmar sedan

    Why is young chip in the video at 23:04

  4. Riko

    Riko19 timmar sedan

    Steve Os dad is cooking JJ up some mad stuff

  5. connor douglas

    connor douglas20 timmar sedan

    vik pisses me off

  6. A McKnight

    A McKnight23 timmar sedan

    harry passed 10 k calories and still got desert

  7. Kaosity

    KaosityDag sedan

    They are trying to eat 10,000 Calories but the title says 100,000 Calories

  8. Gabby Webb

    Gabby WebbDag sedan

    I hated Harry in this vid. Ever time I watch it it makes him look worse and worse. He didn’t eat half of his calories I bet :(

  9. Manoa Wacokecoke

    Manoa WacokecokeDag sedan

    Why does a different sidemen have that each like every video the one Ethan has

  10. Latasha Cook

    Latasha CookDag sedan

    Harry listening to sweater weather... MY SOULMATEEEE

  11. PaddyWagon64

    PaddyWagon64Dag sedan

    0:03 my new screensaver

  12. Trix Squid

    Trix Squid2 dagar sedan

    I quote Ethan in this video more then i should “Those bacon cheese fries sent me into a herniaaaa”


    BIGHEAD YT2 dagar sedan

    Lmao jj needs better running form

  14. Murtaza Gardizi

    Murtaza Gardizi2 dagar sedan

    why did vik say banana 12 calories then after he says banana 100 calories

  15. Shoes

    Shoes2 dagar sedan

    That anime position in the beginning tho

  16. Gabriel Luiz

    Gabriel Luiz2 dagar sedan

    Matt Stonie does that in 20 minutes

  17. Dillon6479

    Dillon64792 dagar sedan

    I’m dead laughing reading the fat American jokes just as I’ve finished a whole bag of doritos.

  18. Shona Ford

    Shona Ford3 dagar sedan

    When Ethan said cookies I thought he said cocane

  19. ElectroGamer

    ElectroGamer3 dagar sedan

    12:30 Me when i am hungry and there is so much food in the fridge

  20. Dead by daylight Mobile sweats

    Dead by daylight Mobile sweats3 dagar sedan

    15:35 is that Randolph

  21. hannah chave

    hannah chave3 dagar sedan

    Harry: "We are in quite a fancy restaurant" ~BuRPs~

  22. Cody Mccann

    Cody Mccann4 dagar sedan

    When i heard the nbhd and then seeing harry omg

  23. infinity lux

    infinity lux4 dagar sedan

    Vik trying the SweetTarts Ropes made me smile because he actually enjoyed them and wanted more😂 they are so Delicious❤ Favorite Candy👍👍

  24. Drew Clark-Bolt

    Drew Clark-Bolt4 dagar sedan

    Did anyone else think Simon eating ice cream at the end was satisfying

  25. Trash Kaylie

    Trash Kaylie4 dagar sedan

    we ain’t gonna talk about how my dinner alone tonight was 2950 calories

  26. Joshboshking 124

    Joshboshking 1244 dagar sedan

    NGL Randolph probs are like 15k and didn’t even try do the challenge

  27. Durant For MVP

    Durant For MVP4 dagar sedan

    I saw my guy dame at the bowling alley

  28. Suddz

    Suddz4 dagar sedan

    Who else is watching this while they are hungry

  29. mckenna real

    mckenna real4 dagar sedan

    Cheese Cake Factory would be the best place to go every serving is massive even for us.

  30. Dylan Lopez

    Dylan Lopez4 dagar sedan

    i just noticed with this videos that i eat more then 10k calories a day wtf

  31. tsol teo

    tsol teo5 dagar sedan

    Easy 100 cal.

  32. Ruby McGrath

    Ruby McGrath5 dagar sedan

    How did Harry eat 10000 calories like that’s crazy !!!!

  33. craZe Elite

    craZe Elite5 dagar sedan

    Outro song?

  34. Narathip Sangsawang

    Narathip Sangsawang5 dagar sedan

    Am I the only 1 to notice the girl near the end of the vid dab or is there more

  35. Boi Hoi

    Boi Hoi6 dagar sedan

    Harry: winks so thats about 2 million cals right there

  36. rounti family

    rounti family6 dagar sedan

    eathan is sus

  37. Harry Stavridis

    Harry Stavridis6 dagar sedan

    Ethan really lies when he says he doesn’t want the cookies I say he really does like the cookies

  38. Geldon Grajcevci

    Geldon Grajcevci6 dagar sedan

    Brokeback Mountain or sutting 11:36

  39. Jason Ryan

    Jason Ryan8 dagar sedan

    A woman with Simon's favourite company coca cola shirt on hit a mad dab at the end

  40. Zac Cullen

    Zac Cullen9 dagar sedan

    Vicstar123 is weak (in eating)

  41. Ece Esengin

    Ece Esengin9 dagar sedan

    Vik is just annoying in these eating videos bc he doesn't come through like the others

  42. long angry sausage

    long angry sausage10 dagar sedan

    Watching them eat made me feel so full

  43. Linx YT

    Linx YT10 dagar sedan

    Who noticed Vikks girlfriend at the start when the were at ihop

  44. sempai Avila

    sempai Avila10 dagar sedan

    16:28 "We're in America bro"

  45. Bobby Chowdary

    Bobby Chowdary10 dagar sedan

    They would have enjoyed this much more if they did something while eating like watching something

  46. Gabriel Knecht

    Gabriel Knecht11 dagar sedan

    So weird seeing this and them going into restaurants without masks like wtf?

  47. infinity lux

    infinity lux4 dagar sedan

    ARE U DUMB? This was filmed before last Year!

  48. Arpit Kumar

    Arpit Kumar11 dagar sedan

    Uk youtube comunity is the best

  49. Kilo Tango06

    Kilo Tango0612 dagar sedan

    If its USA edition then just eat your average American diet, then you’d smash 100,000

  50. wldn

    wldn12 dagar sedan

    i wish i just had jj's chef explain what im eating each time

  51. Muhammad Hasanat

    Muhammad Hasanat12 dagar sedan

    Legend has it vik is still eating that bag of flour

  52. Du0z Gaming

    Du0z Gaming12 dagar sedan


  53. Niccolo

    Niccolo13 dagar sedan

    36:39 What rhianna saw back in 2009

  54. Vison Optic

    Vison Optic13 dagar sedan

    20:22 best part

  55. BlackExtensionRevnge

    BlackExtensionRevnge13 dagar sedan

    Everyone eating like the pigs they are Excluding tobi KSI: *Training* Ethan: *getting over hang over*

  56. HMK_plays 19

    HMK_plays 1914 dagar sedan

    Side boys not m n

  57. God Zues

    God Zues14 dagar sedan


  58. Bryan MK

    Bryan MK14 dagar sedan


  59. Natzu

    Natzu14 dagar sedan

    These videos are so schill and fun to watch

  60. An Acc

    An Acc15 dagar sedan

    Ah yes ethan git rejected

  61. Finboy21

    Finboy2115 dagar sedan

    Btw when Ethan was eating the cookies he sounded like a druggie

  62. Robert Blunt

    Robert Blunt15 dagar sedan

    Ethan was doing those bell pull ups wrong. To the waist, not the chest

  63. Kaydop 1234

    Kaydop 123415 dagar sedan

    Vik was so smashed in this video

  64. Shooter

    Shooter15 dagar sedan

    11:20 song?

  65. Zur DoWhatever

    Zur DoWhatever15 dagar sedan

    20:20 Indian man goes autistic

  66. brandon watt

    brandon watt15 dagar sedan

    its a 10k chanllenge but they've said 100k??

  67. Random Stuff Dan

    Random Stuff Dan15 dagar sedan

    36:25 did that lady just dab on the Sidemen

  68. Midge And ellie

    Midge And ellie15 dagar sedan

    Ksi: ‘losing calories’ Harry: ‘gaining 5000 calories’

  69. George Donoghue

    George Donoghue16 dagar sedan

    Who else is bored and just watching videos for the heck of it

  70. Vickey dan

    Vickey dan16 dagar sedan

    Harry: so we are going to start the main course Also Harry:(after a bite) so this is the last big bite right here😄

  71. Dani BG

    Dani BG16 dagar sedan

    Just eat oats their so calorie dence

  72. Eray Akin

    Eray Akin16 dagar sedan

    if harry just ate 20 sausage and egg mcmuffins he had 10k

  73. Shorba14

    Shorba148 dagar sedan

    He would die

  74. Lewis Walker

    Lewis Walker16 dagar sedan

    Go to 22.10 mins and watch the guy almost spit on vik

  75. Jake Nailer

    Jake Nailer16 dagar sedan

    Harry was just living the best life

  76. Asian chef

    Asian chef16 dagar sedan

    Bruh my teacher have metabolism and she can eat 10k calories in a day and can still teach us science lol

  77. Among Us

    Among Us16 dagar sedan

    SiDeMeN 100k CaLloRies..... 10K WTF

  78. Wolfroar xx

    Wolfroar xx17 dagar sedan

    Im looking at the food and my brain is thinking: damn that isnt much, we could eat it all easily. But I know hes wrong... I kinda wanna do it tho XD

  79. Griffin Barker

    Griffin Barker17 dagar sedan

    So many adddsssss

  80. Its me Oxygen

    Its me Oxygen17 dagar sedan

    sdmn themselves are celebrities

  81. captain mostafa

    captain mostafa17 dagar sedan

    I can swear I would smash this

  82. Truth Behind The Lies

    Truth Behind The Lies17 dagar sedan

    where er the comment

  83. Moe and Speedy

    Moe and Speedy18 dagar sedan

    Are they in L.A or Las Vegas. Lol different members said different places

  84. Scott Weinstock

    Scott Weinstock18 dagar sedan

    I would just drink 3 milk shakes to get in like 1500 calories


    AQUA MYSTX18 dagar sedan

    Ethan got laid

  86. Samuel Brown

    Samuel Brown18 dagar sedan

    was harry in hawaii

  87. Y

    Y18 dagar sedan

    America is so different from uk,America is so different firstly it has like 50 countries,massive roads and houses,no similar houses,more food outlets,massive schools with lockers in every school,more flavours of drinks and crisps,different people,students prank head teacher on last school day,cnt wait till i go one day

  88. Sup -Star

    Sup -Star18 dagar sedan

    Bruh they eat so much food all together that it could have be used to stop world hunger

  89. jesse macneil

    jesse macneil18 dagar sedan

    This would be hard .

  90. Syed Talha

    Syed Talha19 dagar sedan

    Clearly Harry had the most fun in this

  91. Darkslatecrater -

    Darkslatecrater -19 dagar sedan

    Why don’t they just have some laxatives after a big meal and over and over, easy solution

  92. Joseph Youssef

    Joseph Youssef19 dagar sedan

    matt stonie can do this challenge by himself in 5 hours

  93. Jonathan Ostgard

    Jonathan Ostgard19 dagar sedan

    I feel so fat watching this

  94. Air3s XD

    Air3s XD19 dagar sedan

    Twizzlers are good

  95. Joshua Collinson

    Joshua Collinson20 dagar sedan

    I think sidemen would be better with out Ethan

  96. Jared Perez

    Jared Perez20 dagar sedan

    I basically do this everyday and I’m fit asf HAHAHA And I don’t even realize the amount of calories that I get

  97. Call Me Clapped

    Call Me Clapped20 dagar sedan

    It said 100 000 calories but it is actually 10 000 lol good vid tho

  98. Bray Lewis

    Bray Lewis20 dagar sedan

    20:24 hahaha lol thought that was a fart at first

  99. Sam Brookes

    Sam Brookes20 dagar sedan

    7:10 anyone else love Simon's reaction to Toby's joke

  100. EVD Assassin

    EVD Assassin20 dagar sedan

    At least there’s not “another cheeseburger” this time

  101. Clixy On30Fps

    Clixy On30Fps21 dag sedan

    It’s like JJ is in school listening he’s like ya

  102. Jay Allen

    Jay Allen21 dag sedan

    I tried watching the whole video but started puking