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  1. Arjan S

    Arjan SDag sedan

    Feel sorry for Ethan now cuz he had COVID a week ago

  2. Robyn Silvestri

    Robyn SilvestriDag sedan

    Jacksucksatlife at the end 👀😯what have I just said

  3. Jonathan Swan

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  4. Thomas Nicholls

    Thomas Nicholls2 dagar sedan

    I'm happy I seen daz

  5. Extremely Rare Rainbow Pepe

    Extremely Rare Rainbow Pepe3 dagar sedan

    JJ actually bullied Vik For having a better Beard than him

  6. Fungusz _

    Fungusz _3 dagar sedan

    Back when everyone called it ‘the coronavirus’

  7. Aiden Reyes

    Aiden Reyes4 dagar sedan

    I wish Americans would've listen to this smh.

  8. Speed Pug

    Speed Pug6 dagar sedan

    jesus christ just stay at home

  9. An Intellectual

    An Intellectual7 dagar sedan

    Even morgz is here. My standards for him have hightened a bit.

  10. Kyletheogman

    Kyletheogman8 dagar sedan

    YES LETS GO JACK 14:54

  11. charlotte mills

    charlotte mills9 dagar sedan

    How did they get Rob Beckett on here!?

  12. the beast

    the beast9 dagar sedan


  13. the beast

    the beast9 dagar sedan


  14. the beast

    the beast9 dagar sedan

    Jack jack jack jack jack

  15. Drumshreddar 759

    Drumshreddar 7599 dagar sedan

    We're is edp445

  16. Boiszeez FP

    Boiszeez FP12 dagar sedan

    How come deji isn’t in this video??

  17. Josh Glogovac

    Josh Glogovac14 dagar sedan

    Mark Goldbridges is a beast

  18. Lucila Maciel

    Lucila Maciel15 dagar sedan

    The only resin i here because jacksucksatlife

  19. Aanan arefin

    Aanan arefin16 dagar sedan

    ethans got covid

  20. S7172

    S717217 dagar sedan

    How is here after Ethan got corona?

  21. cookie and milk

    cookie and milk17 dagar sedan

    Omg that jacksuckatlife at I'm so happy

  22. Cringe Video's

    Cringe Video's17 dagar sedan


  23. Daveeed

    Daveeed18 dagar sedan

    I am here for 14:59

  24. chk chk

    chk chk21 dag sedan

    21 pilots

  25. Dark Phantom

    Dark Phantom21 dag sedan

    Jesus Christ man how in the world have the sidemen gotten jacksucksatlife I thought he was a top SEtoosr

  26. waiting for *blackpink* to be in my area

    waiting for *blackpink* to be in my area21 dag sedan



    SHANU BIZ22 dagar sedan

    No one talking about Niko how he was about laugh

  28. Addison Jones

    Addison Jones29 dagar sedan

    I love the variety of these messages from all the people There’s the ones that are threatening us There are the ones that explain the severity of corona Plus the ones that ask us nicely to stay inside And then there’s aitch😂😂

  29. Alexis Fewtrell

    Alexis Fewtrell29 dagar sedan

    My uncle's in this, it's twosync

  30. Hendo

    Hendo29 dagar sedan

    Why did this only get 2.7 mill views?

  31. Conor Martin

    Conor Martin25 dagar sedan

    It should have 0 views

  32. Hayata Akiko

    Hayata Akiko29 dagar sedan

    why is sheamus here 2:38

  33. Mitchell Abercrombie

    Mitchell AbercrombieMånad sedan

    Well this aged badly

  34. ketem9 ketem9 pro

    ketem9 ketem9 proMånad sedan

    Only I noticed that ChrisMD isnt here

  35. Cosmo

    CosmoMånad sedan

    nope i did too

  36. Skippers Norfolk Broads

    Skippers Norfolk BroadsMånad sedan


  37. Brenda Okon

    Brenda OkonMånad sedan



    AZWAD SIFATMånad sedan


  39. Cleo The Cavapoochon

    Cleo The CavapoochonMånad sedan

    14 58

  40. Cleo The Cavapoochon

    Cleo The CavapoochonMånad sedan


  41. Ygo Nya Bai

    Ygo Nya BaiMånad sedan

    Got it well

  42. RobloxPlayer2

    RobloxPlayer2Månad sedan

    4 months later and we are still talking about jacksucksatlife being in the sidemen video

  43. Rated Opossum430

    Rated Opossum430Månad sedan

    Everyone:Stay at home protect the nhs Jacksucksatlife:STAY INSIDE MAN ITS NOT DIFFICULT JESUS CHRIST

  44. RavenDisker

    RavenDiskerMånad sedan

    all others: please stay at home JakeSucksAtLife: just stay at inside man, its really not difficult, Jesus Christ

  45. Logan Queen

    Logan QueenMånad sedan

    Legit got every UK youtuber

  46. Cosmo

    CosmoMånad sedan

    only pewds was left i think

  47. Yunus Ahmed

    Yunus AhmedMånad sedan

    Lol Sharky got finessed

  48. Rehan772

    Rehan772Månad sedan

    Gib: stay at home Also gib :outside

  49. Ginger That Cat

    Ginger That CatMånad sedan

    omG wAs tHaT jAck aT 14:58!?!?

  50. Twis_Hyper

    Twis_HyperMånad sedan

    josh pieters??

  51. Peter sharpling

    Peter sharplingMånad sedan

    Am I the only one that watched this video and couldn't help but cry, at all the support and how much all these SEtoosrs care about us

  52. Conor Martin

    Conor Martin25 dagar sedan

    The youtubers don't care about us, they just want money

  53. The Jonbergdahl Extra

    The Jonbergdahl ExtraMånad sedan

    Nope i still go out becouse i live in Sweden #SwedenRock

  54. Cosmo

    CosmoMånad sedan


  55. egishy

    egishyMånad sedan

    Shut up

  56. Jacker Crackers

    Jacker CrackersMånad sedan

    0:00 ksi

  57. Cosmo

    CosmoMånad sedan

    we know bro

  58. Langa Lupondwana

    Langa LupondwanaMånad sedan

    It's lock down level 2 in South Africa and we can play with our friends and go to our family house

  59. Cosmo

    Cosmo25 dagar sedan

    @Conor Martin k

  60. Conor Martin

    Conor Martin25 dagar sedan

    @Cosmo it's good

  61. Cosmo

    CosmoMånad sedan

    its sad

  62. MyNameJeff

    MyNameJeffMånad sedan

    Wow I didn't think you'd get JackSucksAtLife. That's awesome

  63. Rayne 77

    Rayne 77Månad sedan


  64. Conor Martin

    Conor Martin25 dagar sedan


  65. Cosmo

    CosmoMånad sedan

    @The Jonbergdahl Extra stfu bro

  66. egishy

    egishyMånad sedan


  67. The Jonbergdahl Extra

    The Jonbergdahl ExtraMånad sedan

    No i do not stay home i becouse i live in Sweden #SwedenRock

  68. Isaac Garza

    Isaac GarzaMånad sedan

    No. Maybe ._.

  69. The Jonbergdahl Extra

    The Jonbergdahl ExtraMånad sedan

    NOPE #SwedenRock i can do ever i whant

  70. Fayers

    FayersMånad sedan

    Every one: stay at home and protect lives Jack: JUST STAY HOME MAN IS IT THAT HARD JESUS CHRIST

  71. Katie Rutledge20

    Katie Rutledge20Månad sedan

    I am surprised to see that Oli is even alive

  72. Ashton

    AshtonMånad sedan

    The perfect Collaboration video.

  73. P'n'M

    P'n'MMånad sedan

    Stephan had to make me laugh lol

  74. Cosmo

    CosmoMånad sedan

    his voice makes me laf lol

  75. ConstantFish

    ConstantFish2 månader sedan

    I love how Jack was only joking with inspect element but now most of the comments are actually about him haha.

  76. Sulugs

    Sulugs2 månader sedan


  77. Max the goat

    Max the goat2 månader sedan

    Jacksuksatlife is that famous!!!!!

  78. Ygo Nya Bai

    Ygo Nya Bai2 månader sedan

    Im staying at home. setoos.info/cloud/22aWCJAq824y2gSiTs6_uQ

  79. egishy

    egishyMånad sedan

    The Jonbergdahl Extra stop. We. Don’t. Care

  80. The Jonbergdahl Extra

    The Jonbergdahl ExtraMånad sedan

    Buuu #SwedenRock i do not stay at home i can do what ever i like

  81. Juan Basante

    Juan Basante2 månader sedan

    Entra ami canal hay musica nueva mia


    VIKAS KAMLE PATIL2 månader sedan

    Stay home stay safe

  83. egishy

    egishyMånad sedan

    The Jonbergdahl Extra STOP

  84. The Jonbergdahl Extra

    The Jonbergdahl ExtraMånad sedan

    Nope #SwedenRock i do what ever i feel like

  85. Maska Gamez

    Maska Gamez2 månader sedan

    JACKKKK 14.58

  86. Maureen

    Maureen2 månader sedan

    14:58 JACK YAY . Oof caps

  87. stupid ideas

    stupid ideas2 månader sedan

    Where is my boi danTDM

  88. Brandy’s World

    Brandy’s World2 månader sedan

    Lol all I see is jack comments!

  89. Pietro Nimesha

    Pietro Nimesha2 månader sedan

    Jackmasseywelsh 4ever boiiii *jesus christ😂

  90. yeet yeet

    yeet yeet2 månader sedan

    09:04 OK jeez man I will

  91. chinmay Jagga

    chinmay Jagga2 månader sedan

    Jesus Crist Jack!!!

  92. LemonClxud

    LemonClxud2 månader sedan

    Just stay inside man, it's really not difficult, Jesus Christ!

  93. Otaku Creamy

    Otaku Creamy2 månader sedan

    Idk why but it’s not that hard to wear a mask and follow the guide lines but tons and tons of people especially teens they don’t wear masks it’s not that hard like wtf it’s not that hard to wear one and follow the guide lines it just pisses me off how people especially some teens think it’s not a thing and think their cool going out not listening like come-on man act your age don’t be stupid

  94. egishy

    egishyMånad sedan

    The Jonbergdahl Extra stop. We don’t care.

  95. The Jonbergdahl Extra

    The Jonbergdahl ExtraMånad sedan

    Well i live in Sweden and we do not need them becouse our goverment treets us as grownups

  96. Otaku Creamy

    Otaku Creamy2 månader sedan

    Am I the only one that re-watched this in August 20th

  97. Night Gamer 268

    Night Gamer 2682 månader sedan


  98. MrnintendoSEGAfan1

    MrnintendoSEGAfan12 månader sedan

    9:04 Wizzy my guy

  99. Coffee

    Coffee2 månader sedan

    10:42 i dont have friends im good just staying at home

  100. Himyou Seeu.

    Himyou Seeu.2 månader sedan

    Jacksucksatlife is here he is the biggest beast

  101. Paul Rodrigues-Khan

    Paul Rodrigues-Khan2 månader sedan

    14:58 this is the best

  102. Manifestation Happiness

    Manifestation Happiness2 månader sedan

    Can’t believe this was 4 months ago

  103. angrypenguin

    angrypenguin2 månader sedan

    14:59 looook thereee heee isss theeeree he is

  104. Name is ßrian

    Name is ßrian2 månader sedan

    19 k comments / COVID 19

  105. Louis Stones

    Louis Stones2 månader sedan

    Wonder how much they getting paid

  106. Louis Stones

    Louis Stones2 månader sedan

    Biggggg steeeeee

  107. Brien boi

    Brien boi2 månader sedan

    Woah! No way!!! 14:58 is JackSucksAtLife! I'm sure not leaving my house now.

  108. egishy

    egishyMånad sedan

    The Jonbergdahl Extra shut uppp, your basically in all the comments, WE DONT CARE.

  109. Brien boi

    Brien boiMånad sedan

    @The Jonbergdahl Extra in the US I struggle treating the government like they are grownups...

  110. The Jonbergdahl Extra

    The Jonbergdahl ExtraMånad sedan

    Well i live in Sweden and we do not need them becouse our goverment treets us as grownups

  111. Quinn Richardson

    Quinn Richardson2 månader sedan

    I cant believe u guys got jacksucksatlife omg

  112. Swift2345 6

    Swift2345 62 månader sedan


  113. halfdeddoggo

    halfdeddoggo2 månader sedan

    TGF do it!

  114. halfdeddoggo

    halfdeddoggo2 månader sedan


  115. Arjun Jain

    Arjun Jain2 månader sedan

    What, definitely did not expect Morgz to be in this video....

  116. TablePrinterDoor

    TablePrinterDoor2 månader sedan


  117. egishy

    egishyMånad sedan


  118. Captain Price

    Captain Price2 månader sedan

    I’m a ninja turtle so I’m all good

  119. Oh hello

    Oh hello2 månader sedan

    The words that will make any one stay at home JUST STAY AT HOME MAN ITS NOT THAT HARD -Jacksucksatlife wise words

  120. Ben D Beast

    Ben D Beast2 månader sedan

    Where’s stampy Squid Grian Mumbo

  121. Jimmy Underwood

    Jimmy Underwood2 månader sedan

    Ya Jacksucksatlife got in hes a mad lad

  122. e

    e2 månader sedan

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS yung chip was on here lol

  123. mj games

    mj games2 månader sedan

    jack is here

  124. Aᴜᴅɪᴢɪɢɴ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Aᴜᴅɪᴢɪɢɴ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻2 månader sedan

    nobody: jacksucksatlife: JUST STAY AT HOME MAN, ITS NOT THAT HARD JESUS CHRIST memeulous: WASH YOUR HANDS OR CONSEQUENCES *punches chair*

  125. I may be comedic

    I may be comedic2 månader sedan

    Where is turdboi gang at

  126. Mochi

    Mochi2 månader sedan

    Why did they have to edit in that clip that jack sent 14:58 😂

  127. LB Haas

    LB Haas2 månader sedan

    Stay at home man, Jesus Christ just stay at home it’s not that hard man