The Sidemen take on Giant Inflatable Challenges in cold wet conditions, losers get forfeits!!!
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  1. mrslime

    mrslime9 timmar sedan

    4:17 am literally dying out of laughter 😂

  2. Lane Waite

    Lane WaiteDag sedan

    4:18 had me dying the sound effect 😂😂

  3. Lane Waite

    Lane WaiteDag sedan

    Sidemen predicted fall guys map

  4. The Wombat

    The Wombat3 dagar sedan

    After Ethan has watched the footage he is going to punch JJ's face into the wall, 14:00

  5. 420Yusha69

    420Yusha695 dagar sedan

    This is like if fall guys were made by retarded people

  6. Alexa Mason

    Alexa Mason6 dagar sedan

    I love how they all tricked ethan with the neck slap

  7. shadybabii heart

    shadybabii heart8 dagar sedan

    Poor tobi just being slung back every time he jumps

  8. Robert Kettley

    Robert Kettley8 dagar sedan

    This is so funny i love u

  9. L i l l y

    L i l l y8 dagar sedan


  10. Albe Boddin

    Albe Boddin9 dagar sedan

    0:58 Harrys Jump hahah😂😂😂😂

  11. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler9 dagar sedan

    Old sidemen where op

  12. Trevon Holden

    Trevon Holden11 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or does jj have his hands down his pants and still look sad.

  13. jesse macneil

    jesse macneil11 dagar sedan

    Me and my cousin would do bare knuckle to the arm as hard as we almost could till one gave up .. boxing glove is a joke

  14. Qais Quraan

    Qais Quraan12 dagar sedan

    4:18 the sound 😂😂😂😂


    CLXDA GOAT15 dagar sedan

    4:40 lol

  16. Claws

    Claws21 dag sedan

    someone subscribe to my channel and join my discord thanks. ​@t​

  17. Khánh Phạm Văn

    Khánh Phạm Văn24 dagar sedan

    the original Fall Guys

  18. Rutendo Chiota

    Rutendo Chiota26 dagar sedan

    When I was 12 are used to have marmite grapes

  19. Sam Carter

    Sam Carter26 dagar sedan

    Egg scramble IRL

  20. Sarah Howard

    Sarah Howard27 dagar sedan

    Harry’s twirl got me dead🤣

  21. THE BGR

    THE BGR27 dagar sedan

    13:53 look at tobi's reaction 😂

  22. THE BGR

    THE BGR27 dagar sedan

    00:22 vik's rap song 🔥🔥

  23. FurtherChimp 668

    FurtherChimp 668Månad sedan

    4:17 bruh

  24. Aaron lad

    Aaron ladMånad sedan

    The original Fall Guys.

  25. Nicholas Prima

    Nicholas PrimaMånad sedan

    This is literally egg scramble from fall guys irl

  26. ToastyBear

    ToastyBearMånad sedan

    Yall got square toilets in the UK?

  27. Will Edwards

    Will EdwardsMånad sedan


  28. Bridie F

    Bridie FMånad sedan

    2019-sidemen giant inflatabke 2030-fall guys irl

  29. NotMikasa

    NotMikasaMånad sedan

    these guys done a fall guys round without knowing

  30. Adam Jack

    Adam JackMånad sedan

    Ahaha ethans forfeits still get me

  31. Adwait Upadhyaya

    Adwait UpadhyayaMånad sedan

    the idea of egg scramble in fall guys came from here.

  32. Aobh McGibbon

    Aobh McGibbonMånad sedan

    Fall guys

  33. This video is nutty

    This video is nuttyMånad sedan

    me watching fall guys and egg scrable goes to 20k fps

  34. Roan Geerts

    Roan GeertsMånad sedan

    Fall guys

  35. Scope Aim

    Scope AimMånad sedan

    Honestly this is the gayest vid the sidemen has made

  36. Joe craven

    Joe cravenMånad sedan

    Why is this like fall guys

  37. Big Brain

    Big BrainMånad sedan

    Ofcourse Simon is the first person to join JJ's team after leaving him alone

  38. Muds BPG

    Muds BPGMånad sedan

    Simon fortnite is old get a new game

  39. Heloise

    HeloiseMånad sedan

    @Ryan B this was made in March 2019....

  40. Ryan B

    Ryan BMånad sedan

    This was made over a year and a half ago

  41. Антонио Савов

    Антонио СавовMånad sedan

    20:21 why is he crying aboout that hit? In elementry school we got harder hit with no Gloves xD but hey everything for the camera

  42. RevengeMist

    RevengeMistMånad sedan

    i probably have never laughed more in a sidemen video in my life

  43. OwO Boi

    OwO BoiMånad sedan

    Basically egg scramble...

  44. Tea With Seabear

    Tea With SeabearMånad sedan

    Sidemen: *has a possible broken leg* “AHH AHH MY LEG MY LEG!!..” Camera man: *Casually stands there and films anyway* Lmaoooo

  45. Tea With Seabear

    Tea With SeabearMånad sedan

    Music: 🔥 *intense* 🔥 Group of grown men: *flipping around like baby seals* Me: 💀

  46. Esem Esaw

    Esem EsawMånad sedan

    This is how covid started Harry licking Ksi feet

  47. Bella Rangel

    Bella RangelMånad sedan

    This is fall guys the egg challenge

  48. Mary Agyeiwaa

    Mary AgyeiwaaMånad sedan

    What??? 1 year already???

  49. mia

    miaMånad sedan

    first challenge is pretty much egg scrambled

  50. Henry Harrison

    Henry HarrisonMånad sedan

    Who's watching this in 2020 #coronavirus

  51. Magdalena Janek

    Magdalena JanekMånad sedan

    H: SABOTAGE!! E: HARRY were on the same team H: and i oop Edit timestamp 4:35

  52. Lucky Ducky

    Lucky DuckyMånad sedan



    AQUA BOOTMånad sedan

    at the start of the video why was JJ's hands in his pants?

  54. MominOMG

    MominOMGMånad sedan

    Fall guys IRL

  55. UnicornWizard

    UnicornWizardMånad sedan

    They should change the title to: Sidemen Fall Guys Egg Scramble in real life

  56. Pinkmen Jey

    Pinkmen JeyMånad sedan

    "Harry were on the same team" I am harry lmao

  57. ツS a m

    ツS a mMånad sedan

    How fall guys was invented

  58. Aayush Patel

    Aayush PatelMånad sedan

    0:41. See josh cheating by looking at the ball. Like if anyone saw that

  59. Kowalski vlogs

    Kowalski vlogsMånad sedan

    0:00 ksi has his fingers in his trousers

  60. Freya Maria

    Freya MariaMånad sedan

    Ethan rn be like: 👁💧👄💧👁

  61. Da Punch

    Da Punch2 månader sedan

    Fall guys

  62. Niranjan Valsan

    Niranjan Valsan2 månader sedan

    We all had that face when we saw harry lick jjs feet

  63. Toby RN

    Toby RNMånad sedan

    this video was 2 years ago why r u just commenting now

  64. Allison Keefe

    Allison Keefe2 månader sedan

    Fall guys irl

  65. Zeeshan Muhammed

    Zeeshan Muhammed2 månader sedan

    This that level in fall guys where u have to collect the eggs😂

  66. Johannes van der Stuyvebode

    Johannes van der Stuyvebode2 månader sedan

    Ethan is such a cocky snob now. That disgusting grin on his face makes me miss fat Ethan

  67. joshua alexander

    joshua alexander2 månader sedan

    Oh the sidemen already played fall guys a year ago

  68. HeyItsAdam54

    HeyItsAdam542 månader sedan

    Okay what does marmite taste like bc it sounds so disgusting and I’m from Michigan and I know it’s not sold here

  69. Heloise

    HeloiseMånad sedan

    It's very salty

  70. Flourrish

    Flourrish2 månader sedan

    What’s the outdo music?

  71. Melvin Hagg

    Melvin Hagg2 månader sedan

    Ion getit where is the slip and slide?

  72. D C

    D C2 månader sedan

    Was one of the deadest

  73. Tyler Lantz

    Tyler Lantz2 månader sedan

    Fall guys hand me down of 2019 :

  74. Levi Brousseau

    Levi Brousseau2 månader sedan

    wow. jumping and collecting balls is somewhat interesting

  75. Whore

    Whore2 månader sedan

    0:25 4:03 5:14 7:44 8:29 16:31 16:54 18:00 23:31

  76. Isabella miguel

    Isabella miguel2 månader sedan

    Fall guys

  77. Cam Yeoman

    Cam Yeoman2 månader sedan

    forgot who the teams were but still the best video ever😂

  78. Rocky 90

    Rocky 902 månader sedan

    JJ might be the best entertainer ever. He makes everything way better than it should be. Protect him at all cost.

  79. Hitman

    Hitman2 månader sedan

    18:34 Josh looked genuinely hurt when Tobi hit him 😭

  80. Matthew Desjardins

    Matthew Desjardins2 månader sedan

    nice to see ethan sucking in tho

  81. Steamy Stylish

    Steamy Stylish2 månader sedan

    17:45 wtf is ksi doing 😅😅😅

  82. Lil Karls

    Lil Karls2 månader sedan

    We miss this house

  83. Tanya iqbal

    Tanya iqbal2 månader sedan

    22:04 viks laugh is so unrated

  84. EricaLynn-13 1987

    EricaLynn-13 19872 månader sedan

    Jjs like I make to much I have way to much money to be here and doing this I like me roley chair at me home

  85. liam crutch

    liam crutch2 månader sedan

    4:23 sabotaaaaaage im crying

  86. vSnagzz

    vSnagzz2 månader sedan

    Who’s here from 2020? ----->

  87. Amy Anthony-harpham

    Amy Anthony-harpham2 månader sedan


  88. Ralph Martin

    Ralph Martin2 månader sedan

    Harry is so damn funny 4:39 We're on in the same team😂😂

  89. K.O

    K.O2 månader sedan

    JJ in the thumbnail dolphin diving like if it’s Bo1

  90. Henry Gilbert

    Henry Gilbert2 månader sedan

    at the start why does jj have both hands down his pants

  91. Wick Ehh

    Wick Ehh2 månader sedan

    Who else is watching this again because of quarantine 😂

  92. Eli Kamanja

    Eli Kamanja2 månader sedan

    16:57 why tf is Ethan curling a dumbbell

  93. James Morris

    James Morris2 månader sedan

    those neck slaps were weak as, where was the slap?

  94. Piero Skei

    Piero Skei3 månader sedan

    9:07 was that JJ or the background theme song🧐

  95. Piero Skei

    Piero Skei3 månader sedan

    4:17 perfect spiral💀💀

  96. Bryan Bedolla

    Bryan Bedolla3 månader sedan


  97. CoZeXC

    CoZeXC3 månader sedan

    Harry on drugs

  98. Ryan Neal

    Ryan Neal3 månader sedan

    Song at 0:01

  99. Lanz

    Lanz3 månader sedan

    It's actually a bad idea watching this while eating fuckin' hell I almost choked on my food because of laughing 💀

  100. e u a n- -c a m e r o n

    e u a n- -c a m e r o n3 månader sedan

    4:17 2 disasters about to happen - harry tackles vikk & ethans smashes his neck off of the corner

  101. TheAbyssal One

    TheAbyssal One3 månader sedan

    Harry gave Tobi an RKO at the ball challenge LOL

  102. Ayshia Rafiq

    Ayshia Rafiq3 månader sedan

    Everyone except tobi on top of each other : Tobi : “MY LEG!” 😂 5:15 btw

  103. Faye B

    Faye B3 månader sedan

    12:22 Harry’s yawn 😂

  104. Maciek T

    Maciek T3 månader sedan

    Underrated video