The SIDEMEN take on WINTER OLYMPICS #SidemenSunday
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  1. Samuel Driscoll

    Samuel Driscoll2 timmar sedan

    So it's viks video got it, back to the what's good podcast

  2. Alexei Zhirnov

    Alexei Zhirnov3 dagar sedan

    Bro they should have done ice hockey

  3. Ethan Boyd

    Ethan Boyd10 dagar sedan

    Harry would do anything to win by cheating

  4. Harry Williams

    Harry Williams14 dagar sedan

    POV your watching this a YEAR later BECAUSE LOCKDOWN IS BORING

  5. SportinWit Izz

    SportinWit Izz25 dagar sedan

    6:37 Simon was ahead of his time wearing the mask 😂

  6. Agera R

    Agera R29 dagar sedan

    Can someone explain to me why nobody wanted Ethan on their team? Like he's Intelligent af and funny asf and they talk about him like he's fat (Harry but he's fat) and Simon calls him dumb (Simon is dumb)

  7. iTz_KarTh1K

    iTz_KarTh1K5 dagar sedan

    They're friends they're allowed to make fun of each other chill

  8. Bilbo Saggins

    Bilbo Saggins23 dagar sedan

    It was just a joke

  9. Agera R

    Agera R29 dagar sedan

    This video was a flop

  10. Official Kdawg

    Official KdawgMånad sedan

    download the merch?? tf

  11. No Tea

    No TeaMånad sedan

    I love this editor

  12. Akuto5an

    Akuto5anMånad sedan

    1:30 XDXD

  13. Eoin Doherty

    Eoin DohertyMånad sedan

    Petition to be named worst sidemen Sunday ever

  14. Tiarnán Quinn

    Tiarnán QuinnMånad sedan

    Whos here in 2020?

  15. Frosty_Claps

    Frosty_ClapsMånad sedan

    Do y’all go tubing in the UK or is that just America

  16. Crew Big

    Crew BigMånad sedan

    Why was jj brooming behind

  17. Joshua_ Stephen

    Joshua_ StephenMånad sedan

    Hes fat so I'm going for tobi 2020 Ethan:

  18. illumi naughty

    illumi naughtyMånad sedan

    JJ is the kind of guy who tries so hard to be funny but isnt. Cringy

  19. Calvin Ataide

    Calvin AtaideMånad sedan

    Okay... But fr wtf was this video

  20. Whore

    WhoreMånad sedan

    1:06 9:30

  21. StealthyPanda 44

    StealthyPanda 442 månader sedan

    Where is the target they were aiming for when doing curling. Is it just me or could anyone else not see it

  22. Razna Begum

    Razna Begum2 månader sedan

    Am i the only one that has zero idea whats going on

  23. George

    George2 månader sedan

    I am actually a pro curler at school

  24. Ben Todner

    Ben Todner2 månader sedan

    Why is JJ sweeping behind it is he dumb or am I the dumb one here?

  25. Aaron Gibbs

    Aaron Gibbs2 månader sedan

    the fact Bez thinks its bowling is why I voted a thumbs down

  26. Leandro marty

    Leandro marty2 månader sedan

    Am i the only one annoyed by jj? Like wtf is he doing BEHIND the stone? 😅🤷🏽‍♂️😂

  27. Logan Cote

    Logan Cote2 månader sedan

    how tf is jj not dying when i play curling a long sleve and joggings is all i need

  28. Logan Cote

    Logan Cote2 månader sedan

    i play curling in a decent level this hurts my brain tbh i know it isnt real curling just how they swept

  29. TheBananaPeel

    TheBananaPeel2 månader sedan


  30. Filip Stepnowski

    Filip Stepnowski2 månader sedan

    Why was JJ sweeping behind the curling thing though? Useless.

  31. Reeko FN

    Reeko FN2 månader sedan

    Can we just take a minute to appreciate that JJ was brushing behind the stone 😂

  32. O Stretch

    O Stretch2 månader sedan

    Felt so bad for Ethan at the start

  33. aon mehdi

    aon mehdi3 månader sedan

    Jjs iq level: woods behind the stone Lmfao


    TROGLODYTE3 månader sedan

    O:10 "Josh be like I don't bully vik"

  35. Mikkel Andresen

    Mikkel Andresen3 månader sedan

    JJ's jacket is so ugly

  36. Ketior

    Ketior3 månader sedan

    11:23 fam how am i meant to download ur merch

  37. sXwaDe

    sXwaDe3 månader sedan

    1:35 bruh imagine how depressing this is for ethan, no one wants him in there teams

  38. Ersan persan

    Ersan persan3 månader sedan

    Why did i managed to see this for the first time in 2020

  39. The Cleetus Cult

    The Cleetus Cult3 månader sedan

    Harry: “Hes fat so ill go with tobi“ Me: 👁👄👁


    TRAP TAKU3 månader sedan

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know the reference that Ethan was doing with his thumb

  41. Emil Adolfsson

    Emil Adolfsson3 månader sedan

    why does JJ sweep behind

  42. Thomas Taylor

    Thomas Taylor3 månader sedan

    Why is SEtoos recommending this to me 🤷‍♂️

  43. Scotty's ATP Analysis

    Scotty's ATP Analysis3 månader sedan

    Anyone here from Simon’s tier list?

  44. 3illie elsmie

    3illie elsmie3 månader sedan

    9:06 look at tobi and jj😭

  45. Amanda Flores

    Amanda Flores3 månader sedan

    Canadians watching this like: 👁️👄👁️

  46. Mariakat X

    Mariakat X4 månader sedan

    Felt so bad for ethan ❤he even wins most of the things and they still don't want him

  47. Thomas Woodward

    Thomas Woodward4 månader sedan

    who’s here after simons tier list

  48. Blake Haynes

    Blake Haynes4 månader sedan

    Anyone else resorted to watching old sidemen vids out of Bordem?

  49. Leo Elley

    Leo Elley4 månader sedan

    And I am a coach for some young people

  50. Leo Elley

    Leo Elley4 månader sedan

    If they Broke the ice they will have to pay for it

  51. ADHU HAR1

    ADHU HAR14 månader sedan

    മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ

  52. MoStar123

    MoStar1234 månader sedan

    I come here to skate every saturday London boys

  53. Mustafa Arslan

    Mustafa Arslan4 månader sedan


  54. Liam 2208

    Liam 22084 månader sedan

    Come back to old vid in lockdown

  55. XVisionary

    XVisionary5 månader sedan

    Why sidemen hate Ethan

  56. Paul Holban

    Paul Holban5 månader sedan

    Sidemen is helping me so much in Quarantine/Lockdown

  57. niggg noggg

    niggg noggg5 månader sedan

    3:34 vik is not worthy to bickup this😂

  58. Oskar Nilsson

    Oskar Nilsson5 månader sedan

    Josh the bully in the intro

  59. Are Idstrom

    Are Idstrom5 månader sedan

    Rip Ethan

  60. Lorenzo Garcia

    Lorenzo Garcia5 månader sedan

    The first time Ksi wears actually good shoes

  61. Sir Farquad

    Sir Farquad5 månader sedan

    Anyone on a quarantine binge rn?

  62. Iqra Shariq

    Iqra Shariq5 månader sedan

    why have i never watched this?

  63. Alex Skeldon

    Alex Skeldon5 månader sedan

    I’m probably one of the only people that actually liked this video lol

  64. Siddharth Vaidyanathan

    Siddharth Vaidyanathan6 månader sedan

    am i dumb cuz i dont understand this game

  65. Wael alhanayan

    Wael alhanayan6 månader sedan

    JJ looks like he can’t be asked this whole video 😆

  66. Daveeed

    Daveeed6 månader sedan

    That moment when Ethan isn't fat but he still gets chosen last

  67. MiniMexican

    MiniMexican6 månader sedan

    Is it bad if I think vik should leave sidemen he is rubbish at everything they do

  68. Smiffyy

    Smiffyy3 månader sedan

    I don’t think it’s about that, I think he’s in the sidemen cause they’re all best friends lad...

  69. Lit Fam

    Lit Fam6 månader sedan

    Tbh yeah cuz they're all pre good at sports but Vikk is just good at gaming he can't do anything outdoors

  70. Jason Storey

    Jason Storey6 månader sedan

    harry is so cool

  71. Bob Peters

    Bob Peters6 månader sedan

    I was at that ice skating place queens they closed it down

  72. Lite XIX

    Lite XIX6 månader sedan


  73. Emma Williams

    Emma Williams6 månader sedan

    9:05 what is tobi doing to jj face

  74. Monica Cougar

    Monica Cougar6 månader sedan

    the people watching through the window have me crying omg hahaha

  75. sanah xo

    sanah xo6 månader sedan


  76. Uncle Jolof

    Uncle Jolof7 månader sedan

    I hate these kinda comments. Is their something wrong with vik for people to be sorry and to say that one member is good for picking him. Ofc they are going to pick him he is their friend🤦

  77. Frost

    Frost7 månader sedan


  78. Orla Rowley

    Orla Rowley7 månader sedan


  79. Isaiah Gajetan

    Isaiah Gajetan7 månader sedan


  80. Matt Guzman

    Matt Guzman7 månader sedan


  81. ogo aimassist

    ogo aimassist7 månader sedan

    Why is JJ rubbing from behide

  82. SpectralDragon

    SpectralDragon7 månader sedan

    Bro, I went here for a school trip 2 years ago, madness, I did ice skating and bowling

  83. Kyle B

    Kyle B7 månader sedan

    Last? Im interested to see if anyone will see this comment this is arguably the worst SDMN Sunday

  84. suiccyboiii

    suiccyboiii8 månader sedan

    Yo I just realised I've been there. I got mugged outside Kensington park

  85. Andrew Moynihan

    Andrew Moynihan8 månader sedan

    Can't wait for the sidemen special Olympics

  86. Bram Berende

    Bram Berende8 månader sedan

    Anyone seen at the last download the merch??

  87. Bendik Frivold

    Bendik Frivold8 månader sedan

    felt like I was watching a moresidemen video hahahaha, hilarious

  88. Tejalkera_Msp love

    Tejalkera_Msp love8 månader sedan

    Hahahahaha hii everyone :)

  89. Marco Orosi

    Marco Orosi8 månader sedan

    why the fu** was JJ mopping from behind

  90. Sati Bachra

    Sati Bachra8 månader sedan

    Nearly at 7 mill keep it

  91. Osas Zzabolaza

    Osas Zzabolaza8 månader sedan

    Sidemen is the best

  92. Lezly

    Lezly8 månader sedan

    Bruh whats jj doing sweeping behind it 😂😂

  93. ZaloBTW

    ZaloBTW8 månader sedan


  94. PieLover- Joe

    PieLover- Joe9 månader sedan

    I love how ksi whipes behind the stone

  95. Johniejo

    Johniejo9 månader sedan

    Why does Simon look like an assassin 6:54

  96. Linnea

    Linnea9 månader sedan

    9:04 I can't be the only one to notice that jj looks kinda mad and Tobys trying to cheer him up

  97. Isaac Bennett

    Isaac Bennett9 månader sedan

    whats going through jj's head when he's sweeping behind it

  98. Chann Bunhuy

    Chann Bunhuy9 månader sedan

    7 adults losing their mind

  99. Rebecca Richards

    Rebecca Richards9 månader sedan


  100. Dan Surf

    Dan Surf9 månader sedan

    Does anyone else know how to curl. They did not have a block so they had no hope and I think they should do it again but get instructed

  101. DerP MothERfkeR

    DerP MothERfkeR9 månader sedan

    Jesus Christ vikk that intro scared me I'm watching this at night with headset on

  102. Laith Deeley

    Laith Deeley10 månader sedan

    My house is at 10 minute walk away from there

  103. Lochlan Brett

    Lochlan Brett10 månader sedan

    Poor Ethan now one wanted him :(

  104. Rexzoh

    Rexzoh10 månader sedan

    Ethan MVP