The Sidemen try to spend $100,000 dollars between them within 1 hour!
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  1. Richard Rumble

    Richard RumbleTimme sedan

    He already stole 90k from vik

  2. KingGamez HS

    KingGamez HS2 timmar sedan

    Yes jj steal 100000 from vik

  3. Revant Mehta

    Revant Mehta2 timmar sedan

    JJ: "The Sidemen channel is smashing it right now, so I thought I would steal $100,000 and split it between us." Looks like the same thing happened again, but this time fatneek chose to steal it instead

  4. Opuoru Maro

    Opuoru Maro3 timmar sedan

    I would by 10 iPhone 11

  5. Victor Edlind

    Victor Edlind5 timmar sedan

    23:13 the two guys in the backround where so gonna rob him...

  6. Hxmber

    Hxmber7 timmar sedan

    Just realised if they called themselves kettleboys near peckham they wouldn’t be alive right now 😂

  7. Danny Valdez

    Danny Valdez15 timmar sedan

    Does the hyoeman got a youtube

  8. poperaymond

    poperaymond18 timmar sedan

    Ok well this was def not done in 1 hour LMAO

  9. bxby Gldr

    bxby Gldr22 timmar sedan

    Tell me why this is my first time watching a 56 minute video

  10. Avic_Boastontoast 75

    Avic_Boastontoast 75Dag sedan

    Jk went 6k over

  11. Felix Riess

    Felix RiessDag sedan

    JJ got them bodyguards

  12. Danny

    DannyDag sedan

    When jj was throwing the cash in the Starbucks (idk what shop) and the women were picking up the cash of the floor Woahhh

  13. Suzanne Mohan

    Suzanne MohanDag sedan

    2:40 David luiz in a couple of years as a manager

  14. Corrupt Hazard

    Corrupt HazardDag sedan

    It’s sad seeing Adonis wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey not knowing he will tragically pass in just a few months

  15. Sebastian Halle

    Sebastian HalleDag sedan

    macbook pro and a iphone 11 pro

  16. TTV_Trash_BTW06

    TTV_Trash_BTW06Dag sedan

    Hype man Adonis was crazy

  17. SalidFruitCake 2562

    SalidFruitCake 2562Dag sedan

    Bro vik is such a good guy. And Ethan

  18. teachlessgamer te

    teachlessgamer teDag sedan

    Hype man is so cool

  19. Yentzy

    YentzyDag sedan

    Adonis needs to go to a comedy club

  20. Sufyaan Adrus

    Sufyaan AdrusDag sedan

    Bruh just me or tobis camera view point looked like it was filmed in a iPhone 5


    LINGI LOWCIDag sedan

    Vicc looks like jay sean lol

  22. 10,000 subscribers with 0 videos challenge

    10,000 subscribers with 0 videos challengeDag sedan

    Vikk: talking about how he doesnt wanna give rndom ppl money because they might spend it on drugs KSI: FREE MONEYYYY

  23. Jonny L

    Jonny LDag sedan

    I love Simon for buying Adonis an iphone.. Hemel gang represent

  24. kori hands

    kori hands2 dagar sedan

    Yo what does the girl say at 30:25???? Tobi wasn’t amused 😂😂

  25. am i a computer ?

    am i a computer ?2 dagar sedan

    I wish i had that much money

  26. BL Dubles 109

    BL Dubles 1092 dagar sedan

    Did no one realize there was a tall black man following KSI the whole video hes in every KSI part

  27. Michael Glez_X_Yt

    Michael Glez_X_Yt2 dagar sedan

    Ksi trying to be the new mr beast

  28. zxc

    zxc2 dagar sedan

    I would put all of it in my steam wallet like no cap

  29. Dhruv Patel

    Dhruv Patel2 dagar sedan

    Can we appreciate how they all decided to help others. Respect for sidemen

  30. Blaine Greene

    Blaine Greene2 dagar sedan

    Petition to add Adonis as the eighth sidemen

  31. Lethabo Kotsedi

    Lethabo Kotsedi2 dagar sedan

    JJ that wasn't charity 😂

  32. Froster Wolf

    Froster Wolf2 dagar sedan

    Mask boys

  33. Adam Borek

    Adam Borek2 dagar sedan

    Is anyone wondering why Tobi’s camera space so small

  34. Hanat Hassan

    Hanat Hassan11 timmar sedan

    He uses his phone

  35. boii boiii

    boii boiii2 dagar sedan

    I would have done a donation of 3k to an animal shelter than the rest on a gaming setup which is a pc triple monitors 240 hertz and an Xbox series x preorder if I had it right now

  36. Krypton 114

    Krypton 1143 dagar sedan

    vikk, ethan and toby got my respect, buying things for the poor and others

  37. ella mccoy

    ella mccoy3 dagar sedan

    tobi is so sweet and genuine

  38. ella mccoy

    ella mccoy3 dagar sedan

    i love ethan and ksi

  39. Celestin Ouédraogo

    Celestin Ouédraogo3 dagar sedan

    No one noticed but 1:16 who is this female human being? Maybe jj girlfriend

  40. Summer Brooks

    Summer Brooks3 dagar sedan

    I don’t know how jj was so shy and he turned into this now...

  41. Youngbull 0.21

    Youngbull 0.213 dagar sedan

    Vik and ethan got my respect real g’s❤️💯

  42. Mr Person

    Mr Person3 dagar sedan

    Tobi: were trying to spend our money reasonably JJ: Throws money at random strangers

  43. Prutsku

    Prutsku3 dagar sedan

    17:46 This is where everything started

  44. Bryan Frisco Peraira

    Bryan Frisco Peraira3 dagar sedan

    lmao its more than an hour

  45. Catokkz

    Catokkz3 dagar sedan

    Adonis is constantly like Andre Harris on the breakfast club episode of Victorious

  46. Spyjack180

    Spyjack1803 dagar sedan

    is the guy behind vikk and ethan wearing a sidemen hoodie... but he isn't with their group... and they don't even notice...

  47. Mr Jeffers

    Mr Jeffers3 dagar sedan

    well technically the closest to 100000 k split between 7 of them would be about 14,286pounds

  48. Joe Danger Finesse

    Joe Danger Finesse3 dagar sedan

    No cap I can spend more than a few hundred grand in less than an hour no problem.

  49. Tyler summers

    Tyler summers3 dagar sedan

    I love Adonis hope they bring him back in another video

  50. Neil Cleasby

    Neil Cleasby3 dagar sedan

    Vikkstar get taste man. I've got the same Hugo Boss suit. Looking good!

  51. AT VLOGS

    AT VLOGS4 dagar sedan

    What’s the hype mans SEtoos channel? He was great😂

  52. BurningRose915

    BurningRose9154 dagar sedan

    What did the lady say at 3:18???

  53. Jeff egley

    Jeff egley4 dagar sedan

    Mate we need more of that hype man

  54. Mouse Adventures

    Mouse Adventures4 dagar sedan

    6:28 is no one noticing the fact that the man behind them turned and walked the opposite way just to be on camara😂😂

  55. Lewis Booker

    Lewis Booker4 dagar sedan

    I would get a motocross bike an a mountain bike

  56. Demekik Solomon

    Demekik Solomon4 dagar sedan

    Simon is a really good person legit

  57. Olly Birleson

    Olly Birleson4 dagar sedan

    It’s funny watching people try to catch money

  58. Gracie

    Gracie5 dagar sedan

    watching this is 2020 and its weird seeing zero maths 😭

  59. Shaye Haye Haynes

    Shaye Haye Haynes5 dagar sedan

    sup sub to shaye haye haynes pls

  60. Charlie Manners

    Charlie Manners5 dagar sedan

    vik n ethan r acc proper nice

  61. Ryan Olmedo

    Ryan Olmedo5 dagar sedan

    0:07 he stole from vik

  62. Original Killer Stacks

    Original Killer Stacks5 dagar sedan

    Swear down this reminds of a Runescape drop part in Falador, When a guy with a yellow part hat just drops tons for noobs :D!

  63. Same Same

    Same Same5 dagar sedan

    18:35 I respect that he could have taken it all but wanted to share it what a legend 💙

  64. Dat Wanna Be

    Dat Wanna Be5 dagar sedan

    tobi: We are spending the money reasonably jj: throws money on the street Me: wanting to be the one on the street so i could show off to my friends that i saw ksi.

  65. Ehsan Movic

    Ehsan Movic5 dagar sedan

    I love how JJ spent his money!! I love the guys heart man frll!! 💯💯

  66. Ava Muller

    Ava Muller5 dagar sedan

    If I had 10 thousand I would donate 3 thousand to the poor and charities and spend the rest onn me self 🤪😂😭✌🏼🌺🌷🌷💐🌷❤️🤨🤨👱‍♀️

  67. HuBo 2323

    HuBo 23235 dagar sedan

    29:19 Ksi:”please toaushdhdydusjah u

  68. khalid muhamud

    khalid muhamud5 dagar sedan

    I thought they were supposed to spend $100,000 not $50,134, they spent half. I am confused now

  69. Squadic_69

    Squadic_696 dagar sedan


  70. Ты Братан

    Ты Братан6 dagar sedan

    Русский Солдат 🇷🇺❤ 10:09

  71. Nibba Eater

    Nibba Eater6 dagar sedan

    Ksi paying ppl to do things in an alternate universe I mean the past think about what happened

  72. Richie Wins

    Richie Wins6 dagar sedan


  73. lewis sanderson

    lewis sanderson6 dagar sedan

    feels like all the sidemen do is make me sad for being poor

  74. John Doe

    John Doe6 dagar sedan

    𝗲𝘁𝗵𝗮𝗻 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝘃𝗶𝗸: buy giftcards for homeless people 𝘁𝗼𝗯𝗶: we're trying to spend the right money on the right things 𝗺𝗲𝗮𝗻𝘄𝗵𝗶𝗹𝗲... 𝗸𝘀𝗶: throwing cash in the air and laughing his head off

  75. Bilalc Fn

    Bilalc Fn6 dagar sedan

    Ethan doesn’t look happy

  76. Spence Plays

    Spence Plays6 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who is seeing people following JJ around just waiting for money😂

  77. Mitri1823 clan

    Mitri1823 clan6 dagar sedan

    When harry hears the word ket he gets a little bet excited. 50:22

  78. N.M360z

    N.M360z7 dagar sedan


  79. Grayson Staples

    Grayson Staples7 dagar sedan

    Anyone else just skip past jj

  80. GboyAdrian

    GboyAdrian7 dagar sedan

    Adonis should be part of the sidemen

  81. Amelie Berzén

    Amelie Berzén8 dagar sedan

    Ethan was living

  82. Virgil Celis

    Virgil Celis8 dagar sedan

    15:20 . Etha fam 😂

  83. Kyle Coombes

    Kyle Coombes8 dagar sedan

    Simon should buy the hype man

  84. Caleb Mash

    Caleb Mash8 dagar sedan

    I'd hire him as a hype man

  85. SUGAR-3-ME -

    SUGAR-3-ME -8 dagar sedan

    KSI is to rich 😂

  86. Jjs123 J

    Jjs123 J9 dagar sedan

    Who ever is watching this vik bought a suit for ksi and ksi stole 90k from him

  87. TM Official

    TM Official9 dagar sedan

    3:15 are yu ksi yeah walks out the shop 😂 no photo

  88. Eden Crook

    Eden Crook9 dagar sedan

    30:25 can we agree that girl is seriously a b*tch ❤️

  89. zaphyroo

    zaphyroo9 dagar sedan

    27:36 Ryan reynolds double?!?!?!? Behind harry

  90. Harry Hobby

    Harry Hobby9 dagar sedan

    Ksi: i cant take photos Man: takes a photo

  91. So What

    So What9 dagar sedan

    Did they think they did it better than the Beast

  92. lclmnts

    lclmnts9 dagar sedan

    it’s funny how the didn’t think of there girlfriends 😂

  93. The Donkey King

    The Donkey King10 dagar sedan

    3:17 anyone wanna talk about that voice crack

  94. Beohn

    Beohn11 dagar sedan

    2:49 I was literally dying of cringe inside

  95. Warren Mayes

    Warren Mayes11 dagar sedan

    I felt good when this video first dropped knowing JJ took that W!!!

  96. Russell Westgoat

    Russell Westgoat11 dagar sedan

    Why’d they use U.S. dollars on the thumbnail

  97. Natty Cass

    Natty Cass5 dagar sedan

    Cause we're the blueprint fam

  98. T White

    T White11 dagar sedan

    Out here struggling to pay uni fees and my man throwing 11k around

  99. PuLzE Mavericks eu

    PuLzE Mavericks eu12 dagar sedan

    Emagine how crap the guys recording are while the sidemen blow 100k

  100. Akindele Akinola

    Akindele Akinola13 dagar sedan


  101. Spam Account

    Spam Account13 dagar sedan

    I think the best place to go is whole foods

  102. FFL

    FFL14 dagar sedan

    gun lean man gun lean on da beat who else clocked