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  1. adsad asdsa

    adsad asdsa42 minuter sedan

    Paintball instructor acts like a serial killer, mans got a screw loose.

  2. Nathan Meutcheho

    Nathan Meutcheho3 timmar sedan

    Is no one going to talk about how Josh hit Simon with a trickshot, FIRST TRY!

  3. G Raph

    G Raph2 dagar sedan

    21:59 for me is so funny

  4. G Raph

    G Raph2 dagar sedan

    I don’t know why

  5. Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson3 dagar sedan

    How can people say "Ethan isnt funny, he just laughs alot" Honestly dont get it

  6. Real Trixster

    Real Trixster3 dagar sedan

    Is this phil's brother

  7. Hungry Legendz

    Hungry Legendz3 dagar sedan

    “Your not gonna be hiding mate your gonna be fuckin running” lol

  8. Kaushal

    Kaushal3 dagar sedan


  9. Typical Monkey

    Typical Monkey3 dagar sedan

    Simon help me

  10. michael le el

    michael le el3 dagar sedan

    JJ: walks away casually while Ethan is screaming in pain

  11. HelloChildren- SUB

    HelloChildren- SUB3 dagar sedan

    Is it me or does the guy look like the terminator

  12. Cesar Miranda

    Cesar Miranda4 dagar sedan

    28:30 best part of the vid by far

  13. Colburn Manai

    Colburn Manai4 dagar sedan

    The beginning to jj’s toxic energy

  14. Why

    Why4 dagar sedan

    Simon got 4

  15. Eldrick Tokailagi

    Eldrick Tokailagi4 dagar sedan

    ill do fake taxi

  16. Eldrick Tokailagi

    Eldrick Tokailagi4 dagar sedan

    Ethan: I'm doing a piss

  17. Eldrick Tokailagi

    Eldrick Tokailagi4 dagar sedan

    the title: Paintball hide and seek JJ: Where is everyone

  18. Robin Neumuller

    Robin Neumuller4 dagar sedan

    Angry pewdiepie: Who ya wanna get mate? Everyone:JJ

  19. Robin Neumuller

    Robin Neumuller4 dagar sedan


  20. derrick khoo Jing yu

    derrick khoo Jing yu5 dagar sedan

    The instructed badass

  21. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW5 dagar sedan

    The set is giving me Dead by Daylight

  22. PeytonLags

    PeytonLags6 dagar sedan

    At 27:42 I hit my vape and I thought he was talking to me

  23. the running man

    the running man6 dagar sedan

    I felt so bad for poor josh throughout this video

  24. Mr_popanikle

    Mr_popanikle6 dagar sedan

    I have to say shout out to the drone driver because he was good

  25. Yousuf Khan

    Yousuf Khan7 dagar sedan

    tobi at 18:24 so innocent

  26. Diane Rantle

    Diane Rantle7 dagar sedan

    Isn’t the paintball guy so annoying

  27. RDC-bigcac69

    RDC-bigcac697 dagar sedan

    wheres Simon

  28. Xl PiXeL IX

    Xl PiXeL IX7 dagar sedan

    The paintball guy think this is real war

  29. Rachem R

    Rachem R7 dagar sedan

    Ethan: If he came in here and shot one of us i'd never forgive him Ethan on his turn: does that exact thing to jj

  30. luka ts1

    luka ts17 dagar sedan

    Simon is randomly good at everything

  31. ΞNTITY

    ΞNTITY7 dagar sedan

    is it me or is that the best referee i’ve ever seen lmao

  32. Rital Al habsi

    Rital Al habsi8 dagar sedan

    HARRY: His a nice guy but he got me first ME: Then get a BETTER HIDING SPOT but at least he has a reason

  33. Gamer 872 was not the imposter ඞ

    Gamer 872 was not the imposter ඞ8 dagar sedan


  34. May Patel

    May Patel11 dagar sedan

    props to the drone driver

  35. _squishyshiber

    _squishyshiber12 dagar sedan

    JJ: I don't want to bully Vik Also JJ: *Sidemen Split or Steal*

  36. Dynimo360gaming

    Dynimo360gaming12 dagar sedan

    39:30 what a donut lol

  37. Nicholas Footitt

    Nicholas Footitt12 dagar sedan

    JJ:I don’t want to bully Vick Three months later steals 93k from Vick

  38. Thảo Anh Vũ

    Thảo Anh Vũ13 dagar sedan

    They look like a furry

  39. oFaqi-

    oFaqi-13 dagar sedan

    Ethan got jj 2 times

  40. J Beres

    J Beres13 dagar sedan

    Nothing hurts more than a painted ball

  41. Lethabo Kotsedi

    Lethabo Kotsedi14 dagar sedan

    That man needs therapy 😂

  42. Ammar Setkic

    Ammar Setkic16 dagar sedan

    Is the army guy (instructor) Phil’s cousin? 😳😂

  43. SayfRG2874

    SayfRG287416 dagar sedan

    Ethan going berserk on JJ was wholesome af

  44. Colin Dervin

    Colin Dervin16 dagar sedan

    Vik finally getting his revenge on jj what a sight

  45. Loran Debo

    Loran Debo17 dagar sedan


  46. JustAhelper

    JustAhelper20 dagar sedan

    They should part 2 this, but instead whoever doesn’t get the most kills gets hunted down by everyone else

  47. Alphacus Chadicus Maximus

    Alphacus Chadicus Maximus20 dagar sedan

    poor drone

  48. Ali Sarkhouh

    Ali Sarkhouh21 dag sedan

    Going twice by Ethan on JJ made me laugh the most lol

  49. zico.zc6 Z.x.Z

    zico.zc6 Z.x.Z21 dag sedan

    Damn jj is hated in the group

  50. jamal saya

    jamal saya21 dag sedan

    That entry music gave me Dean Schneider vibes

  51. Gamer3671

    Gamer367121 dag sedan


  52. Elizah Byrnes

    Elizah Byrnes23 dagar sedan

    So we are just gonna ignore how Jj got away from Josh, even though Josh got Ethan like 5 metres away from him. Time stamp 21:29 to like 21:47 Jj just yeeted away from the murder zone.

  53. Aniel S

    Aniel S24 dagar sedan

    Simon's kill counter said 4 but he said he got 5. Did it count as 2 kills with the paint grenade when he got JJ, so he got Tobi too then? After that he got Josh to surrender, then Harry in the Bus and finally Ethan in the Cab. So he must of got Tobi with the paint grenade right?

  54. kobwp16

    kobwp1624 dagar sedan

    I wonder if a normal paintball video would be any good

  55. ZelnerXT

    ZelnerXT25 dagar sedan

    Vikk is terrible at everything 🤣

  56. Abd gaming Yt

    Abd gaming Yt25 dagar sedan

    Rich boys..

  57. Abd gaming Yt

    Abd gaming Yt25 dagar sedan


  58. Abd gaming Yt

    Abd gaming Yt25 dagar sedan


  59. Abd gaming Yt

    Abd gaming Yt25 dagar sedan


  60. Abd gaming Yt

    Abd gaming Yt25 dagar sedan


  61. Abd gaming Yt

    Abd gaming Yt25 dagar sedan


  62. Ethan Lilley

    Ethan Lilley26 dagar sedan

    Why does he wanna kill me 😂😂

  63. Grey Anthony

    Grey Anthony26 dagar sedan

    Phil watching this:Ah a worthy competitior

  64. SxR1pTz

    SxR1pTz26 dagar sedan

    Yo I’ve been there I live right next to it mad

  65. Shaharyar Akram

    Shaharyar Akram27 dagar sedan

    He always make a drama and is not funny

  66. Shaharyar Akram

    Shaharyar Akram27 dagar sedan

    I am only disliking the video because overacting of ksi

  67. Cade S.G

    Cade S.G28 dagar sedan

    Drone sequence dope af

  68. Dandy Sabbath

    Dandy Sabbath28 dagar sedan

    I live for this dude hyping JJ up before hunting Ethan down

  69. Osiel Munoz

    Osiel Munoz29 dagar sedan

    “I’ll do fake taxi I’ll do fake taxi”😭😭

  70. Mazyy

    Mazyy29 dagar sedan

    who voted piccadilly

  71. xD

    xDMånad sedan

    Remove the *T* from the title

  72. Travis Tharp

    Travis TharpMånad sedan

    Ethan: face the wall Bang

  73. Dayne Mitsuke

    Dayne MitsukeMånad sedan

    Josh: Im so sorry :’(

  74. Jade Galatis

    Jade GalatisMånad sedan

    As if I started nodding with vik and Toby at 22:00 😭

  75. NoobsPlayGames

    NoobsPlayGamesMånad sedan

    its so hard to make a good paintball video?

  76. Maria Rivera

    Maria RiveraMånad sedan

    2:18 jj what that The other guy.its a smoke grenade

  77. Kamikaze123

    Kamikaze123Månad sedan

    I'll do fake taxi 😂

  78. Darcy Whyman

    Darcy WhymanMånad sedan

    Tobi is such a wuss 😕

  79. Âkīrâ

    ÂkīrâMånad sedan

    “ E T H A N ! “

  80. San marchado

    San marchadoMånad sedan

    a paint ball match would have been a more fun vid...

  81. mick dutthinio

    mick dutthinioMånad sedan

    5:24 who is that


    AZWAD SIFATMånad sedan


  83. Arcade

    ArcadeMånad sedan

    Vic hit a collat

  84. Adam Stephens

    Adam StephensMånad sedan

    2:34, 6:41, 11:05, 16:00, 16:28, 18:23, 18:38, 19:29, 24:01, 28:32, 30:35, 34:50, 41:01.

  85. King Cordy

    King CordyMånad sedan

    I love how the instructor is a chad

  86. Korbyn Bachura

    Korbyn BachuraMånad sedan

    It’s not even that bad I played when I was 13 I didn’t whine

  87. A M

    A MMånad sedan

    KSI bully Vikk

  88. Xavier Tullis

    Xavier TullisMånad sedan

    “Tell me what the heck a skill shoot is” killed me

  89. ZeroZen Airsoft

    ZeroZen AirsoftMånad sedan

    That marshal thinks he’s sick, Airsoft’s better 🤣

  90. This channel Is dead

    This channel Is deadMånad sedan

    The ultimate battle... Phill, folabi, and paintball man

  91. Gabriel Vieira

    Gabriel VieiraMånad sedan

    I love the fake taxi jokes fam

  92. Christian Guillermo

    Christian GuillermoMånad sedan

    Imma need the links to the music from this damnn

  93. Craig Davidson

    Craig DavidsonMånad sedan

    Guys I can’t even count how many times JJ uses “touché” in the wrong contexts in Sidemen videos🤣🤣

  94. AndersTC

    AndersTCMånad sedan

    Lets be honest this video flopped

  95. Fraser

    FraserMånad sedan

    What drone are they using because I’ve never seen drone footage like how they have done it before. Mad

  96. cusifeltlikeit

    cusifeltlikeitMånad sedan

    Mans really said “I’ll do fake taxi” 😂🤣🤣

  97. Hyp3beast117

    Hyp3beast117Månad sedan

    The instructor reminds me of Fisher price from call of duty

  98. Matt Delaney

    Matt DelaneyMånad sedan

    Nobody: Ethan: *aggressive mooing*

  99. M.R Prince

    M.R PrinceMånad sedan

    Tobi whyyyy why bulling vik!! 🤬🤬

  100. WSX J

    WSX JMånad sedan

    This is in upsminster

  101. Razna Begum

    Razna BegumMånad sedan

    The NDL send our Regards

  102. Edu Nation

    Edu NationMånad sedan

    That paintball is real hurt, that give bruises as well.

  103. Ethan Latouch RB

    Ethan Latouch RBMånad sedan

    Hi dancing at 16:30 lmao

  104. Lucky Ducky

    Lucky DuckyMånad sedan


  105. YT Sandyboi

    YT SandyboiMånad sedan

    This was a banger video well done

  106. The grand Priest

    The grand PriestMånad sedan

    30:45 🤣🤣and 18:27and also 11:57