The Sidemen split into two teams to see who can cook the BEST Christmas dinner, which team do you think will win? #SidemenSunday
Huge thanks to SORTEDfood:
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  1. Baby Inosuke

    Baby Inosuke2 timmar sedan

    just saying i about watch this about 4 times

  2. Marley Jane Carter

    Marley Jane Carter4 timmar sedan

    this has been bothering me the entire time. Is JJ's team's aprons blue or purple?

  3. Modupe Cole

    Modupe Cole22 timmar sedan

    JJ’s team outfits 💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙

  4. TheRagingLlamas

    TheRagingLlamas22 timmar sedan

    No wonder why JJ hates this, reminds him of last Christmas

  5. peter kalcounis

    peter kalcounis23 timmar sedan

    sorry but 20:00 part is too good

  6. peter kalcounis

    peter kalcounis23 timmar sedan

    20:10 i cant

  7. Cheese

    CheeseDag sedan

    U can tell JJ has no fkn idea what tf is going on😂

  8. scorion

    scorionDag sedan

    Imagine the sidemen with gordon ramsey

  9. arb 348

    arb 348Dag sedan

    JJ is so annoying

  10. Angelina Pototskaia

    Angelina PototskaiaDag sedan

    Ethan looking like a proud parent with his pigs in blankets đŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł

  11. Squigglebeany

    SquigglebeanyDag sedan

    shoutout to the muted parts of the video

  12. Santiago Martinez

    Santiago MartinezDag sedan

    Did anyone notice that ethan’s tone of voice changed once he talks to the people from sorted foods kinda funny ngl

  13. Maggie Carolin

    Maggie CarolinDag sedan

    i feel like i just watched an episode of hell's kitchen but instead of gordon ramsay, it's 2 nice guys

  14. Maggie Carolin

    Maggie CarolinDag sedan

    harry and tobi look like in-n-out workers

  15. ovi scaiu

    ovi scaiuDag sedan

    Jj looks so drunk

  16. Ella Ohare

    Ella OhareDag sedan


  17. Dominic Willcome

    Dominic Willcome2 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for Harry at like minutes 48 and 49. He was doing great and when he accidentaly turned the heat down, he fekt really sad and it looked like he was crying when he was kneeling by the oven looking at the turkey. Prayers for Harry. Harry is honestly the nicest sidemen of them all!

  18. Jack Dirkin

    Jack Dirkin2 dagar sedan

    Is it me or are the teams the same but on simons team they just have jj

  19. Banana smoothie

    Banana smoothie2 dagar sedan

    They complimented blue team way more than red, I would've chosen the blue team from their description smh

  20. ExoTicShaMe

    ExoTicShaMe3 dagar sedan

    Hey same cook off teams but Theodore the 3rd is not here

  21. Blair Ogden

    Blair Ogden4 dagar sedan

    The funny part is when jj is drunk

  22. Blair Ogden

    Blair Ogden4 dagar sedan

    Dang this video was such a good banger

  23. lil s

    lil s4 dagar sedan

    56:35 close your eyes and just listen 😂😂👌

  24. Wisteria rAiNbOwS

    Wisteria rAiNbOwS4 dagar sedan

    Thing is though I can actually see Harry drop kicking a turkey

  25. Layal Alawi

    Layal Alawi5 dagar sedan

    While watching this the entire time i could not find out if the blue teams captions were actually blue or purple until the end. it was so annyoing

  26. Yipsilon

    Yipsilon5 dagar sedan

    Who relished that the there is a team reunion from the other bake of

  27. Layal Alawi

    Layal Alawi5 dagar sedan


  28. Ethan Rodolfo [Student]

    Ethan Rodolfo [Student]5 dagar sedan

    does anyones realize that the blue team switches colour blue to purple

  29. ryan Blacklock

    ryan Blacklock5 dagar sedan

    I beg there to be a second one for this Christmas

  30. Jude Nairn

    Jude Nairn6 dagar sedan

    I agree with Ethan. SAVE THE ORANGES

  31. MFSlots

    MFSlots6 dagar sedan

    depending on the size of the bird hahahahaha

  32. Luca Bax

    Luca Bax6 dagar sedan

    JJ wearing 3 hats wtf XD

  33. a n g e l pg3d

    a n g e l pg3d6 dagar sedan


  34. Lauren

    Lauren6 dagar sedan

    Little did the person who took a picture with him know he was drunk

  35. Lauren

    Lauren6 dagar sedan

    Where in the video where they drunk?

  36. Jace Freeman

    Jace Freeman7 dagar sedan

    Is it blue or purple

  37. SackHeadSam

    SackHeadSam7 dagar sedan

    54:43 they're apron and hats are blue in one shot and purple in the next.

  38. Soren Seabrook

    Soren Seabrook7 dagar sedan

    Next time they should cook for Gordon Ramsey

  39. Laurence Narte

    Laurence Narte7 dagar sedan

    team josh's aprons trippin'

  40. Chongo Ok

    Chongo Ok7 dagar sedan

    harry felt so bad after the turkey thing but I'm glad they pulled it back

  41. Samu Balogh

    Samu Balogh7 dagar sedan


  42. Ben Walker

    Ben Walker7 dagar sedan

    Swear that guy sounds like Neil from the inbetweeners

  43. Samu Balogh

    Samu Balogh7 dagar sedan


  44. zaphyroo

    zaphyroo8 dagar sedan

    The benefit of the doubt was given to the winning team

  45. lawlen the best

    lawlen the best8 dagar sedan

    Purple blue purpleđŸ€ŻđŸ€ŻđŸ€ŻđŸ€Ż TF!!!! 12:57

  46. Ethan Massruha

    Ethan Massruha8 dagar sedan

    Drunk jj reverted back to old African parent

  47. wilson moses

    wilson moses9 dagar sedan

    Ethan is a whole vibe...😄😄

  48. Millie Collett

    Millie Collett9 dagar sedan

    Jj when he eats a cranberry for the second time 😂😂😂

  49. Tanmaya Bhonsle

    Tanmaya Bhonsle9 dagar sedan


  50. Rock Block

    Rock Block9 dagar sedan

    Jj is nicer to Vikk when he's drunk

  51. Chloe Noel

    Chloe Noel9 dagar sedan

    Simon: Theirs aren’t pigs in blankets anymore, they’re piglets Ethan: Some say they’re tastier when they’re younger ✹chaos✹ Ethan: I meant the piglets!

  52. B. Benji

    B. Benji10 dagar sedan


  53. Fearne Christian

    Fearne Christian10 dagar sedan

    why does ethan sound like the mean thats says "oh no no no" when hes laughing at harrys eyes😂😂

  54. madd ladds

    madd ladds10 dagar sedan

    The sidemen should do a video with Gordon ramsay😂 mix of a chef and phil

  55. Whore

    Whore11 dagar sedan

    9:18 22:30 25:12 27:44 32:51 35:34 42:37 44:10 45:57 55:37 1:00:49 1:06:01

  56. Whore

    Whore11 dagar sedan

    17:38 13:04

  57. Sid Chhetri

    Sid Chhetri11 dagar sedan

    JJ trying that cranberry was funny af😂

  58. TvÄ Idioter

    TvÄ Idioter12 dagar sedan

    JJ’s Team’s Outfits: 🟩🟩đŸŸȘ🟩đŸŸȘđŸŸȘ🟩đŸŸȘđŸŸȘ🟩🟩đŸŸȘ🟩🟩đŸŸȘ🟩đŸŸȘ🟩đŸŸȘđŸŸȘđŸŸȘ🟩🟩🟩🟩đŸŸȘ

  59. ThatKidN0va

    ThatKidN0va12 dagar sedan

    I'm one 17 year old and I can cook a whole meal better than them

  60. Cool Panda123

    Cool Panda12312 dagar sedan

    There's a reason JJ was the host last time, lol

  61. LittleDude250

    LittleDude25012 dagar sedan

    Any1 else just cringe to vikks humour?

  62. CJF Hotshot

    CJF Hotshot13 dagar sedan

    lets just appreciate drunk JJ "get in the naughty bin"

  63. Bandit 22

    Bandit 2214 dagar sedan

    Where are jjs team Jersey blue and purple

  64. Lutthor

    Lutthor14 dagar sedan

    Im ashamed to say that it took me this long to realise that its the same teams as last time

  65. Kal

    Kal14 dagar sedan

    1:07:03 ethan) i can never take a L ever sidemen holiday vids takes all the Ls bahahahaaha

  66. Goodywloss2010

    Goodywloss201014 dagar sedan

    The W on ethans wrist is actually an M for McDonald’s from when he was a fatty

  67. ndvslngr

    ndvslngr15 dagar sedan

    33:56 JJ's face is unbeatable

  68. Kori Ramsden

    Kori Ramsden15 dagar sedan

    How did they manage to have the ecact same teams as the first cook off

  69. 1D_ANGEL X

    1D_ANGEL X15 dagar sedan


  70. Matthew Kerr

    Matthew Kerr16 dagar sedan

    Sorted are so laid back and funny in their channel but compared to the sidemen they seem so mature

  71. claudia corr

    claudia corr16 dagar sedan

    The way Harry acted all positive in front of everyone then hid to get upset on his own đŸ„ș

  72. claudia corr

    claudia corr16 dagar sedan

    Harry in the thumbnail 😂😂

  73. Daisy Dean

    Daisy Dean16 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or is everyone binging the sidemen and like tgf since COVID-19

  74. 17nathan06

    17nathan0617 dagar sedan

    Ebbers and baz living it up as sidemen 😂😂

  75. Oscar Reeh

    Oscar Reeh17 dagar sedan


  76. Oscar Reeh

    Oscar Reeh17 dagar sedan


  77. Red Line

    Red Line17 dagar sedan

    I really expected a plate of soggy water at the end. Didn't expect raiding the fridge afterward.

  78. JumpingPancakes23 Ld

    JumpingPancakes23 Ld17 dagar sedan

    We just got Ethan "Some say they're tastier when they're younger" Payne Behzinga

  79. The Yellow Lemon

    The Yellow Lemon17 dagar sedan

    32:35 a hahahahaha

  80. The Yellow Lemon

    The Yellow Lemon17 dagar sedan

    22:32 đŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ˜†

  81. The Yellow Lemon

    The Yellow Lemon17 dagar sedan

    20:30 đŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł

  82. good job

    good job17 dagar sedan

    JJ's face while eating the cranberries is priceless XD

  83. Boomer Gloria

    Boomer Gloria17 dagar sedan

    This is like the behind the scenes for a mukbang video

  84. Shaikul !

    Shaikul !18 dagar sedan

    35:54 - 36:12 Is your name "sorted" 😂

  85. Ellise Warner

    Ellise Warner18 dagar sedan

    Why is JJ bare annoying in this 😂😂

  86. xino951

    xino95118 dagar sedan

    53:30 that is such father Josh moment there

  87. Arhameritis AKA The Fonz

    Arhameritis AKA The Fonz18 dagar sedan

    21:17 zerka looks like Alan from two and a half men

  88. SgtTeeh

    SgtTeeh19 dagar sedan

    48:20 Ethan still does not understand that the problem is that Harry *didn't* turn it down.

  89. Badr 313

    Badr 31319 dagar sedan

    22:26 Monkey See, Monkey Do.

  90. Anmol RB

    Anmol RB19 dagar sedan

    Keeping those two lads was not good enough.. It should had been SIR THEODOR III.. I'm gonna give it a 4/10 video rating cause of those 2 lads

  91. Clyde FNM

    Clyde FNM19 dagar sedan

    Oy keep up old man BAHAHAHAHA I AM DEAD

  92. Michael Bunch

    Michael Bunch19 dagar sedan

    jj at 20:00 lmfao

  93. Elite Gamer

    Elite Gamer19 dagar sedan

    18:16 why does to I look like an elf? 😂

  94. Teen Beatbox

    Teen Beatbox20 dagar sedan

    Hold on a moment, why was KSI mostly excited that they could have won, he barely worked, he was drunk once, and sat down while the others worked.

  95. Lily french

    Lily french21 dag sedan

    k but are the aprons purple or blue

  96. R Achel

    R Achel21 dag sedan

    is noone gonna talk about jj's faces when he ate cranberrys

  97. DoctorChaos

    DoctorChaos21 dag sedan

    Vick looking like a boss man

  98. Rohaan Shah

    Rohaan Shah21 dag sedan

    VIK know's how to melt butter absolute legend.


    GAMING NINJA21 dag sedan

    Part 2 PART 2 part 2 Part 2 halloween or christmass

  100. Z3r0

    Z3r020 dagar sedan

    They doing it with Gordon Ramsay next

  101. Juli n’ Hope Vlogs

    Juli n’ Hope Vlogs21 dag sedan

    Aren't these the same teams as the other cooking video they did? (except JJ)

  102. Trey Ryan Pillay

    Trey Ryan Pillay22 dagar sedan

    They should of got Gordon Ramsey