The Sidemen face off in a Basketball Challenge!
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
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  1. NoBody ImporTant

    NoBody ImporTant3 timmar sedan

    7:37 Ethan yells like my mum when she's mad at me 😭

  2. Anny Jaen

    Anny Jaen7 timmar sedan

    “I just saw Jesus” HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  3. yungmafia

    yungmafia11 timmar sedan

    as an american im cringing

  4. xD

    xD14 timmar sedan

    22:23 When *she* sees a spider xD

  5. Loek Jonker

    Loek Jonker14 timmar sedan

    Josh is very originel with “josh” on the back of his t-shirt

  6. Oliver Snowdon

    Oliver Snowdon15 timmar sedan


  7. Zackrey Mangue

    Zackrey Mangue17 timmar sedan

    This video should be called bullying the red team lol or the best comback in history

  8. Mobile lynx

    Mobile lynxDag sedan

    JJ is like the strongest of them but man jst keep getting airballs

  9. 725s are fun

    725s are funDag sedan

    That's the biggest comeback I've ever seen

  10. Yxko

    YxkoDag sedan

    watching them shooting a basketball makes me cringe so hard.

  11. Netanel Mekonen

    Netanel MekonenDag sedan

    Sorry But Ksi Forehead Is Hugeee than i thought

  12. Shrylan

    ShrylanDag sedan

    Simon is the only one with a normal jump shot

  13. Io games 51

    Io games 51Dag sedan

    Vik threw ball odd?

  14. LeMe

    LeMeDag sedan

    Professional camera people: *not in this video* Camera 1 white balance: 4000K Camera 2 white balance: 5000K Me: but wHy

  15. Jack Le marechal

    Jack Le marechalDag sedan

    Notice how they got Tobi to whip jj and none of the others😂

  16. Alex Rios

    Alex RiosDag sedan

    Anyone else notice that the prayer worked?

  17. VoLcRoNe

    VoLcRoNeDag sedan

    Fake , vik never misses a shot

  18. reece Playz

    reece Playz2 dagar sedan

    This felt like a rocket league game I've had a couple of times (from reds pov)

  19. Trystan Wiggill

    Trystan Wiggill2 dagar sedan

    What's that song name when they were in that "show off" stage in the beginning?


    PAINNOLDI GAMES2 dagar sedan

    Play with 2hype

  21. Hoosier Daddy

    Hoosier Daddy2 dagar sedan

    Why do they always kick their leg back when they shoot

  22. Clausify

    Clausify2 dagar sedan

    Everyones form is quite spectacular

  23. Saydthebest

    Saydthebest2 dagar sedan

    Jjs face in the thumbnail

  24. Samad Rashad

    Samad Rashad2 dagar sedan

    Of course Simon hits JJ on his back with a ball

  25. Himi

    Himi3 dagar sedan

    5:05 Childhood memories innit

  26. SIJI Rejo

    SIJI Rejo3 dagar sedan

    Talia needs to see Simon

  27. Ninnah NB

    Ninnah NB3 dagar sedan

    TOBI’s Preyer WORKED!!!!!

  28. Teimresh

    Teimresh3 dagar sedan

    I’m starting to think Ethan was a shock put not even lying 29:47

  29. Super sped 2

    Super sped 23 dagar sedan


  30. Jeremiah Mazo

    Jeremiah Mazo3 dagar sedan

    Man me in the hood tho gun shoots. What we doing 14:46

  31. Jeremiah Mazo

    Jeremiah Mazo3 dagar sedan

    I am done he got the nah im dead 7:36

  32. Jack Talia Steinberg

    Jack Talia Steinberg3 dagar sedan

    Why does simon low key look good in a dress

  33. Locker-Room Dwarf

    Locker-Room Dwarf3 dagar sedan

    ---GOD BLESS---

  34. TxrdRL

    TxrdRL3 dagar sedan

    5:05 out of context kinda edgy ngl lmao

  35. John Arroyo

    John Arroyo3 dagar sedan

    15:58 ✌🏾

  36. crocs FNM

    crocs FNM3 dagar sedan

    KSI just has fat twizzlers on his head

  37. LukeIsLazy

    LukeIsLazy4 dagar sedan

    Simons form was the only one that resembles a actual player

  38. Trey Erwin

    Trey Erwin4 dagar sedan

    Simon the only one with good shooting form LOL

  39. Jones Joy

    Jones Joy5 dagar sedan

    Cringe vide😂😂😂😂😂

  40. 1Up Engo

    1Up Engo5 dagar sedan

    who cringed at harry's jumpshot lol?

  41. Android

    Android5 dagar sedan

    Lmfao Toby’s jump shot.

  42. Sebastian Isaiah

    Sebastian Isaiah5 dagar sedan

    This is intense and hilarious. The way they play basketball is something else! Harry did make the table turn.

  43. Hawraa’ s Life

    Hawraa’ s Life6 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for JJ because they didn’t edit out the part if it was me I’d be pissed LMAO😂

  44. Juan - Chan

    Juan - Chan6 dagar sedan

    3:42 a small guy shoots a 3 pointer like freethrow, damn

  45. Mostlyoffline

    Mostlyoffline6 dagar sedan

    Man i feel SOOOOOO bad for harry

  46. killemflacko

    killemflacko6 dagar sedan

    still better than the clippers

  47. Meepz

    Meepz6 dagar sedan

    1 like= prayer for red team

  48. Meepz

    Meepz6 dagar sedan

    i commented too early

  49. TonyTonyChoppa

    TonyTonyChoppa6 dagar sedan

    Why in this video Dow’s it look like someone hit just with the boink hammer

  50. Im Super High

    Im Super High6 dagar sedan

    How’s no one talking about how tobi prayed for them and then they came back and won lmaoooo

  51. TonyTonyChoppa

    TonyTonyChoppa6 dagar sedan

    Mans forhead

  52. OwenWarrior7870

    OwenWarrior78706 dagar sedan

    LMAO Loved this Vid !

  53. Khalil Benadada

    Khalil Benadada6 dagar sedan

    Damn y'all forms suck

  54. ogfik

    ogfik7 dagar sedan

    30:51 JJ hide the pain

  55. Mr Average Boy

    Mr Average Boy7 dagar sedan

    Team Blue blew a 6-1 lead

  56. cloe & emma

    cloe & emma7 dagar sedan

    idk if it’s just me but I feel like Harry and Simons friendship is underrated

  57. Strawberry Crush

    Strawberry Crush5 dagar sedan


  58. Kiran Kalja

    Kiran Kalja8 dagar sedan


  59. Kiran Kalja

    Kiran Kalja8 dagar sedan


  60. Kiran Kalja

    Kiran Kalja8 dagar sedan


  61. Kiran Kalja

    Kiran Kalja8 dagar sedan


  62. Kiran Kalja

    Kiran Kalja8 dagar sedan

    Zag jhvnj

  63. Kiran Kalja

    Kiran Kalja8 dagar sedan


  64. Vysulo

    Vysulo8 dagar sedan

    im american and i can confirm that they have TRASH FORM

  65. Official FreeXEcho

    Official FreeXEcho8 dagar sedan

    I suddenly hate Ethan :)

  66. mystic_dark

    mystic_dark8 dagar sedan

    I mean my 4head big but jjs so big I can see it from behind

  67. Sebastian _

    Sebastian _8 dagar sedan

    A better comeback than the Cavs in 2016

  68. ThatOneGuy_ 5265

    ThatOneGuy_ 52658 dagar sedan

    HOW DID RED WIN HOW!!!!!!!

  69. gary fisher

    gary fisher8 dagar sedan

    iv just realised all of the red team started scoring after tobe prayed for god to save them (ps im not religous)

  70. Henry Morris

    Henry Morris8 dagar sedan

    Who’s rewatching there bids waiting for a new one

  71. diya sujith

    diya sujith9 dagar sedan

    us thinking how many shots we could’ve sinked in😂

  72. Heissell Ariana Hortua

    Heissell Ariana Hortua9 dagar sedan

    Josh low key checked him out too.

  73. ramtham007

    ramtham0079 dagar sedan

    If only Harry wasn’t such a bucket...

  74. Rebecca Chell

    Rebecca Chell9 dagar sedan

    Shouldn’t Vik be called small fly

  75. theotakuden l

    theotakuden l10 dagar sedan


  76. Jacob Alexander

    Jacob Alexander10 dagar sedan

    Simon, the whitest one there has the best form

  77. Evan McCarthy

    Evan McCarthy10 dagar sedan


  78. Eldrick Tokailagi

    Eldrick Tokailagi10 dagar sedan

    jj head looks like a sqaure no offense

  79. Darya

    Darya9 dagar sedan

    WillNe is quaking

  80. Blank _ Xray

    Blank _ Xray10 dagar sedan

    a red team without simon tobi and jj is no longer a red team

  81. Leeane Ilies

    Leeane Ilies10 dagar sedan

    Boys Tobi has that 99 pace

  82. Diego Ceron

    Diego Ceron10 dagar sedan

    Ksi forehead is huge

  83. Moussa Seydi

    Moussa Seydi10 dagar sedan

    Tobi has incredible pace

  84. woofle

    woofle10 dagar sedan

    0:18 YOOO WTH JJ

  85. YT Venxm

    YT Venxm10 dagar sedan

    Me thinking that they wouldn't be able to make a shot....

  86. Yvng Køza

    Yvng Køza10 dagar sedan

    Better than Danny green lol

  87. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW10 dagar sedan

    Idk what kind of dresses they buying cuz that white one is UGLY. Wouldn’t even look good on a girl

  88. Sochi S.

    Sochi S.10 dagar sedan

    Moslty Americans WIll Understand This Blue Team = Atlanta Falcons Red Team = New England Patriots

  89. Drew 8888

    Drew 88886 dagar sedan


  90. derrick khoo Jing yu

    derrick khoo Jing yu11 dagar sedan

    JJ looks wierd as f

  91. Verity Ducky

    Verity Ducky11 dagar sedan



    EMRYS OF CAMELOT11 dagar sedan

    Never question on tobi's faith ever again.. Tobi's prayer clearly worked 😁😁

  93. Emma Wright

    Emma Wright11 dagar sedan

    i genuinely think this is my all time favorite sidemen video

  94. the running man

    the running man11 dagar sedan

    Harry stealing the show as always

  95. Lane Stockertjr

    Lane Stockertjr11 dagar sedan

    Is this how all of the uk is like?

  96. crashn burn

    crashn burn11 dagar sedan

    Ma dude ksi said I’ve been through dis many times 😂😂💀African house hold man

  97. Ronak Kakar

    Ronak Kakar11 dagar sedan

    Bruh ik basketball aint popular in England but bruh...

  98. Abdul Rahman Zuhaib

    Abdul Rahman Zuhaib11 dagar sedan

    22:25 the drums in the track sync with JJ's footsteps

  99. Jonas Onland

    Jonas Onland12 dagar sedan

    24:14 floating Harry

  100. Readyy OG

    Readyy OG12 dagar sedan

    God bless Tobi. What a man

  101. Jordz •

    Jordz •12 dagar sedan

    How about tobi celebrating even when his team lost?! 😂

  102. Majed Mansour

    Majed Mansour12 dagar sedan

    13:18 when u attack the ball and the ball attacks back

  103. juice999

    juice99912 dagar sedan

    finally we get to see jjs hairline

  104. Little Lem

    Little Lem12 dagar sedan

    Can't just be me that thought Tobi looked good with that ice water on him. 👀👀 .

  105. Afonso Salazar

    Afonso Salazar12 dagar sedan

    15:34 Joooosshh

  106. Siddhesh Tayade

    Siddhesh Tayade13 dagar sedan

    Harry took all their bad luck :(

  107. ramiel 360

    ramiel 36013 dagar sedan

    Me coming from the 2hype channel be like:😐🤔

  108. Noor Kayyali

    Noor Kayyali13 dagar sedan

    I will speak for the Americans... we are cringing at the basketball abilities

  109. sohan kapuge

    sohan kapuge2 timmar sedan

    not just america bro

  110. tamara m

    tamara m16 timmar sedan

    not just americans fam

  111. Vishal Thiayaka Rajan

    Vishal Thiayaka Rajan3 dagar sedan

    lol i bet this is what british people do when they watch americans play football

  112. DNG_TheRealest

    DNG_TheRealest7 dagar sedan

    simon has somewhat of a jumper lol

  113. Charles Hepworth

    Charles Hepworth10 dagar sedan

    I live in the UK and I'm cringing just as hard dw

  114. marco jaime

    marco jaime13 dagar sedan

    I'm cringing mate