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  1. Rohan Jassi

    Rohan Jassi2 timmar sedan

    Sidemen: today we are going to be getting world records Harry: so who ever completes this world record wins because nobody has tried it

  2. Adam Szafraniec

    Adam Szafraniec6 timmar sedan

    20 chicken nuggets ez

  3. Adam Szafraniec

    Adam Szafraniec6 timmar sedan

    393 dabs

  4. Fortnite Jay07

    Fortnite Jay07Dag sedan

    I attempted the dab and I got 290

  5. Pranav Lama

    Pranav LamaDag sedan

    I would recommend to watch jj dabbing in 2.0x

  6. Nguyễn H.Linh

    Nguyễn H.LinhDag sedan

    Dành 25p cuộc đời để coi cái video vô bổ này và cười như con điên=))))))

  7. Xile Wwe/NBA/reactions

    Xile Wwe/NBA/reactions4 dagar sedan

    Jj got 186

  8. Coochie Man

    Coochie Man4 dagar sedan

    Tobi’s outfit was definitely harder to put on

  9. Leila Hassan

    Leila Hassan7 dagar sedan

    I love Harry

  10. Rapper ??

    Rapper ??11 dagar sedan

    how to speed ur head do 20:56

  11. rekked EZ

    rekked EZ18 dagar sedan

    They did 206 dabs

  12. John Guerrero

    John Guerrero21 dag sedan


  13. Iguana

    Iguana23 dagar sedan

    I was like I wish I had all those Jaffa cakes😭😭

  14. A & B

    A & B24 dagar sedan

    For me Ksi(jj) looks so weird without the bandana

  15. k. labban

    k. labban26 dagar sedan

  16. k. labban

    k. labban26 dagar sedan


  17. k. labban

    k. labban26 dagar sedan

    Is it still loading

  18. space clan_YT

    space clan_YT26 dagar sedan

    seeing that the most dabs in a min 271 well going to jail


    CDABOSS_GAMING27 dagar sedan

    JJ has a much bigger forehead than that they said between the eyes did they not

  20. Alfred Tarbensen

    Alfred Tarbensen27 dagar sedan

    why did ksi not do the watermelons! like that big forehead would smash the watermelons in pieces!

  21. NOTAL YT

    NOTAL YT27 dagar sedan

    I can do that chicken nuget challenge

  22. NOTAL YT

    NOTAL YT27 dagar sedan

    Delfidh means

  23. NOTAL YT

    NOTAL YT27 dagar sedan

    He didnt fell u kanjoos

  24. NOTAL YT

    NOTAL YT27 dagar sedan


  25. NOTAL YT

    NOTAL YT27 dagar sedan

    Now they free from ppenie now other thing look easy as

  26. NOTAL YT

    NOTAL YT27 dagar sedan

    I skiped and he finished

  27. NOTAL YT

    NOTAL YT27 dagar sedan

    Josh is 2 year bogger theb jj totally not older

  28. NOTAL YT

    NOTAL YT27 dagar sedan

    I when to see your mslim vik

  29. Andrew Romo

    Andrew Romo28 dagar sedan

    I have never seen people eat chicken nuggets real slowly

  30. DØnald Trump

    DØnald Trump28 dagar sedan

    jj got his face pegged in this video

  31. Elvinza Nadif

    Elvinza NadifMånad sedan


  32. Amy and Grace

    Amy and GraceMånad sedan

    I'm part of dab police sooo 😈

  33. PlumGaming

    PlumGamingMånad sedan


  34. Rei x Debs

    Rei x DebsMånad sedan

    LOVE THIS VIDEO 🤩🤩 we did one too xx

  35. Astro chrome

    Astro chromeMånad sedan


  36. Lyrical Tube

    Lyrical TubeMånad sedan

    19:10 2x Speed 👉🏻🤣

  37. Banana Gaming

    Banana GamingMånad sedan


  38. Parsa Rathernotsay

    Parsa RathernotsayMånad sedan

    Tanjiro bout to get 10 seconds for that first record

  39. HDK Makweng

    HDK MakwengMånad sedan

    "Fam", The sideman are ganna kill me I be laughing too much!😂

  40. Rusty Fossil

    Rusty FossilMånad sedan

    Everyone searched up the worlds biggest forehead after this video

  41. BigDave123

    BigDave123Månad sedan


  42. Prateek

    PrateekMånad sedan

    4:53 watch with captions.. Thank me later

  43. tavgun singh

    tavgun singhMånad sedan

    15:15😂😂😂 Use headphones

  44. Ahmed Daoud

    Ahmed DaoudMånad sedan

    Lol Toby and Simon Gets the berry’s 95% in 30 berry’s and me and my friends gets 1% in 100 berrys

  45. Srf TsiffMan

    Srf TsiffManMånad sedan

    1:03 when the crack kicks in

  46. Louie

    LouieMånad sedan

    8:34 that voice it soo funny

  47. mathew mercer

    mathew mercerMånad sedan

    I wonder if jj realizes the more he covers his hairline with his bandana the more it goes back😂

  48. mostlove angel

    mostlove angelMånad sedan


  49. David Riakporhe

    David RiakporheMånad sedan


  50. webbyj

    webbyjMånad sedan

    Put jjs dabs in 2x speed thank me later

  51. Whore

    WhoreMånad sedan

    4:47 23:10 24:50

  52. Bardhi Ndreca

    Bardhi NdrecaMånad sedan

    Who's here at 2020 August 28 and the sidmen are at 9 million subscribers lets go

  53. Sabah Razak

    Sabah RazakMånad sedan

    who is watching this in 2020?

  54. Anass Draouy

    Anass DraouyMånad sedan

    20:59 JJ is training to master Ultra Instinct

  55. Prasanna Pokharel

    Prasanna Pokharel2 månader sedan

    8:08 do they even know what cricket is?

  56. Zak-Brawl Stars

    Zak-Brawl Stars2 månader sedan

    Harry would 1 shot the chair if he was back in 2016 packing ronaldo

  57. Matthew Woodland

    Matthew Woodland2 månader sedan

    Wow even jj's eyes and his hairline are social distancing

  58. Addy

    Addy2 månader sedan

    I actually counted the dabs... Ethan-270 Tobi-246 JJ-182

  59. Scott S.

    Scott S.2 månader sedan

    The watermelons were already cracked😂🍉

  60. Nico Berndt

    Nico Berndt2 månader sedan

    21:42 ksimon

  61. Kiko Papanaum

    Kiko Papanaum2 månader sedan

    Putt jj s dabing at 2x speed XDXDXDXDXD

  62. -BlitZ-

    -BlitZ-2 månader sedan

    Hey the adjudicator looks like Harry

  63. Gally Lolper

    Gally Lolper2 månader sedan

    I love how the simple things can be turned into 25min video


    TV GAMING2 månader sedan

    #Stopvikabuse 9:07

  65. Volleygirl 99

    Volleygirl 992 månader sedan

    10:38 I believe what Tobi and Vik are actually trying to do is become one big person. I mean why else would they match their clothes just like that...

  66. Volleygirl 99

    Volleygirl 992 månader sedan

    I feel bad for the person who had to get all the coins lol

  67. Volleygirl 99

    Volleygirl 992 månader sedan

    Who knew Harry could wear a suit


    ARIQ IS LIVE2 månader sedan

    6:18 look at jj

  69. Tommy Tombola

    Tommy Tombola2 månader sedan

    Vic is so slow side men needs to train him

  70. lonks songs

    lonks songs2 månader sedan

    I could probably beat the eating one I do eat really fast

  71. Saima Ashfaq

    Saima Ashfaq2 månader sedan

    19:05 DanTDM is gonna freak out Dab police to the rescue

  72. aftqrlife

    aftqrlife2 månader sedan

    why does jjs eyes in this thumbnail look like he chocked on something

  73. C J

    C J2 månader sedan

    They should do this again

  74. henie has massive mommy milkers

    henie has massive mommy milkers2 månader sedan

    8:36 “our irrigation system. darn it!”

  75. KV Farre

    KV Farre2 månader sedan

    24:48 pennywise has left the chat.

  76. Smitty

    Smitty2 månader sedan

    Harry would get the record for breaking chairs If he just opened some fifa packs

  77. Athithan

    Athithan2 månader sedan

    20:40 Mans generating electricity with that movement!

  78. M A

    M A3 månader sedan

    Jjs insane man 😂guys amazing

  79. Simple Man

    Simple Man3 månader sedan

    KSI and Simon throwback funny compilation - Road to 1000 - help by sharing and subscribing. Peace :)

  80. critical_plays

    critical_plays3 månader sedan

    world records for each sidemen: vikkstar: world record for most kills in warzone harry: world record for most fut drafts without a 194 ksi: world record for beating logan paul twice in a row in a boxing match (can do more probably) simon: world record for doing alot of rabonas ethan: world record for eating AND SIDEMEN:world record for all of their videos being 1 hour+

  81. ok

    ok3 månader sedan

    God damn how soft are those watermelons

  82. Levi Rowan

    Levi Rowan3 månader sedan

    Does anyone else feel like most of the genus world records are held by SEtoosrs because of videos

  83. Bronny

    Bronny3 månader sedan

    why vik leap frog like that

  84. Muhammad Iylia’

    Muhammad Iylia’3 månader sedan

    i thought yinka was in the thumbnail

  85. SlashThumbSlime

    SlashThumbSlime3 månader sedan

    JJ and Ethan's leapfrogs sennnnnt me lmao

  86. Reid Ortman

    Reid Ortman3 månader sedan

    24:31 thank me later

  87. Sculpx

    Sculpx3 månader sedan


  88. Josh Curtis

    Josh Curtis3 månader sedan

    Harry brakes sniffing the most lines record


    HOTSAUCEMAN3 månader sedan

    There are two types of Harry: before the watermelon challenge and after

  90. Beth Playford

    Beth Playford3 månader sedan

    That noise 🤣🤣 10:27

  91. Dulnith Samaraweera

    Dulnith Samaraweera3 månader sedan

    did anyone else see JJs head looked detached when he was dabbing?

  92. TGFL_ Alfie

    TGFL_ Alfie3 månader sedan

    1:07 and here is the moment where harry became a crackhead

  93. Owen Masson

    Owen Masson3 månader sedan

    16:09 Tobi just shutting down vik

  94. Owen Masson

    Owen Masson3 månader sedan

    1:28 harrys brain hanging in there

  95. Owen Masson

    Owen Masson3 månader sedan

    10:27 Ethan has brain damage. And JJ has got ball damage

  96. Hi Hi

    Hi Hi3 månader sedan


  97. I Am Ice Man

    I Am Ice Man3 månader sedan

    its always ksi in the outro:)

  98. zaria

    zaria3 månader sedan

    jj in glasses >>>>>

  99. HellBase GT

    HellBase GT3 månader sedan


  100. Nrkk1

    Nrkk13 månader sedan

    JJ dabbing had me dying.

  101. smoople

    smoople3 månader sedan

    Harry breaks the record for the most controllers smashed into the wall

  102. Cooper Sargent

    Cooper Sargent3 månader sedan

    JJ should of done the first one because he has a big forehead

  103. futuraaa

    futuraaa3 månader sedan

    i come back everytime just see jjs most dab attempt

  104. JereHirvela (jertsu)98

    JereHirvela (jertsu)983 månader sedan

    what is WORLD RECORD the board reads 8.8.2013 and the video is 3.3.2019 my best sidemen is 1.KIS 2.MINIMINTE 3.ZERKAA 4.TBJZL 5.BEHZINGA 6.VIKKSTAR123 7.WROERTOSHAW