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  1. King Abhibhav Raj

    King Abhibhav Raj3 timmar sedan

    Can someone please tell jj that he did not get 200 for passing go 5 times like wtf?

  2. Rhinoboy 2003

    Rhinoboy 20039 timmar sedan

    Let’s all wear hats and not tell tobi

  3. Noah Caupp

    Noah Caupp10 timmar sedan


  4. Mustard Sauce

    Mustard Sauce14 timmar sedan

    They do the most

  5. Games-For-Days -

    Games-For-Days -19 timmar sedan

    When was the voice crack

  6. Sharon Madu

    Sharon MaduDag sedan


  7. Sally Webster

    Sally Webster2 dagar sedan

    man at 41:56 it gave me ptsd

  8. ellie coombes

    ellie coombes2 dagar sedan

    Why did Ethan and josh pay to get out of jail when they had a get out for free card

  9. Black Samurai

    Black Samurai2 dagar sedan

    Every week I see myself here, but it’s worth it

  10. Not the Best

    Not the Best3 dagar sedan

    34:40 Simon for the people😂

  11. Warn Gamers

    Warn Gamers4 dagar sedan

    27:31 if u came here for the voice crack

  12. Red Bird

    Red Bird4 dagar sedan

    Funniest moments 11:51 15:56 17:06 21:09 33:40 50:28 53:34 56:37

  13. Samuel Williams

    Samuel Williams6 dagar sedan

    Ngl forgot Click was a thing lmaooo

  14. CDB-KM

    CDB-KM6 dagar sedan


  15. Eshaan sethi

    Eshaan sethi6 dagar sedan

    bro they say Vik is smart but I could have legit made decisions that would have been twice as profitable

  16. RAHIL SHAJAHAN ep16b026

    RAHIL SHAJAHAN ep16b0266 dagar sedan

    16:07 Me when i see my crush.

  17. hikari

    hikari7 dagar sedan

    17:09 Hypes up vik jus to leave him hangin ! Gotchu vik 🤜🏽🤛🏾

  18. Angelina Pototskaia

    Angelina Pototskaia7 dagar sedan

    i just spent 2 hours watching 7 grown men play monopoly 😂 and enjoyed every second of it

  19. Ahan 107

    Ahan 1077 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or did team working class not get £400 worth passing go fee

  20. ughdtown d-2

    ughdtown d-27 dagar sedan

    yeah i saw that too :/

  21. Wassim Guedada

    Wassim Guedada7 dagar sedan


  22. StrawHat Erose

    StrawHat Erose8 dagar sedan

    hope i win

  23. O N E S W I N G

    O N E S W I N G9 dagar sedan

    was ksi trying to seduce the jail cell 22:12

  24. Aelin whoa

    Aelin whoa11 dagar sedan

    synchronicity at 1:33:10

  25. Rez1k

    Rez1k8 dagar sedan

    Good catcg

  26. Arley Canales

    Arley Canales11 dagar sedan

    Lol toby dead crip walking 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. S1urpy

    S1urpy12 dagar sedan

    Let’s all admit we all thought JJ’s trade was dumb as hell

  28. ARMY_ Tat

    ARMY_ Tat12 dagar sedan

    We love getting a sidemen ad before a sidemen video lol.

  29. Jevin Castro

    Jevin Castro12 dagar sedan

    The comments are amazing 😂😂

  30. NilcoTE

    NilcoTE13 dagar sedan

    15:29 cleannnn

  31. Rez1k

    Rez1k8 dagar sedan

    Daddy got tex

  32. crying in a cool way

    crying in a cool way13 dagar sedan

    I’m pissed that working class didn’t win, they also didn’t receive their 200 for passing go multiple times.

  33. ughdtown d-2

    ughdtown d-27 dagar sedan

    boats and hoes didn't receive £400 after passing go and advancing to go

  34. crying in a cool way

    crying in a cool way13 dagar sedan


  35. Rez1k

    Rez1k8 dagar sedan


  36. Unknown Dwt

    Unknown Dwt14 dagar sedan

    Jj moves like a undercover fed he forces the accent so much he went private skl lol and he’s from Watford 😂

  37. elisa guri

    elisa guri14 dagar sedan

    I like this game

  38. ShowForThree

    ShowForThree15 dagar sedan

    I think josh should’ve been the monopoly Mayor.

  39. oGingZ

    oGingZ15 dagar sedan

    0:56 that team name tho lmao

  40. Jim Ball

    Jim Ball15 dagar sedan

    Sidemen videos last up to almost 2 hours but I don’t get bored hahaha

  41. Vanik Goyal

    Vanik Goyal15 dagar sedan

    1:04:23 the editors did a big blunder there

  42. Vanik Goyal

    Vanik Goyal8 dagar sedan

    @Rez1k they were supposed to give the money to skrr skrr and take it from the working class. The did the opposite of that

  43. Rez1k

    Rez1k8 dagar sedan


  44. Owais Khan

    Owais Khan16 dagar sedan


  45. Rez1k

    Rez1k8 dagar sedan


  46. Sharujan Sel6

    Sharujan Sel616 dagar sedan

    Sidemen need to do a sidemen studio tour

  47. Trip Jucie

    Trip Jucie16 dagar sedan

    29:29 rip vik in chat

  48. Rez1k

    Rez1k8 dagar sedan

    He don’t wanna look like 2milli

  49. idris suleman

    idris suleman16 dagar sedan

    working class rarely got 200 for passing go

  50. Dislike King

    Dislike King16 dagar sedan

  51. Dislike King

    Dislike King16 dagar sedan

  52. Dislike King

    Dislike King16 dagar sedan

  53. Dislike King

    Dislike King16 dagar sedan

  54. Hannah Joshua

    Hannah Joshua16 dagar sedan

    The fact that Harry sings really well is amazing

  55. Gavin Moore

    Gavin Moore17 dagar sedan

    19:35 for tomorrow morning

  56. Gavin Moore

    Gavin Moore8 dagar sedan

    @Rez1k yes thanks homie

  57. Rez1k

    Rez1k8 dagar sedan

    Did u finish it

  58. Ps Now

    Ps Now17 dagar sedan

    Jesus is coming soon have faith belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins.

  59. RO kakashi killie

    RO kakashi killie17 dagar sedan

    Stop bullying vik

  60. OGKYANITE!!!

    OGKYANITE!!!17 dagar sedan

    1:01 💀

  61. Noah BBX

    Noah BBX17 dagar sedan

    Boasts and hoes: Are two guys on ships just doing idk Skrr skrr: Race and get money from winning Working class: A very rich team who work hard everyday in construction and got their bodies in shape. Only one team works and the others don't, that's sad

  62. Simphiwe Gabu

    Simphiwe Gabu17 dagar sedan

    32:54🤣🤣🤣KSIs rap

  63. Lil Vrovant

    Lil Vrovant18 dagar sedan

    Mr fbi man happy birthday day

  64. cakeman5399

    cakeman539918 dagar sedan

    , K

  65. zanik

    zanik18 dagar sedan

    Nobody: JJ: 27:31

  66. David Romo

    David Romo18 dagar sedan

    27:31 JJ’s vocal cords VIOLATED him

  67. Rez1k

    Rez1k8 dagar sedan


  68. Joey Hajj

    Joey Hajj18 dagar sedan


  69. SniperSd Sid

    SniperSd Sid18 dagar sedan

    MONOPOLY IN REAL LIFE with real money ?

  70. Calvin Johnson

    Calvin Johnson19 dagar sedan

    The way vikk got left hanging hurt my soul

  71. Adam Kehoe

    Adam Kehoe19 dagar sedan

    People never learn. Rule 1: do not buy the expensive property, and build homes on it. The chance of someone landing on it is so small.

  72. Austin Navarro

    Austin Navarro20 dagar sedan

    Is tobi a crip?

  73. Rez1k

    Rez1k8 dagar sedan

    Blue face baby

  74. Jamaal Smikle Y2J.2

    Jamaal Smikle Y2J.220 dagar sedan

    JJ looks like Quavo from that Pure Water Video featuring Migos

  75. DanielFK24

    DanielFK2420 dagar sedan

    That Voice crack is the best part 27:30

  76. Rez1k

    Rez1k8 dagar sedan


  77. Maggie Carolin

    Maggie Carolin21 dag sedan

    22:38 Harry singing while everyone else is talking is hilarious

  78. Rez1k

    Rez1k8 dagar sedan

    Got vocals

  79. oRed

    oRed21 dag sedan

    5:43 why is Tobi and JJ's movement synced

  80. TBH IDK

    TBH IDKDag sedan


  81. Rez1k

    Rez1k8 dagar sedan


  82. Sebastian Castro

    Sebastian Castro9 dagar sedan


  83. Nightmare

    Nightmare22 dagar sedan

    Damn this is actually fastest monopoly game I’ve ever seen in my life...

  84. King Bling67

    King Bling6723 dagar sedan

    Hey guys have a wonderful day all y’all beautiful beings ❤️ On the road to 500 subs

  85. 1000 subs without any vids

    1000 subs without any vids23 dagar sedan

    This was the worst sidemen sunday

  86. Peter Noles48

    Peter Noles4824 dagar sedan

    44:00 JJ did the same thing like the First Logan v KSI London press conference

  87. Qoravoy 1771

    Qoravoy 177125 dagar sedan

    I really loved this video it was so funny simon

  88. Darklord YT

    Darklord YT26 dagar sedan

    Toni got bars 😍

  89. John Smithie

    John Smithie26 dagar sedan

    Harry ALWAYS loses first in literally every sidemen video

  90. Austin Trazzera

    Austin Trazzera26 dagar sedan

    “It does come with a free Randolph”😂😂😂

  91. RecklessRazak

    RecklessRazak26 dagar sedan

    24:55 tobi with the moves

  92. Abby Borja

    Abby Borja26 dagar sedan

    30:35 jj's "aw" tf made me feel so soft lmao

  93. Reece Buckingham

    Reece Buckingham27 dagar sedan


  94. Veli Haapsaari

    Veli Haapsaari27 dagar sedan

    Cccecccceececedcceccccedcc. Eccsceeexxxxcccc € ee. Cecceecededeeeceecccccccccecceeececceceececccccecccccceeeeeceeeececedcceceeccedcececeeceeeeeecccccccecceceececceceeecccce€eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedeeewc Edcceecececxeccccedecccecdcccccccccccecceccccceceecceceececcecceeccexeeeeccceeeccccececceececececceceeececccccceccccceeecdeddcc

  95. Erick Ramirez Ortega

    Erick Ramirez Ortega28 dagar sedan

    I honestly can’t stop watching this lmao, they should make a second one

  96. erick valenzuelaaragon

    erick valenzuelaaragon28 dagar sedan


  97. Simon Joereßen

    Simon Joereßen29 dagar sedan

    harry and vid are exactly like me in monopoly. Always land on the expensive stuff and never get paid rent

  98. Luis Gabriel

    Luis GabrielMånad sedan

    JJ in this video is the type of person to own someone 5 dollars and ask for 5 dollars to pay the five dollars

  99. Sheilo Green

    Sheilo GreenMånad sedan

    what're with the ace family jokes, i dont get them

  100. ςynical คrlyne

    ςynical คrlyneMånad sedan

    Who else realize it was a 2 hour long vid after the first hour

  101. Darren Nathan

    Darren NathanMånad sedan


  102. MuteX

    MuteXMånad sedan

    12:44 wtf what????

  103. Thorn

    ThornMånad sedan

    I am the only one who has watched this video like 5 times?

  104. Ahmed Nasher

    Ahmed NasherMånad sedan

    The two black people in prison🤣

  105. KH Seeker

    KH SeekerMånad sedan


  106. Legion 216

    Legion 216Månad sedan

    on the unskipable ads press the i button with a circle around it, then press "stop seeing this add" > "yes" > "irrelevant"

  107. Rez1k

    Rez1k8 dagar sedan


  108. Ella Bromage

    Ella BromageMånad sedan


  109. PBK Miracle

    PBK MiracleMånad sedan

    It isn’t true monopoly until someone smashes the board and a fight starts

  110. Kenneth Hartono

    Kenneth HartonoMånad sedan

    Road to 10mil

  111. mattyplayzfifa07

    mattyplayzfifa07Månad sedan

    Things the side men should consider 1. Get rid of Simon

  112. talia rose

    talia roseMånad sedan


  113. Svyxz N

    Svyxz NMånad sedan


  114. Connie Harrison

    Connie HarrisonMånad sedan

    HOW HAVE THEY GOT THAT MUCH MONEY *has 1000* and talking to the people with 320

  115. Joshua Abraham

    Joshua AbrahamMånad sedan

    Sad thing is JJ and Tobi would have won if they haven't forgotten to receive the 200 after passing go

  116. Ezekiel Lannaman

    Ezekiel LannamanMånad sedan

    JJ got to cocky LOL

  117. don monster

    don monsterMånad sedan

    harry with a boat hat looks like adam sandler

  118. Riley Price

    Riley PriceMånad sedan


  119. Les Kajer

    Les KajerMånad sedan

    Nobody recognised in grinding

  120. moises gomez

    moises gomezMånad sedan

    They should make this an actual board game