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  1. thomas allen

    thomas allenTimme sedan

    Tobi gave it away big time when he said he’s curious if there are duplicate numbers but said one of his was 500?

  2. J Las

    J Las2 timmar sedan

    when jj said “same” after vik said “i’m not greedy”, vik should’ve IMMEDIATELY known he was capping lmaooo

  3. X Box

    X Box2 timmar sedan

    Dame Just Dame

  4. demonsluger

    demonsluger4 timmar sedan

    Unsubbing from jj wow what a snake

  5. Christian Langford

    Christian Langford4 timmar sedan

    Stop being such an idiot

  6. F L I X X

    F L I X X4 timmar sedan

    46:04 the squeal 😂😭

  7. Laurie Stickland Bhinder

    Laurie Stickland Bhinder4 timmar sedan

    8:57 JJ is having PTSD to logan and

  8. Ethan Mensah

    Ethan Mensah5 timmar sedan

    On the side of Ksi’s head it was bald

  9. Halima Sadia

    Halima Sadia5 timmar sedan

    I don’t like Vik because he’s overreacting

  10. HTGameZ

    HTGameZ6 timmar sedan

    Vik was pissed 😂😂😂

  11. Microsoft My cro

    Microsoft My cro6 timmar sedan

    This is were it all begun

  12. Ostoja Stojanovic

    Ostoja Stojanovic7 timmar sedan

    Use me as a "🐍" button

  13. Michael Anthony Thornton

    Michael Anthony Thornton7 timmar sedan

    Do u hate vic cos i do i think he is a wierdo trying to impress his nerdy friend.Im jus tellin d truth man

  14. TheAlien Therapist

    TheAlien Therapist7 timmar sedan

    "jJ iS A sNaKe"

  15. hen ko

    hen ko8 timmar sedan

    Who’s here after KSI was an assistant for 24hrs 👇

  16. Chan The boi

    Chan The boi9 timmar sedan

    Just here for the snake

  17. ada johnson

    ada johnson11 timmar sedan

    yo jj’s such a snake but he won sooo👨‍🦯👨‍🦯👨‍🦯👨‍🦯

  18. hen ko

    hen ko8 timmar sedan

    Claim your “here before 10 million views” ticket here

  19. Charley Perkins

    Charley Perkins12 timmar sedan

    vik be triggered lol

  20. Yummyscol 69

    Yummyscol 6912 timmar sedan

    'the man who had it all'

  21. Jedidiah

    Jedidiah13 timmar sedan

    wait guys I don't get it. How is JJ a snake if he didn't know the ball he was picking or did he know it

  22. Jedidiah

    Jedidiah7 timmar sedan

    @Jeswin James oh ok thanks

  23. Jeswin James

    Jeswin James7 timmar sedan

    He did know

  24. Conasia Wilson

    Conasia Wilson14 timmar sedan


  25. Razvan .G

    Razvan .G16 timmar sedan

    45:28 "a snake was born"

  26. Carlos99 Savage

    Carlos99 Savage16 timmar sedan

    U know at I used to look up to jj no one believed in him to get here but now I think he’s a selfish *****

  27. Ariana Donuts

    Ariana Donuts14 timmar sedan

    He was literally saying "I'm so sorry" and that was the aim of the game! Vik was fine with it too Edit: don't mind my account my niece made it

  28. Conah Drums

    Conah Drums17 timmar sedan

    JJ should not have not won that money


    OH MY STRESS19 timmar sedan

    No one: Simon: 💎👄💎

  30. AlfieHorn

    AlfieHorn20 timmar sedan

    Petition for a split or steal number 2!!!

  31. Sheppard Kohler

    Sheppard KohlerDag sedan


  32. Prodbyroze

    ProdbyrozeDag sedan

    Am I the only one that realised tobi said let me eat my sweets and didn’t even open the packet

  33. The Jersey Ninja

    The Jersey NinjaDag sedan

    I mean good on JJ, actually outplayed everyone. That 100k lie then admitting he had the killer was actually genius

  34. Transformation Loops

    Transformation LoopsDag sedan

    Who else is watching this after ksi being vicks assistant

  35. Jãnis Graudins

    Jãnis GraudinsDag sedan

    Discount code: fatneek

  36. angus foster

    angus fosterDag sedan

    How Vikk didn't steal I do not comprehend

  37. Dontpressonmyprofilepic

    DontpressonmyprofilepicDag sedan

    Claim your “here before 10 million views” ticket here

  38. IM Dubs

    IM DubsDag sedan


  39. IM Dubs

    IM DubsDag sedan


  40. Ahsan Abbas

    Ahsan AbbasDag sedan

    Watched half of the video and didn’t understand

  41. hyper gust

    hyper gustDag sedan

    Shout out to lil keed for making a song for JJ

  42. The Riddler

    The RiddlerDag sedan

    The thumbnail should be Vik and JJ

  43. saber tooth

    saber toothDag sedan

    500k more subs till 10 mill we've done it lads :D Also am I the only 1 who thought the balls where onions

  44. Ad4lat

    Ad4latDag sedan

    How vikk was shaking for the final split or steal

  45. • Lance •

    • Lance •Dag sedan

    "Alots of balls" Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH (only dirty minds only understand) "Players balls" Me: HAHHAAHAH I CAN'T AM DYING AHAHHAHA

  46. SayfRG2874

    SayfRG2874Dag sedan

    Vik narrating his fate @0:11 while JJ predicting the future @0:40

  47. Aerial Vortex

    Aerial Vortex2 dagar sedan

    U guys should make a TV show based on this game

  48. Yazmin

    Yazmin2 dagar sedan

    Why they playing in $ and not £?

  49. mappingmasterliam

    mappingmasterliam2 dagar sedan


  50. My name i no I don’t know

    My name i no I don’t know2 dagar sedan

    Yo that was sad for josh

  51. lzfalcon

    lzfalcon2 dagar sedan

    after this i can only imagine what the next among us videos will be hahahahahh

  52. Xinnif

    Xinnif2 dagar sedan

    Wanna see a spoiler about this vid? Ur not getting one watch the vid

  53. Yassir Cruz

    Yassir Cruz2 dagar sedan

    Where is Ethan


    KRIPTIK KID2 dagar sedan

    He got covid ... But now he good

  55. Cyxum Rosa

    Cyxum Rosa2 dagar sedan

    If KSI snaked vik like that for 93k imagine what ksi would do for way more😒

  56. Ray Collin

    Ray Collin2 dagar sedan

    Why is everyone just talking about JJ and Vik .. what about Harry guys.

  57. Mikeg73

    Mikeg732 dagar sedan

    the final decision between JJ and Vik should not have been about trust or honesty it should have been about predictions and statistics. No matter how honest or trustworthy Vik has seemed he can't be sure what JJ will do (even if JJ was honest the whole time) what he should have done was flip a coin. This is a classic Nash equilibrium theorem, both players don't want the other to win and take the money away from them but knowing that if Vik is going with split JJ will obviously choose steal, so Vik knowing that should also choose steal and if JJ was smart he'd know that and choose steal too, so neither of them get the $ but knowing that Vik wouldn't want to steal in the first place so that JJ would also not want to steal. Basically the only way to guarantee that someone gets the money is to flip a coin, make it a 50% chance that someone gets the money. But neither of these two know game theory so Vik lost because JJ knew what he was going to do.

  58. Tino Manyara

    Tino Manyara2 dagar sedan

    biggest betrayal of 2020...

  59. Benji O3

    Benji O32 dagar sedan

    We should get one with Ethan here

  60. Kash Davis

    Kash Davis2 dagar sedan


  61. ғᴇᴀʀʟᴇss

    ғᴇᴀʀʟᴇss2 dagar sedan

    "Nigerian prince scammed an indian tech supporter"

  62. Ginger ninja

    Ginger ninja2 dagar sedan

    my guy jj said 42069

  63. Abid Aslam

    Abid Aslam2 dagar sedan

    KSI should change his name to KS now

  64. Itzyeboiwhxlste -

    Itzyeboiwhxlste -2 dagar sedan

    45:18 jj getting 93k from vik

  65. Luka Georgiou

    Luka Georgiou2 dagar sedan

    Vik is stupid

  66. Adamation

    Adamation2 dagar sedan

    Wait does he actually get real money!!

  67. FARCUp

    FARCUp2 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for vikk

  68. Prohvoke

    Prohvoke2 dagar sedan

    DTBP 😔

  69. Adi

    Adi3 dagar sedan

    41:30 I felt that deeep

  70. Pepega

    Pepega3 dagar sedan

    No more Mr. Knowledge, strength, and integrity. Only Mr. Knob, snake, and ignoble

  71. Mystry - Gaming

    Mystry - Gaming3 dagar sedan

    come and join my among us game im live rn

  72. Rohit Raj

    Rohit Raj3 dagar sedan

    This kind of looks like amoung us real life instead of killers imposters

  73. HYP3R47

    HYP3R473 dagar sedan

    *Vik Will Remember That*

  74. Sheikha Alyafae

    Sheikha Alyafae3 dagar sedan

    I love this it is like that game called one night werewolf and among us

  75. Jake JonMichael

    Jake JonMichael3 dagar sedan


  76. Andrew Hajj

    Andrew Hajj3 dagar sedan

    To be honest though jj deserves to win cause he's had some tricky combinations and still he knew how to pull himself out of them where as vikk got it easy.

  77. David

    David3 dagar sedan

    Who's here after the release of the video?

  78. Ogi Gardiner

    Ogi Gardiner3 dagar sedan


  79. Mohammed Ansar

    Mohammed Ansar3 dagar sedan

    Jeez man what is happening

  80. Purple Kush

    Purple Kush3 dagar sedan

    We need another one.

  81. Cassie

    Cassie3 dagar sedan


  82. Utkarsh Bhatia

    Utkarsh Bhatia3 dagar sedan

    0:48 i cringed at this moment

  83. Cassie

    Cassie3 dagar sedan

    KSI should now just be KS. Brilliant video, would love to see more of these.

  84. Sam Brophy

    Sam Brophy3 dagar sedan


  85. ziogamer boss

    ziogamer boss3 dagar sedan

    jj not cool

  86. Mini Mango

    Mini Mango3 dagar sedan

    That was tough to watch

  87. Adam

    Adam3 dagar sedan

    videos too long

  88. Ethan

    Ethan3 dagar sedan

    Literally why is it always in dollars ahahaha trying to make it seem like more lol

  89. Danger Gamer

    Danger Gamer3 dagar sedan

    I dont like jj Anymore.....

  90. Flashy io

    Flashy io3 dagar sedan

    among us be like

  91. Dave Alex

    Dave Alex3 dagar sedan

    14:14 every politian ever

  92. Jahzay

    Jahzay3 dagar sedan

    Damn I feel bad for vikk

  93. Andhoni Rios

    Andhoni Rios3 dagar sedan

    I feel sooo bad for vik

  94. Aeisha Rodriguez

    Aeisha Rodriguez4 dagar sedan

    14:42 Okay Trump😄😄🤣 using his hands and sh1÷

  95. Savan Rajput

    Savan Rajput4 dagar sedan

    Top 10 betrayals of all times

  96. Lil NWR

    Lil NWR4 dagar sedan


  97. Jakob Smith

    Jakob Smith4 dagar sedan


  98. Peter Santamaria-Woods

    Peter Santamaria-Woods4 dagar sedan

    KSI should now just be KS. Brilliant video, would love to see more of these.

  99. Qt Rizen

    Qt Rizen4 dagar sedan


  100. jiorgio jafari

    jiorgio jafari4 dagar sedan

    vik chatting bare rubbish

  101. TeamSc0ped Abdul

    TeamSc0ped Abdul4 dagar sedan

    23:28 who was that person that made that noise 🤣

  102. Denx

    DenxTimme sedan

    @TeamSc0ped Abdul lol nah it was josh

  103. TeamSc0ped Abdul

    TeamSc0ped AbdulTimme sedan

    @Denx I thought it is tobi

  104. Denx

    Denx4 timmar sedan


  105. J .Woods

    J .Woods4 dagar sedan

    Kills kills must have been that bad of a song

  106. Muhammad Ibrahim

    Muhammad Ibrahim4 dagar sedan


  107. Savannah Kienle

    Savannah Kienle4 dagar sedan

    so we not gonna talk about how bright simons eyes look 🤩

  108. Cheryl Taylor

    Cheryl Taylor4 dagar sedan

    Vik carry the money and ksi I steals like a snake to a true friend

  109. SoullXL

    SoullXL4 dagar sedan

    I really just watched 48 minutes of grown men Fighting over balls

  110. Ewan Molyneux

    Ewan Molyneux4 dagar sedan

    Jj even said right at start he’s ready to take all the money

  111. Escobar Pablo

    Escobar Pablo4 dagar sedan

    Among us irl