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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

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  1. Sean O’Donnell

    Sean O’Donnell11 timmar sedan

    The second one looked like Harry’s sister

  2. Yes My Majesty, But

    Yes My Majesty, But12 timmar sedan

    Why Does The First Girl Have The IQ Of A Spanner?

  3. Nandyyy

    Nandyyy13 timmar sedan

    Who else is binge watching them🥺 kinda love them❤️

  4. Simon Gatuz

    Simon Gatuz15 timmar sedan

    Josh got outplayed

  5. Lukki-R

    Lukki-R16 timmar sedan

    Can we all just appreciate how much better Harry looks now than just 8 months ago.

  6. Linus Budde

    Linus Budde16 timmar sedan

    The first girl is the type of girl who pours milk in before cereal

  7. Evan James

    Evan James17 timmar sedan

    Did she actually ask what’s a hog?

  8. Red

    Red20 timmar sedan


  9. Aston Howells

    Aston HowellsDag sedan

    1:44 simon looks like penywise (no hate atol)

  10. LONDON A

    LONDON ADag sedan

    I just got a ad with Toby in it gaming

  11. Yathish Gowda

    Yathish GowdaDag sedan

    What do they do after they win?

  12. Dark Aesthetic

    Dark AestheticDag sedan

    idk if the 1st lady is trolling or nah, but she sounds autistic fam

  13. xSAx Spec

    xSAx SpecDag sedan

    What happened in Germany

  14. Locker-Room Dwarf

    Locker-Room DwarfDag sedan


  15. Carson Aguirre

    Carson AguirreDag sedan

    i swear the first girl is a man

  16. The Corrupted Phoenix

    The Corrupted Phoenix2 dagar sedan

    the nose LOL

  17. Arian A

    Arian A2 dagar sedan

    I was fuckin laughin all the time😂😂😂😂

  18. Abdul Raheem

    Abdul Raheem2 dagar sedan

    They got 2 months to get to 10 mil.

  19. Garrett Godfrey

    Garrett Godfrey2 dagar sedan

    I always thought I didn't like British humor, but these dudes are hilare. Well done Lads

  20. Bushra Shoaib

    Bushra Shoaib2 dagar sedan

    Your here for 12:10

  21. Lucija Barbaric

    Lucija Barbaric2 dagar sedan

    Song at the outro?

  22. Alvi_365

    Alvi_3652 dagar sedan


  23. Alvi_365

    Alvi_3652 dagar sedan

    The quality of this viedeo

  24. Alvi_365

    Alvi_3652 dagar sedan


  25. prefesureNUTJOB 2009

    prefesureNUTJOB 20093 dagar sedan

    Let’s be honest in the second one jk prob got a bomer

  26. AP Gaming

    AP Gaming3 dagar sedan

    The first one brain must of evaporated at birth jk jk

  27. John Piscopides

    John Piscopides3 dagar sedan

    Everyone’s there dishing out bangers, but Toby really bro stop with these responses.

  28. Trey James

    Trey James3 dagar sedan

    JJ when he saw it was a dude

  29. JamesClaydon

    JamesClaydon3 dagar sedan

    Viks comment made that whole video😂

  30. Matthew

    Matthew3 dagar sedan

    It’s a dude

  31. Free

    Free3 dagar sedan

    mango mor like man go

  32. Rick & Rolled

    Rick & Rolled3 dagar sedan

    3:36 JJ should say Im a snake

  33. Hatem Salah

    Hatem Salah4 dagar sedan

    Everyone plz sub we need more sidemen content 🙏♥️

  34. Gavin Villanueva

    Gavin Villanueva4 dagar sedan

    "China!" "Corona virus!" damn

  35. Dang Bear

    Dang Bear4 dagar sedan

    Why did one woman have no breasts and have a beard?

  36. aqua

    aqua4 dagar sedan

    oh wait a minute might have been your mother

  37. bloodmagic 1

    bloodmagic 14 dagar sedan

    harry reminds me of howard from big bang theory

  38. Jasuvant Sivakumar

    Jasuvant Sivakumar4 dagar sedan

    VIK on firee.......

  39. Oscar Rodriguez

    Oscar Rodriguez4 dagar sedan

    They were all lowkey uncomfortable with the dude/chick..??

  40. Tom R

    Tom RTimme sedan

    i would be too

  41. Redx_Vertex

    Redx_Vertex5 dagar sedan

    I like how they didn’t say anything about the guy I would’ve been like bruv that’s a whole man 😹

  42. Scott VN

    Scott VN5 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who thinks jj isn’t weird for saying nose Bc if a girl has a big nose it just a turn off I mean ffs vik said legs

  43. Theo Gorrell

    Theo Gorrell5 dagar sedan

    Wait they need half a mil in 1 and a half months

  44. Aaron Gibbs

    Aaron Gibbs5 dagar sedan

    Paige reminds me of someone.

  45. CHPBAG

    CHPBAG5 dagar sedan

    Who else wanted ksi to get 👬

  46. minegame112

    minegame1125 dagar sedan

    when paig said if we were stuck in a room together josh aint no simp:]

  47. HarrisonStarr

    HarrisonStarr5 dagar sedan

    I like how Paige says Vikks answer is plane when she's plane herself.

  48. Biggychromosone

    Biggychromosone5 dagar sedan

    5:43 ''grape 🤨'' - harry

  49. Waylon Hope

    Waylon Hope5 dagar sedan


  50. Andrey Ivanov

    Andrey Ivanov6 dagar sedan

    She page guys

  51. succa Deeick

    succa Deeick6 dagar sedan

    18:27....... BRUH

  52. PrinceAce

    PrinceAce6 dagar sedan

    First girl has no brain cells ong

  53. Steel

    Steel6 dagar sedan

    "Hi ur right"

  54. Joe Bamba

    Joe Bamba7 dagar sedan

    Vik looked so traumatized when he found out it was a guy catfishing him XD

  55. Sophia K

    Sophia K7 dagar sedan

    Obviously hasn't tried the Pakistani Mango 😏

  56. Sean Dempsey

    Sean Dempsey7 dagar sedan

    What’s a hog

  57. Jacob80

    Jacob807 dagar sedan

    Gone in 60 seconds

  58. Burgs Gaming

    Burgs Gaming7 dagar sedan

    Vik with the most iconic line ever, can't remember ask your mum

  59. everyone deserves to live

    everyone deserves to live8 dagar sedan

    havin. seexz commdent \swhile im writing thi

  60. lil eros

    lil eros8 dagar sedan

    18:35 Childs play

  61. Zeeshan H

    Zeeshan H8 dagar sedan

    Josh:hmmmmm the zoo Her:I quite like that Also her: ummm who said the zoo sorry ur gone

  62. Kavya

    Kavya8 dagar sedan

    I swear the first girl was stupid af

  63. Andreas Bech Pehrson

    Andreas Bech Pehrson8 dagar sedan

    Big up The man eathan❤️✊

  64. Andreas Bech Pehrson

    Andreas Bech Pehrson8 dagar sedan


  65. R.B Workouts

    R.B Workouts8 dagar sedan

    Wow these lot are really awkward

  66. super ninja

    super ninja8 dagar sedan


  67. g0ofy

    g0ofy9 dagar sedan

    3 more months or the side man are no more

  68. Sarah Young

    Sarah Young9 dagar sedan

    I was shook when mans walked in


    SADAF KHAN9 dagar sedan

    Harry knows bangladesh damnn

  70. Dominick Day

    Dominick Day9 dagar sedan

    From 22:54 had me rolling fam 😂😂😂😂

  71. chuby appleman

    chuby appleman9 dagar sedan

    What was the first question the women asked?

  72. Kian Tan

    Kian Tan9 dagar sedan

    Why did she say “I’m Paige” every time she got rid of some one 🤣

  73. IrishGreen147

    IrishGreen1479 dagar sedan

    "Oh ah up the Ra" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🙌🙌🙌

  74. Marc Cedillo

    Marc Cedillo9 dagar sedan

    18:35 I was waiting for someone to say Fast and furious 😂😂😂

  75. Malte Jørgensen

    Malte Jørgensen9 dagar sedan

    Lets not sleep on how the dude got jj stumbling. Mans outta words

  76. 30 Subscriber Challenge With No Videos

    30 Subscriber Challenge With No Videos10 dagar sedan

    Everyone knows ksi wanted to burst out laughing when he found out it was a guy

  77. Liam Brennan

    Liam Brennan10 dagar sedan

    The second girl had a Adam’s Apple my god

  78. Toren Bakken

    Toren Bakken10 dagar sedan

    Yaaaaaaaay. Pink.

  79. Jujino

    Jujino10 dagar sedan

    17:18 and i thought i could go a sidemen video without seeing ethan flex

  80. JackWalsh21

    JackWalsh2110 dagar sedan

    Lets all acknowledge that Harry just said ooh ah up the ra 🇮🇪🇮🇪

  81. Calum V

    Calum V10 dagar sedan

    Simons face tho XD

  82. Bukahall

    Bukahall10 dagar sedan

    Vik to FUNNY

  83. xxxdemonitation

    xxxdemonitation10 dagar sedan

    I think her name is Paige guys

  84. Amanda Keisha

    Amanda Keisha10 dagar sedan

    beyond scared straight

  85. BLURR Snxpzz

    BLURR Snxpzz11 dagar sedan

    Number 1 for me would be mission impossible

  86. Ethan Cooldude

    Ethan Cooldude11 dagar sedan

    Shoulda said “goooooooooaaaaaaal” for the first question

  87. lilgarcon

    lilgarcon11 dagar sedan

    The last round: “There’s an imposter among us”

  88. Ronaldo Gray

    Ronaldo Gray8 timmar sedan

    He vented

  89. Ronaldo Gray

    Ronaldo Gray8 timmar sedan

    Vote him out

  90. S T I G

    S T I GDag sedan


  91. Rick & Rolled

    Rick & Rolled3 dagar sedan

    Ur kinda sus

  92. Noah Dolinsky

    Noah Dolinsky5 dagar sedan


  93. Coersin

    Coersin11 dagar sedan

    first girl really just asked what’s a hog

  94. Why Not?

    Why Not?11 dagar sedan

    I found it🤣

  95. Talan Pinkley

    Talan Pinkley11 dagar sedan

    1:34 funniest part

  96. george grammenos

    george grammenos11 dagar sedan

    Quality youtube😂😂😂

  97. Br33zy FN

    Br33zy FN11 dagar sedan

    jj says the dumbest things on god😂

  98. Dylan Fellini

    Dylan Fellini11 dagar sedan

    i don’t understand how when harry says “in jeffery epstein’s private jet” it just goes over everyone’s heads

  99. marco jaime

    marco jaime12 dagar sedan

    22:18 Simons face 😂😂

  100. Petar Dukić

    Petar Dukić12 dagar sedan

    Funny joke... Man go hahahhahahaah so funny.....

  101. Lexi Isaacs

    Lexi Isaacs12 dagar sedan

    anyone here from tiktok

  102. ArcTanZ Gaming

    ArcTanZ Gaming12 dagar sedan


  103. Lego_Squidward

    Lego_Squidward12 dagar sedan

    "Yay........ PINK"

  104. mac van liepertja

    mac van liepertja12 dagar sedan


  105. Alex Hardy

    Alex Hardy12 dagar sedan

    Number one was proper brain dead

  106. Dark Knight1084

    Dark Knight108412 dagar sedan

    When she saw Ksi she said sup

  107. iMammoth

    iMammoth12 dagar sedan

    Josh gave very CHAD answers