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  1. Helixx

    HelixxDag sedan

  2. Hakeem A

    Hakeem ADag sedan

    I have subscribed to your channel

  3. Equalz GamerLife

    Equalz GamerLifeDag sedan

    wow ksi is very kind

  4. Ria Dickinson

    Ria Dickinson2 dagar sedan

    12:42 the most British thing for someone to ask lol

  5. Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix2 dagar sedan

    I would be Gillian Felix from Sweden working as a fashion designer.

  6. Kaashikage on TikTok

    Kaashikage on TikTok4 dagar sedan

    So this is where JJ got one question go from

  7. Lane Waite

    Lane Waite6 dagar sedan

    “Global warming n that” - Harry

  8. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW9 dagar sedan

    I’m Simon during the last bit

  9. TechnoEpic PvP

    TechnoEpic PvP10 dagar sedan


  10. Brandon Talimeliush

    Brandon Talimeliush10 dagar sedan

    The way all of them freaked out after they found out the guy didnt really know what a caucasian was was so funny

  11. Omar Talal

    Omar Talal10 dagar sedan

    Vik and Josh: “The Boring” group Ksi and Simon: “The couples” group Harry, Tobi, and Ethan: “The Funny” group

  12. giuliana robyn

    giuliana robyn12 dagar sedan

    18:28 mad respect for simon :)

  13. Chavan

    Chavan15 dagar sedan

    qweèéêëēėęrtyÿuûüùúūiîïíīįìoôöòóœøōõpaàáâäæãåāsßśšdfghjklłzžźżxcçćčvbnñńm QWEÈÉÊËĒĖĘRTYŸUÛÜÙÚŪIÎÏÍĪĮÌOÔÖÒÓŒØŌÕPAÀÁÂÄÆÃÅĀSŚŠDFGHJKLŁZŽŹŻXCÇĆČVBNÑŃM 1234567890 ---•/\:;()₹$€£¥₩₽&§@"”“„»«.…,?¿!¡'’‘`[]{}#%‰^*+=≠≈_\|~•

  14. Random Crap

    Random Crap18 dagar sedan

    27:02 haha lmao 😂

  15. Random Crap

    Random Crap18 dagar sedan

    Lmao we’ve got the same username!! 😂

  16. Random Crap

    Random Crap18 dagar sedan


  17. Random Crap

    Random Crap18 dagar sedan


  18. Random Crap

    Random Crap18 dagar sedan

    Yeah bro that’s funny as 😂

  19. F3 Lynx

    F3 Lynx18 dagar sedan

    Harry's Arabic 😂😂

  20. Danial 69

    Danial 6918 dagar sedan


  21. Sensei Boii

    Sensei Boii19 dagar sedan

    The boy and girl at 2:47were both just the same person 😂😂😂

  22. Bõs

    Bõs21 dag sedan

    Literally no one: Vik: ‘if i was a guys, i would just mess with guys’

  23. Polish Afrikaner

    Polish Afrikaner22 dagar sedan

    Josh is a nonce

  24. lewistait666

    lewistait66622 dagar sedan

    Shane lung Shane lung sing along to the Shane lung sung

  25. Ldgbz Kooll

    Ldgbz Kooll27 dagar sedan

    I hope jj mother getting the respect one day like he gives other mothers respect

  26. Aiyanna Polk

    Aiyanna PolkMånad sedan

    6:05 yiiiikes🤣

  27. OmarPhx

    OmarPhxMånad sedan

    Who was it at the end ?

  28. Pavle Miletic

    Pavle MileticMånad sedan

    How is Simon wearing the ,,Team Viddal" shirt

  29. YOYO At once

    YOYO At onceMånad sedan

    4:39 😂😂😂😂😂

  30. All Things JJ

    All Things JJMånad sedan

    23:12 man did a Logan Paul

  31. Chris Walker

    Chris WalkerMånad sedan

    On general occasions, I like the sidemen but I really am disgusted with the way that JJ and simon talk with people's family more specifically the person's mothers. It shows that they will dislike random women for views and fame. Pathetic. I wish someone insults the living hell out of these 2 pricks' mothers and publicly humiliate them so such an extent that JJ and simon apologize for their distasteful behavior and never repeat it in the future.

  32. Senan Kearns

    Senan Kearns27 dagar sedan

    it was a joke fella chill out

  33. mohamed akrout

    mohamed akroutMånad sedan

    Vik and josh are the most boring sidemen

  34. Suyash Rajbhandary

    Suyash RajbhandaryMånad sedan


  35. Sameeh

    SameehMånad sedan

    Harry, tobi and ethan... The trio we didn't know we needed

  36. Faisal Al-kuwari

    Faisal Al-kuwariMånad sedan

    17:46 when ur live with a bunch of arabic peaple and u search google trancelate from english to arabic w2s: translate the word ur mom is a cow viewers: *luaghing* w2s: *translates the words and reads it8

  37. Nitish Noel

    Nitish NoelMånad sedan

    They didn’t say ‘go’ bcuz then they’d have to give Deji credit

  38. Nitro_ _frags

    Nitro_ _fragsMånad sedan

    The voice was altered many months later because ik it was different

  39. Hakeem A

    Hakeem AMånad sedan

    I have subscribed to your channel

  40. Wolvahulk 26

    Wolvahulk 26Månad sedan

    I like the women who said she had a weird question, and then asked the sanest question in the entire video

  41. mYSt Pug

    mYSt PugMånad sedan

    And... and... your fuckin fat m8

  42. Chase

    ChaseMånad sedan

    Josh and vik are so boring that they ask if the answer should be appropriate or not..

  43. Andy Ai

    Andy AiMånad sedan

    Hol up when did harry get a girlfriend

  44. Redacted

    RedactedMånad sedan

    spicy sperm all over me, MAD!

  45. chloe mosedale

    chloe mosedaleMånad sedan

    The dad one had me absolutely dead

  46. suhaylah

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  47. suhaylah

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  48. suhaylah

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  49. suhaylah

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  50. suhaylah

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  51. Pablo

    PabloMånad sedan

    tobi vs chrismd come on

  52. Bäre

    BäreMånad sedan

    Love your Vids! Please do more.

  53. suma vinod

    suma vinodMånad sedan

    This voice which is blurred is like dejis

  54. WhyBenjamin

    WhyBenjaminMånad sedan

    1:15 is that Thomas Petrou???

  55. U P

    U PMånad sedan

    At 20:27 Ethan sang the "m to the 🐝" song

  56. Adam Tyrrell

    Adam TyrrellMånad sedan

    I don't have a question (literally 1 sec later) I have a random question.

  57. dae the happy tree

    dae the happy tree2 månader sedan

    i hated the sidemen when i first saw them cause i thought they don't brush their teeth. i'm still not sure if they do though.

  58. McNope

    McNope2 månader sedan

    Hi just killed the family at the end

  59. Jay Barba

    Jay Barba2 månader sedan

    yo jj knows a bit of albanian? is that what they taught him in private school

  60. Oliver Cane

    Oliver Cane2 månader sedan

    My Nan

  61. _xerikkkx_

    _xerikkkx_2 månader sedan

    16:33 vik rethinking life 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  62. aggogr

    aggogr2 månader sedan

    5:00 i didnt got that for a reason can someone explain it

  63. Anmol RB

    Anmol RB2 månader sedan

    15:59 That's cute Simon

  64. Mr 2 slim

    Mr 2 slim2 månader sedan

    Part 2??

  65. get me to 1K please

    get me to 1K please2 månader sedan

    Anyone still waiting 4 Tobi to challenge ChrisMD?

  66. Ice Will

    Ice Will2 månader sedan

    4:43 😂

  67. Willz Plays

    Willz Plays2 månader sedan

    The second question was stunt pegg

  68. Ash

    Ash2 månader sedan

    6:53 my name is _KNUMULINKS_

  69. Countless Beats

    Countless Beats2 månader sedan

    I'm from Ipswich bruhhh

  70. Luke Nelmes

    Luke Nelmes2 månader sedan

    At 4:40 I was Laughing so hard

  71. Shallot Plays

    Shallot Plays2 månader sedan

    I have an idea sidemen should do vid speaking albanian......

  72. fra gjo

    fra gjo2 månader sedan

    7:57 DuA tE Ji Mr.Worldwide

  73. The Titan 10

    The Titan 102 månader sedan

    2:40 to 2:15 😂😂😂😂 Idek why i laughed my head off cuz of that guys voice skills amd jj’s and simons reaction 😂😂😂

  74. MrMonkGaming

    MrMonkGaming2 månader sedan

    Tobi vs ruby rubes

  75. Saifxy10

    Saifxy102 månader sedan

    Vik and josh is the worst pairing , they’re so boring

  76. Fexz_JOOVIER

    Fexz_JOOVIER2 månader sedan

    Its a po don me qi

  77. Big boy Youssef

    Big boy Youssef2 månader sedan

    The sidemen are so messed up

  78. GangstaSkeleton

    GangstaSkeleton2 månader sedan

    Other comments "1k" "2k" "3k" Mine: 1.

  79. Whore

    Whore2 månader sedan

    Jj's peace at the end was adorable wtf

  80. Whore

    Whore2 månader sedan

    0:16 5:50 8:02 10:50 11:42 15:52 17:37 18:28 22:59 23:28

  81. Yip Chi Hin

    Yip Chi Hin2 månader sedan

    13:45 i feel bad for harry

  82. Alvi Sallaku

    Alvi Sallaku2 månader sedan


  83. Joshua Feather

    Joshua Feather2 månader sedan

    Ethan getting flattened by Harry was hilarious 🤣. What they on about

  84. Amini GYTB

    Amini GYTB2 månader sedan

    hahahahah bro i swear jj should do more albaninan speaking

  85. Treyten junior

    Treyten junior2 månader sedan

    I getting so excited cause josh said my country Mauritius

  86. Itsme yash

    Itsme yash2 månader sedan

    Total recisum happening at jj and simon

  87. Itsme yash

    Itsme yash2 månader sedan

    As u can see sideman u r fans or whatever r really weirdos, plz dont do one question video again TBH it really feels bad getting 1million+ subs u r treated like this plz dont do(i am saying from heart)

  88. Faizan Dar

    Faizan Dar2 månader sedan


  89. M1OFFICIAL 44

    M1OFFICIAL 442 månader sedan

    Harry finished me🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  90. R3nrew

    R3nrew2 månader sedan

    4:04 I smell Danish

  91. R3nrew

    R3nrew2 månader sedan


  92. saber tooth

    saber tooth2 månader sedan

    This is video proof that harry is funniest sdmn

  93. M L

    M L2 månader sedan

    Please tell me josh paid for that guys uni course

  94. Emmanuel Mehari

    Emmanuel Mehari2 månader sedan

    i love vik :)

  95. TUZ-ZeeKay

    TUZ-ZeeKay3 månader sedan

    Let’s be real everyone was dead apart from JJ’s and Simon’s discord and Harry was funny but the discord was dead

  96. ZI

    ZI3 månader sedan

    من السكران اللي خش معهم 😂😂😂😂.

  97. Vanessa G

    Vanessa G3 månader sedan

    some of the stuff people were saying to jj, bloody hell

  98. alsunpilsut

    alsunpilsut3 månader sedan

    "Cash money!" 🤣🤣🤣

  99. Riti TO

    Riti TO3 månader sedan

    LMFAO IM ALBANIAN IM DYING "dua te qi"😭😭💀💀💀💀💀💀

  100. faze Greg Paul

    faze Greg Paul3 månader sedan

    Deji has more subs than sidemen

  101. Jurassic Ws

    Jurassic Ws3 månader sedan

    GROUPS: Vik and Josh: IRRELEVANT (at the time). Simon and JJ: ICONIC Toby, Ethan and Harry: FUNNIEST

  102. nodnarb

    nodnarb2 månader sedan

    ethan is the funniest? tobi is the funniest? lmao get out jj vick aand harry are

  103. katie morgan

    katie morgan3 månader sedan

    that rapper at the end yes ily lmao

  104. katie morgan

    katie morgan3 månader sedan

    josh is so boring :)

  105. zenemlegi Grira

    zenemlegi Grira3 månader sedan

    What do I do if I’m already subscribed Vik?

  106. master maste

    master maste3 månader sedan

    Im albanian and he means apo qimi bashk