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  1. Sea Pinecone

    Sea PineconeTimme sedan

    42:39 Ethan’s face is just 👁👄👁

  2. Chris Solomon

    Chris SolomonTimme sedan

    somehow babatunde understood

  3. Sea Pinecone

    Sea PineconeTimme sedan

    10:14 God Vik looks terrified 😭

  4. Ingesti Harswadiati

    Ingesti Harswadiati6 timmar sedan


  5. hassan Ali

    hassan Ali13 timmar sedan


  6. Alex Sams

    Alex Sams14 timmar sedan


  7. Farhan Waseem

    Farhan Waseem14 timmar sedan

    16:10 what did Harry say????

  8. Elle Wallis

    Elle Wallis16 timmar sedan


  9. abi

    abi20 timmar sedan

    16:10 what did harry say?

  10. Jack Bailey

    Jack BaileyDag sedan

    I have watched this 4 times and I still piss myself laughing

  11. Isaac Martin

    Isaac MartinDag sedan

    I’m dieing by laughing

  12. Hawaiian Ping

    Hawaiian PingDag sedan

    just incase anyone was wondering, harry said "chinese n*gga" for the harry potter spell

  13. ER!NX

    ER!NXDag sedan

    literally the 100th time I have watched this and I swear if I die without knowing what harry said I will die a sad life

  14. Vicky McGucken

    Vicky McGuckenDag sedan

    why did i actually feel sad for tounday?

  15. Arian A

    Arian ADag sedan

    Even tunde is smarter than me😂😂😂😂

  16. The wonderful world Of waffles

    The wonderful world Of waffles2 dagar sedan

    Who else realised tobi looks a bit like snoop dog

  17. Sahibjeet singh

    Sahibjeet singh2 dagar sedan

    At 20:13 I was laughing so hard and in my mind I was like Harry really is Harry Potter

  18. Cassius Fiorill

    Cassius Fiorill2 dagar sedan

    harry was so funny that he made tunde forget about wotah

  19. Taylor Goldsworthy

    Taylor Goldsworthy2 dagar sedan

    😂😂 this video is the funniest thing I've seen this year

  20. Isabelle Berger

    Isabelle Berger2 dagar sedan

    The behzinga marathon series reveals that Ethan was telling the truth he failed everything except a c in science

  21. Isabelle Berger

    Isabelle Berger2 dagar sedan

    Ethan it’s 8250

  22. Isabelle Berger

    Isabelle Berger2 dagar sedan

    The hats 😂

  23. kody h20zs McClure

    kody h20zs McClure2 dagar sedan

    I care about america Josh

  24. Junaid K

    Junaid K2 dagar sedan

    Lil bored🤣🤣🤣

  25. Crash Atom

    Crash Atom2 dagar sedan

    Anyone know what Harry said at 16:10?

  26. Samuel Edwards

    Samuel Edwards3 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know what Harry actually said

  27. M King

    M King3 dagar sedan

    Hhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaahahahhaahhaahahahahahahhaahahahahha. Who thinks Thai is funny

  28. Axon Lush

    Axon Lush3 dagar sedan

    I choked on my food because of laughing too much

  29. ً

    ً3 dagar sedan


  30. Hamsterboy

    Hamsterboy4 dagar sedan

    33:00 is the best

  31. Luca Turner

    Luca Turner4 dagar sedan

    JJs so funny in this vid

  32. Tyler_Wheeler 23

    Tyler_Wheeler 234 dagar sedan

    Can someone please tell me what Harry's favorite magic spell is, ive been wondering since the first time ive seen it

  33. Chris Masure

    Chris Masure4 dagar sedan

    This is the hardest I've ever laughed at any of there videos

  34. Krypt1cCh4z

    Krypt1cCh4z4 dagar sedan

    im still to this day wondering what harrys favorite spell is

  35. Flavissimo 07

    Flavissimo 074 dagar sedan

    5:25 Vick’s fac lfmao

  36. United cobra

    United cobra4 dagar sedan

    stephen is the best XD


    AYDENMITCH1254 dagar sedan

    55:00 look how josh doesn't move in the slightest when phill slapped him with a book. the book was clearly no match for josh's fat reinforced head

  38. Mr fasafes

    Mr fasafes4 dagar sedan

    Babatunde funny moment: 2:03 2:15 32:58 48:05

  39. l enculador

    l enculador4 dagar sedan

    Yo Jj fkn carried this vid this is jokes😂😂😭

  40. SayfRG2874

    SayfRG28745 dagar sedan

    Harry's magic spell has the power to break character.

  41. Sarah Howard

    Sarah Howard5 dagar sedan

    Harry and Stephan together gives me so much life. They’re so cute

  42. Julia Villa

    Julia Villa5 dagar sedan

    Best teacher ever

  43. Zane Baird

    Zane Baird5 dagar sedan

    I wish JJ would have a good role half the time in these instead of babatunda

  44. wilson

    wilson5 dagar sedan

    my headphones are setup wierd and i can hear the camera crew in the background laughing

  45. Jacob Reyes

    Jacob Reyes5 dagar sedan


  46. King Pankz

    King Pankz5 dagar sedan

    JJ proper made me laugh lol.

  47. Emely Olivo

    Emely Olivo5 dagar sedan

    Can someone tell me what he said 16:10

  48. Itz _ICantReach71

    Itz _ICantReach715 dagar sedan

    At 20:03 I just heard hi fart 💨

  49. FMZak

    FMZak6 dagar sedan

    28:48 is so underrated

  50. FMZak

    FMZak5 dagar sedan

    @Aji e Yh both are quite funny

  51. Aji e

    Aji e5 dagar sedan

    Anyone here after the online video

  52. Injustice Destroyer

    Injustice Destroyer6 dagar sedan

    Who tf disliked this video?

  53. elisia jones

    elisia jones6 dagar sedan

    this is now my fav sidemen video and im only gonna watch this for a year or 2

  54. Julian Melgoza

    Julian Melgoza6 dagar sedan

    I was eating and burped at the same time as Steven

  55. Efe Beyaz

    Efe Beyaz6 dagar sedan

    Angry White Man: We're doing year 10 stuff Me: i did this in year 7

  56. Alfie Redgwell

    Alfie Redgwell6 dagar sedan


  57. Henry Allen

    Henry Allen7 dagar sedan

    What did Harry actually say tho😂😂😂😂


    ANJU NAUGAIN7 dagar sedan


  59. KrisbyFN

    KrisbyFN7 dagar sedan


  60. Opkewo YT

    Opkewo YT7 dagar sedan


  61. I like bananas 48

    I like bananas 487 dagar sedan

    Who else wants CBV in more video’s

  62. Owen Lopresti

    Owen Lopresti7 dagar sedan

    Plot twist: Phil is Ethans dad

  63. Killer bug

    Killer bug5 dagar sedan

    Can we stop these plz

  64. Alfie Watson

    Alfie Watson7 dagar sedan

    The intro makes me cry for some reason

  65. Trudy Ingalls

    Trudy Ingalls7 dagar sedan

    Are we going to ignore that jj is bare foot

  66. Carlos Albidrez

    Carlos Albidrez7 dagar sedan

    Harry should have said when he got the clown and was introducing himself, hi, I’m Harry but with this I am Logan paul

  67. Yousuf Ahmed

    Yousuf Ahmed7 dagar sedan

    16 June is my birthday 😂😂

  68. Golden God

    Golden God8 dagar sedan

    It’s 4:30 on a school night help

  69. Easy From HOME COOKING

    Easy From HOME COOKING8 dagar sedan

    what did harry say?

  70. Kenshi

    Kenshi8 dagar sedan

    15:05 16:05 19:41 20:12 27:50 31:34 32:51 36:40 41:07

  71. Aneek Patel

    Aneek Patel8 dagar sedan

    Anyone else kinda feel bad for Barbatunda all he wants is food and water and he gets made fun of

  72. Glory TV

    Glory TV8 dagar sedan

    atleast jj is safe from the cheetah from their first school

  73. Decsy

    Decsy8 dagar sedan

    what harry said was probably a in side joke that none of us would find as funny.

  74. Ethan

    Ethan8 dagar sedan

    2 minutes into the first sidemen video I’ve watched and imma sub

  75. Hamza Patel

    Hamza Patel9 dagar sedan

    Simon repeats what Harry said at 16:22 “Chinese n*ga”

  76. boosydoosy ya

    boosydoosy ya9 dagar sedan

    F u josh u disrespected my country

  77. Ellie-Rae Cox

    Ellie-Rae Cox9 dagar sedan

    who else knows what Harry said :)

  78. Laukatsuki

    Laukatsuki9 dagar sedan

    I laughed so hard at this im sorry ethan xD 55:18

  79. John

    John10 dagar sedan

    16:03 what we all want to know

  80. Mr. Clean

    Mr. Clean10 dagar sedan

    10:11 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  81. Keshan Beckett-Edwards

    Keshan Beckett-Edwards10 dagar sedan


  82. jonathan almeida

    jonathan almeida11 dagar sedan

    Little did anyone know that with the same hand he has integrity tatted on he will rob someone of 93k

  83. Harsha Jayagopal

    Harsha Jayagopal9 dagar sedan

    Lol at least Vikk got his revenge

  84. mirza.

    mirza.10 dagar sedan

    yep HAHAHA

  85. cyanworm 15

    cyanworm 1511 dagar sedan

    Simon said it 16:22

  86. Markus

    Markus11 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who actually knew half of 1.65 x 10⁴

  87. Cingpin

    Cingpin9 dagar sedan

    Wasnt that hard

  88. cyanworm 15

    cyanworm 1511 dagar sedan

    No one Harry: chinese nigaa

  89. Reuben Hollings

    Reuben Hollings11 dagar sedan

    I nearly died watching this


    CASS_METAL11 dagar sedan


  91. MonsterAlex 6573

    MonsterAlex 657311 dagar sedan

    32:38 funny

  92. the running man

    the running man12 dagar sedan

    I think I lost count on how many times I watched this

  93. Angel _skrrr5

    Angel _skrrr512 dagar sedan

    Watching this 1 year after i watched it the firdt time:') damn

  94. Mr.ToniBoss

    Mr.ToniBoss12 dagar sedan

    i forgot how funny this was

  95. Tim Kukla

    Tim Kukla12 dagar sedan

    Best Video ever made

  96. Random Person

    Random Person12 dagar sedan

    Anyone else get this in their recommended and thought it was new so instantly clicked it?

  97. Divan van der Merwe

    Divan van der Merwe12 dagar sedan

    Why is babatunde kinda adorible

  98. قلم رصاص

    قلم رصاص13 dagar sedan

    o my god watch the whole vid, it gave a fcking deadack

  99. Kieran Clips

    Kieran Clips13 dagar sedan

    6:50 listen carefully to Stephen 😭😭😭😭😭

  100. Taylor fineman

    Taylor fineman13 dagar sedan

    I have never laughed so hard in my life

  101. Matthew DARBY

    Matthew DARBY13 dagar sedan

    does anyone know what harry says when he makes him harry potter and asks him for his favourite spell

  102. Matt Fielding

    Matt Fielding10 dagar sedan

    Ngl I thought it was Fetus Deletus

  103. cyanworm 15

    cyanworm 1511 dagar sedan

    Chinese nigaa

  104. Jenita Mahato

    Jenita Mahato12 dagar sedan

    Chinese Nigaa

  105. JustOkContent

    JustOkContent13 dagar sedan

    babatunde kinda looks like jj here

  106. Dominic Lauron

    Dominic Lauron13 dagar sedan

    i kinda wanna know whats the spell harry said.

  107. Bradley Huxley

    Bradley Huxley14 dagar sedan

    Why do i feel Phil is exactly like a teacher in london bruh

  108. Logan_JLO123 YT

    Logan_JLO123 YT14 dagar sedan

    The Poor Nigerian A Netflix Original Series Episode 1: SCHOOL

  109. Amanda Dovdon

    Amanda Dovdon14 dagar sedan

    16:07 I just died even tho I couldn't hear it