The Sidemen play Tipping Point. Enjoy!
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  1. Redguard Overall

    Redguard Overall2 timmar sedan

    Ethan really is a egg sometimes LMAO

  2. Shades

    Shades18 timmar sedan

    Passing is actually pointless

  3. gen

    genDag sedan

    this is the quietest I've ever seen JJ in a vid tbh

  4. MickeyMomo

    MickeyMomo2 dagar sedan

    yo i love everyone in the sidemen but fr ethan needs to chill.

  5. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW6 dagar sedan

    Mans said the US was discovered in the 1800s

  6. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW6 dagar sedan

    They were really gonna say dogs are outlawed in Switzerland

  7. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW6 dagar sedan

    It’s so funny how quickly their games escalate

  8. LachlanYT

    LachlanYT8 dagar sedan

    How have I never seen this vid??

  9. Oscar Keen

    Oscar Keen8 dagar sedan

    I clicked off when orange lost

  10. Da-I-Phi Kharkongor

    Da-I-Phi Kharkongor9 dagar sedan

    wait JJ's a snake? always has been 26:56

  11. RhydonK

    RhydonK9 dagar sedan


  12. Ez_ Clapz

    Ez_ Clapz10 dagar sedan

    When vik hosts😂

  13. Lucas Fox

    Lucas Fox11 dagar sedan

    20:41 Ethan sounds like the screaming goat

  14. Shayan Ranjbar

    Shayan Ranjbar12 dagar sedan

    Honestly i hate it when they don’t play the games properly Although more entertaining , I wouldn’t like that if i was in their shoes

  15. Isaiah Calvin

    Isaiah Calvin12 dagar sedan

    When Tobi said big ups phineas and ferb. I felt the nostalgia

  16. Jordan Laing

    Jordan Laing13 dagar sedan

    Why is Ethan such a try hard lol

  17. Shoes Taste Good

    Shoes Taste Good14 dagar sedan

    Mad American Noises

  18. Harresh Segaran

    Harresh Segaran15 dagar sedan

    That was just pure racism...Tobi answered lot more questions than Harry..But still They picked Tobi

  19. lewis robson

    lewis robson15 dagar sedan

    What is the fasted land animal- cheetah *me* wrong Babatunde

  20. Craig Summers

    Craig Summers16 dagar sedan

    America was only discovered in 1800s 🤣

  21. Luke Jamieson

    Luke Jamieson16 dagar sedan

    49:36 minutes of pure carnage.

  22. 食ベるケツを

    食ベるケツを17 dagar sedan


  23. lclmnts

    lclmnts19 dagar sedan

    when will they do pointless

  24. voovoo osas

    voovoo osas17 dagar sedan

    17th January

  25. iFurYz

    iFurYz19 dagar sedan

    JJ ruined the whole video tbh...

  26. boii boiii

    boii boiii20 dagar sedan

    Phineas and Ferb aglets who else knows that from Phineas and Ferb like Tobi

  27. Elijah Breon

    Elijah Breon22 dagar sedan

    Yo Vik just needs to take charge and start yelling at them like JJ when they bein disrespectful fr

  28. Ella Ohare

    Ella Ohare22 dagar sedan


  29. Tai Bach

    Tai Bach23 dagar sedan

    Family is everything and family is going to live with me forever

  30. Arnav Avi

    Arnav Avi26 dagar sedan

    who gave the answer to Ethan in the guinea pig question?

  31. Lieutenant LJW

    Lieutenant LJW27 dagar sedan

    why is the cash in all their titles in dollars?

  32. Jaxon Hayden

    Jaxon HaydenMånad sedan

    ethan and simon are easily the worst duo. they get so salty

  33. slavMYskeeve

    slavMYskeeveMånad sedan

    Big up phineas and ferb!!

  34. Månad sedan

    Brexit means brexit.

  35. A1a2a3 Abc123

    A1a2a3 Abc123Månad sedan

    That's it guys. Get rid of dem.

  36. DRX Leon

    DRX LeonMånad sedan

    i lov everyone in the sidemen except for ethan

  37. Dorian Torres

    Dorian TorresMånad sedan

    Jj and ethan are suck pricks all they fuckin do is fuckin complain

  38. Samuel Hoque

    Samuel HoqueMånad sedan


  39. 10 Monendra Kurrey 10 C

    10 Monendra Kurrey 10 CMånad sedan

    Thanks for asking Indian question

  40. Vaughn Aaron

    Vaughn AaronMånad sedan

    never let vik host again


    DEMZZ LADMånad sedan

    20:20 sums up 2020

  42. WatchDox

    WatchDox27 dagar sedan

    well the time line was 2020

  43. RBurk Outdoors

    RBurk OutdoorsMånad sedan

    16:25 General CusTER didnt die in any civil war battle. Who comes up witb these questions?

  44. Ethan Hughes

    Ethan HughesMånad sedan

    They’re supposed to have options on the last round

  45. EnhancedPlayz

    EnhancedPlayzMånad sedan

    They always try to make jjs team lose

  46. Ryan Ravadge

    Ryan RavadgeMånad sedan

    14:09 never laughed so hard at an Ethan impression🤣🤣🤣

  47. Kaka

    KakaMånad sedan

    the good old days when JJ acc had good hair

  48. Tyler Brown

    Tyler BrownMånad sedan

    Didn't ask.

  49. Gammofication

    GammoficationMånad sedan

    Moral of the story :Dont let Vik judge!

  50. Mac Z

    Mac ZMånad sedan

    Mozart from Italy.... oh jesus...

  51. R M

    R MMånad sedan

    Why’s vik acting so strangely as if he’s in an interview for a job role

  52. J MAN

    J MANMånad sedan

    When they cheat, i just can't watch any more

  53. ShadowRaze

    ShadowRazeMånad sedan

    isn't that unfair the two teams who managed to get 0 pounds, get to keep that money they got in the extra round? They basically got rewarded for being worse xD Or am I missing some obvious thing that would make this justified? Either way it's entertaining and I don't really mind, just interested and curious :P

  54. Taylor Staab

    Taylor StaabMånad sedan

    Me an American: 18TH LAD IT’S THE 18TH CENTURY. 1776!!!!!1

  55. TerminatorTX800

    TerminatorTX800Månad sedan

    I can spell geography g e o g r a F

  56. Saish Ashok

    Saish AshokMånad sedan

    I thought the animal u had to have 2 or was alpaca lol

  57. Pyrex TV

    Pyrex TVMånad sedan

    Only one thing is missing.... "DROP ZONE 2 PLEASE BEN" 😂😂😂😂

  58. Bevan Josh Landsman

    Bevan Josh LandsmanMånad sedan

    When jj was out i was out

  59. Gyles Bicknell

    Gyles BicknellMånad sedan


  60. wildprime

    wildprimeMånad sedan

    I can spell geography " Geograf"

  61. Aiden Moothart

    Aiden MoothartMånad sedan

    Yo I feel bad for vik

  62. Mies

    MiesMånad sedan

    Ethan is the biggest sore loser, how is vik supposed to hear three noises at the same time and yelling and is supposed hear a difference between everyone’s buzzer

  63. Press Rhodes

    Press RhodesMånad sedan

    Ethan and Simon were so annoying this vid

  64. Andy Ramsey

    Andy RamseyMånad sedan

    Ethan and Simon were so annoying in this

  65. Brandon Cook

    Brandon CookMånad sedan

    Lol the coins are too small, when counters fall after someone’s turn they DONT count in the show, and vik’s questions are way too slow, what is this 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  66. ITSIzhanAhmad

    ITSIzhanAhmadMånad sedan

    simon josh ethan are racists

  67. Rahul Chaukat

    Rahul ChaukatMånad sedan


  68. David Barahona Vlogs

    David Barahona VlogsMånad sedan

    i stopped watching after jj left lol

  69. Eswar Krishna

    Eswar KrishnaMånad sedan

    bro vik makes the worst one to host the show he can't control the mess

  70. wafer god

    wafer godMånad sedan

    It's all a joke Nobody really cares

  71. Myles duno

    Myles dunoMånad sedan

    That's alot of amircan euros

  72. sillysilu Howard

    sillysilu HowardMånad sedan

    Team with harry and josh Team Tobi Simon team Ksi and ethan

  73. Brandon Zeledon

    Brandon Zeledon2 månader sedan

    Don’t let Vik host another game

  74. Lexiaa Forever

    Lexiaa Forever2 månader sedan

    JJ looks like he just woke 🆙 & came to the shoot 😂😂😂 That day .

  75. Theresa May

    Theresa May2 månader sedan

    Please dont let vik host again 🤣

  76. Sub to me get me to 500 subs

    Sub to me get me to 500 subs2 månader sedan


  77. Sub to me get me to 500 subs

    Sub to me get me to 500 subs2 månader sedan


  78. Infected sweat

    Infected sweat2 månader sedan

    37:49 Just a timestamp as I'm going to bed Its 1:49 at night

  79. brad b

    brad b2 månader sedan

    No one gives a toss

  80. sultan elwafi

    sultan elwafi2 månader sedan


  81. TripleTea

    TripleTea2 månader sedan

    oh gods... if the counters fall between plays (before a question is answered) they are void... xD still this was fun

  82. Amethyst _TMY

    Amethyst _TMY2 månader sedan

    i miss jjs hair like this tbh

  83. Becca Louise

    Becca Louise2 månader sedan

    19:00 to 21:00 The best 2 minutes

  84. Danny Greaney

    Danny Greaney2 månader sedan

    40:09 josh- Dod dog dog dog dogs for sure”


    SKADOODLE2 månader sedan

    Battle of Little Bighorn wasn’t a civil war battle

  86. Bimble Bumble

    Bimble Bumble2 månader sedan

    Simon is actually really clever

  87. X1 Falcon Gaming

    X1 Falcon Gaming2 månader sedan


  88. J Biera

    J Biera2 månader sedan

    Oh Harry, we've all been there 18:24

  89. kahn2960 kahn2960

    kahn2960 kahn29602 månader sedan

    more game show plz

  90. Ben Gift

    Ben Gift2 månader sedan

    4:06 Big up Phineas and Ferb☝️😂

  91. lil griff

    lil griff2 månader sedan

    anyone alse wanna punch vik right in his eagle beek

  92. Lachy4 1

    Lachy4 12 månader sedan

    Simon eathan vs Harry josh boxing match (ksi joins later and makes Simon win)

  93. MJarjue

    MJarjue2 månader sedan


  94. Megan Moore

    Megan Moore2 månader sedan

    Watching this video for like the 5th time, and only now have I realised how much Vik is unfairly attacked in this video. I know it’s only a joke, but Ethan’s comments and attitude seem somewhat malicious. Idk. I love the boys, but this video makes me feel a little sad :/

  95. Noah Hilliar

    Noah Hilliar2 månader sedan

    34:17 Vik and Harry's faces lmao

  96. Volleygirl 99

    Volleygirl 992 månader sedan

    47:22 When Harry wants the coin from Simon`s hand and Simon just holds hands with him instead 😂😂😂

  97. JoBroHo ?

    JoBroHo ?2 månader sedan

    Man Harry doesn’t know how to lose.

  98. Adrian Gumbs

    Adrian Gumbs2 månader sedan

    This is what happens when vik is game host

  99. Adrian Gumbs

    Adrian Gumbs2 månader sedan

    Ksi in his head: shut up vik

  100. the DapperFoxtrot

    the DapperFoxtrot2 månader sedan

    I'm 30 minutes in, and I swore it said tipping point, but it's clearly pity points.

  101. Active Gamer123

    Active Gamer1232 månader sedan

    Funny 😂

  102. Alan Mc Namara

    Alan Mc Namara2 månader sedan

    I completely forgot about this video

  103. Stephen Bedford

    Stephen Bedford2 månader sedan

    Notice how Simon always gets his way 🙄

  104. Kristin Lawrie

    Kristin Lawrie2 månader sedan

    I feel like I would be ok If JJ left the Sideman and we doubled up on Ethan.