The Sidemen take on the task of becoming parents for the day, Who do you think will be the best parent out of the Sidemen?
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  1. bucket Jr

    bucket Jr5 timmar sedan

    love how JJ realy cares for the baby whilst josh throws it on the floor

  2. swift lunatic

    swift lunatic8 timmar sedan

    The memes if ksi and Simon were parents would be priceless

  3. Galactic Vain

    Galactic Vain9 timmar sedan

    Imagine if the baby Harry kicked was real and that wasnt simon , tobi and vik 😂😂😂

  4. Chapter-jane Yeboah

    Chapter-jane Yeboah11 timmar sedan

    Honestly love how they interact with their fans 😭 so cuteeee !

  5. Benjamin Waldock

    Benjamin Waldock11 timmar sedan


  6. Benjamin Waldock

    Benjamin Waldock11 timmar sedan

    Harry: fthe swide

  7. yeboi

    yeboi11 timmar sedan

    Baby: *literally head first on the pavement from falling down the stairs* Harry: *QUICK GET HIS SHOES*

  8. Shakira Bennett

    Shakira Bennett12 timmar sedan

    Imagine jjs real baby

  9. Keagan Rayne Kirsten

    Keagan Rayne Kirsten12 timmar sedan

    Josh threatening to cave Morpheus' head in like some kind of madman

  10. hi

    hi13 timmar sedan

    lesson of the day: never give harry a baby

  11. lol bye

    lol bye15 timmar sedan


  12. seele Schneider

    seele Schneider21 timme sedan

    13:35 they are abusing the baby because is black

  13. HaHa Network

    HaHa Network22 timmar sedan

    At 34:00 ksi pretty much loses his mind

  14. HaHa Network

    HaHa Network23 timmar sedan

    They should make daquinnius vlogs every day

  15. Sam Burkholder

    Sam BurkholderDag sedan

    as much as it hurts me to say... jj is a good dad

  16. Alex Ffion Shortis

    Alex Ffion ShortisDag sedan

    JJ would be a decent dad

  17. AI ALIEN

    AI ALIENDag sedan

    24:17 well that didnt age well iykyk

  18. Meti Tahiri

    Meti TahiriDag sedan

    JJ would probably make an amazing parent and i live for that

  19. Meti Tahiri

    Meti TahiriDag sedan

    no one: tsv: throws a ball at a little baby expecting it not to cry

  20. Raunak Agrawal

    Raunak AgrawalDag sedan

    I love the fact they're celebrating that Simon's team baby is alive 😂

  21. _*GryffindorGirl*_

    _*GryffindorGirl*_Dag sedan

    this is like the 5th time i have watched this and i am still dying with laughter XD

  22. EveryoneItsKay

    EveryoneItsKayDag sedan


  23. Nnitesh Pala

    Nnitesh PalaDag sedan

    Harry is the shittiest father I've ever met

  24. Ruby McGrath

    Ruby McGrathDag sedan

    Harry’s baby nearly fell down the escalator so many times 🤣

  25. 805 Fast House

    805 Fast HouseDag sedan


  26. Prince Pickering

    Prince PickeringDag sedan


  27. Sam Sultani

    Sam SultaniDag sedan

    1 hour of why Harry should not be a parent.

  28. Austin Wells

    Austin Wells2 dagar sedan share get the word out

  29. Not the Best

    Not the Best2 dagar sedan

    39:20 life hit JJ hard😂

  30. Anisa DittA

    Anisa DittA2 dagar sedan

    I think Ksi would be an overprotective dad

  31. Aiecerr Games

    Aiecerr Games2 dagar sedan

    Harry saying neh slide is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

  32. RidderTomy 28

    RidderTomy 282 dagar sedan

    33:37 "There's probably gonna be an economic crisis soon." He's not wrong...

  33. ursy ks

    ursy ks2 dagar sedan

    jj @30:30 is my reaction everytime harry finds stairsto go down w/ the baby. also just when they fling them to the ground in general lmao this was too funny

  34. Jeff yeeoof

    Jeff yeeoof2 dagar sedan

    Is it really love

  35. Photohives Official

    Photohives Official2 dagar sedan

    Is it me or... the white lads know nothin bout parenting 🤣🤣

  36. Austin Adinarain

    Austin Adinarain2 dagar sedan

    This id one of the best video I have ever seen keep it up

  37. Max L. Moss

    Max L. Moss3 dagar sedan

    The way that girl was looking at JJ tho lmfao

  38. rose munt

    rose munt3 dagar sedan

    can i just say jj would make a great dad

  39. Jello 099

    Jello 0992 dagar sedan

    I know right, the way he just loved that baby was so adorable especially at 45:11

  40. Gamer Hamno

    Gamer Hamno3 dagar sedan

    This is literally the funniest video I have seen 😂😂😂😂

  41. The GoldenGun777

    The GoldenGun7773 dagar sedan

    I like how they say "it" instead of him or her

  42. BigBrainsAndPPGangs

    BigBrainsAndPPGangs3 dagar sedan

    The one thing I learned from this video: Harry dislikes black babies😂😂

  43. Kudofn

    Kudofn3 dagar sedan

    So we aren't gonna point out the fact that JJ just said there will be a economic crisis soon and covid came 5 months later (33:35)

  44. Isaac Newton

    Isaac Newton3 dagar sedan

    I rewatch this whenever I’m sad because I remember when I first watched it I was cryyyyying it is too funny

  45. Paige Bedwell

    Paige Bedwell3 dagar sedan

    25:58 Josh said everyone is going to be throwing their baby’s around. Who was throwing their baby around Josh

  46. Bryan Frisco Peraira

    Bryan Frisco Peraira3 dagar sedan

    plot twist: those fake babies are actually have souls in it and it will haunts the sidemen

  47. TTV- Capkylo

    TTV- Capkylo3 dagar sedan

    One of the funniest videos on the sidemen channel not gonna lie

  48. Amal Joe Sojan

    Amal Joe Sojan3 dagar sedan

    JJ's prediction is now a disastrous nightmare

  49. Amal Joe Sojan

    Amal Joe Sojan3 dagar sedan

    It's so cringy to watch Ethan & Harry with a baby

  50. Radi Machete

    Radi Machete3 dagar sedan

    My heart tore in half when josh dropped the baby tf😭😂😂

  51. Radi Machete

    Radi Machete3 dagar sedan

    Imagine having Ethan and Harry as your parents😂

  52. Lightowl 03

    Lightowl 033 dagar sedan

    Do we need to now call him uncle harry

  53. Lain Korte

    Lain Korte3 dagar sedan

    I think jj would be an amazing dad

  54. Lain Korte

    Lain Korte3 dagar sedan

    To be honest I think Jesus would be an amazing dad

  55. Vaishnav Menon

    Vaishnav Menon3 dagar sedan

    Never in my life. I thought ksi will be a better parent than Toby but I am proven wrong today

  56. makkerman bro

    makkerman bro4 dagar sedan

    Tobi: respect the baby Simon: crashes into a pole

  57. priyashka singh

    priyashka singh4 dagar sedan

    Just when I thought that JJ and Josh would actually do it right...

  58. Oasis YT

    Oasis YT4 dagar sedan

    It’s so funny when Harry drops the baby lmao 😂

  59. Oasis YT

    Oasis YT4 dagar sedan

    I said that in a wrong way

  60. darnika joseph

    darnika joseph4 dagar sedan

    harry is the worst father ever

  61. darnika joseph

    darnika joseph4 dagar sedan

    harry drop the baby im dead


    MAMMONI PESCI4 dagar sedan

    Imagine being some random stranger seeing Harry kick the baby chair thingy

  63. Nelnel Tut

    Nelnel Tut4 dagar sedan

    not going to lie KSI is a good dame father


    BIGMANTINSOWNER5 dagar sedan

    Josh Harry and Ethan.... Consequences........

  65. killer spree

    killer spree5 dagar sedan

    I felt KSI is the best one in this video and possibly can be a good dad but 43:57 was the answer to all this.

  66. Keith Hamer

    Keith Hamer5 dagar sedan

    i died of laughter when harrys baby fell down the stairs

  67. Riley Macaspac

    Riley Macaspac5 dagar sedan

    This is already 1 year ago?

  68. An Intellectual

    An Intellectual5 dagar sedan

    13:47 I like how harry had a chance to catch him but didnt

  69. Fliss Johnson-cooke

    Fliss Johnson-cooke6 dagar sedan

    34:29 this man was in a boxing fight and won

  70. pada gas

    pada gas6 dagar sedan

    3:08 JJ: i can do this man :) also JJ: 43:58

  71. Storm Senpaiii

    Storm Senpaiii6 dagar sedan

    1 year later and jj‘s hamster is named after morphies

  72. hritik jeswani

    hritik jeswani6 dagar sedan

    this is the most funniest video i have ever watched i laughed sooooo much and i think the best father's are ETHAN AND HARRY!!!!

  73. Wowloco 747

    Wowloco 7476 dagar sedan

    Harry makes me cringe in this video 🤣🤣🤣

  74. brownies610

    brownies6106 dagar sedan

    Jj team could’ve won if they didn’t go insane at the end

  75. Neev Manuja

    Neev Manuja6 dagar sedan

    The surprising part is that his baby had only 10% of a real baby's tantrum

  76. Aleksander Beliaev

    Aleksander Beliaev6 dagar sedan

    26:32 thats 2015 ethan if he was black

  77. thecrazymiget12

    thecrazymiget126 dagar sedan

    one of the most underrated sidemen video ssssooo funny

  78. Troll_killer

    Troll_killer7 dagar sedan

    20:29 Josh the baby yeeter

  79. Koby - فهد

    Koby - فهد7 dagar sedan

    if harry and ethan is not the worse dads please kill me lolllllll

  80. Koby - فهد

    Koby - فهد7 dagar sedan

    "harry grabing him lovingly" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  81. SIlverWolf San

    SIlverWolf San7 dagar sedan

    KSI: let me just speak to him man.

  82. CarlosCacananta

    CarlosCacananta7 dagar sedan

    46:34 Harry was so offended

  83. Kiel Brian S, Cruz

    Kiel Brian S, Cruz7 dagar sedan

    KSI is so wholesome at this moment xD

  84. Nimco km

    Nimco km7 dagar sedan

    The best parents were tobi and simon but also jj

  85. Tanishka Pal

    Tanishka Pal7 dagar sedan

    Because the babies are fake, I think that's why they don't take care of them but if it was real they would-be decent parents

  86. Weeb2g

    Weeb2g8 dagar sedan

    I'm surprised Ethan didn't go to get milk for his baby. The time will come soon i guess

  87. Jay x 38

    Jay x 388 dagar sedan

    Harry is a joke, just a fool

  88. Jay x 38

    Jay x 388 dagar sedan

    If I saw Harry and this baby, not knowing it was a robot. I would go off on Harry

  89. RoninsGhost108

    RoninsGhost1088 dagar sedan

    Watching this after becoming a father makes me scared for what these men are capable of when they do end up becoming fathers themselves

  90. Gabrielle Tittel

    Gabrielle Tittel8 dagar sedan

    Vikk’s actually so funny in this

  91. Mumblezz Volgz

    Mumblezz Volgz8 dagar sedan

    It started so well

  92. Galaxy

    Galaxy8 dagar sedan

    Vik passing dequinius to simon Simon: Don't throw him at me! Next clip: Harry tripping and Nathaniel landing face first on the floor

  93. Galaxy

    Galaxy8 dagar sedan

    JJ :not wanting to pay for an underground ticket for Morpheus. Also JJ: buying very expensive clothing for Morpheus

  94. Mumblezz Volgz

    Mumblezz Volgz8 dagar sedan

    Watching harry is gunna make cry

  95. I Don’t Know

    I Don’t Know8 dagar sedan

    I recon JJ would be a good dad

  96. JobiFuego

    JobiFuego8 dagar sedan


  97. Isabelle Berger

    Isabelle Berger8 dagar sedan

    JJ when josh removes the hood carful carful also JJ kicks the baby down a hill

  98. Isabelle Silva

    Isabelle Silva8 dagar sedan

    This is how much followers big DON NATHANIAL HAS 👇

  99. samstar123

    samstar1238 dagar sedan

    What is in the pouch

  100. Miki_D Panda

    Miki_D Panda8 dagar sedan

    Wow i really thought jj would’ve been like harry. He would like hurt the baby and wouldn’t care at all. But he actually cared and its very wholesome..... 44:00 okaaaaaaayyyy nevermind.

  101. Raphael Antonio

    Raphael Antonio8 dagar sedan

    That awesome day when JJ is the best parent

  102. chuck stevens

    chuck stevens9 dagar sedan

    This will always be my favorite Sidemen video