The Sidemen challenge themselves to only eat one colour of food each for 24 hours, Which food colour would you choose?
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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  1. sempai Avila

    sempai Avila9 timmar sedan

    Vik humble but lowkey stingy AF

  2. Joel Sebastian

    Joel Sebastian9 timmar sedan

    I wish I live in the uk

  3. Aleksandar Parkani

    Aleksandar Parkani10 timmar sedan

    Josh legit be cheating cuz he be drinking a red bull 40:19

  4. Notch

    Notch11 timmar sedan

    Stop the vid at 7:42 😏😏😏

  5. Musawer Ahmed Soomro

    Musawer Ahmed Soomro12 timmar sedan

    9:54 wtf harry

  6. Lisa Riddle

    Lisa Riddle23 timmar sedan

    Ethan drinking my favorite drink. That's cool.

  7. levon okimaw

    levon okimawDag sedan

    A kiss from a rose

  8. Arian A

    Arian ADag sedan

    Pik blook😂😂😂

  9. top tarper

    top tarperDag sedan

    40:13 josh just sat there drinking a red bull and no one noticed

  10. ski mask jack meh

    ski mask jack mehDag sedan

    When jj said ur just lying to ureself after ethan said health is wealth i was on the ground laughing

  11. D e V

    D e VDag sedan

    Ethan : blue JJ :yellow Vik : red Harry : green Josh: pink Simon : purple Tobi: orange thank me later....

  12. Amelia White

    Amelia WhiteDag sedan

    they literally look like among us characters

  13. Tgh Mc

    Tgh McDag sedan

    17:56 girlfriend revealed

  14. Eli Sharma

    Eli SharmaDag sedan

    Pig blugg

  15. Remi Shadrack

    Remi Shadrack2 dagar sedan

    why does ethan remind me of eddie the egal

  16. Kaderex

    Kaderex2 dagar sedan

    At 33:40 there is a woman behind ethan is that jj’s girlfriend

  17. Sumaya Omer

    Sumaya Omer2 dagar sedan

    Is It just me or is VIK wearing oranger-

  18. Mia Wright

    Mia Wright2 dagar sedan

    vikk’s just sat there showing off the colours of his clothes in the intro lmao😂😭

  19. Adande

    Adande2 dagar sedan

    Best sidemen Sunday and my most rewatched 2nd is the first 100 vs 10k :)

  20. Phelopatir Abdel-Malak

    Phelopatir Abdel-Malak2 dagar sedan

    Simon’s face change....priceless 48:04.

  21. ENERGY

    ENERGY2 dagar sedan

    Harry and Vikk apple friends

  22. DanielDoesMusic

    DanielDoesMusic3 dagar sedan

    6:52 maroon 5 - sugar

  23. Yousafi Yousafi

    Yousafi Yousafi3 dagar sedan

    Lol Josh should of picked walkers prokail


    JORDAN_GOATED3 dagar sedan

    10:34 Tobi got me dead LMAOOOOOO

  25. zee

    zee3 dagar sedan

    if i was there i wood not want to get green

  26. NTTV 3D

    NTTV 3D3 dagar sedan

    Buh y not buy blue food coloring

  27. taku jawa

    taku jawa3 dagar sedan

    Did anyone notice the blonde girl in the background of jj and ethan playing

  28. Parsa Zadbehgan

    Parsa Zadbehgan4 dagar sedan

    Why did Harry take so long to eat ONE cucumber?

  29. Chris Yide

    Chris Yide4 dagar sedan


  30. Taran Revade

    Taran Revade4 dagar sedan


  31. Jacks Exotic

    Jacks Exotic4 dagar sedan

    Harry:your a big guy! My mind:yo sup big man ting

  32. Lewis Agnew

    Lewis Agnew4 dagar sedan

    Simmon could of got plums

  33. Ruha Yazeed

    Ruha Yazeed4 dagar sedan

    Among us but with food


    SGX_SLAYEROFKIN4 dagar sedan

    Bruh this vid is so underrated

  35. Just Some Weeb

    Just Some Weeb4 dagar sedan


  36. Hariiharahn P Rajendran

    Hariiharahn P Rajendran4 dagar sedan

    That moment between Vikk and Harry should not be forgotten hahah

  37. Ninja LJ

    Ninja LJ4 dagar sedan

    I tried the magic trick and it didn’t work

  38. Simran Bains

    Simran Bains4 dagar sedan

    JJ:its impossible ethan:Ur Dogshit

  39. Hashim

    Hashim4 dagar sedan

    Simon: Macaroon is the only part that I don't like *angry ladybug noises*

  40. Potato Boi

    Potato Boi5 dagar sedan

    At 17:56 u can see jjs girlfriend

  41. MMCToxin YT

    MMCToxin YT5 dagar sedan

    Simon could have had jelly

  42. zaid idrees

    zaid idrees5 dagar sedan

    Copying morgz i see

  43. CoolBeast 27

    CoolBeast 275 dagar sedan

    9:53 I laughed so much 😹🤣

  44. Noor Razzaq

    Noor Razzaq5 dagar sedan


  45. Leila Hassan

    Leila Hassan5 dagar sedan

    Harry is the best sideman

  46. Max Steel

    Max Steel5 dagar sedan

    Ethan the sushi do not turn blue its food colouring

  47. Kanoha Is Kat

    Kanoha Is Kat5 dagar sedan

    I thinks it's ping plog

  48. Byron Maddigan

    Byron Maddigan5 dagar sedan

    Wait they said the out side of the food has to be the colour use food dye boom u can eat all the food just put food colouring

  49. Freaky Plays

    Freaky Plays5 dagar sedan

    Mic could have gotten a crab

  50. Xander Esparza

    Xander Esparza6 dagar sedan

    He foodculerd his sushi

  51. Ethan Abdoney

    Ethan Abdoney6 dagar sedan

    “That bit isn’t absorbing the chemical reaction”- Ethan 2020

  52. shad Fuad

    shad Fuad6 dagar sedan

    17:30 the three amigos


    GW JAYANTH6 dagar sedan

    Josh is so humble

  54. It's Jay

    It's Jay6 dagar sedan

    Why didn’t vik eat bacon?...

  55. Hireman 1234

    Hireman 12346 dagar sedan

    They could have got their favorite food and just mix it with food coloring

  56. deanZAbean

    deanZAbean7 dagar sedan

    How was this the start of the year

  57. Will Geldmacher

    Will Geldmacher7 dagar sedan

    40:31 and body else realize it looks like there are goes through the pole

  58. S

    S7 dagar sedan

    Yellows sus..

  59. Reaxtion 264

    Reaxtion 2647 dagar sedan

    Vanvmmmmvmvm mcccjkkvmmv

  60. Strays Gameing

    Strays Gameing7 dagar sedan

    Who is that girl at 17:56

  61. Squiddy FancySon

    Squiddy FancySon5 dagar sedan


  62. Gaming AMV

    Gaming AMV7 dagar sedan

    Hik or varry

  63. Lebrach Gaming

    Lebrach Gaming7 dagar sedan

    Never gonna give u up

  64. Durms_RaNgA.11

    Durms_RaNgA.117 dagar sedan

    josh had a redbull during the challenge

  65. Cooper Chartier

    Cooper Chartier7 dagar sedan

    Peg blood

  66. Galax Kingbro

    Galax Kingbro7 dagar sedan

    Good video

  67. sarah smart

    sarah smart8 dagar sedan

    Why put the m&m slippers in the bin they could have just washed them and put them in a charity shop

  68. Mckrafty

    Mckrafty8 dagar sedan

    wtf eathen ur lyig

  69. Don Mane

    Don Mane8 dagar sedan

    Harry’s knowledge red cocktail holds it under light turns pink takes it from the light that’s not red

  70. Evangeline Smith

    Evangeline Smith8 dagar sedan

    what was the song tobi dances too in the clothing shop? im obsessed lol

  71. RisingChaos7

    RisingChaos78 dagar sedan

    Now I know why Among Us is so popular. They got all the colors.

  72. cameron dewar

    cameron dewar8 dagar sedan

    why does jj look like an eshay before he got the yelllow out fit

  73. Bred

    Bred8 dagar sedan

    Mate no one’s gonna know what an eshay is, aside from us aussies and the kiwis

  74. Dave Grinigan

    Dave Grinigan9 dagar sedan

    I’m 14 and the same size clothes as Vikk💀

  75. Charlotte Rose

    Charlotte Rose9 dagar sedan

    “Cmon vik diabetes’s man” i went to m&m world and filled the bag...

  76. Lani

    Lani9 dagar sedan

    Jj saying things but- Tings is so satisfying

  77. Boone Obrecht

    Boone Obrecht9 dagar sedan

    Simon,” I am so hungry I haven’t ate anything.” Tobi starts dancing 😂 22:14

  78. jignesh patel

    jignesh patel9 dagar sedan

    jam pasta???

  79. Naomi Ugbeva

    Naomi Ugbeva9 dagar sedan

    That awkward silence they gave vik😫

  80. Kaylee Randall

    Kaylee Randall9 dagar sedan

    There are literally 100 of good places that Ethan and j could have gone to and josh and purple

  81. Chanchito

    Chanchito9 dagar sedan

    Sidemen when they eat apples: MY TEETH HURT

  82. Venzelli

    Venzelli9 dagar sedan

    pig blug

  83. Dominic Lauron

    Dominic Lauron9 dagar sedan


  84. Shawn Jacob Bello

    Shawn Jacob Bello9 dagar sedan

    Its like among us irl HAHAHAH

  85. Abel Mortimer

    Abel Mortimer9 dagar sedan

    I love this video so mutch

  86. Abdulrahman Al khalifa

    Abdulrahman Al khalifa10 dagar sedan

    If only jj knew that the yellow tropical skittles are banana 🍌 flavored

  87. key and P

    key and P10 dagar sedan

    Why yall didn't walk around with food coloring

  88. Dulla

    Dulla10 dagar sedan

    this looks like the crackhead challenge, who can look more like a crackhead, and the winner are harry josh and simon

  89. Jorja

    Jorja10 dagar sedan

    Love when JJ and Ethan are forced as a duo, such good content😂👏🏻

  90. Toivo Kärkinen

    Toivo Kärkinen10 dagar sedan

    27:36 that face

  91. SwiftyFN

    SwiftyFN10 dagar sedan

    JJ: I am all yellow Ethan: EMBRACE IT! Tobi: Ethan and JJ Me: 😂🤣

  92. mightymikepuma

    mightymikepuma10 dagar sedan

    Vik: doesn’t take a lot of M&Ms Harry: “jeez mate, diabetes” Me: They need to come back to America if they think that’s a lot😂

  93. Aine Doyle

    Aine Doyle7 dagar sedan

    @Spoon u r right

  94. Spoon

    Spoon7 dagar sedan

    @AZP0750 no that means america is a disaster right now...

  95. AZP0750

    AZP07507 dagar sedan

    Spoon if America is cancer then technically cancer is a super power

  96. Spoon

    Spoon8 dagar sedan

    But america is cancer

  97. AceBounty-

    AceBounty-10 dagar sedan


  98. The iron- Bru man

    The iron- Bru man11 dagar sedan

    9:53clearly dose not swolo

  99. Abdula Alshaif

    Abdula Alshaif11 dagar sedan

    John could have ate salmon

  100. xavier gonzalez

    xavier gonzalez11 dagar sedan

    jj could of gotten fries and chilli chesse and tobi coud of gotten chiken nuggets or kfc

  101. Arif Ramen noodles

    Arif Ramen noodles11 dagar sedan

    I think harry is colour blind, vik's red wine is red

  102. Jacob Rillos

    Jacob Rillos12 dagar sedan

    red kind of sus

  103. Luke Passmore

    Luke Passmore12 dagar sedan


  104. Tamim Amr

    Tamim Amr12 dagar sedan

    They all look as if they are gta characters

  105. Kim Aira Delos Santos

    Kim Aira Delos Santos12 dagar sedan

    ethan and tobi dying at how jj said pigblood had me in tears

  106. Ömer

    Ömer12 dagar sedan

    Among us?