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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔵 JJ (KSI)
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This is a parody


  1. Nymere

    Nymere2 timmar sedan

    Tobi singing Loose 7 months before it came out 7:23

  2. OkEllie

    OkEllie4 timmar sedan

    Is it just me or did anyone else hear the loose reference 8 months before it came out

  3. Jeet Dasondi

    Jeet Dasondi6 timmar sedan

    Hold up we’re they singing loose at 7:23. This video was months before loose got released

  4. Jizz Khalifa

    Jizz Khalifa7 timmar sedan

    Personally I think Deji is a better boxer than Gib

  5. Sahil Desai

    Sahil Desai13 timmar sedan

    Very funny

  6. Joep Lukken

    Joep Lukken13 timmar sedan

    I'd have eaten/drunk all of em

  7. Safwan El moumni

    Safwan El moumni16 timmar sedan

    Imagine supporting your friend More than your brother That’s pretty horrible

  8. Locker-Room Dwarf

    Locker-Room Dwarf17 timmar sedan


  9. BliTz

    BliTz22 timmar sedan

    7:23 Toni knew about loose

  10. Gamlin Mige

    Gamlin Mige22 timmar sedan

    As an Asian person, eating those food would be so easy

  11. Rhiannon Morgan

    Rhiannon MorganDag sedan

    vasilia lmao

  12. Lxst

    LxstDag sedan

    7:24 anyone realises this is a reference to simbas new music ft jj?

  13. skull

    skullDag sedan

    we need part 2 Plz

  14. Patrick Kelly

    Patrick KellyDag sedan


  15. Patrick Kelly

    Patrick KellyDag sedan


  16. Kevin Feeney

    Kevin FeeneyDag sedan

    it’s not vikk

  17. Vertical 546

    Vertical 546Dag sedan

    Me watching this after the fights gib would lose to deji

  18. OGandy18

    OGandy182 dagar sedan

    i feel like its just me, but i would honestly answer all the questions instead of eat this, the answers are fire content

  19. mob Yt

    mob Yt2 dagar sedan

    Damn i just got back to back 14 second adds wtf. Is this just happening to me?

  20. Lucas Simpson

    Lucas Simpson2 dagar sedan

    lads i think we can all agree we need pt.2 of this

  21. Dylan Hall

    Dylan Hall2 dagar sedan

    Just noticed now that toby was singing loose this far back

  22. Fahrudin Hasanovic

    Fahrudin Hasanovic2 dagar sedan


  23. Alpha Griffin

    Alpha Griffin2 dagar sedan

    7:20 Tobi : sippin on gin on juice. Hold up.. 8 months ago


    LOKINA LADULE2 dagar sedan


  25. Zayed Alnuaimi

    Zayed Alnuaimi2 dagar sedan


  26. L3_ Mosowen

    L3_ Mosowen2 dagar sedan


  27. lewis bebbington

    lewis bebbington2 dagar sedan

    lmao i would say josh has the worst content

  28. Kaitlyn M

    Kaitlyn M3 dagar sedan

    “don’t look my way i’m attractive”

  29. grey 59

    grey 593 dagar sedan

    It's 3 in the morning for me

  30. Muhammed zarar

    Muhammed zarar3 dagar sedan

    vik mks ood vids

  31. Joseph

    Joseph3 dagar sedan

    They need to make a part 2 no joke this is my 3rd time watching this, its too funny

  32. TML LEE

    TML LEE3 dagar sedan

    Calfreezy looks like the basic British/England/whatever male

  33. Thuhij Haque

    Thuhij Haque3 dagar sedan

    Honestly these days Vik's videos are more interesting than Josh, Tobi's or Ethans tbf

  34. Teddy Koross

    Teddy Koross3 dagar sedan

    7:26 tease of Loose🙈

  35. E Lewis

    E LewisDag sedan

    Snoop dog gin and juice

  36. Emma Wright

    Emma Wright3 dagar sedan

    the way jj's answer about his parents hating simon literally made me cry....... Yeah

  37. Grebron

    Grebron3 dagar sedan


  38. Sheeps sleep while you stare

    Sheeps sleep while you stare3 dagar sedan

    I felt bad for Simone JJ should've eaten the bugs

  39. Fyltz. ck

    Fyltz. ck4 dagar sedan

    7:20 Tobi leaks a lose bar lol

  40. Chris Galiluyo

    Chris Galiluyo4 dagar sedan

    Can someone explain to me what the question by vik to Toby about body count meant?

  41. Logan

    Logan4 dagar sedan

    The pigs feet actually looked good tbh

  42. Mahir Ahmed

    Mahir Ahmed4 dagar sedan

    They need to do this again!!!

  43. jordan hidang

    jordan hidang4 dagar sedan

    Well we can eat pig feet brah

  44. Billyvanilli

    Billyvanilli5 dagar sedan

    Josh says vikk but Josh’s vids make me zzzzzzzzzz

  45. Leonardo DiCaprio Is Hot

    Leonardo DiCaprio Is Hot5 dagar sedan

    Simon looked kinda sad after he found out Jj’s parents don’t like him...

  46. Alexandre Fenner-Leitao

    Alexandre Fenner-Leitao5 dagar sedan

    I hate Josh for saying Vik makes the worst content out of the Sidemen, just shown how underrated vik is.

  47. Gurnoor Toor

    Gurnoor Toor5 dagar sedan

    8 months later Vik gets 80k viewers on his streams and get a minimum of a million views on his daily uploads

  48. Kryptem _

    Kryptem _5 dagar sedan

    Pickle onions ain’t even bad

  49. Coast_ZA YT

    Coast_ZA YT5 dagar sedan

    POV: Ethan seeing what JJ did with the smoothie 👁 👄 👁

  50. Jones Joy

    Jones Joy6 dagar sedan

    These videos r so cringe😌😌😌

  51. Usayd Dhorat

    Usayd Dhorat6 dagar sedan

    7:25 when TOBI said sippin on gin and juice I now get it ahahha

  52. Abdula Alshaif

    Abdula Alshaif6 dagar sedan

    Squid is delicious

  53. xd lonely hobbit

    xd lonely hobbit6 dagar sedan

    Simon: which of us have u hated Vikk: *7 years of **#stoppvikkabuse*

  54. Issac :D

    Issac :D6 dagar sedan

    can someone explain why isit so hard to say 2 million for vik

  55. Syed Ziaad

    Syed Ziaad6 dagar sedan

    7:23 how is tobi singing a lyric from loose 6 months before it came out ;-;

  56. Aaryan Kumar

    Aaryan Kumar6 dagar sedan

    I was starving in class, I’m now feeling nauseous and not hungry at all

  57. jirsou93 jersiyan

    jirsou93 jersiyan6 dagar sedan

    7:24 ethan and tobi singing loose ksi s1mba

  58. Mohamed Serhan

    Mohamed Serhan7 dagar sedan

    7:25 tobi and ethan predicted loose lyrics

  59. E Lewis

    E LewisDag sedan

    Snoop dog gin and juice

  60. Siva Parangan

    Siva Parangan7 dagar sedan

    1:20 Ethan 2:30 harry 4:20 josh 6:30 jj 8:20 Simon 11:40 tobi 14:30 vikk 21:00 cal 23:30 jj 26:10 Ethan 29:10 josh 30:55 Simon 33:30 harry 35:10 cal 37:10 tobi 39:25 vikk 41:00 Simon 44:40 Ethan 46:40 jj 49:20 harry 51:10 tobi 53:30 cal 56:00 josh 58:30 vikk 1:00:30 Simon 1:02:10 tobi 1:04:10 Ethan 1:06:10 harry 1:09:10 josh 1:10:20 cal 1:12:00 j

  61. E Burns

    E Burns7 dagar sedan

    did anyone notice tobi saying "sipping on gin and juice" from JJ's song "loose". at 7 :24

  62. Nick Aquino

    Nick Aquino4 dagar sedan

    Nah that was from gin and juice by snoop dogg

  63. Ali Sarkhouh

    Ali Sarkhouh7 dagar sedan

    When vik said 2 million JJ got in disbelief shock

  64. Fearne Christian

    Fearne Christian7 dagar sedan

    tobi n ethan "sippin on gin and juice" a lyric from jjs most recent song w s1mba they knew without knowinggg

  65. Bass Beats PRO

    Bass Beats PRO7 dagar sedan

    7:23 tobi singing loose by ksi

  66. the running man

    the running man8 dagar sedan

    Why is everyone so mean to Vikk? He deserves better

  67. dylan pollard

    dylan pollard8 dagar sedan

    Wood pigeons are genuinely nice I know it’s not a common food but it is very nice meet.

  68. MPMHD

    MPMHD8 dagar sedan

    Sorry josh but im pretty sure viks content is better then yours and tobi thats my opinion

  69. DevineFizz //DF

    DevineFizz //DF8 dagar sedan

    Oxtail is fuckn lit

  70. Tom Murphy

    Tom Murphy8 dagar sedan

    We all know Tobi has the worst vids and he’s clapped

  71. Celebrity Tea

    Celebrity Tea8 dagar sedan


  72. Ghxsty

    Ghxsty9 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who noticed that at 7:27 Toby and Ethan say a line from Loose

  73. Connor Wyatt

    Connor Wyatt9 dagar sedan

    Can we appreciate Toni nearly Vom at 18:01 I nearly wet myself

  74. chakra

    chakra9 dagar sedan

    dont think josh has the right to say who's the worst content lol

  75. judzy

    judzy9 dagar sedan

    broooo gib would not win in a fight with deji

  76. mazza bazza

    mazza bazza9 dagar sedan

    Vik makes the best content out of all the sidemen. The man is the richest. Best sidemen and best girlfriend

  77. Jousef Rawas

    Jousef Rawas9 dagar sedan

    pigeons are not gross tbh they taste great

  78. Jesus Saves

    Jesus Saves9 dagar sedan

    Romans 10:9,10,13

  79. Alexandre Missakian

    Alexandre Missakian9 dagar sedan

    everyone so disrespectful to vik lol

  80. Raghav S

    Raghav S9 dagar sedan

    when was "loose" made.....tobi just said sippin on gin and juice 7:20

  81. SniperSd Sid

    SniperSd Sid10 dagar sedan

    Simon should of said vikstar123 lol i have reason why ! .

  82. New Person

    New Person10 dagar sedan

    If I was vikk I would he like helllll nah no changing the rules gtfo here

  83. Thompseanson

    Thompseanson10 dagar sedan

    Bro they were all so weak smh

  84. TutDaNoob

    TutDaNoob10 dagar sedan

    Alternate title: 75 minutes of gagging

  85. Prathamesh Dongritot

    Prathamesh Dongritot10 dagar sedan


  86. DStarr O6

    DStarr O610 dagar sedan

    Tobi and ethan leaking loose at 7:10

  87. Leo Narvaez

    Leo Narvaez11 dagar sedan

    I was just thinking of Simon to be hated by the parents and he said Simon right after

  88. Savage Playz

    Savage Playz11 dagar sedan

    Listening to loose pre release 7:23

  89. E Lewis

    E LewisDag sedan

    its snoop dogs song

  90. Alexandre Missakian

    Alexandre Missakian11 dagar sedan

    Josh is so mean lmao

  91. Filly Willy

    Filly Willy11 dagar sedan

    7:23 Loose preview lol

  92. Chelsea Lim

    Chelsea Lim11 dagar sedan

    who is Kirsty and Saoirse?

  93. Damage96ツ

    Damage96ツ11 dagar sedan

    Freezy in outro: we need to hit 10 mil Sidemen: who's we?

  94. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW11 dagar sedan

    Josh is so trash lmao why did he come for Vik like this

  95. Amaan Farhan

    Amaan Farhan11 dagar sedan

    7:24 Tobi and Ethan vibing and singing Loose even b4 it was released

  96. Azael C

    Azael C12 dagar sedan

    “Who has the worst content in the Sidemen?” Josh:Vikstar123 (Vik having more subs than half of the sidemen, and Josh literally having the least subs out of all the Sidemen, even though he started before any of them) Respect my boi Vik. Much love tho to all of them

  97. Chris Wyatt

    Chris Wyatt13 timmar sedan

    Vik has the best vids ngl, his gaming gameplay is better than anyone elses in the sidemen by far. I didn't watch his vids before warzone, but this year he's become my favourite. Josh's videos are dead tbh, so are Ethan's and Tobi's sometimes. Simon relies too heavily on his girlfriend, harry barely uploads and I've got tired of JJ's as well. All he does is reddit and video reactions, he has no originality for his second channel and doesn't upload anything on the main. Overall vik is probably my favourite content creator out all of them and feel like they said him as the worst basically because they like him the least.

  98. iTz_KarTh1K

    iTz_KarTh1K5 dagar sedan

    Look at the numbers vikk pulls these days. He's got over 1mil views on almost all of his recent vids whereas Josh struggles to get 500k even by clickbaiting. Even on live streams vikk peaked at 84k viewers and Josh doesn't get over 10k lmao. How ironic

  99. marshian __

    marshian __8 dagar sedan


  100. :o

    :o9 dagar sedan

    Mans won 6 warzone tournaments since then, pulling up peak 85k live streams, made Some bomb warzone content for the gamers, carried the whole UK cod scene and then there’s josh who just steals copies other’s videos and doesn’t come up with his original content.

  101. Kweli Brice

    Kweli Brice12 dagar sedan

    24:11 simons Reddit

  102. C Graham

    C Graham12 dagar sedan

    Was Harry in a relationship at the time he went to this 'establishment'?

  103. Baljot Layal

    Baljot Layal12 dagar sedan

    ksi looking at vik like dam hes richer than me

  104. Use code Rifty

    Use code Rifty12 dagar sedan

    7:23 wtf did they say sipping in gin and juice from the music video loose

  105. Hayden Woods

    Hayden Woods10 dagar sedan

    It’s a Snoop Dogg song

  106. izzy

    izzy12 dagar sedan

    fact that simon choose not to answer many question to not ruin relationships between sidemen.... hes the real one

  107. ella mccoy

    ella mccoy13 dagar sedan

    what did ethan even say

  108. Vay

    Vay13 dagar sedan

    Harry didn’t have any problem naming the drugs he does

  109. Its MK

    Its MK13 dagar sedan

    I think calfreezy likes talia more than Simon does