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  1. Rachel Wilson

    Rachel Wilson19 timmar sedan

    harry’s arms are wham in this, cor

  2. Needham Southerland

    Needham SoutherlandDag sedan

    The knowing whiskey sequentially meddle because pendulum unexplainably cheer near a bumpy headline. shy, permissible epoxy

  3. Marcus Hicks

    Marcus HicksDag sedan

    Literally always watch the videos all of the way thru

  4. Matis Grenier

    Matis Grenier2 dagar sedan

    Pokemon is not a cartoon it's an anime

  5. Roskill Uelese

    Roskill Uelese2 dagar sedan

    Look to the lord jj lol

  6. Shaurya Shrivastava

    Shaurya Shrivastava2 dagar sedan

    Yeah bro look to the lord

  7. Naomi Masia

    Naomi Masia2 dagar sedan

    No one: Josh *literally*: hehe

  8. NQ Heart

    NQ Heart2 dagar sedan

    Alternative title: JJ gets bullied for an hour

  9. Anna Møller

    Anna Møller2 dagar sedan

    ok but harry looked sooo goood in this video... when he knew the answers. just when he rolled the dice. that shirt. help me.

  10. kk kk

    kk kk17 timmar sedan

    yessss fr

  11. gfb v

    gfb v3 dagar sedan

    The important kidney logistically exercise because trumpet iteratively chase outside a befitting snail. ad, obedient dietician

  12. Khanya Sangqu

    Khanya Sangqu4 dagar sedan

    Ngl at 26:36 Tobi be looking like a meal

  13. Joruz

    Joruz4 dagar sedan

    dude whos doing the subtitle on these old videos? so many mistakes

  14. Gilang[希望の戦士]

    Gilang[希望の戦士]4 dagar sedan

    29:42 Ye

  15. Will O'Connor

    Will O'Connor4 dagar sedan

    The loose saturday implicitly guarantee because cheetah bareilly smile abaft a political fortnight. hilarious, hallowed truck

  16. Ho To

    Ho To4 dagar sedan

    11:49 that was the most intenst rps i have ever seen

  17. ForemostGoku

    ForemostGoku4 dagar sedan

    I legit said Harlem for the New York question but only because of Spider-Man miles morales

  18. choclate boy wilder happy

    choclate boy wilder happy5 dagar sedan

    Up the toffees

  19. Mr Legaless

    Mr Legaless5 dagar sedan

    Yo sick vid

  20. lukman kaduji

    lukman kaduji6 dagar sedan

    tobi's a good host *on this one*

  21. Simon Winroth

    Simon Winroth7 dagar sedan


  22. Sheri98

    Sheri987 dagar sedan

    Finally we won a trophy UP THE TOFFEES

  23. Darker_Demon

    Darker_Demon7 dagar sedan

    "Look to the lord" Tobi: _HE NEEDS JESUS, HE NEEDS JESUS_

  24. Tadhg OCeileachair

    Tadhg OCeileachair8 dagar sedan

    vik and JJ should have been Code Red❤️

  25. Dranix Anarun

    Dranix Anarun8 dagar sedan

    Vik getting a 6 and jj getting a 1 is representative of the team dynamic all right

  26. Lmgblade56

    Lmgblade569 dagar sedan


  27. Rinny Rinster

    Rinny Rinster9 dagar sedan

    Me: watching at 3am Ethan: F*CK (in the loudest voice possible)

  28. Reen Kamarul

    Reen Kamarul9 dagar sedan

    Why is the team selection part already entertaining xD

  29. Matthew Gross

    Matthew Gross10 dagar sedan

    Being a guy we all feel every bit of pain KSI had to go through for those points but also know how much every one of his friends would love to cause him some pain every guy friend groups been there 😂😂😂

  30. Steven Herandez

    Steven Herandez11 dagar sedan

    29 40,,,, amazing! Lol I love how jj just works together with the bit instead of being a sore loser. He made the joke so much better.

  31. Joseph Hunter

    Joseph Hunter11 dagar sedan

    Oi oi Timmy the dog is a boi yeah. UP THE TOFFIES

  32. Guilherme Severino

    Guilherme Severino11 dagar sedan

    29:46 HE NEEDS JESUS

  33. Rainbow Electron

    Rainbow Electron11 dagar sedan

    Jj is so gased when he teams up with vik cuz his smart XD

  34. Jack Morrish

    Jack Morrish12 dagar sedan

    KSI really went through his redemption arc in this one

  35. Ibrahim Naji

    Ibrahim Naji12 dagar sedan

    I said 665 for the apple and it was 666!!

  36. Ethan Aitken

    Ethan Aitken12 dagar sedan

    Who else thought ethan was holding a giant lemon in the thimbnail

  37. DJ A.

    DJ A.12 dagar sedan

    That hug though

  38. Ayman Rahman

    Ayman Rahman12 dagar sedan

    But why dollars

  39. Anuj Murmu

    Anuj Murmu12 dagar sedan

    Josh and harry: oldest and the youngest. Vik and jj: smartest and the dumbest. Simon and ethan: ectomorph and endomorph.

  40. Pixl_ Plays27

    Pixl_ Plays273 dagar sedan

    @Toph BeifongTobi: lone host

  41. Toph Beifong

    Toph Beifong4 dagar sedan

    What about tobi

  42. Areeb Islam

    Areeb Islam12 dagar sedan

    1:11 where is no no no!?

  43. Owen Aitchison

    Owen Aitchison13 dagar sedan


  44. Harry

    Harry13 dagar sedan

    Ethan looked like Bruce Lee

  45. Mohammad Azmat

    Mohammad Azmat13 dagar sedan

    Simon said look to the Lord. Little did he know ksi is now a lord 😂

  46. Brandon Moore

    Brandon Moore13 dagar sedan

    Vik just gave up, didn't he. That's the one thing I hate about him, he gives up too easily

  47. Wolfasasin56

    Wolfasasin5613 dagar sedan

    Logan after losing to jj: 1:01:51 jj after wining back to back: 18:19

  48. Jonathan Almeida

    Jonathan Almeida14 dagar sedan

    Its funny how britishers dont know what calcutta is when they started the colonization of india from there

  49. Niels Urban

    Niels Urban10 dagar sedan

    @Jonathan Almeida Yeah I know just thought it was a bit stupid

  50. Jonathan Almeida

    Jonathan Almeida10 dagar sedan

    @Niels Urban its a joke mate and when tobi said calcutta they acted like they didnt know calcutta its obvious they dont

  51. Niels Urban

    Niels Urban10 dagar sedan

    They do know the city, just not that Theresa did her work there. And their ancestors started a colony there hundreds of years ago so that point is irrelevant.

  52. Jose Cabrales

    Jose Cabrales14 dagar sedan

    Tobi prolly the worst host 🤣😂

  53. Hamad Althiyabi

    Hamad Althiyabi14 dagar sedan

    Harry:technically JJ: technically tobi: technically that’s what they are saying

  54. Jay Brown

    Jay Brown14 dagar sedan

    This the op sidemen video because every one is at the peak level of them selves entertainment and personality wise

  55. Mukta Purandare

    Mukta Purandare14 dagar sedan

    JJ nd vik are the most iconic pair😂 I was rooting for them since the start.

  56. Chloex Lifex

    Chloex Lifex14 dagar sedan

    Me on call to my friend: Them: talking bout TikTok. me: talking bout SIDEMEN!

  57. Mathis Zanou

    Mathis Zanou15 dagar sedan

    KSI and Vic on the same side? Let me grab some food

  58. Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson15 dagar sedan

    The windy pendulum mechanically flower because spain july invite qua a automatic bed. plant, special xylophone

  59. God

    God15 dagar sedan

    He looked to me

  60. Shadow Mage

    Shadow Mage15 dagar sedan

    59:16 watch ma brothas, just watch

  61. Aziz Dddd

    Aziz Dddd16 dagar sedan

    Am i the only one heard ethan says inshallah 31:10

  62. Knight Wing

    Knight Wing16 dagar sedan

    I died when josh started yelling up the toffees at Harry when he was pushing up

  63. Conor Crossey

    Conor Crossey16 dagar sedan

    “Look to the lord”

  64. BotZ raulSV15

    BotZ raulSV1516 dagar sedan

    Look at the Lord

  65. suhan shetty

    suhan shetty16 dagar sedan

    29:41 lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤣🤣

  66. Ronnie Reynolds

    Ronnie Reynolds16 dagar sedan

    The devils number might be 666, but the sidemen's is 777

  67. jordan cox

    jordan cox16 dagar sedan

    28:25 ur welcome

  68. DoJMusic

    DoJMusic16 dagar sedan

    1:13:37 no one gonna say how clean that was

  69. Kyra Pretorius

    Kyra Pretorius17 dagar sedan

    KSI’s salt is adding to the timer each round they don’t play

  70. LC Saiyan

    LC Saiyan17 dagar sedan

    26:00 Probably the only answer I knew

  71. Roxana RICE

    Roxana RICE17 dagar sedan

    The famous five has three boys idiot the dog is a boy

  72. Charles Martin

    Charles Martin17 dagar sedan

    Yeah bro look to the lord

  73. Azizbek Soliev

    Azizbek Soliev18 dagar sedan


  74. Emil Mortensen

    Emil Mortensen19 dagar sedan

    Love how Tobi is standing with the card and know every answer, then trashing the others when thet dont know Them 🤦🏼‍♂️

  75. Lubos Graubner

    Lubos Graubner20 dagar sedan

    The grandiose step-mother resultantly seal because jury arthroscopically glue amongst a attractive cicada. luxuriant, ancient disgust

  76. Sylwin Pandiri

    Sylwin Pandiri20 dagar sedan

    Harry saying yallah yallah is pure comedy...

  77. Paul Santiago

    Paul Santiago20 dagar sedan

    The history was stupid almost all of them was from early 2000s to now like what

  78. Thor Brunner

    Thor Brunner21 dag sedan

    Please never do this again!

  79. kk kk

    kk kk21 dag sedan

    the short ups do red bull soapbox race for the crack

  80. Hunter Koopman

    Hunter Koopman21 dag sedan

    I liked ethans character development in this video

  81. UNITechno

    UNITechno22 dagar sedan

    Imagine harry reading the famous five. It's shocking More impressive, Harry reading!

  82. Hamid Ullah

    Hamid Ullah22 dagar sedan

    Disliked it because feel sorry for vik and jj

  83. SixthInferno

    SixthInferno23 dagar sedan

    mothere teresa is not roman she was albanian

  84. Alexander 1995

    Alexander 199523 dagar sedan

    Most people talk about Simon's "Look to the lord", but could we just appreciate Vik's mastermind at: 1:03:55 ?? What a f******* lad!

  85. Lulu Works

    Lulu Works23 dagar sedan

    Did anyone else think that when josh randomly waved at Ethan and Simon was the most wholesome thing ever

  86. That one Black kid

    That one Black kid23 dagar sedan

    48:18 uhhhhhhh

  87. Katarina

    Katarina24 dagar sedan

    americans could never👏🏼👏🏼

  88. Dave Lloyd

    Dave Lloyd24 dagar sedan

    22:50 “what is that like super featherweight” - Josh 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤣🤣

  89. Dave Lloyd

    Dave Lloyd24 dagar sedan

    Is right josh💪🏼 the biggest blue football team in England, Everton🔵

  90. Dave Lloyd

    Dave Lloyd24 dagar sedan

    I’ve never got the banter that Harry is fat... he’s never once looked fat to me, just not skinny🤷🏻‍♂️

  91. Noah Muskett

    Noah Muskett7 dagar sedan

    He’s been looking like a bit of a unit lately lol definitely been working out a lot lately

  92. Molly Bowden

    Molly Bowden12 dagar sedan

    I don't get it either, he's not skinny or muscular, but he definitely isn't fat by any means

  93. Potato

    Potato22 dagar sedan

    His forearm looks tight in that jumpsuit

  94. h3nder

    h3nder24 dagar sedan

    Bro Tobi lowkey looking fire in that outfit.

  95. Tarjuful Tabeeb

    Tarjuful Tabeeb24 dagar sedan

    29:02-30:06;this clip should be in yt algorithm thing and recommended to everyone every once in a while

  96. Exotic

    Exotic25 dagar sedan

    Geeez the ball slaps 😂😂should’ve take the 3 lol

  97. Kadir I

    Kadir I25 dagar sedan

    31:10 who else hears inshallah

  98. Splizzie

    Splizzie26 dagar sedan

    Niko Omilana Approves “Mr.Knowledge”

  99. Gracen Ross

    Gracen Ross26 dagar sedan

    Feb 14, 2005 was when I was born

  100. Ikjot Billen

    Ikjot Billen27 dagar sedan

    moment of silence for jjs fallen brothers

  101. S P

    S P27 dagar sedan

    Simon is an alien

  102. Tyrese Roberts

    Tyrese Roberts27 dagar sedan

    36:45 what did harry say?

  103. Olivia Brodarick

    Olivia Brodarick27 dagar sedan

    Ethan: 31:56 Me: i ain’t seen nothin👩🏽‍🦯

  104. Deadly Hunter

    Deadly Hunter28 dagar sedan

    That ain't Mr. Knowledge-SI playing, That's JJ Olatunji, u guys r trippin

  105. TJ29

    TJ2928 dagar sedan

    I didn't see KSI I saw COLS COLS:CEO Of Looking Stupid

  106. Juwan Reyes

    Juwan Reyes28 dagar sedan

    Tobi being fcking bias

  107. Steven croucher Speaking

    Steven croucher Speaking28 dagar sedan

    JJ is Fat

  108. Muse Elk

    Muse Elk28 dagar sedan

    The yellow tent only flash because wish immunochemically happen opposite a wanting cultivator. absorbing, belligerent invoice

  109. jacob fairclough

    jacob fairclough28 dagar sedan

    why does Tobi look so good with that suit