The Sidemen play Hide & Seek on a Cruise Ship! Enjoy!
Sidemen Clothing:
Thanks so much to MSC Cruises for letting us be some of the first people ever on their brand new ship MSC Bellissima. If you want to find out more about the ship visit
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  1. Creszian Bhon Fervis

    Creszian Bhon FervisTimme sedan

    Love how ethan did not snitch on tobi lol

  2. EXSON 7

    EXSON 72 timmar sedan

    Can we clear up how to I hasn’t been the seeker yet

  3. RedRazorx

    RedRazorx2 timmar sedan

    Let's be honest. JJ is the *MASTER* of hide and seek.

  4. Jared Black

    Jared Black7 timmar sedan

    Didn’t KSI technically win because Harry got found henceforth becoming a seeker and he sat with vik the entire time

  5. Dental Shark

    Dental Shark23 timmar sedan

    How did they afford this

  6. Ethan Ablett

    Ethan AblettDag sedan

    Ksi is a fat neek

  7. Don Corleone

    Don CorleoneDag sedan

    Who knows the name of the song playing on the cruise ship at 1:05

  8. Official Alonzo

    Official AlonzoDag sedan


  9. Ethan Gilbey

    Ethan GilbeyDag sedan

    was josh on the titanic?

  10. Visual Error

    Visual Error2 dagar sedan

    JJ 500IQ Plan: Take a dump,Eat and then Sleep .Solid plan my man @KSI if it wasn’t for that guy who snitched

  11. Visual Error

    Visual Error2 dagar sedan

    He would have won for real if that guy didn’t snitch saying someone was there

  12. Lil_pandahammer1

    Lil_pandahammer12 dagar sedan

    JJ just chilling🤣

  13. Monkey Business

    Monkey Business2 dagar sedan


  14. Lexi cooper

    Lexi cooper3 dagar sedan

    I actually went on this cruise in august 2019, literally the best holiday of my life 😍

  15. John Ric Briones

    John Ric Briones3 dagar sedan

    Everyone else: *being serious* Jj : *Takes a sh*t,eats and takes a nap*

  16. James Moss

    James Moss3 dagar sedan

    I’m sorry but simons hair is worse than jj’s has ever been lol

  17. Young dizz stomach

    Young dizz stomach3 dagar sedan

    “It’s a billion dollar boat” The title: stop the cap

  18. Young dizz stomach

    Young dizz stomach3 dagar sedan

    “It’s a billion dollar boat” The title: stop the cap

  19. Naomijai Andrews

    Naomijai Andrews4 dagar sedan


  20. Ellie Louise

    Ellie Louise4 dagar sedan

    I love Tobi so much he’s so innocent🥺

  21. TwoGlizzys

    TwoGlizzys5 dagar sedan

    Everyone but KSi looks inbred

  22. TwoGlizzys

    TwoGlizzys5 dagar sedan

    Odd lookin bloke innit

  23. Lmxo

    Lmxo5 dagar sedan


  24. squishyminion 09

    squishyminion 095 dagar sedan

    Yes tobi

  25. MistaCoffeKid

    MistaCoffeKid6 dagar sedan

    Fam where they shot this video I can literally see this place from my window 😭 and no one told me about it.

  26. MistaCoffeKid

    MistaCoffeKid6 dagar sedan


  27. MistaCoffeKid

    MistaCoffeKid2 dagar sedan

    @Mr_ SpiderITA715 yeah it’s Saint nazaire Fam

  28. Mr_ SpiderITA715

    Mr_ SpiderITA7152 dagar sedan


  29. Adriel

    Adriel6 dagar sedan

    JJ out here is just filming a mukbang

  30. MaltheHD

    MaltheHD7 dagar sedan

    JJ the KING

  31. autumn !

    autumn !7 dagar sedan

    2:00 11:00

  32. GRiiZZ

    GRiiZZ7 dagar sedan

    Everytime JJ's cam is on screen, the louder i laugh

  33. Jonas Horlacher

    Jonas Horlacher7 dagar sedan

    Why they say everything in dollars when they use pounds

  34. shahmir malik

    shahmir malik7 dagar sedan

    Pause at 0:06 that looks like hijacked from cod

  35. 1000 subscribers without video challenge

    1000 subscribers without video challenge8 dagar sedan

    NOTE: Sidemen clothing is the best, but never wear it during a hide and seek , cause it can be easily spotted

  36. Joseph Joestar

    Joseph Joestar8 dagar sedan

    This video just reminds me how poor i am

  37. Hyder Solomon

    Hyder Solomon8 dagar sedan

    6:34 voice crack

  38. crying in a cool way

    crying in a cool way8 dagar sedan

    JJ probably would've won if that guy didn't point to where he was. Kinda not fair

  39. Just chxr damelio

    Just chxr damelio8 dagar sedan

    Jay c looks like KSI

  40. Ubaid Ullah

    Ubaid Ullah8 dagar sedan

    1:35 min “why am i so black” ksi is so funny 😂

  41. redeyereeceyb bbb

    redeyereeceyb bbb9 dagar sedan

    Did anyone else notice that in the bottom left corner of the vid they r all trying to look like super models in those pics

  42. PowerActive

    PowerActive9 dagar sedan

    imagine hide n seek on alcatraz island

  43. Harish Y

    Harish Y9 dagar sedan

    Imagine they did the whole boat

  44. shahmir malik

    shahmir malik10 dagar sedan

    Whats the theme in the very beginning damn

  45. BadGalBiBi

    BadGalBiBi10 dagar sedan

    I love how JJ have been in the buffet like 2/3 of the video before he was found. He was so close to winning.

  46. Koy koy Momoy

    Koy koy Momoy10 dagar sedan

    Tobi’s line every time he gets found:”i deserve better than this”

  47. Saad Bilal

    Saad Bilal11 dagar sedan

    Who’s watching in quarintine

  48. FLOReilly965

    FLOReilly96511 dagar sedan

    JJ out here doing two challenges in one video. Hide and Seek and Mukbang LOL

  49. Xavier L

    Xavier L11 dagar sedan

    Can u tell us how u guys became friends sorry if I didn’t know

  50. Patrick Ivhan Peñas

    Patrick Ivhan Peñas11 dagar sedan

    6:31 that crack tho

  51. Raadd Also

    Raadd Also11 dagar sedan

    I really wanted this to be JJ's first win

  52. Omar Ali

    Omar Ali11 dagar sedan


  53. Sneakers ‘n Soccer

    Sneakers ‘n Soccer11 dagar sedan

    Who else thinks that jj and vic are the best at hide and seek

  54. HEN the King

    HEN the King11 dagar sedan

    I don’t like pizza

  55. MRINZO

    MRINZO11 dagar sedan

    They have all this room and they just go to the easiest spots

  56. Jamie Sweet

    Jamie Sweet12 dagar sedan

    Honestly if I was on a cruise ship. Eating and playing in the arcade is where I’ll be hanging around.

  57. The Mali

    The Mali12 dagar sedan

    I love u’r gameplay JJ best:)

  58. Alexis Reacts

    Alexis Reacts12 dagar sedan

    😂💀📈📍⛄️👁😈😭👽🤡👑♊️🔥💩🤦‍♀️🩸📄☺️🧢🥶👹💊💦🤔💫🔫✨❄️🧉😳 hey and know u know my most emojis

  59. ashxrld 123

    ashxrld 12312 dagar sedan

    JJ chillin

  60. Nrgking

    Nrgking12 dagar sedan

    Ethan and Harry 👨‍🦯👩‍🦯 12:53

  61. Andrew Bass

    Andrew Bass13 dagar sedan

    1:33 jj: why am I so black Me: idk ask your mum an dad

  62. Sophy Plays

    Sophy Plays13 dagar sedan

    thanks for blowing my eardrums up at the start lmao

  63. Cuh

    Cuh13 dagar sedan

    Yo sick

  64. MPMHD

    MPMHD13 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know the background song played at 16:30

  65. TzT Voltage

    TzT Voltage13 dagar sedan

    No one literally no one: josh 61,65.......93 Ohhh screw it

  66. xkatiegracee

    xkatiegracee13 dagar sedan

    “meanwhile there’s just me OMNOMNOM”

  67. 4Rea1s _

    4Rea1s _13 dagar sedan

    ngl jj won no matter what he won harry was found and was hiding with Vick so he out jj won

  68. Stephen Titus

    Stephen Titus14 dagar sedan

    JJ “ why am I so black” 😂

  69. Evan Poon

    Evan Poon14 dagar sedan

    Little do they know that in less than a year they'd be playing hide and seek in a prison!

  70. Feetus.yeetus

    Feetus.yeetus14 dagar sedan

    Bro why is jj a mood tho

  71. Lapster08 Phelps

    Lapster08 Phelps14 dagar sedan

    Jj would’ve own but that gut snitched

  72. Lapster08 Phelps

    Lapster08 Phelps14 dagar sedan


  73. Dark District

    Dark District14 dagar sedan

    did no one heard ethan voice crack 6:33

  74. Frankie Laney

    Frankie Laney14 dagar sedan

    How in the HELL can they pay for this stuff

  75. BlackExtensionRevnge

    BlackExtensionRevnge14 dagar sedan


  76. Mint Ace

    Mint Ace14 dagar sedan


  77. vNoHxpe 140

    vNoHxpe 14014 dagar sedan

    JJ would have won if he didn't fell asleep

  78. NOOB DOG

    NOOB DOG15 dagar sedan

    i think there is almose no difference between 900m and 1billion

  79. meme gaming guy

    meme gaming guy15 dagar sedan

    JJ was like mmmmmmm the food tasty its tasts better than Harry's food that he cooked me last time he was enjoying and he dreamed about pushing Harry of a cliff for giving bad food and he lived life

  80. meme gaming guy

    meme gaming guy12 dagar sedan

    Its a joke

  81. Fire Laness

    Fire Laness15 dagar sedan


  82. Hunta

    Hunta15 dagar sedan

    Love this vid!

  83. Nature Of Fantasy

    Nature Of Fantasy16 dagar sedan

    JJ : Why am i so black

  84. Sayed Salman Redha Altoblani

    Sayed Salman Redha Altoblani16 dagar sedan


  85. Veresa Rakaidawa

    Veresa Rakaidawa16 dagar sedan

    Sidemen $900 Million boat hide and sick. Josh:It’s a BILLION dollar boat

  86. Swanie

    Swanie16 dagar sedan

    VIK SEtoos I’m done 😂 😂

  87. Maja Klipa

    Maja Klipa16 dagar sedan

    12:52 😂😂😂😂 I love Ethan

  88. TikTok Clips

    TikTok Clips17 dagar sedan

    0:24 tile: 900 MILLION!

  89. 10k subs without any videos challenge

    10k subs without any videos challenge16 dagar sedan

    Your a little late bud💀💀

  90. TeaWithGrandma

    TeaWithGrandma18 dagar sedan


  91. Hayden Cox

    Hayden Cox19 dagar sedan

    Picking on vik

  92. Tyrone Mcfarlane

    Tyrone Mcfarlane19 dagar sedan

    2:52 man said love u hear my man some battyman antics

  93. Caleb Rolon

    Caleb Rolon19 dagar sedan

    I hate vikk if he wasn’t in the group I would’ve been happy and vikk doesn’t deserve the win

  94. Kipp Kewish

    Kipp Kewish19 dagar sedan

    I think that jj shouldve won

  95. zdtic

    zdtic20 dagar sedan

    14:37 Ethan goes ultra white

  96. Ryan Haitham

    Ryan Haitham20 dagar sedan

    Why u putted the price of the cruise like u payed it

  97. BÖB_88

    BÖB_8820 dagar sedan

    JJ probably paid the whole budget for this vid And that's *FAX*

  98. JokuBilbo

    JokuBilbo20 dagar sedan

    Honestly, JJ only got found because his hiding place was basically revealed

  99. JohnX

    JohnX20 dagar sedan

    “I’ll be back in 5 minutes” 5 minutes means 20 minutes

  100. I'mNotUnderWeight69

    I'mNotUnderWeight6921 dag sedan

    do more hide and seek vids

  101. GTA5_YT

    GTA5_YT21 dag sedan


  102. xNeave Fergyx

    xNeave Fergyx22 dagar sedan

    It’s got a football pITCH

  103. Luqman Coday

    Luqman Coday25 dagar sedan

    JJ is the best

  104. Perczn TTV

    Perczn TTV25 dagar sedan

    Bro I love how JJ plays these hide and seek vids

  105. Kyran Justice

    Kyran Justice25 dagar sedan

    The MNMNMNMM when eating that cheese from JJ sent me😂😂😂😂

  106. Officer Frank Tenpenny

    Officer Frank Tenpenny27 dagar sedan

    I just clocked this is the Hijacked boat in Black Ops 2, good old days!

  107. Fishing With Jett

    Fishing With Jett27 dagar sedan

    Why is SEtoos getting used no skip double ads

  108. Kamo

    Kamo27 dagar sedan

    Lol it's nuts that Elon Musk could buy 93 of these boats