A huge thank you for all your support throughout 2019, here's to entertaining you guys all year long in 2020 with bigger and better videos!
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  1. PubWithPrice

    PubWithPrice4 dagar sedan

    Ah yes, a bigger successful year for 2020..... Looking back at this from being at the end of 2020 is like looking at the a homless guy thinking the next person to walk pass will give them £1000

  2. Fasih Raza

    Fasih Raza11 dagar sedan

    Can someone please tell me which video is on 8:35

  3. Burls

    Burls12 dagar sedan

    I can’t believe these videos were all 2019

  4. Ukasha

    Ukasha15 dagar sedan

    The legendary cheese burgers that jj ordered

  5. Big Blind

    Big Blind17 dagar sedan

    3.2 million feels bad man

  6. Ellie Taylor

    Ellie Taylor22 dagar sedan

    I wanna be part of sidemen

  7. TheClashMaster 101

    TheClashMaster 10126 dagar sedan

    2014: challenges 2015-2017: football vids 2018 funny vids 2019: outdoor vids 2020: indoor vids The sidemen really made every year entertaining even if the subject is boring

  8. Justin Gengan

    Justin GenganMånad sedan

    The better 2020 then corona

  9. Kavin anand

    Kavin anandMånad sedan

    Bigger& Better 2020!!!wow!!

  10. MalaysianMaestro

    MalaysianMaestroMånad sedan

    watched this again now and thinking, if only corona hadn't happened, we would've had a sick 2020 rewind as well

  11. M.I.F

    M.I.FMånad sedan

    I was smiling thru the hole video

  12. Itsss miahh Dudes

    Itsss miahh DudesMånad sedan

    Bigger better 2020 they said look where we are today

  13. 10k subs without video challenge.

    10k subs without video challenge.Månad sedan

    Random people who is seeing this help me to complete this challenge.

  14. rhiannon conn

    rhiannon connMånad sedan

    when sidemens rewind is better than youtubes rewind haha loved this video

  15. Hugo Oliver

    Hugo OliverMånad sedan

    Felt like the last day of primary

  16. MyStiC IcyZ

    MyStiC IcyZMånad sedan

    Sidemen: Get ready for a bigger and better 2020 People in 2020: wdym bigger and better 2020

  17. Joash Linson

    Joash LinsonMånad sedan

    Does anyone know the song at 3:25?

  18. Phantom Reloaded A-Z

    Phantom Reloaded A-ZMånad sedan

    5:58 :vikstar , u are a champ.

  19. lol idk

    lol idkMånad sedan

    Wow " a bigger, better 2020 " 😣😣

  20. Kev Moran

    Kev MoranMånad sedan

    Corona in 2020: well let me think about that

  21. Dylan Byne

    Dylan ByneMånad sedan

    i wander what 2020 rewind will be like

  22. Christian Marino

    Christian MarinoMånad sedan

    This vid still brings tears to my eyes

  23. Chaz Hogg

    Chaz HoggMånad sedan

    ‘This is a a great way’ 😂

  24. tariel farzali

    tariel farzaliMånad sedan

    Who is here when they have hit 9 Mil Subs

  25. Mike Smith

    Mike SmithMånad sedan


  26. Mickel okeke

    Mickel okeke2 månader sedan

    To think if not for covid-19 2020 sidemen could be so much better

  27. Arkar Alvin

    Arkar Alvin2 månader sedan

    Bro 2020 for the sidemen would've been sick if covid didn't happen

  28. Shallot Plays

    Shallot Plays2 månader sedan

    This was better than yt rewind 2018

  29. Justin Beaton

    Justin Beaton2 månader sedan

    lets be honest if it wasn't for these guys i don't think i would of been anywhere near where i am now, thanks for inspiring me !

  30. Pienaar_ FX

    Pienaar_ FX2 månader sedan

    Sidemen expecting a great 2020 COVID: allow me to introduce myself

  31. X-Calibur

    X-Calibur2 månader sedan

    0:08 What a shame,

  32. Torpedo_R8

    Torpedo_R82 månader sedan

    Wait why was Babatunde in JJs section??

  33. Victor Athanasius-Obomanu

    Victor Athanasius-Obomanu2 månader sedan

    this is sick

  34. BlueChips Tricco

    BlueChips Tricco2 månader sedan

    Good old days 😢😔😞

  35. Sarah Austin

    Sarah Austin2 månader sedan

    It’s amazing how close they all are. It’s such an awesome bond they all share

  36. MAD DOG

    MAD DOG2 månader sedan

    What do cows drink was the best one

  37. Gaming Techniques

    Gaming Techniques2 månader sedan

    Rip aliesha I just realised

  38. Gaming Techniques

    Gaming Techniques2 månader sedan

    Sidemens best year

  39. krmadrid117 10711

    krmadrid117 107112 månader sedan

    I feel like this should have higher views and likes !! This vid is truly underappreciated

  40. Diyath Kularatne

    Diyath Kularatne3 månader sedan

    9:07 I've watched this clip over 100 times but it's still slick as hell

  41. notagamerngl

    notagamerngl3 månader sedan

    they are really LIVING life

  42. LucidlyPlays

    LucidlyPlays3 månader sedan

    The Sidemen are the best in the whole wide world ✨🌎❤️

  43. Garfumble

    Garfumble3 månader sedan

    Sorry for disliking the video, it has rewind 2019 and i nearly had a heart attack

  44. 69kmagic

    69kmagic3 månader sedan

    2020 will be better they say!!

  45. Tomori the one eyed tank olajidebt

    Tomori the one eyed tank olajidebt3 månader sedan

    How the tables turn .....................

  46. Jessica Kaur

    Jessica Kaur3 månader sedan

    This is so cute omg

  47. Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson3 månader sedan

    This was the best year for the sidemen

  48. SlightlyWavyDon

    SlightlyWavyDon3 månader sedan

    This video is a a great way to look back at everything we managed to achieve.

  49. Jess Coats

    Jess Coats3 månader sedan

    Seeing them having a good time just makes me happy

  50. Joakim Heitmann

    Joakim Heitmann3 månader sedan

    I wish i had this lige

  51. Joakim Heitmann

    Joakim Heitmann3 månader sedan

    Best channel on youtube

  52. Zavier Krupke

    Zavier Krupke3 månader sedan

    Why isn’t this the most liked video on SEtoos?🧐

  53. Harish A Kumar

    Harish A Kumar3 månader sedan

    Legend is that ma man is ordering cheese burgers till date. 🐐

  54. random ting

    random ting3 månader sedan

    Nice to see millionaires having fun

  55. treverbettis

    treverbettis3 månader sedan

    sidemen rock

  56. iTz_KarTh1K

    iTz_KarTh1K3 månader sedan

    2021 will be bigger and better (if Corona ends)

  57. Javed Ashiq

    Javed Ashiq3 månader sedan


  58. Danny Blue

    Danny Blue3 månader sedan

    RIP Aleisha James


    IBS SALAAR3 månader sedan

    Bigger and a better 2020 😑🤥🤧😤

  60. idk lol

    idk lol3 månader sedan

    "Bigger and better year 2020" well that hasnt aged well

  61. Mukaram Ashfaq

    Mukaram Ashfaq4 månader sedan

    they said a better 2020 well that was a lie

  62. BinksySucksAtLife

    BinksySucksAtLife4 månader sedan

    And 2020 is trash #quarintine

  63. agatafedunkow

    agatafedunkow4 månader sedan

    The start feels like tobi edited it

  64. Rron Mamaj

    Rron Mamaj4 månader sedan

    the best Rewind

  65. Serei3G

    Serei3G4 månader sedan

    Better 2020 This aged well

  66. Aahil Asif

    Aahil Asif4 månader sedan

    Who else is watching this quarantine cuz they're super bored

  67. Andy Dai

    Andy Dai4 månader sedan

    Well 2020 hasn’t been great...

  68. Betty

    Betty4 månader sedan

    what song are they playing at the end?

  69. Swayam

    Swayam4 månader sedan

    This shows how much successful the Sidemen were in 2019 and became the biggest SEtoos group along with their own channels and they average 10 mil+ views every vid I don't know why people hate this because I loved this and it showed all the amazing vids made this year!

  70. L I M I T

    L I M I T4 månader sedan

    2020 will be a bigger and better year.... well that turned out for the worse

  71. Ivan Manoza

    Ivan Manoza4 månader sedan

    rip aliesha james I just read the news article and it’s so sad 😣

  72. Ellie Hill

    Ellie Hill4 månader sedan

    Ummmmm boxing

  73. Caz Henley

    Caz Henley4 månader sedan

    Harry: I'm Autistic Ethan: I'm not fat JJ: I'm rich Vikk: I'm being bullied Josh: I'm old Simon: I hate myself Tobi: I'm just having fun Babatunde: I need shoes

  74. Benjo015

    Benjo0154 månader sedan

    What a video

  75. Liverpool the best team in the world

    Liverpool the best team in the world4 månader sedan

    This made me cry I love this group

  76. Bunte Kuh Uhh

    Bunte Kuh Uhh4 månader sedan

    When Sidemen does a 10min Video. 😰😂

  77. nitrolikes pizza

    nitrolikes pizza4 månader sedan

    Imagine not having ksi vs Logan Paul in a rewind

  78. Mr Inconsistent

    Mr Inconsistent4 månader sedan

    Group of friends, livin the dream

  79. Eboyss420 !

    Eboyss420 !4 månader sedan

    This makes me realise how much I love the Sidemen ❤️

  80. Advait ayyagari

    Advait ayyagari4 månader sedan

    "Big and better 2020" Well...that didn't age well

  81. Sifra Prinsse

    Sifra Prinsse4 månader sedan

    Without harry, there is no sideman

  82. Einah The asian

    Einah The asian4 månader sedan


  83. Olivia Coomber

    Olivia Coomber5 månader sedan

    Sidemen best year to be honest, so many great and funny videos.

  84. Tyler Lee

    Tyler Lee5 månader sedan

    Peep the typo in the beginning they said “a” twice

  85. Daithi Dowling

    Daithi Dowling5 månader sedan

    For a better 2020 Yea that has not gone so well

  86. Anthony Hoare

    Anthony Hoare5 månader sedan

    That aged well

  87. JP

    JP5 månader sedan

    This was so wholesome aw

  88. Ollie Braley

    Ollie Braley5 månader sedan

    Half was harry

  89. Leah X

    Leah X5 månader sedan

    This is making me sad cause one day this channel will be no more :((

  90. Alex

    Alex5 månader sedan

    ‘Bigger and better 2020’ this aged badly :/

  91. Torpedo_R8

    Torpedo_R85 månader sedan

    Wait why are Babatunde and Sir Theodore in JJ's highlights?

  92. Saumya Priya Gautam

    Saumya Priya Gautam5 månader sedan

    Sidemen's book of adventures

  93. lotsha17

    lotsha175 månader sedan


  94. xEleqtro

    xEleqtro5 månader sedan

    Little did they know what 2020 would bring for them...

  95. Serge Jr Sima-Ella

    Serge Jr Sima-Ella5 månader sedan

    RIP Alisha, all love

  96. Henry Shaw

    Henry Shaw5 månader sedan

    4:48 jj and josh aren’t telling us something

  97. Amir Hakimi

    Amir Hakimi5 månader sedan

    that was nice of them to put In Memory Of 🥺🥺🥺

  98. Barney Britton

    Barney Britton5 månader sedan

    This is better than the actual SEtoos rewind

  99. Hauk 07

    Hauk 075 månader sedan

    I disliked the video, just for the memes...

  100. Magikz trix

    Magikz trix5 månader sedan

    I don't understand why people hate this video?

  101. AzureAce

    AzureAce5 månader sedan

    "A bigger and better 2020" Well gee yikes, that aged poorly.